Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/2/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/2/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi goes to the Salem Inn to see JJ. JJ brings her inside where he has candles and champagne set up. JJ calls it just the beginning as they kiss.

Kate talks with Chad at the DiMera Mansion about work but she notes that he's distracted. Kate asks what Gabi is doing tonight. Chad responds that she's on a date with JJ. Kate thought they broke up. Chad informs her that she decided to give him another chance. Kate asks what he thinks of that. Chad says he's very happy for them but Kate asks for the truth. Chad tells Kate that he would've thought it was too soon for him to have feelings for someone but he was wrong.

Jennifer goes to the attic to bring Abigail some food. Jennifer notices she has a Christmas ornament she got for Thomas last year. Abigail tells Jennifer that she needs to see Thomas again. Jennifer agrees. Abigail asks Jennifer to go to Chad's and bring Thomas to her for a little while. Jennifer says no and tells Abigail that if she wants to see her son, she will go to the DiMera Mansion herself.

Sonny tries to separate Justin and Lucas from fighting as they blame each other for putting Adrienne in the hospital. Adrienne wakes up in her hospital bed, hearing them yelling outside of her room. Justin shoves Lucas. Sonny tells Justin that he could've talked to Adrienne before the wedding. Justin questions whose side he's on. Sonny responds that he's on Adrienne's side. Justin and Lucas continue to fight until Marlena interrupts and threatens to have them removed by security.

Adrienne tries to get out of her bed but a nurse runs in to stop her and tells her she needs to lie down while Adrienne insists that she needs to know what's going on. Marlena asks Lucas and Justin what is going on. Lucas argues that Justin thinks he owns Adrienne while Justin brings up Lucas punching him. Sonny says they are all just worried about Adrienne. Marlena asks what's going on with her. Justin explains that they were at the Salem Inn. Sonny says it's a long story and blames himself for putting her under pressure. Lucas says that she collapsed. Justin says that Kayla took off without telling them anything. Marlena decides she will see what she can find out. Marlena threatens them with security if they have another fight.

Jennifer begs Abigail to tell Chad that she's alive and he won't miss another birthday with Thomas. Abigail argues that she's scared. Jennifer assures her that Chad has never stopped loving her and begs her to go see him and her son. Abigail responds that she can't as she's just not ready. Abigail cries that she misses Thomas so much and begs Jennifer to bring him to her. Jennifer tells her that if Chad says it's okay, she will bring Thomas only because she knows she will never want to let go of him again.

Kate thinks it's wonderful that Chad has feelings for someone. Chad feels like it's being disrespectful to Abigail. Kate encourages him to start living his life again. Kate says that Gabi makes him feel like he's alive but Chad says Gabi is better off with JJ. Chad says he still loves Abigail and Gabi was her best friend. Kate brings up JJ cheating on Gabi. Chad says they moved past it. Kate argues that no one can move past it that quickly. Chad doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Kate thinks he's afraid to admit he has feelings for Gabi and wonders if she feels the same way. Kate encourages him to go after what he wants. Kate points out that Chad didn't say he's not in love with Gabi and questions denying himself the chance to be happy. Kate wants Chad to tell her how he feels before it's too late.

JJ and Gabi continue kissing. JJ tells her that he's been waiting so long for a night like this. JJ pours them champagne and toasts to second chances. JJ asks if everything went okay with Arianna. Gabi informs JJ that she left Arianna at Chad's. JJ calls it very cool of him. Gabi mention that Chad is very happy they are back together. JJ is glad he came around which Gabi questions. JJ explains that Chad unloaded on him for hurting her and told him to realize how lucky he was to have someone as special as her. JJ notes that Chad has become a good friend to her. JJ knows he has no right after what he did but he needs to ask her something about Chad.

Chad brings Thomas in to the living room with Kate. Jennifer arrives which surprises them. Jennifer apologizes for coming unannounced. JJ points out Thomas having Abigail's stuffed elephant. Chad asks if something is wrong. Jennifer says she just needed some grandma time and was wondering if she could spend some time with Thomas since Abigail was on her mind tonight. Kate says that would be perfect since they have so much work to do tonight which makes Jennifer happy. Chad tells Jennifer that she can hang out in the guest room with Thomas. Jennifer asks if she can take Thomas to her house for the night and bring him back in the morning. Kate thinks it's a wonderful idea. Jennifer asks if that works for Chad. Chad agrees to let Jennifer take Thomas. Jennifer thanks him and exits with Thomas.

Gabi asks JJ what he wants to know about Chad. JJ asks if he talks to her about Abigail. Gabi says of course and asks why. JJ says he was just thinking how tough it must be for Chad with the holidays and Thomas's birthday. Gabi says it will always be hard for him since he still loves Abigail very much. JJ questions if Chad is looking to move on with someone else. Gabi tells JJ that she did not come to talk about Chad but to be with JJ. JJ agrees that it's just the two of them tonight from now on. JJ tells her how happy he is that she's there. JJ always believed they would find their way back but he will never take her for granted. Gabi says he hurt her but she could never walk away from this as what they have is really special. JJ plans to spend the rest of his life proving she made the right decision. They say they love each other and kiss onto the bed.

Marlena goes to Kayla's office and warns her about giving Adrienne's family some information soon since she had to break up a fight between Lucas and Justin. Kayla knows they are all worried but she wanted to order a second series of blood tests. Marlena notes that it sounds like Kayla is worried too. Kayla talks about the stress Adrienne has had the last few weeks. Marlena asks if she thinks it might be more than that. Kayla thinks Adrienne thinks so and is hiding how scared she is but they don't know. Kayla informs her that Adrienne cancelled her last mammogram and is trying to avoid possible cancer. Kayla doesn't want to worry and says they will get the test results then take it from there. Marlena hopes for the best and exits.

Marlena returns to Justin, Lucas, and Sonny who want to know what Kayla said and if the test results are in. Marlena tells them she's sorry but there is no news yet. Adrienne is brought out of her room in a wheelchair. She hopes it wasn't them making all the noise before. Lucas says they were just worried about her while Justin says it was always under control. Marlena agrees that everything is as it should be now. Lucas asks Adrienne what's going on. Adrienne talks about running more tests. Justin and Lucas want to go with her but Adrienne insists she will be fine and the tests will just show she needs to rest. Adrienne wants to go home but they tell her that's not happening. Marlena decides she will take her to the lab for the rest of her tests. Adrienne asks the guys not to kill each other while she's gone as they agree to stay and wait while Marlena takes Adrienne away.

Jennifer comes home with Thomas and brings him to Abigail which excites her. Jennifer suggests going upstairs in case someone sees her but Abigail says she couldn't wait. Jennifer has Abigail hold Thomas.

JJ and Gabi continue kissing in bed and begin to undress, causing JJ to start having flashbacks to his affair in Miami so he gets up in a panic and Gabi asks if he's okay.

Rafe and Shawn show up at the DiMera Mansion. Kate tells them that she didn't tell Chad they were coming. Chad comes in and asks what they are doing here. Shawn says they need to talk to him about Stefano. Chad says he said everything he had to say at the trial. Rafe says they are here to ask him for Stefano's access codes to his computer, phone, and e-mail or anything that can help them find out exactly what happened the night of his murder. Chad questions why when Hope already confessed to the murder. Kate mentions that they suspect there is more to the story than they know. Chad questions what they want. Rafe says they can't say for sure but they are here to find out the truth. Chad agrees to see what he can find and would like to be done with it all after this as they can't change the past and he's tired of living in it. Chad then exits the room and Kate follows out.

Gabi asks JJ if he's okay as he gets up from bed. JJ apologizes and says he's fine. Gabi questions him pulling away and if he's alright. JJ says he promised to always be honest with her and never keep secrets from her again. Gabi says he's scaring her. JJ states that he's freaked out too. JJ tells her that he loves her so much and he's grateful for her being here with him. Gabi asks what this is about. JJ says he told her that he didn't remember anything about the night he cheated on her. Gabi questions why they are talking about this now. JJ thinks he just had a flash of remembering.

Abigail tells Thomas how much she missed him and wonders if he remembers her. Jennifer assures that he does. Abigail says she wants him to feel safe and loved more than anything in the world. Abigail is sorry she missed his birthday and hasn't been his mom. Jennifer encourages that it's not too late as she has his whole life to make up for it. Thomas starts to cry which upsets Abigail and causes her to worry. Jennifer tries to keep her calm as Abigail begins to panic.

Justin brings sodas to Sonny and Lucas. Justin calls it a peace offering to Lucas so he accepts it. Justin admits he was out of line earlier as he was frustrated and worried. Lucas admits he shouldn't have punched him at the wedding but Justin states that he had it coming. They start to argue but Sonny tells him that's enough and they need to figure out a way to stop fighting which they agree with. Sonny brings up that Adrienne said she made her decision before she collapsed. Sonny wants them to accept her decision no matter what. Lucas promises and Justin agrees to honor her decision. Justin and Lucas shake hands. Sonny decides they are all on the same page and just want Adrienne to get better.

Marlena gets Adrienne back in her hospital bed. Adrienne complains that she wants to go home and wait for the results in her own bed but Marlena says Kayla wants her to stay here until they know what's going on. Adrienne wonders why it's quiet out there now and asks what Marlena said to them. Marlena credits a look she gave them. Adrienne knows they are waiting for her decision on who she wants to be with. Adrienne tells Marlena that she was about to tell them when she passed out. Marlena asks if it would be easier if she told her.

Abigail starts saying she doesn't want to hold Thomas anymore and that she left because she didn't want to hurt anyone. Jennifer encourages that every baby cries and they will figure out the reason. Thomas stops crying as Abigail continues holding him. Jennifer tells her it's all going to be okay.

Gabi questions JJ remembering that right now. JJ says it popped in his head in flashes of fuzzy images but he doesn't even know who it was with. JJ apologizes for bringing this up on what was supposed to be their perfect night together. Gabi takes it as JJ being honest. JJ thought he'd never have to go back to that again. Gabi encourages that he never has to talk about that night again. JJ asks what if he doesn't have a choice and it happens again. Gabi then questions if he wants to remember who the girl was.

Chad and Kate come back in to the living room with the access code to Stefano's personal e-mail. Shawn thanks him for doing the right thing. Chad doesn't know what they hope to find but it's what they came for. Rafe says they will see. Kate hopes they won't be targeting DiMera Enterprises anymore. Shawn thanks Chad for doing this as they exit.

Jennifer and Abigail put Thomas in his crib. Abigail apologizes for starting to feel like she used to. Abigail recalls running away with Thomas and how he cried then. Jennifer points out that he stopped crying. Abigail says it's only cause Jennifer was there to help her and questions how she can be a mother. Jennifer encourages that she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. Abigail argues that she doesn't understand. Jennifer says she does because she wasn't capable of taking care of Thomas before when Chad didn't trust her but he came around and saw her change. Jennifer encourages Abigail to let Chad do that for her too. Abigail thinks she needs to go back to Laura's. Jennifer asks what about Thomas. Abigail responds that he's better off without her and it's not fair to him. Jennifer questions why she had her bring Thomas if she was just going to leave again. Abigail says she just needed it. Jennifer argues that she needs to be his mom. The doorbell rings startling Abigail. Abigail rushes up the stairs while Jennifer goes to answer the door.

Adrienne informs Marlena that she made her decision but now she's confused again. Adrienne says this never happened to her before like this. Marlena asks why it was so hard to make the decision. Adrienne responds that she loves them both. Marlena asks if there might be more to it than that. Adrienne starts to cry about the possible cancer gene. Marlena brings up Adrienne skipping her mammogram. Adrienne complains that the hospital was busy but Marlena thinks there was more to it. Marlena reminds her that no decision is final. Marlena comments that she seems unsettled to her. Adrienne admits that she's terrified.

Kayla talks on the phone in her office about the test results to make sure they were triple checked. Kayla hangs up and opens the test results in her e-mail while looking worried.

Rafe and Shawn go to the police station to go over Stefano's personal e-mails. Shawn says it will take forever to sort through and wonders if they are wasting their time. Rafe says he has nowhere to be. Rafe believes Stefano wanted Hope to shoot him and he will find the proof if it's in there. Rafe declares he's not giving up until Hope is out of prison.

Jennifer brings Thomas to Abigail in the attic. Jennifer tells her that it was just a reporter at the door. Jennifer asks if Abigail wants to continue living in the attic and running every time the doorbell rings. Jennifer questions if she wants to sneak around like a criminal to see her baby. Abigail responds that she shouldn't be seeing him at all. Jennifer encourages that Thomas and Chad love her which Abigail says she doesn't know. Jennifer questions if she will really be okay just handing Thomas over tomorrow and if she can live with saying goodbye to him all over again.

Chad puts some of Gabi's favorite flowers around the living room.

JJ tells Gabi that he doesn't care who the woman was and he hopes he never remembers because she means nothing to him while Gabi means everything to him. JJ says Gabi forgiving him was the greatest gift ever given to him and that he loves her. Gabi tells him to show her as they go back to kissing in bed.

Sonny is not sure he believes the truce completely but says it's good enough for now. Justin states they will do whatever they can to take care of Adrienne. Marlena comes out from Adrienne's room. Lucas asks how she's doing. Kayla comes out from her office and hurries past them to Adrienne's room. They follow as Kayla opens the door to find that Adrienne is gone.

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