Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Dario walks out of the town square on the phone with bags of purses. Dario says he has the goods and he's on his way but Gabi shows up and asks him what's going on.

Doug and Julie visit Hope at prison. They inform Hope that Roman has agreed to meet with Hattie. Julie commends Hope for still trying to help somebody else even in prison. The guard warns that they have five minutes left. Chili interrupts and remarks to Doug and Julie how happy they are to have Hope.

Abigail sits in the attic looking at photos of Thomas as she thinks about being with Chad.

Shawn works in the interrogation room at the police station as Chad arrives and asks if he found anything interesting in Stefano's e-mails. Shawn thanks him for giving them access. Shawn agrees that Chad has every right to know anything they uncover. Rafe enters the room with Dr. George Cline, who introduces himself to Chad as Stefano's personal physician.

Nicole is asleep in bed with Deimos where she has a dream about Chloe offering to carry a baby for her and Daniel. Nicole wakes up upset so Deimos asks her what's wrong. Nicole cries that it's Daniel. Deimos asks what about him. Nicole apologizes and says she can't pretend that she doesn't miss Daniel. Deimos says he wouldn't want her to. Nicole cries that her dream felt so real but Daniel is not there and is gone forever. Deimos tells her he's sorry as they hug.

Gabi questions Dario about screwing things up with Blanca. Dario asks why she thinks Blanca leaving town has to do with him. Dario says he thought things were great then she did a total 180. Gabi continues to question him so Dario asks about her and Chad. Gabi informs Dario that she gave JJ another chance so Chad is no longer an issue.

Chad questions his father's physician being brought in and if this has something to do with the e-mails. Rafe informs Chad about Stefano also trying to take out a life insurance policy but getting denied. Dr. Cline states that Stefano just had diabetes. Rafe adds that Stefano also tried to take out a large sum of money. Chad questions where they are going with this. Rafe explains that Stefano would not let another physician examine him and only insisted on it being Dr. Cline. Rafe then accuses the doctor of committing fraud.

Chili introduces herself to Doug and Julie, assuring them that nobody will lay a hand on Hope with her around. Doug admits that would be very nice. Chili adds that Hope can handle herself and bets Julie could too. Doug jokes that she has no idea. Chili then walks away. Julie questions how Hope found her. Hope responds that she found her and then reveals that Deimos made Chili her friend. Hope explains that Deimos paid her a visit, wanting to make amends for torturing Bo. Doug declares that he's on board if Deimos can keep her safe in prison.

Deimos asks Nicole about her dream. Nicole doesn't think they should but Deimos insists so that he can help her.

Dario tells Gabi that he thinks it's great if JJ makes her happy but he still wonders about her and Chad. Gabi asks what there is to wonder about. Gabi says Chad was just a rebound while he was mourning Abigail and she was upset with JJ so they leaned on each other. Dario thinks it was more than that but Gabi says no. Dario asks if she's afraid of feeling things for Chad. Gabi argues against it and reveals she quit working for Chad. Gabi says she realized she needs to work on more than one client and branch out if she wants a career. Dario tells her he's impressed and thinks it's great that she is ambitious. Gabi tells him that she has to go and walks past him but accidentally knocks one of his bags down, causing a purse to fall out so Gabi stops to question him.

Chad asks what this has to do with fraud. Rafe explains that there was a lot more going on with Stefano than just diabetes but he and George didn't disclose that. George sticks to doctor-patient confidentiality and declares they are through here without a court order. Chad stops him and says he is Stefano's only surviving son so he doesn't give a damn about the confidentiality. Chad demands he tell him the state of Stefano's health at the time of his death.

Doug and Julie go home to Jennifer's. Julie says it's always good to see Hope but it kills her to leave her in prison. Doug says it breaks his heart to think of his princess being locked up. Doug adds that he feels better that she has found some friends even if they are scary. Doug suggests they put up the Christmas lights outside to help put them in the holiday spirit. Julie decides she will go to the attic to find the decorations..

Abigail falls asleep in the attic then wakes up when she hears Julie singing on her way to the attic.

Dario tells Gabi that it's nothing but Gabi acknowledges it as one of the hottest purses in town which she had been saving money for. Dario pretends it was Gabi's Christmas present. Gabi can't believe it and tells him it's too expensive. Dario says he has to take it home to wrap it and put it under the tree so she has to pretend to act surprised. Gabi suggests she take it now and she can wear it to holiday parties. Dario argues that it's for Christmas. Gabi says her purse is falling apart so there is no reason she shouldn't take it now. Dario gives in and gives Gabi the purse. Gabi hugs him and thanks him.

George says if Stefano wanted his family to access his medical records, he would've signed the documents to authorize it. Chad questions him and tells him to stop wasting their time. Rafe and Shawn warn that George could lose his medical license if he is found guilty of fraud. George breaks down and says he had no choice as Stefano forced him to lie on those documents but the policy was still denied so he took the risk for nothing. Chad is not surprised by that and asks him to tell them about Stefano's condition. George reveals that Stefano knew he was terminally ill and didn't have long to live at the time of his murder.

Julie goes in to the attic and turns on the lights. Julie notes that it's freezing in there and then finds the window is open so she shuts it and locks it.

Doug is listening to Christmas music in the living room when he hears a sound outside as Abigail is climbing down from the window. Doug then goes and opens the front door, appearing shocked by what he sees.

Hattie joins Hope in the prison room as she is making a Christmas ornament for Ciara. Hope suggests Hattie should make one too but Hattie says she has no one to send it to. Hope tells her she can make it for herself. Hope encourages her. Hattie talks about planning to spend Christmas with her ex that bailed on her. Hope tells her to put the past behind her and focus on the future. Hattie questions what future. Hope doesn't want to get her hopes up but informs her that Roman has agreed to look at her case. Hattie jumps up in shock as Hope tells her that Roman is planning to come talk to her. Hattie hugs her and calls her the best friend. Hattie then starts to worry about Roman coming to see her.

Nicole tells Deimos that everything with Chloe and the baby has her thinking about Daniel more than usual. Nicole apologizes but Deimos tells her to stop as he wants to know what is hurting her. Nicole tells him how everything was perfect between her and Daniel except they couldn't have a baby. Deimos asks if they ever considered adopting. Nicole says they did but no agency would trust her with a baby and no surrogate would carry for a convicted felon. Deimos suggests a friend might. Nicole tells him that Chloe was that friend as she offered to be the surrogate. Nicole talks about Chloe convincing Daniel to go along with it. Nicole explains how their egg was implanted in Chloe but it didn't take. Nicole says they wanted to try again but then Daniel died so they never got another chance. Deimos tells her that he's so sorry. Nicole feels like she keeps getting punished for her stupid past. Nicole cries that having that baby as a part of Daniel would have meant everything to her. Deimos thanks her for opening up to him. Nicole thanks him for understanding as he hugs her. Deimos then states that he thinks he knows why Daniel is appearing in her dreams more than usual. Deimos declares it's not about Chloe but about her baby.

Chad is shocked to learn that Stefano had colon cancer. George explains there was no way to know how much time he had left as it went undetected for too long. He says it hit Stefano hard as there was no way around it. Chad realizes Stefano gave up. George says he was finally out of options. Rafe asks for access to Stefano's medical records which Chad agrees to. George agrees to make arrangements immediately and exits the room. Rafe suggests that Stefano did goad Hope in to killing him since he knew he was going to die anyways. Shawn calls it suicide by cop. Chad doesn't want to do this right now. Rafe thanks Chad for doing this and says he owes him. Chad then exits.

Julie comes downstairs as Doug comes back inside, having found one of Abigail's old stuffed animals. Julie tells him about the window being open in the attic. Doug says he thought he heard the sound of someone jumping. Julie worries about an intruder being in the house.

Dario meets with a man on the docks about the purses. He notes that there are only nine when there should be ten. Dario says he knows where the other one is as the man says he needs all of the special bags. Abigail appears and hides nearby, watching them as the man begins to show Dario what is hidden behind the zipper in the purses.

Deimos tells Nicole that it makes sense she would be thinking of Daniel even more now as it's only been a year since she lost him and they tried so hard to have a child with Chloe but now she's pregnant after a one night stand. Deimos understands it must be confusing for her. Nicole calls it heartbreaking that she and Daniel couldn't make a baby. Nicole says she won't blame Chloe as she did everything she could to help them but it didn't happen. Nicole decides it wasn't meant to be but now Chloe won't talk to her anymore. Deimos asks what if Chloe lied and she is carrying her child.

Hope doesn't understand as she thought Hattie wanted her help with her case. Hattie says she does but she doesn't know if she can take sitting across from Roman. Chili enters and mocks Hope's Christmas ornament then offers her soap. Hattie warns that she better not be setting her up as she knows the soap belongs to Marcella. Chili explains that it's from Marcella as a peace offering. Chili reminds Hope that Deimos is paying her a lot of money to protect her. Hope responds that she didn't ask for his help. Chili says as long as Deimos keeps the money coming, she will make sure everyone treats her right. Chili walks away and Hattie sits back down. Hattie comments on Hope being a celebrity around here while Hope worries that it just puts a bigger target on her back.

Nicole tells Deimos that it's impossible since it was a year ago when Chloe tried to get pregnant so the timing is off. Nicole thanks Deimos for listening to her and being patient with her about all of this. Deimos says what happened between them happened very quickly so he promises to give her as much time to mourn Daniel because he wants her to heal. Nicole tells him that he has helped her heal already. Nicole didn't think she would care about anyone like this again but she does as they then kiss.

Doug comes back in the house as Julie comes downstairs with a bat. Julie tells him there is no sign of anything missing. Doug adds that it's clear outside so they figure the stuffed animal fell out of the window when Julie shut it. Doug suggests it could be the ghost of Christmas past. Julie says it would be a comfort to think that Abigail is still close to them.

Abigail continues to watch as she hides while Dario talks with the man on the docks. The man pulls out a microchip from the purse and warns Dario that he needs the other purse or the project is done. Dario assures that he's on it as the man walks away. Dario goes to leave when Abigail bumps into some boxes causing a noise. Dario hears it and goes to investigate. Dario is shocked when he sees that it's Abigail.

Deimos and Nicole kiss until Deimos gets a phone call. Deimos says he has to take it so Nicole decides to go take a shower. Deimos then answers the call and asks if they got him. A man in a hotel room responds that he's tied up and waiting for him. Deimos tells him to do as they discussed as he's on his way. The man pulls out a needle as he is revealed to have Philip tied up and gagged in a chair. He then injects Philip with the needle.

Gabi finds Chad outside of the town square and asks if he's okay. Chad responds that he's had better days. Gabi asks what's going on. Chad reveals that he just found out that Stefano was terminally ill when Hope murdered him and he knew it. Chad says Stefano figured he would die at the hands of one of his enemies. Chad remarks that he was not the man he thought he was. Gabi holds his hand to comfort him.

Rafe visits Hope at the prison and tells her they are lucky that Chad came through for them. Hope says it makes perfect sense why Stefano was so cocky and sure of himself to make her pull the trigger. Rafe calls it great news and tells her that Justin feels it will really help her appeal. Rafe declares he will be damned if he will let Stefano win.

Dario can't believe Abigail is alive and asks how it's possible. Abigail says it's complicated. Dario asks if Chad knows. Abigail responds that he can't know. Dario questions what she means. Dario says he's going to call Chad to tell him she came back but Abigail stops him and warns that if he tells Chad then she will tell everyone what she just saw. Abigail says she doesn't know exactly what she saw but it looked illegal and asks if he wants her to do that.

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