Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/30/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/30/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to see Steve who asks what he can do to help. Rafe wants to hire Steve and John to get Hope out of prison by digging up dirt on the DA or the judge. Rafe says Justin is working on an appeal but he finds it unlikely that the court will want to hear it. Steve tells Rafe that would be blackmail and that might as well be planning a jailbreak. Rafe asks what they are going to do then.

Hope sits in the prison with her torn up photo. She asks the guard if there is a job for her. She tells Hope that a lot of inmates have been here longer and are looking for work but she will do what she can. Hope thanks her and sits back down.

Adrienne wakes up in her wedding dress on the bed in the hotel room with Justin and Lucas sitting up waiting for her. Justin asks if she has made a decision. Lucas thinks it's time they take matters into their own hands by calling room service to break a wishbone over her. Adrienne says that's not funny. Sonny enters the room and asks if she has finally made up her mind. Adrienne tells Sonny that this idea of his is not going to work.

Claire and Theo walk through the town square. Claire talks about Christmas gifts for her parents. Theo asks what she wants for Christmas. Claire tells him that he does not have to get her anything but Theo wants to. Theo says it's what people in their situation do. Claire questions what their situation is and if they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Theo says he's not really sure. Claire kisses Theo as Ciara walks by and sees them.

Steve tells Rafe that he's not saying it's impossible but he doesn't know what their play will be yet. Rafe says he has to get Hope out because he promised her. Steve says he will help him do that since Bo was counting on him to take care of Hope and the kids. Steve says they can't let him down so they are going to do this.

Sonny takes Adrienne outside of the hotel room and tells her that this has gone on long enough. Sonny says it's not fair to anyone. Sonny asks her which man she's going to choose but she doesn't know. Sonny asks what her gut is saying. Adrienne blames him for putting her in this position but Sonny insists this is what is best for her. Sonny tells her that she needs to decide who will truly make her happy. Adrienne goes back inside while Sonny goes back to sleeping outside of the door. Paul arrives and can't believe Sonny is still there. Sonny says nothing has changed and asks if Paul has news. Paul informs Sonny that he and Steve took one of the crates from the Hernandez shipment. Paul shows him the purse they got. Sonny feels it's way too innocent. Sonny complains about his neck from his sleeping position. Paul offers to help with techniques from his physical therapist in baseball so he massages Sonny.

Adrienne remarks that the wishbone idea isn't the worst. Justin talks about being tired of being stuck in this room. Lucas takes that as Justin giving up but Justin tells him he isn't and continues to complain about the room. Justin complains about Adrienne grinding her teeth throughout the night which Adrienne denies but Lucas points it out too. Lucas and Justin agree that Adrienne is being stubborn.

Kayla comes home and tells Steve that she's sorry for being late. Steve informs her that Rafe stopped by and is hellbent on getting Hope out of prison. Steve says he wants to but Rafe is talking crazy. Steve understands because Hope is in trouble in prison.

One of the prisoners tells the guard that there is a fight in the lunchroom so the guard leaves. With the guard gone, the two prisoners confront Hope and threaten her, revealing they were the ones who tore her photo. They then grab Hope and tell her it's time she learns her place.

Theo asks Claire out on a date tonight to a free concert on the pier. Claire accepts and calls him her boyfriend. Theo tries to call Abe to let him know he won't be home for dinner but there's no service so he walks away to make the call. Claire then spots Ciara and says she's glad she is there because she has a problem and only she can help her.

Paul massages Sonny until they hear a sound from inside the room. Sonny decides he should check it out and thanks Paul for the neck rub. Paul offers to help in there but Sonny says he's got it. Sonny enters and stops Adrienne from throwing things. Adrienne yells that she's so sick of them right now. Sonny suggests maybe she doesn't want either of them then. Lucas suggests they all back off, separate, and revisit in a few days. Justin agrees he may have a point but Adrienne disagrees. Adrienne says she has heard what they had to say, seen how they behaved, and listened to her heart. Adrienne announces she has made her decision.

Kayla comments to Steve that it's so quiet here. Steve comments on Joey and Jade being out and about. Steve knows it's not an ideal situation. Kayla complains about Jade's agenda. Steve points out that Joey played a big part in it himself and it's good that he wants to take responsibility which he respects. Steve tells Kayla they will get through this as a family. Kayla kisses him and agrees as they continue kissing. Steve notes that they have the house to themselves for awhile so they head to the bedroom.

Hope fights off the prisoners and warns they will regret if they touch her again. They then get interrupted by another prisoner who scares the two off, which turns out to be Hattie Adams, who years ago had plastic surgery to look exactly like Marlena. Hope at first thinks it is Marlena but Hattie introduces herself.

Claire tells Ciara that she needs to get Theo the perfect Christmas gift and needs ideas as she wants to blow his mind and show him just how much she cares. Ciara remarks that she should know since she's his girlfriend so Claire tells her all the little things she knows that Theo likes. Claire says she hasn't known Theo long enough to be super familiar with the more important things so she figured Ciara knew Theo better. Claire asks Ciara to help her out. Ciara tells her about a Ron Santo baseball card that he's been after forever. Claire says that sounds perfect so she texts Paul to help. Claire hugs Ciara and comments that she knows Theo better than anyone. Claire thanks her and walks away.

Hope talks about being surprised to run in to Hattie here. She talks about not being proud but changing since she last saw Hope. She talks about the Salem Stalker history and her history with Stefano trying to use her against Marlena. She tells Hope that she's glad for what she did by killing Stefano. Hope questions how she knows about that. She responds that it's her job to know everybody's story here. Hattie tells Hope that it's not really safe for a decorated cop in here. Hope asks if she will show her how to survive.

Rafe finds Ciara in the town square and asks how it's going. Ciara says she's fine. Rafe knows how hard it must be for her but assures they are doing everything they can to get Hope out. Ciara says she's very grateful. Rafe feels something else is on her mind and asks if she wants to talk about it. Ciara says she doesn't want to but probably should. Ciara admits to Rafe that she's having feelings for Theo again but now he's taken and it's her fault because she blew him off. Rafe advises her to tell Theo how she feels. Ciara worries about being rejected or hurting Claire. Ciara notes that they seem really in to each other. Rafe suggests moving on then but encourages she will meet someone else soon.

Claire catches up with Theo outside of the town square. Theo tells her he got a hold of Abe to let him know. Theo mentions that they could also invite Ciara to the concert. Claire calls it a good idea but then says maybe not. Claire doesn't want to make Ciara feel like a third wheel since this is a date for them. Theo hates that Ciara is alone. Claire says she has a quick errand to run but thinks they can do something to help Ciara but she will need his help.

Adrienne tells Sonny to stay and hear her decision. Adrienne tells Justin and Lucas that she loves them both in very different ways. Adrienne tells Lucas that she is her best self with him as he has pushed her to do more than she thought she could and to enjoy the quiet moments in life. Adrienne tells Justin that he helped make her the woman she is today and he will always be a part of her. Adrienne feels lucky to be loved by two of the most amazing men she's ever met. She calls it the hardest decision she's ever had to make but she knows now the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Sonny asks who it's going to be.

Steve and Adrienne come back to the living room and look at old photos of when their kids were little. Steve regrets the time he missed with their family but he's here now and will always be around. Steve jokes about them now being grandparents as he hugs her.

Theo finds Ciara in the town square and invites her to the concert on the pier tonight. Ciara thanks her but doesn't want to feel like a third wheel and she thinks they should have some alone time. Theo suggests online dating to Ciara. Ciara says she has thought about it but it makes her nervous but Theo encourages they can set up her profile together.

Claire meets Paul in the Pub and tells him about wanting to get a Ron Santo baseball card for Theo. Paul says he will check with one of his contacts. Claire adds that there is something else she might need help with.

Hattie tells Hope to keep her head down and she'll take care of the rest so she will be okay. Hope thanks her but can't figure out why she's being so nice when she doesn't know her. Hattie thought when they get out, Hope would introduce her to Roman after she clears her record. Hope realizes that's why she needs her help. Hattie encourages Hope going over her paper work and in exchange, she will have her back in prison. Hope agrees and makes the deal.

Claire talks to Paul about helping Theo with a project. Claire asks if Paul could lend her some of his high tech spy gear. Paul questions the project but Claire says it's a secret for now. Paul says he can't just loan out his gadgets because they aren't toys. Claire says she'll just figure something else out and focus on the baseball card for now. Paul goes to make a call. Claire remarks to herself that if Paul won't share his spy toys, she will just get them another way.

Theo helps Ciara set up her online dating profile. Ciara is impressed by Theo knowing everything about her. Theo says she knows everything about him too. Theo finishes her profile and says he's sure she will have no trouble finding Mr. right.

Rafe returns to the prison and bumps in to Hattie. Rafe thinks it's Marlena but she walks away and tells Hope to explain. Hope says it's a long story but informs Rafe that she is Hattie Adams. Rafe says it rings a bell and asks if she's dangerous. Hope says not that she knows of other than being a bit strange but she's the only person she can trust so far in here. Hope reveals to Rafe that she was attacked earlier. The two prisoners huddle in the corner talking about Hope and say that Hattie can't do anything to stop it.

Adrienne cries that it was a hard choice but she knows it was the right one. Adrienne then turns around and faints. Sonny, Justin, and Lucas rush over to her as she collapses.

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