Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor and Maggie go in to the living room where Philip and Deimos are. Victor complains about Sonny not showing up for Thanksgiving dinner. Maggie explains how Sonny is dealing with Adrienne choosing between Justin and Lucas. Victor argues that it shouldn't be a hard choice. Philip thinks Victor is being mad at Sonny instead of worried for Brady. Maggie admits she's worried too. Victor notes that Brady is grieving and should be with his family. Brady then arrives with Tate which makes the family happy. They ask if he's okay. Brady says he's fine and asks why he wouldn't be.

Eduardo shows up at Kate's door and is surprised she isn't having Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. Kate hates Thanksgiving and doesn't like faking being grateful. Eduardo brings her a bottle of wine which she likes and she says he just made her day better.

Gabi talks to Chad about understanding how he's nervous about Thomas growing up without a mother. Gabi praises Chad as doing a really good job. Chad thanks her and is thankful that they have her. Jennifer appears in the doorway.

JJ goes to the attic, shocked to see Abigail. JJ can't believe it's really her and hugs her.

Brady recognizes that the family were talking about him before he came in. Deimos admits they are worried about him. Maggie knows what he's going through. Brady insists he won't fall off the wagon because he knows he has a son to take care of. Brady takes Tate to put him down for a nap. Victor comments on how Brady treated them. Maggie doesn't care how Brady talked to them. Philip talks about feelings and says he is sad for Brady but knows he's acting like it isn't tearing him up. Philip compares it to Victor. Maggie tells Philip that she's happy he is here. Philip declares they will get Brady through this as a family. Maggie comments that Brady isn't grieving but is in denial which scares her. Deimos suggests someone talk to him. Philip thinks the problem is he doesn't want to talk about it. Maggie decides that never stopped her before.

Brady talks with Tate in the bedroom about Theresa being gone and there being nothing left to remind them of her. Brady says it will be like she never existed because they don't need her. Brady tells Tate that he will never lose him.

JJ questions how Abigail got away and shouts about Jennifer, Chad, and Thomas being right downstairs. Abigail tells JJ that nobody can know because everyone thinks she's dead. Abigail begs him not to tell anyone. JJ sees that she is scared but says there is nothing to be scared of as Ben is gone. JJ declares he's going to Jennifer and Chad and everything will be fine. Abigail tries to stop him but JJ exits the room.

Jennifer interrupts Gabi and Chad, asking where JJ is. Gabi mentions that JJ went to get some toys for Arianna. Jennifer questions if he went shopping but Chad informs her that he went to the attic. Jennifer gets scared and runs out of the room as JJ is rushing down the stairs. JJ calls out for Chad but Jennifer stops him and tells him not a word.

Eduardo asks Kate about the wedding. Kate calls it a typical Salem wedding that never went through. Eduardo asks what happened this time. Kate says it was kind of lame this time as it was just the ex husband asking for a second chance. Eduardo jokes that these weddings sound fun. Kate tells Eduardo about Rafe arresting a groom at one before. Eduardo asks if the wife ran away with the ex and left Lucas at the altar. Kate complains about Adrienne wanting to be the center of the attention. Kate has faith that Lucas will dodge the bullet. Eduardo asks what she did but Kate says she isn't interfering anymore. Kate informs him that she did make money off of it as she knows when a couple is going to make it or not. Kate says that Adrienne and Lucas didn't have a chance. Eduardo asks what their chances are.

Brady comes down stairs where Maggie suggests they go to a meeting. Brady argues that she always wants to go to a meeting. Brady talks about needing to raise his son and he knows he needs to be sober to do that. Victor interrupts and questions him talking to Maggie like that when she's just trying to help. Brady says he doesn't need help and goes in to the living room where he tells everyone that he doesn't want to talk about Theresa. Brady asks Philip how Belle is doing so Philip says point taken. Maggie brings up food but Brady isn't hungry. Brady asks about an e-mail which Philip says was handled. Brady questions it not being discussed with him. Deimos suggests they talk tomorrow at the office but Brady wants to now. Victor says they aren't talking business now but Brady reminds him that he's retired. Brady wants to know why action was taken on this account without talking to him.

Jennifer takes JJ outside and says he needs to listen to what she has to say. Jennifer says he doesn't understand. JJ says he saw Abigail. Jennifer tells him to keep his voice down. JJ can't believe she knew and didn't tell him. JJ feels he has to tell Chad but Jennifer stops him and says she won't let him.

Brady continues demanding answers, accusing Philip and Deimos of going behind his back to close a deal. Philip says he wrote the e-mail so he asks for time alone with Brady. Brady mocks him so Philip calls him a jerk.

Chad looks outside the living room and says to Gabi that was weird. Gabi admits JJ was acting kind of strange while Chad feels Jennifer was too. Gabi blames it on being the first Thanksgiving without Abigail. Chad tells Gabi that he's glad she is working things out with JJ. Gabi talks about being forgiven herself. Chad suggests going to check things out. Gabi feels it looked like they needed to talk in private.

JJ questions why Jennifer is acting like this and what is going on. Jennifer tells JJ that Abigail is holding on by a thread so they could lose her again in a second. Jennifer says that Abigail is terrified of the world and could disappear again. Jennifer worries about losing her again as JJ hugs her and tells her it's okay. JJ says Jennifer will get it together as they have to go back in and take care of Abigail.

Abigail paces in the attic then grabs her things.

JJ and Jennifer come back inside where Chad asks if something is wrong. JJ says that everything is fine. Gabi asks if they are sure they are okay and if they can help. Jennifer claims she just overreacted to a rat in the attic. Gabi comments on JJ looking strange coming down the stairs. Chad offers to go take care of the rat but JJ stops him and says Jennifer is just worried about the kids. JJ suggests Chad take the kids to the festival while they take care of the rat. Chad suggests Gabi can go with the kids while he goes to take care of the rat. JJ tells him it's been a rough day so they want some time alone. Chad agrees to go with Gabi to take the kids then. Jennifer wants to go upstairs and tell Abigail that everything will be alright but JJ says they have to talk first.

Kate tells Eduardo that it's too early to tell if they will last. Eduardo knows she has problems with them being business rivals. Kate thought they put that behind them. Eduardo gets a call from Deimos and steps outside to take it. Deimos tells him that his first shipment came through without any problem from customs. Eduardo hopes it's the beginning of a mutual beneficial partnership. Deimos doesn't see why not if things go this smoothly. Eduardo wishes him a pleasant Thanksgiving and hangs up then goes back to Kate. Kate asks if it was good news. Eduardo says he was going to tell her anyway but he has aligned his company with Titan. Kate questions him being in bed with the Kiriakis family and says that's not the bed she pictured him in.

Deimos tells Victor that Brady is wound pretty tight. Victor decides to retire to a neutral corner since everything he says seems to push his buttons. Deimos hopes Philip can get through to him. Victor mentions Nicole asking him to look out for Brady but how hard that it is to do.

Brady questions Philip going behind his back. Philip thought it was the right thing to do as did Deimos so it would have been two to one no matter what. Brady insists that he should've asked for his input. Philip says they couldn't wait and had to move. Philip remarks about Brady's track record with Titan which upsets him. Philip mocks hurting his feelings while putting up with him treating everyone like crap. Brady tells him to shut up. Philip questions what they can talk about and mentions Theresa. Brady tells him not to say her name. Philip says it's messing with the company when they are on his side and haven't walked out on him. Brady questions who he thinks he is. Philip tells Brady that he and Tate are way better off since that drug addicted mess walked out on them. Brady then punches Philip in the stomach. Maggie rushes in asking how Brady could do that. Deimos comes in asking what's wrong with Philip when he was supposed to be calming him down. Philip says Brady is nuts and needs time away from Titan. Brady accuses him of wanting to take his place. Victor tries to intervene but Brady shouts that he's retired. Deimos yells that he's in charge of Titan and Victor is right that they need to get under control and work together whether they like it or not. Brady refuses and walks out

Gabi and Chad walk outside with Thomas and Arianna in strollers. Chad asks if she's still thinking about JJ. Gabi says it wasn't just JJ but the look on Jennifer's face when she said JJ was in the attic. Gabi thinks something is going on that they don't want them to know about it.

Jennifer tells JJ that she just needs to get to Abigail. JJ questions her not telling him. Jennifer says she couldn't and she needs to get to her. Jennifer tries to explain that he doesn't know what Abigail is like right now. JJ argues that he's her brother and almost lost Gabi over this. Jennifer says she just needs to get to her but JJ says he does and goes up the stairs first.

Victor regrets leaving Brady and Philip alone. Maggie hopes Marlena can get through to them. Victor worries they are about to have another Thanksgiving Kiriakis fist fight. Philip complains to Deimos about Brady hitting him. Deimos tells him that he was supposed to make things better not worse. Philip thinks Deimos comes down on him because he helped Chloe out. Deimos talks about Philip helping Chloe lie but he's let it go. Deimos tells Philip to let go of his jealousy with Brady. Deimos walks away as Philip thinks back to Chloe telling him the truth about her baby.

Outside the living room, Deimos talks on the phone to Nicole about missing her and not having Thanksgiving together. Deimos says he will fill her in when she gets back as he walks back in to the living room and hangs up. Maggie comments that it sounds like things are going well for them. Deimos thanks Maggie for encouraging him to give Nicole another chance. Deimos asks Victor if this is how it is every Thanksgiving. Victor jokes that sometimes they don't get along. Deimos never imagined holidays like this. Victor jokes that he wanted a family and to be careful what he asks for.

Brady sits in church and thinks back to Philip telling him they are better off without Theresa and then punching him. Marlena arrives and sits next to him. Brady questions how she found him. Marlena admits that Victor was concerned and had him followed. Marlena adds that John is concerned as well. Brady tells her that he came for peace and quiet. Marlena says she won't talk then but will listen. Brady questions why this keeps happening to him and why he keeps making the same mistake over and over again. Brady thought Theresa was different. Marlena assures that it's not his fault but Brady feels he let her down. Brady says he should've saw the signs but Marlena argues that he couldn't because she kept it from him. Brady thought they would be married with a big wedding but now he knows she never wanted that. Brady blames himself for not thinking about what she wanted. Brady declares Theresa is gone now and isn't coming back.

Philip sits with Maggie in the living room. Philip calls himself a jerk. Maggie points out that recognizing the problem is the first step in solving it. Philip apologizes for screwing up her Thanksgiving. Maggie knew entering the Kiriakis family meant walking away from the Horton family holidays. Maggie knows Philip was trying to help Brady and get through to him and that he's as worried as everyone else. Philip jokes that Maggie shatters the stereotypes of stepmothers. Maggie adds that she also knows Philip is worried about something else a lot. Maggie reminds him that anything he tells her will go no further. Philip remarks about Maggie seeing inside of people. Maggie encourages him to talk to her. Philip admits he feels guilty and hates that because Chloe asked him to do something for her. Maggie knows he pretended to be the baby's father. Philip worries that Chloe is playing with fire and the whole thing could end up hurting her, the baby and a lot of other people. Maggie calls secrets lies. Philip declares this isn't his secret to tell.

Eduardo tells Kate that he just wanted to be straight about it that he's using Titan for his shipments. Kate questions him not thinking of DiMera. Eduardo says it happened so quickly and the deal was too good to pass up. They say they are adversaries then. Kate talks about never mixing business with pleasure. Eduardo says that means there will be things he won't be able to tell her. Kate says the same but she's never been one for pillow talk. Eduardo questions all this talk about beds and pillows.

JJ goes back to the attic looking for Abigail but she's gone and JJ notices the open window.

Eduardo asks Kate if they are just going to talk as he takes his jacket off and tells her that he likes everything about her as they then kiss.

Brady wishes he could hate Theresa but he can't because he still loves her. Brady questions how Theresa could walk away from her son which doesn't make any sense to him. Brady knows there is something she wasn't telling him. Marlena asks if he wants John to try and find her. Brady says no because she's gone and he has to accept that.

Maggie tells Philip that he can't break his promise to Chloe but encourages to tell her that he loves her. Philip says there's always something about first loves. Philip hopes that Chloe will let him help her.

Deimos comes downstairs and thinks about past moments with Nicole.

Chad asks Gabi what she thinks is going on. Gabi doesn't know but says JJ does not react like that over a rat. Chad suggests he could be nervous, knowing how lucky he is to get another chance with her. Gabi brings up their last kiss and says now that she's back with JJ, she was scared it would be awkward but it's not. Gabi is glad because she didn't want to lose him as a friend. Gabi thanks Chad for understanding. Gabi says she loves JJ a lot. Gabi decides they will head out and see him soon as she walks away with Arianna.

Abigail returns to the attic as JJ shuts the window. JJ tells Abigail that Jennifer explained things so he won't tell anyone but he doesn't get why she won't tell Chad. JJ tells her that Chad is still in love with her and would be over the moon to find out she's still alive. Abigail tells him that he is wrong because Chad has moved on with Gabi.

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