Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Claire and Ciara eat at the Kiriakis Mansion with Victor. Claire complains about her mom always trying to run her life then apologizes to Ciara, knowing she's missing her mom. Victor calls Hope's sentencing a travesty but encourages that Hope is strong and smart. Ciara brings up Hope going to the DiMera Mansion that night when Stefano wasn't even behind kidnapping Bo. Ciara says that was someone else who will probably never pay as Deimos appears outside the room and listens in from the doorway.

Hope and Hattie play cards at the prison. Hattie asks what she's thinking. Hope says she's thinking about her daughter being alone. Hattie encourages that her family will take care of her. Hope responds that she misses them too. Hattie talks about not having a family so she has no one to miss. Hope says she's sorry but Hattie says she's fine. Hattie encourages that Hope did a good thing getting rid of Stefano. Hattie says she thought about doing it herself but didn't want to end up in jail and then did anyway. Hope asks about her whole story. Hattie talks about having a good life and making a good living until she tried speed dating. Hattie says she met a guy who was tall, dark, and handsome. Hattie says it was perfect until it wasn't. The two prisoners that attacked Hope enter the room and comment to each other about Hope and Hattie having a big surprise coming.

Shawn and Rafe continue to go through Stefano's e-mails at the police station. Shawn comes across an e-mail from someone named George. Shawn shows Rafe that he found out Stefano and George had kept in touch a lot. Shawn reads an e-mail from George saying he needed to see Stefano in person with bad news which is dated three weeks before his death.

Abe and Valerie talk at the hospital. Valerie is happy with his progress and says she won't have to see him in for a month. Abe hopes to see her before then. Valerie says he knows where to find her. Theo arrives and talks about picking out a Christmas tree. Abe explains their tradition of picking out the saddest looking tree in the lot to give it a home for Christmas. Valerie calls it sweet while all she ever had was a fake tree. Theo asks if Abe can go now. Abe decides he can. Theo then invites Valerie to come with them which surprises her.

Hattie tells Hope not to pay attention to the prisoners as they are just talk. Hope wants to hear the rest of Hattie's story. Hattie tells her that she showed up for work one day and it was crawling with cops as somebody embezzled billions of dollars which they tracked to her personal computer. She has no idea how that happened but she couldn't prove she hadn't done it. Hope questions why she didn't fight it. Hattie says she didn't have it in her as right before all of that, her guy took off. Hope thanks Hattie for helping her out the other day. Another prisoner joins the other two, who complain about Hope and Hattie. The woman remarks that Hope won't be so pretty when she's done with her.

Ciara goes to get more tea while Claire tells Victor that she shouldn't have brought up Hope. Victor says Ciara is just thinking about her father. Claire notes Ciara being special to Victor. Claire mentions Victor offering Ciara a trust fund but not expecting anything like that for her. Victor asks what the problem is. Claire says she only gets allowance and she has a project she wants to do which requires money and it's for a friend. Claire says she would need $200 so Victor hands it to her. Claire swears it's not for her but Victor doesn't believe her. Victor doesn't care what she does with the money. Claire hugs him and says she loves him, calling him the only adult in the family who gets her. Claire complains how Shawn is always questioning and lecturing her. Claire adds that life would be boring without Victor. Claire tells Victor to say goodbye to Ciara for her and that she's sorry about her big mouth as she exits the mansion.

Kate joins Rafe and Shawn in the interrogation room at the station, saying it better be important. Rafe asks Kate if Stefano ever mentioned a George Cline to him. Kate says he did every time he griped about having his physical. Shawn realizes George is Stefano's doctor. Rafe explains that George e-mailed Stefano three weeks before his death, saying he had bad news. Kate asks if it was about his health which they are assuming it was.

Abe, Theo, and Valerie walk through the town square after picking out a Christmas tree. Theo talks about Christmas memories with Abe. Valerie says it sounds like they have lovely Christmas times. Abe says it's too bad Valerie will be away from home and invites her to spend Christmas with them.

The woman in the prison confronts Hope, saying she's in her chair. Hattie reveals the woman is known as Chili. Chili repeats that Hope's chair belongs to her. Hattie didn't see her name on it. Chili demands Hope vacate the chair. Hattie gets up and tells her to leave Hope alone. Hattie threatens to make sure she doesn't have meat loaf for the rest of the month. Chili says she can keep it as Hope will keep her satisfied for a long time.

Theo tells Abe that Valerie probably already has Christmas plans but Abe argues that they are the only people she knows in Salem so Theo agrees that it would be fun if she came over. Valerie's phone rings but it freezes up which she complains about. Theo suggests a factory restart but Valerie is not familiar with phones. Abe encourages that Theo knows all about electronics so Valerie gives him her phone to look at. Abe goes to get them coffee. Valerie tells Theo that he is obviously really smart. Abe comes back and says they are out of coffee Valerie likes so he takes her to look at what else they have. Theo gets Valerie's phone reset and reads a text message conversation she has with someone named Eli, saying how much she misses him.

Victor talks on the phone at home about Adrienne missing but assures they will find her. Victor hangs up as Ciara returns and asks where Claire is. Victor informs her that she had to go on a mission. Ciara hopes he didn't give her money. Victor says he gives all his grandchildren money. Ciara worries that Claire is up to something.

Hattie warns Chili that she will pay for it if she stabs Hope. Hope gets up from her chair then pushes her down and steals her weapon. Deimos then arrives clapping.

Theo uses his phone to take a picture of the conversation on Valerie's phone. Abe and Valerie come back so Theo tells her that her phone is fixed and gives it back to her as she thanks him.

Kate calls George Cline and says she had been wanting to call to talk about Stefano. Kate says they got divorced but remained close. Kate mentions working with Chad now and how they want George on the board of trustees. Kate thanks George for being a wonderful doctor to Stefano but George hangs up on her. Rafe guesses she got too close for his comfort. Shawn wonders why George would have a problem talking about Stefano since he's dead.

Deimos warns about getting rid of the shank so Hope gives it to Hattie. Chili questions who Deimos is and how he got in. Deimos informs her that his last name is Kiriakis which opens a lot of doors. Deimos wants to talk to Hope alone so Chili and the other two leave but Hattie remains. Deimos acknowledges Hattie's resemblance to Marlena. Hattie says she's heard that a few times as she walks out. Deimos tells Hope that he never got a chance to tell her how sorry he was for his part in what happened to Bo. Hope tells him to just get out. Deimos says she is in here because she held Stefano responsible for something he did. Hope calls it her problem. Deimos relates to doing a long stint in prison when he was innocent. Hope responds that she's not then asks what he wants and why he's really here. Deimos knows she hates him. Hope admits she does with all of her being. Deimos understands but says he's no liar. Deimos told her the truth when she asked about Bo and he's telling the truth now. Deimos know he can't undo the pain he caused but he can find a way to help her now and promises that he will. Deimos then exits the room.

Ciara is in the town square looking at her cell phone when Theo comes up and asks if she's trying to find him the perfect Christmas present. Ciara responds that she's decided not to get him a present this year. Theo tells her all he wants is for her to smile. Ciara knows she hasn't been a lot of fun lately. Theo questions what she was doing on her phone if not online shopping. Ciara admits to him that she got her first message on online dating but it was weird. Ciara says his profile picture is blurry which worries her. Theo encourages her but admits it's weird. Theo points out having things in common. Ciara points out that he's older than her but Theo continues to encourage her. Ciara agrees that it wouldn't hurt to meet him. Theo suggests she ask to meet here and he will stay around to make sure it's okay. Ciara thanks him. Theo tells her to text the guy now to see if he's free and she might end up liking the guy.

Hattie returns to Hope and asks what happened with Deimos. Hope tells her that she doesn't believe him. Hattie jokes about wanting to give Deimos whatever he wants. Hope tells her that it would be a mistake. The other two prisoners come back in and want to finish what they started with Hope. Chili comes in and tells them to keep away because she's taken a shine to Hope. Chili declares no one else touches her.

Deimos returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion on the phone about having the prisoner on board and everything being in motion. Deimos asks if they are sure they can count on her since she didn't look that reliable. Deimos states that he will make payments every week if she makes sure nothing happens to Hope. Victor enters the room behind Deimos as he hangs up.

Claire joins Theo in the town square and starts telling him about her day with Victor but Theo stops her to show her the picture of Valerie's text messages. Claire says it sounds like Valerie is involved with another man. Theo wasn't sure if he was overreacting but Claire assures that he's not as she thinks Valerie is lying to Abe. Nearby, JJ's old friend Rory approaches Ciara, revealing he is her online dating meeting. Ciara questions him lying on his profile. Rory argues that everybody does that on dating sites. Ciara accuses him of staying high all the time. Rory tells her to calm down and asks her out for coffee but Ciara tells him that she will never go out with him because they have nothing in common. Rory jokes that he's been to jail like her mom has so they could totally bond. Ciara tells him to get out of her sight and walks away. Rory follows after her.

The prisoners complain about how boring the place just got and leave the room. Hattie jokes with Hope that Chili loves the meatloaf. Hope thinks there is more to the story. Hattie says she will try to find out. Hattie turns to Chili and asks what's going on here. Chili responds that she decided it's a good idea to have a cop on her side. Hattie doesn't believe her. Chili tells her that she just talked to the head guard and they are offering her serious money to offer loyalty and protection to Hope. Hattie asks why. Chili guesses somebody on the outside likes Hope.

Kate finishes a call with her son Austin and tells Shawn and Rafe that she gave him full access to all of the DiMera financials from the time Stefano died so he will follow the money. Kate adds that he said Stefano was transferring funds in to his personal account. Rafe notes that Sami had stolen all the money from his personal account. Kate informs them that Austin said Stefano wrote out a large corporate check to a life insurance company a couple weeks before he died but ended up cancelling it because his application was turned down. Rafe wonders if he refused to take the physical. Kate points out that he was diabetic. Kate comments on how Dr. Cline's attitude changed as soon as she brought up his relationship with Stefano. Kate thinks there is more to the story.

Rory and Ciara end up sitting together in the town square. Ciara remains uncomfortable as Rory eats while Theo watches. Claire tells Theo that she knows exactly how to figure out what Valerie's deal is. Claire says she got enough money from Victor to buy her own tech spy gear like Paul and John have. Claire tells Theo that they can do this and get rid of Valerie before she causes any more problems for Theo and Abe. Theo says he could just tell Abe but Claire insists they need proof for Abe to not believe Valerie. Theo agrees to do it. Rory apologizes to Ciara for his comment about her mom but he's glad she changed her mind. Ciara mentions not being hungry so Rory eats her food as well. Ciara looks over at Theo with Claire.

Victor asks Deimos about setting up protection for Hope in prison. Deimos tells him that something had to be done as he went there earlier and when he got there, Hope was fighting off an inmate with a homemade knife. Victor asks if he turned the woman in but Deimos says he hired her to keep Hope safe. Deimos reminds him that he spent years in prison. Victor thanks him. Deimos knows he can never atone for the suffering he caused Victor and his family. Victor responds that cancer is what killed Bo. Deimos still blames having Bo locked up. Victor says it only would've given him a little more time. Deimos questions Victor trying to lessen his guilt. Victor says he is accepting part of that burden because he was responsible for turning Deimos into the man who could do what he did to Bo and Maggie. Deimos notes he's never said anything like that before. Victor says that he's saying it now. Deimos states that he will never forgive himself for the time Bo lost with his family. Victor blames himself for sending Bo on the mission that led him to Deimos so he will never forgive himself either. Victor says he will help Justin as much as he can with the appeal, bribing a judge, or anything they can do to get Hope back to her children. Victor acknowledges that Deimos took steps to get Hope home again and he appreciates that. Deimos worries that it's not enough as she's in prison because of him. Victor says he had nothing to do with Stefano. Deimos declares he owes Hope her freedom and a Kiriakis always pays his debts.

Hattie informs Hope that Chili is being paid a lot of money to make sure nobody lays a hand on her. Hattie says normally that takes years but for Hope it took one day. She calls her a lucky girl. Hope guesses it was Deimos. Hattie figures Hope won't be needing her help anymore but Hope says they are friends that are in this together.

Shawn feels any life insurance company would deny Stefano coverage. Kate recalls opening policies on each other when they were married. Rafe questions why Stefano would want more life insurance. Kate suggests maybe he knew death was imminent. Rafe insists that Stefano made Hope believe he had Bo tortured. Rafe believes Stefano goaded Hope in to shooting him. Shawn thinks Justin should be able to call that suicide instead of murder. Rafe says they'd have to prove it but if they could, it could be Hope's ticket to freedom.

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