Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/6/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/6/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi goes to the DiMera Mansion to talk to Chad about dressing him up for a CEO meeting. Chad says he has another problem that he's being set up on a blind date with one of the CEOs. Gabi encourages him to go and maybe he will like the girl but he hates blind dates. Chad asks what JJ is doing tonight. Gabi says he's working so Chad suggests Gabi be his date tonight. Andre arrives and doesn't think that's a good idea. Andre advises him against dragging Gabi in to this and claims she has nothing to contribute.

Steve is with Kayla at the hospital as he finishes a call. Kayla feels she should've seen this coming. Steve questions how she could've seen Adrienne running away. Kayla feels she should've stayed with her but Steve insists that if Adrienne was going to run away, no one could have stopped her.

Lucas, Sonny, and Justin are at the Pub wondering where Adrienne could have gone. Justin talks about checking every where he could think of. Lucas feels she won't go somewhere from her past as she is looking for something. Sonny tries calling her again, leaving a message to let them know if she's okay.

Adrienne sits alone in church. The priest enters and asks if she got any sleep as she is still dealing with the same problem with the two men in her life. Adrienne says it's all tied together. He asks her to tell him what's going on. Adrienne responds that it's all her fault but she's not the only one who will suffer for what she did. Adrienne adds that she is scared for the people she loves.

JJ joins Abigail in the attic and tells her she can come out once Doug and Julie leave. JJ asks Abigail about spending time with Thomas yesterday. Abigail talks about how much he's grown and having to say goodbye to him again. JJ encourages that she doesn't have to keep hiding. JJ insists nothing is going on with Chad and Gabi as he and Gabi are back together and better than before. Abigail is happy for him. JJ mentions that he and Gabi are taking Arianna to go see Santa today. JJ encourages Abigail about taking Thomas too. Abigail doesn't want Chad to know. JJ feels Chad needs to know so they can start over. Abigail feels it's too late and that it's not fair to keep jerking Chad around. JJ asks if it's fair to let Chad keep grieving. Abigail thinks it's better if she goes back to Laura's. Abigail says she is doing this for Chad and Thomas because she loves them. JJ argues that it's what their dad did to them when he walked out. JJ reminds her how she felt then and asks if she really wants to do that to Chad and Thomas.

Chad tells Andre to apologize to Gabi for being rude and then to him for interfering with business. Andre says DiMera business is his business. Andre apologizes for being rude as he was just thrown by his proposal. Andre suggests Chad could tell these people that he's mourning his wife and would feel uncomfortable meeting someone new. Chad tells Andre to stay out of his business and exits the room. Andre tells Gabi that he's sorry as he's just a little protective of Chad. Gabi questions him thinking he has to protect Chad from her. Andre calls Chad a sensitive goodhearted person that hasn't considered the downside of escorting an ex-con to a business function.

The priest knows Adrienne is worried but encourages her to have faith in the people who love her. Adrienne doesn't want to be a burden. He suggests she talk to God but she doesn't know what to pray for as she feels lost. He encourages her to tell him that and leaves the room.

Kayla suggests Steve should go home and get some rest. Steve mentions their home not being too quiet since Jade moved in. Kayla complains about having to clean up after Jade. Steve thinks they will have to set some rules down. Kayla suggests clean up after yourself or get out.

Joey brings Jade a plate of fruit at home. Jade comments on them both getting used to this when they didn't plan it.

Abigail joins Jennifer in the living room. Jennifer says she could try to bring Thomas by again but Abigail doesn't think that's a good idea as it would be harder to say goodbye. Abigail knows they are trying to help but feels pressured. There's a knock at the door so Abigail runs up to hide. Jennifer answers the door and Lucas arrives. Jennifer tells him it's not a good time. Lucas explains to her that Adrienne passed out last night and they took her to the hospital but has now taken off and no one knows where she is. Jennifer encourages that she will show up but Lucas doesn't know what to do. Lucas sees Jennifer has two cups of tea out. Jennifer claims JJ stopped by in the morning but Lucas says JJ was looking for Adrienne last night so he would've told Jennifer about it. Lucas then feels the tea is still warm so he thinks Jennifer is hiding Adrienne there and starts to search for her.

Gabi questions Andre calling her a liability. Andre talks about Chad changing the image of DiMera Enterprises. Gabi argues that she's already helped him. Andre argues that she doesn't contribute anything more than fashion. Gabi calls him a hypocrite and warns him about talking like this in front of Chad. Andre accuses her of using Chad and his grief. Andre asks her to tell him she's not trying to replace Abigail. Chad comes back in wearing the suit that Gabi got him. Andre says he looks like a successful business man and wishes him luck. Andre exits as Chad asks if Gabi is coming with him. Gabi says she can't make it. Gabi tells him that he hired her as an image consultant not a personal escort. Chad questions what Andre said to her but Gabi says it's just how she feels. Chad says that wasn't his intention. Gabi apologizes for how it came out but says she needs to do more for her own business. Chad wants to help her but Gabi says she needs to resign. Chad questions if this is about them and what happened.

Lucas questions Jennifer blocking the stairs. Jennifer says she's trying to stop him from tearing her house apart and insists she would tell him if Adrienne was there. Lucas says he's just really scared. Jennifer wants to help him find her. Lucas says Sonny and Justin are doing all they can and Paul is working on it too. Lucas hates to think of her being alone right now.

Justin and Sonny talk outside about trying to find Adrienne. Sonny blames himself for locking her in the hotel room. Justin shouts that it's not his fault as Adrienne has been denying what's wrong with her for awhile now. Sonny still feels he made everything worse. Justin assures that they will find her and deal with this together. Justin tries calling Adrienne and gets her voicemail so he leaves a message that he wants her to know they are not pressuring her in any way but she needs to come home.

Adrienne prays in church then sees she has a missed call from Justin but ignores it. Adrienne finishes her prayer and exits the church, leaving her phone behind.

Gabi tells Chad that there is no them as she's with JJ. Chad argues that doesn't mean they can't work together. Chad says dropping her biggest client won't expand her business. Gabi doesn't think it's working. Chad says he can't do this without her. Gabi encourages that he can. Chad continues to argue that she doesn't have to quit. Gabi says she has to do it for herself. Gabi thanks him for everything and quickly exits, leaving Chad confused and upset.

Jade tells Joey that she's grateful to his parents but she thinks making them sleep in separate room is harsh when they are going to raise a baby together. Jade asks if there's something he can do about that, remarking that a bed is not the only place they can make love. Joey says this wasn't good news for them so his parents are still trying to deal with it. Jade asks if he has been thinking about marrying her before the baby is born. Joey says he hasn't thought that far ahead and just wants to do what is best for the baby. Jade thinks having married parents is what's best but Joey wants to learn how to take care of the baby. Joey doesn't want to leave like his dad did as he doesn't think there is ever a reason not to be with your kid.

Abigail sits in the attic looking at a picture of Thomas as she thinks back to when she and Chad moved in to the DiMera Mansion with Thomas.

Gabi and JJ sit together in the town square. Gabi encourages that JJ will find Adrienne. JJ comments on Sonny being a wreck. JJ asks what Gabi had to tell him but she feels it's not the right time. Gabi then informs him anyways that she won't be working for Chad anymore. JJ questions why since she loved that job.

Chad finishes a drink as Andre walks in and asks about Gabi being gone. Chad blames Andre. Andre says he's sorry but Chad says he will be if he did what he thinks he did. Chad tells Andre that Gabi quit and questions what he said to her. Andre says he just doesn't think it was a very good idea for Gabi to go with him tonight. Andre claims he only complimented her on the suits when he left. Chad questions that being all he said. Andre asks why it's always his fault. Chad argues that her excuses didn't make any sense. Andre suggests he's been leaning on her too much and taking up too much of her time. Andre thinks Gabi saw that Chad is ready to stand on his own and move on so he thinks it's a blessing.

Joey joins Jade outside of the town square where she bought a bunch of things for the baby. Joey says he gave her Kayla's card because she said she needed vitamins. Joey asks if she's ready to go home. Jade wants to stay here as the fresh air is good for the baby. Joey reads a book about having a baby and says a woman should be off the pill for two cycles when trying to conceive. Joey says she was on the pill so she should go to the doctor but Jade reveals she's been off the pill for awhile which Joey questions.

JJ tells Gabi that quitting seems out of the blue and asks if she should give it more thought. Gabi says she's sure. JJ asks if something happened. Gabi mentions Chad inviting her to a business dinner tonight which JJ says she did before. Gabi brings up her prison record while being an image consultant. Gabi says she was convicted of a murder and that will never go away.

Steve goes to the Brady Pub where he finds Adrienne eating alone. Steve tells her that she could've called any of them and they would've brought her some chowder. Steve says she scared the hell out of them. Adrienne says she isn't proud of running away. Adrienne questions how to fight this. Steve relates to doing the same thing too many times. Steve tells her that she doesn't have to run away anymore because everyone wants her back. Adrienne says she knew how stupid it was and what she was doing to everyone. Steve says she's back now and that's what is important. Steve asks if she came back for chowder. Adrienne admits she came back because it's time to talk to Kayla.

Jade tells Joey not to flip out about it. Joey questions why she didn't get back on the pill. Jade tells him not to lecture her about birth control. Joey questions if she got pregnant on purpose because it seems like she did.

Chad goes to church and talks to the priest about the pain of losing Abigail and feeling like he's betraying her if he moves on.

Abigail remains in the attic with the picture of Thomas then she gets up to leave but Andre arrives at the door and tells her that it's time they have another talk.

Justin, Sonny, and Lucas are at Kayla's as they hear about Adrienne being found. Kayla says they will take care of her. Lucas suggests leaving if this is only for family but Kayla tells her to stay. Steve then brings Adrienne home. Sonny hugs her. Adrienne apologizes but Sonny says she's back and that's all that matters. Adrienne then hugs Justin and apologizes then Lucas as well. Lucas understands she needed time. Justin says they are just glad she's back. Adrienne decides it's time for the question so she asks Kayla what's wrong with her.

Jade doesn't think Joey should be getting mad at her when she's pregnant and emotional. Joey says she's dodging the question and asks again. Jade says she can't get pregnant just because she wants to so no. Jade adds that she didn't get pregnant alone. Jade argues that she loves Joey and they are soulmates. Jade asks him not to be mad at her. Jade wants him to be happy about having a family. Joey doesn't know how he feels and says he needs time alone to think so he walks off leaving Jade upset.

The priest thinks Chad is moving through the stages of grief which he calls part of God's plan. Chad points out never seeing her body or getting to say goodbye so he thinks part of him doesn't want to believe she's gone. He encourages Chad that God knows how hard he's trying to take care of his son and understands there was no closure. He suggests a monument or shrine in Abigail's honor to still feel connected to her. Chad agrees to think about that and thanks him for the talk. He tells Chad that God doesn't want him to feel guilty and encourages there could be love for him again in the future.

Andre tells Abigail that he didn't like what was going on between Chad and Gabi so he put a stop to it. Abigail says he didn't have to do anything as it sounds like JJ and Gabi are back together. Andre says Chad is a good catch and Gabi isn't the only woman on the prowl. Andre tells Abigail to do what he says leading up to when she emerges. Andre says he will soften Chad up so he doesn't go in to shock and then when it's time they will both be reunited. Andre hugs her and says she will have to hurry because she doesn't have a lot of time.

Kayla asks Adrienne to go in the other room to talk about this but Adrienne says she had a lot of time to think and she realized they are all in this together. Adrienne asks for the test results. Kayla confirms Adrienne has breast cancer as everyone holds back tears.

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