Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adrienne cries that it was a hard choice but she knows it was the right one. Adrienne then turns around and faints. Sonny, Justin, and Lucas rush over to her as she collapses. Lucas checks her pulse while Justin brings a towel and pillow to her. Sonny calls for an ambulance. They check on her until she wakes up. Lucas encourages her to rest because help is on the way.

Steve and Kayla sit together at home. They talk about finding their way back to each other. Kayla asks about Adrienne and Steve says last he heard she was still locked in the room trying to choose between Lucas and Justin. Kayla then gets a call from Sonny, who informs her about Adrienne. Kayla says she and Steve will be right there. Kayla hangs up and tells Steve that Adrienne collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Steve and Kayla then rush out.

One of the cops at the police station asks JJ what he's doing there so late. JJ talks about Lieutenant Raines being on his case about his logs so he's trying to finish them. JJ says to himself that he sure as hell doesn't need this tonight as he thinks back to Abigail telling him that Chad had moved on with Gabi. JJ decides he has to get out of here and find her.

Chad and Gabi walk out of the town square with Thomas and Arianna, talking about seeing the Christmas display. Chad helps Gabi with Arianna's scarf and they get close.

JJ finishes his work at the station and grabs his phone to call Gabi. JJ leaves a message that he finished his paperwork and he will meet up with her to check out the Christmas lights with Arianna then he has a surprise for her. JJ then hurries out of the station.

Gabi thanks Chad for helping her. Chad awkwardly backs away and takes Thomas to be changed.

Abigail goes in to the living room and looks at a photo of Thomas. Jennifer comes in and calls it a great shot. Abigail talks about all the time she has missed with Thomas. Jennifer shows her a photo album of Thomas on her tablet. Abigail hugs her and thanks her, saying it really helps. Abigail goes to the kitchen to get a drink. Jennifer goes to her computer, saying an entry has to be posted by midnight but the doorbell rings so she goes to answer the door and it's her mother Laura. Jennifer is surprised and asks what she's doing here as she invites her in. Abigail rushes up to hug Laura which shocks Jennifer, who questions what's going on. Jennifer can't believe that Laura knew Abigail was alive. Jennifer demands to know what is going on. Abigail asks her not to be mad. Laura tells her to stay calm so they can explain. Jennifer questions how Laura knew and when she found out. Laura explains that she reviewed Abigail's charts and came to Jennifer to tell her she had been misdiagnosed. Laura says shortly after, Abigail showed up at her door in terrible shape so she let her stay with her for private treatment. Laura admits she knew some time ago. Abigail asks Jennifer to understand she was so lost. Jennifer understands how fragile Abigail was but can't believe Laura kept this a secret. Jennifer complains that she went through Hell thinking her daughter was dead while she said nothing. Jennifer questions Laura not thinking about their pain. Jennifer doesn't want to hear another word and storms out. Laura hugs Abigail as she starts to cry.

Chad and Gabi walk through the town square with Arianna and Thomas. Gabi suggests coming back during Christmas when they have more displays. Chad agrees that the kids would like that. Chad says he should get back so he'll see her soon. Gabi suggests they do this again. JJ arrives and greets them, asking how it's going.

Abigail feels what she did was so cruel. Laura says her life was out of control and she never intended to hurt her mom. Laura says Jennifer is only upset with her but she'll get over it. Abigail talks about thinking then that the only way was to stay dead. Laura encourages her and assures that she has no regrets. Laura adds that it doesn't take much for Jennifer to get mad at her. Abigail says everything she and Andre did for her meant so much. Laura responds they were glad to do it.

JJ tells Gabi that he called but her phone must be off. They kiss and JJ tells her that he has a surprise for her later. Gabi says she will take Arianna to Sonny's and then they will meet. JJ gives her an envelope to open later as they kiss again. JJ tells Chad he'll see him later as he walks away.

Kayla checks on Adrienne in the hospital. Adrienne insists she's fine and blames it on not eating to fit in to her dress and then her stress levels going up. Kayla asks when her last mammogram was. Adrienne tells her not to go there as she just needs to rest. Kayla says it won't hurt to check so she'll review her charts. Adrienne argues that she just fainted but Kayla insists on checking it out. Adrienne complains that her wedding dress is ruined from sleeping in it. Adrienne repeats that she is okay. Kayla mentions the guys outside being worried about her.

Steve comments on not seeing the day ending like this. Sonny thought he did something smart that Adrienne would thank him for. Kayla comes out of Adrienne's room so Lucas and Justin ask about her. Sonny asks if it's serious. Kayla informs them that she ordered blood work to review her chart. Kayla blames it on the stress. Sonny blames himself. Justin says the stress wasn't just one thing. Steve feels she's been doing way too much lately. Lucas asks if he can see her. Kayla suggests Steve see her first so Steve heads in. Kayla asks about who should go next. Lucas suggests Sonny go next. Justin agrees and they will see how she is doing.

Steve checks on Adrienne. Adrienne blames it on doing too much. Steve worries about anything going wrong. Adrienne asks him not to bring up cancer. Steve asks if she's been dizzy lately but Adrienne wants him to stop playing doctor. Sonny enters and talks about how scared he was when she collapsed. Adrienne talks about everything that's happened lately. Sonny apologizes for locking her in with Lucas and Justin as he thought it would help make her decision. She understands his heart was in the right place while she wasn't sure where hers should be.

Lucas assures that Adrienne will be okay while Justin talks about Adrienne being through tougher than this. Lucas comments on Justin screwing up. Sonny comes out. Justin asks how he's doing. Sonny reveals that Adrienne wants to see one of them. Adrienne waits in her hospital room as Justin is the one that enters.

Lucas gets coffee as Sonny apologizes to him for Adrienne not asking to see him first. Lucas says it's fine and her call. Lucas assures that she will be okay. Sonny talks about how she was joking around and not blaming him. Lucas encourages Sonny not to blame himself as Adrienne will be fine.

Adrienne tells Justin that he looks worse than she feels. Justin blames it on being guilty for crashing her wedding. Adrienne acknowledges that he was following his heart. Adrienne talks about marriage being about more than just the big romantic gestures but she gets interrupted by a nurse having to check on her. Justin tells her he will be outside if she needs anything at all then exits.

Gabi goes with Chad to bring Thomas home. Chad tells her she didn't have to and reminds her that she has to meet JJ. Gabi talks about loving Thomas and missing that time with Arianna. Chad encourages her being a mother. Gabi mentions having to take Arianna to Sonny's and then meeting JJ. Gabi then gets a text from Sonny that Adrienne collapsed and went to the hospital. Gabi texts Sonny back that she's sorry. Gabi then realizes she won't be able to take Arianna to Sonny's so she will have to cancel on JJ. Chad then tells her that she doesn't want to ruin JJ's surprise so she needs to be with him tonight.

Jennifer returns home. Laura asks if she's feeling better. Jennifer asks if she means does she still want to scream at her. Jennifer says she could've made one phone call. Laura explains that she made a promise to Abigail and she couldn't have helped her if she didn't trust her. Jennifer questions keeping her mother in the dark along with JJ and Chad. Laura responds that they were all part of the problem as Abigail needed to be sheltered from all of their love. Laura feels all of their expectations put pressure on Abigail. Jennifer asks if the drugs she was on made her want to disappear. Jennifer then asks if Laura was part of faking Abigail's death. Laura insists she wasn't and that she was surprised by that too. Laura adds that she's never discussed that with Abigail so she thinks she should let it slide too. Laura says she has no idea the terrible place that Abigail was in. Jennifer says she's had time to think and admits she appreciates what Laura has done. Laura thanks her as Jennifer apologizes. Jennifer just wants Abigail to open up again and reclaim her life for them, JJ, Chad, and everyone. Laura agrees but says it's a matter of when. Laura encourages her to let Abigail do it on her time and not push her. Laura worries that if Abigail feels pressured, she will go back out of control and end up where she started.

Abigail continues looking through the photos of Thomas on Jennifer's tablet in the attic and starts to cry. Jennifer brings her tea. Abigail thanks her for the photos which made her day. Abigail asks about her and Laura. Jennifer says they are good and understands Laura did what she had to do. Jennifer wishes she did it differently but the important thing is that Abigail is fine and here for now. Jennifer starts to say everyone would be pleased but says it's her call so she and JJ will go along with whatever she decides. Abigail worries that people would think she's even crazier now if she came back from being dead. Jennifer insists that everyone would be so happy like she is as she hugs her. Abigail tells Jennifer there are a lot of people in Salem that she loves so she will think hard about maybe staying and coming out of hiding.

Gabi tells Chad that she can't take Arianna out with her and JJ so Chad says she can leave her with him and Thomas. Gabi worries that it's too much for him to handle but Chad insists. Chad tells her to go meet JJ. Gabi thanks him as they prepare the kids for bed.

Lucas visits Adrienne. Adrienne asks if he didn't go at it with Justin because she called him in first. Lucas blows it off but can't believe Justin broke up their wedding and put her in the hospital like this. Adrienne is sorry things happened the way they did. Lucas says she was put in a terrible position. Lucas then tells her that if she gives him the word, he will back off so she doesn't have to deal with this. Adrienne stops him and says he is good for her and makes her feel safe, happy, and loved. Adrienne adds that she loves her life every minute she's with him. She calls him amazing which makes him smile. Adrienne talks about letting Justin get in her head. Lucas suggests going back to what they had and taking it from there one day at a time as they kiss until Kayla interrupts. Adrienne asks Kayla if she can go home. Kayla says she'd like to go over some things with her so Lucas exits. Adrienne worries that Kayla looks serious.

Steve sits with Justin and asks if the Kiriakis boys made peace. Justin says they are working together to rebuild Titan. Justin says his main concern is making sure Sonny finds his way. Steve warns Justin that if Adrienne choose him, he better not drag her back in to that world.

Kayla tells Adrienne her last mammogram was eight months ago and that she cancelled her next appointment. Adrienne complains about taking the same test again and again while she had a lot on her plate. Kayla mocks her excuses but Adrienne doesn't want to hear it. Kayla apologizes. Adrienne just wants to go home. Kayla wants to take care of her and goes to check her blood work as Adrienne holds back tears.

Kayla goes to her office and talks on the phone about Adrienne's blood work. She has it sent to her e-mail and asks them to run the test again as she seems upset by what she sees.

Sonny wonders what's taking so long. Lucas tells Sonny to go back to the hotel to get Adrienne some clothes. Justin says he will get the clothes tomorrow because she isn't going anywhere. Lucas blames Justin for stressing her out. Lucas tells Justin to grow up, move on, and let go. Sonny tries to hold them apart. Justin accuses Lucas of sucker punching him. Lucas says they can go right now. Sonny gets in between them to separate them.

Adrienne wakes up from falling asleep in her hospital bed.

JJ goes to the attic to see Abigail and mentions how happy Jennifer is. Abigail points out that she only said maybe and she can't promise. JJ mentions meeting up with Gabi to have a good night. JJ tells Abigail to stop worrying about Chad because he's just friends with Gabi. JJ says it's obvious as he just saw them and Gabi is with him only.

Chad tells Gabi that he hopes she and JJ have a great night. Gabi thanks him and exits the room. Chad remarks to himself that JJ better make her happy. Gabi opens the envelope JJ gave her and inside is a card to the Salem Inn. Gabi takes a rose and leaves the mansion.

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