Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla asks Adrienne to go in the other room to talk about this but Adrienne says she had a lot of time to think and she realized they are all in this together. Adrienne asks for the test results. Kayla confirms Adrienne has breast cancer as everyone holds back tears.

Deimos is in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion when Brady comes through throwing away Theresa's belongings in a trash bag. Deimos asks what he's doing but Brady doesn't want to talk about it. Deimos suggests talking business but Brady doesn't want to talk about that either. Deimos says he could use his help but Brady says after getting shut out of their last business deal, he's not interested. Brady leaves the room as Nicole arrives at the mansion. Nicole tells Brady that she's been thinking about him and hugs him. Brady tells her to go on in because her boyfriend is waiting. Nicole says he can wait and asks how Brady is doing or if he's heard from Theresa. Brady says he hasn't heard a word and they are doing fine without her. Nicole asks why Theresa would leave. Brady responds that Theresa isn't like Nicole who would've done anything to be a mother while Theresa had her chance and threw it away. Deimos listens in from the living room.

Philip walks outside on the phone, leaving a message for Chloe, knowing she is due any day now so she must be freaking out. Philip says he has an idea to make things easier on her all around. Philip says he will fill her in when she calls him back.

Adrienne gets dizzy and stumbles so Sonny, Lucas, Kayla, and Justin sit her down on the couch. Sonny tells her to say something while Justin asks if she can hear him. Kayla asks if Adrienne heard what she said. Adrienne confirms that she did and knows she has breast cancer.

Nicole tells Brady that she can't believe Theresa would do that. Brady responds that they are better off. Nicole knows he doesn't mean that. Brady says he can't do this now and goes to leave but Deimos comes out and stops him. Deimos is sure Nicole has a lot to share about the international launch about Basic Black so he invites Brady to stick around and listen in. Brady says he can't and Nicole can fill him in later. Brady then exits. Nicole can't believe Theresa left. Deimos says Brady has been a mess ever since and he's tried to distract him. Nicole is grateful for him trying. Deimos praises Nicole for her work on the international launch. Nicole suggests going somewhere more private as they kiss and then head upstairs.

Sonny asks what's next. Kayla says they need to run more tests before making any treatment plan. Justin and Lucas want to get it started. Kayla would like to start today. Sonny asks how many tests there are. Kayla says it depends on these tests and has a room reserved for Adrienne at the hospital. Lucas and Justin offer to take Adrienne but Kayla suggests Steve take her while the others grab her things. Adrienne mentions already being packed for her honeymoon which she won't be having now. Steve asks if she's ready to go. Kayla tells Adrienne she will see her there as Sonny walks her out. Lucas blames himself for not making sure she was following up with her screenings. Kayla says she should have been doing it herself. Kayla encourages them to support her and to keep the peace with everyone. Kayla says she will be in touch. Kayla exits as Sonny comes back in. Lucas decides he will get Adrienne's bag and exits. Justin hugs Sonny and tells him it will be alright. Justin then exits as well. Sonny sits alone looking sad and in disbelief.

Paul walks through the town square where he bumps in to Brady. Paul apologizes for Theresa leaving and hopes she comes to her senses soon. Brady doesn't know what he's hoping for but he wants to get rid of everything that reminds him of her. Paul asks if there's anything he can do but Brady says there's nothing as he's taking it one day at a time. Brady talks about Tate not having a mother to raise him which he knows all about. Brady says his mother didn't have a choice. Brady wonders how to tell Tate one day about what happened because he will never understand it himself.

Deimos and Nicole kiss in bed. Nicole jokes that she should leave town more often while Deimos says never again. Nicole enjoys the travel and being good at her job. Deimos says she's good at a lot of things as they continue kissing. Nicole asks what's been happening here. Nicole asks if Philip mentioned Chloe at all or if she's had the baby. Deimos says he hasn't said a word to him about it while Philip is accusing him of playing favorites in Titan. Deimos says he deferred to Brady once over Philip and he lost it. Nicole mentions trying to call Chloe a few times but she didn't answer. Deimos doesn't know why she bothers after Chloe refused to tell her what was so important. Nicole understands she was angry that she brought Deimos along. Nicole hoped Chloe would get past the anger. Deimos comments that Chloe can't get past anything while he thinks Philip dodged a bullet with Chloe leaving town. Deimos says he should be thankful if Chloe left for good.

Philip comes home to the mansion and pulls out his phone. Chloe's mother Nancy then arrives at the door. Philip asks what she's doing here. Nancy says it's about Chloe.

Lucas goes to see Kate. Kate asks if he ever found his runaway bride. Lucas says he did. Kate guesses that since Lucas is here, Adrienne made a choice that wasn't him. Kate talks about not being surprised but she's happy for his sake. Lucas says it wasn't like that. Kate argues about her leaving him at the altar and thinks she picked Justin. Lucas says she didn't pick Justin over him. Kate jokes about having another wedding but Lucas breaks down as he reveals to Kate that Adrienne didn't make a choice because she has cancer. Kate says she's so sorry and hugs him.

Brady sits with Paul and talks about being in total denial at first, wondering if there was something he could've done. Brady says it was so sudden that it only made it harder. Brady feels he made a fool out of himself by trying to keep her from leaving. Paul encourages him. Brady remarks that Theresa couldn't care less about her son now. Paul points out that Tate still has Brady and a whole big family behind him too. Paul encourages that Tate will be okay. Paul adds that maybe some day Brady will find love again and Tate will have another person in his life. Paul apologizes if that was insensitive. Brady says it's just a little too soon. Paul repeats that Tate has a lot of people who love him and want to be there for him and for Brady as well.

Nancy asks Philip if they are alone but he doesn't know. Philip asks what's going on with Chloe. Nancy says she just came from seeing her in Chicago and she told her everything. Philip tells her not to say another word since he doesn't know if they are alone. Nancy suggests going somewhere that they can talk freely so they exit the mansion.

Kate apologizes to Lucas for the things she said as she is just so protective of him that she lashes out. Kate asks how he found out. Lucas explains that they thought she passed out from being exhausted and then she left the hospital before the test results but she knows now. Lucas guesses she was in denial like they all were. Kate is surprised they didn't find it sooner. Kate encourages effective options for treatment. Kate knows Adrienne has a tough road ahead that will take over her life but she knows she will make it through. Kate encourages that Adrienne has an amazing fighting spirit and is surrounded by love. Kate predicts that Adrienne will beat it and be alright.

Sonny sits in the town square looking sad as Paul joins him. Paul asks if he's okay. Sonny says not really. Paul asks if he can help. Sonny tells him that it's his mom. Paul says Steve told him about finding her at the Pub and asks if something happened. Sonny says something did and his idea of locking her in the hotel with Lucas and Justin didn't help. Sonny explains how Adrienne was about to make her decision but then passed out. Sonny blames it all on his idiotic plan, feeling he put his mom's whole life at risk.

Brady sits alone in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion as Justin walks in and pours a drink. Brady tells him to deal with whatever he's going through somewhere else. Justin tells Brady that he has his own room. Brady says his room reminds him of what he lost so he wants his family to respect him and give him space. Justin mocks Brady. Brady questions what's wrong with him. Justin remarks that Brady wants everyone to kiss his ass because Theresa left him. Brady argues against it. Justin shouts that Theresa isn't sick as it was her choice to throw her life away while some people have their life taken away from them by cancer

Sonny explains to Paul how Steve brought Adrienne home where she found out that she has cancer. Sonny talks about exploring the options. Paul is sorry to hear. Sonny continues to blame himself for locking her in the hotel room. Paul points out that if he didn't do that, the cancer might not have been detected as quickly so he actually may have helped her. Paul encourages him to stop beating himself up and be there for her and the people that love him. Paul tells Sonny that he's there for him any time no matter what.

Brady realizes Justin is saying Adrienne has cancer. Justin says they all thought she had it under control but they were wrong. Justin blames himself for letting her live in denial because he wanted to live in denial. Brady tries to encourage him. Justin says he always told her not to worry about the gene she had. Brady points out that no one has said terminal yet. Brady encourages that he has every reason to be hopeful. Brady swears that Adrienne will be fine and survive. Brady hugs Justin as he cries.

Philip joins Nancy outside of the town square on a bench with coffee. Nancy is glad Chloe confided in him although she didn't have any idea they were speaking. Philip explains that she asked to meet a couple weeks ago and apologized for leaving. Philip says Chloe explained what was going on and it made total sense. Nancy says the whole reason Chloe went through the procedure was to give Nicole the baby she always wanted with the man she loved. Philip calls it a noble gesture done before Deimos was in the picture. Nancy asks if there's any chance it could just be a casual fling but Philip says it seems to be getting more serious by the hour. Nancy asks if Chloe is supposed to spend the next 16 years raising someone else's baby as her own. They agree that Chloe isn't thinking. Philip says Chloe needs a friend on her side to help her sort this all out and he means himself.

Kayla gets Adrienne in to her hospital bed. Kayla encourages that they will get rid of the cancer as she exits for the lab to find out about testing. Adrienne tells Steve that he doesn't have to stay but Steve thinks he does. Steve pulls out a deck of cards to play with her. Adrienne thinks back to when she first found out about having the gene like her mother. Adrienne then asks Steve to go get her a burger with fries so he starts to leave but stops and points out that she just ate at the Pub. Steve guesses she just wants to be alone. Adrienne didn't want to be rude when they have all done so much for her. Steve says it's because they love her and will all be there for her no matter what. Steve agrees to leave as long as she promises not to run away again which she does. Steve kisses her goodbye and says he'll be right outside as he exits the room.

Nancy tells Philip that he's always been so good to Chloe even when things didn't work out between them, they always remained good friends. Philip responds that he doesn't want to stay friends anymore. Philip reveals that he told Chloe that he loved her. Nancy asks what she said. Philip says he asked her not to respond so she could let it sink in and get back to him when it did. Philip adds that she hasn't mentioned it since but he hasn't either. Philip says Chloe could think he changed his mind but he hasn't. Philip asks her not to say anything to Chloe as he wants to talk to her in person.

Deimos and Nicole lay in bed together. Nicole wishes they could stay in bed all day and night. Deimos likes the idea. Nicole suggests ordering Chinese food so Deimos says they will and they kiss. Deimos tells her that he loves her as they continue kissing. Nicole says she knows as Deimos gets up to get her some orange juice.

Philip returns to the mansion on the phone with Nancy, saying that he's leaving now and assures that no one will even know he's gone while Deimos is coming down the stairs and listens in. Philip says he won't tell anyone especially not Nicole. Philip says his car is there and he'll be in touch. Deimos hides as Philip exits the mansion and Deimos then continues down the stairs.

Kayla joins Steve in the waiting room at the hospital and hugs him.

Lucas remains at Kate's sitting alone. He pulls out the plane ticket for he and Adrienne's honeymoon. Lucas cries and tears it up.

Justin sits alone in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion as he finishes a drink. Justin then gets up and throws his glass into the fireplace.

Sonny sits outside the town square as Paul approaches and joins him. Paul puts his arm around Sonny to comfort him.

Kate visits Adrienne in her hospital room which surprises her. Adrienne seems scared as Kate approaches but Kate holds her hand while Adrienne cries.

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