Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman, Kayla, and Kimberly visit Bo's grave on the one year anniversary of Bo's death. Roman talks about bringing Caroline out to visit her son earlier. They can't believe it's been a year. Roman wants to focus on how lucky they were to have him back for a while. Kimberly is glad he had that time with his family. Roman says the best way to honor him is to look out for his family. Kimberly agrees that's what he would want more than anything. Roman guarantees that he, Shawn, and Rafe will bring Hope home.

Shawn and Ciara visit Hope in prison. Hope tries to tell them she's fine but they tell her that she doesn't have to pretend and they talk about the one year anniversary of Bo's death.

Steve, Joey, and Claire are at the Brady Pub setting up Thanksgiving dinner. Steve takes Joey to the back to help Theo. Jade then enters the Pub. Claire informs her that the Pub is closed for a family function. Jade responds that's why she is here. Claire says she clearly can't take a hint. Joey comes out as Claire tells Jade that Joey isn't that in to her. Claire questions Jade. Jade guesses Joey hasn't shared the good news. Jade then informs Claire that she and Joey are having a baby.

Jennifer goes in to the attic of her home where Abigail hides and brings her a turkey dinner plate. Jennifer gives Abigail a photo of her holding Thomas. Abigail says she misses him so much. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't have to because Chad and Thomas are coming over today for Thanksgiving dinner. Jennifer begs her to come downstairs later. Abigail talks about how much she wants to and mentions seeing them in the town square yesterday but Gabi showed up.

Chad arrives at the Horton house with Thomas where JJ greets them at the door. Chad thanks him for including them. JJ offers to put Thomas down so he takes him upstairs. The doorbell then rings so Chad answers the door as Gabi arrives with Arianna. Chad is surprised as he didn't expect her there. Chad thought she would be with her family. Gabi says normally she would be but Rafe went to visit Hope while Eduardo and Dario are eating at a restaurant. Gabi mentions being excited for her and Arianna to give Thomas his birthday present. Chad tells Arianna he missed her and she says she missed him too.

Ciara feels it won't be Thanksgiving without Hope. Hope is just grateful so see her and Shawn. Ciara gives her a photo of the three of them so she can always have them with her. Hope says she loves them so much. They get interrupted for a cell check so a guard drags Hope away which upsets Shawn and Ciara while Hope leaves Ciara's family photo behind.

Claire accuses Jade of trying to trap Joey by lying about being pregnant. Joey assures that she's not lying. Claire doesn't believe it since Joey was going to break up with her. Claire argues that Joey doesn't have to stay with her just because she's pregnant. Steve interrupts and suggests keeping the baby news to themselves until they know for sure. Jade says she won't be shamed into denying her child. Kayla arrives and says they will be there for them if there really is a baby. Jade asks Kayla to try to be a little nice to her since they will be family. Roman, Kimberly, Abe, and Valerie arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. Valerie gives Kayla a bottle of wine. Kayla still encourages Valerie about staying in Salem to work at the hospital so she agrees to think about it. Theo comes out from the back and questions what Valerie is doing there. Valerie responds that Kayla invited her. Abe takes Valerie to the back to help with the cooking while Theo seems annoyed.

Chad sits with Gabi and Arianna trying to guess their present for Thomas. JJ joins them and greets Gabi with a kiss. JJ goes to get them drinks and takes Arianna to the kitchen. Chad notes that JJ loves Arianna. Gabi asks Chad about not having Thanksgiving dinner at the DiMera Mansion. Chad says Andre prefers martinis at the Salem Inn and he would have invited Sonny but he's playing referee between Adrienne, Lucas, and Justin. Gabi mentions hearing about the wedding and says she would hate having to pick between two men who wanted her. Gabi apologizes for sounding like it was talking about her own situation. Chad says it's fine. Gabi talks about knowing there was a spark between them as they were working close together a lot. Chad says if he didn't agree, it would have been awkward that she went back to JJ. They agree that Gabi obviously has feelings for JJ so it'd be a shame to leave that. Doug and Julie arrive. Julie is surprised to see Chad. Chad says Jennifer was kind enough to invite them. Gabi wishes Julie a happy Thanksgiving. Julie remarks that she just lost her appetite.

Outside the Pub, Kimberly is on the phone with Shane as he tells her that he hasn't had any contact with Theresa while she hoped he heard something. Roman comes out and tells her that dinner is ready. Kimberly tells Shane to let her know if Theresa calls. Kimberly hangs up and talks with Roman until Shawn and Ciara arrive. Kimberly notes they had a very short visit and asks how Hope is. Ciara says she is as okay as can be expected. Ciara brings up the anniversary of Bo's death. Roman states that everyone is missing Bo today, especially Hope.

Hope goes back to get Ciara's family photo that she left behind. Rafe arrives and Hope hugs him immediately. The guard warns no physical contact until Rafe shows her his badge. Hope is so glad Rafe came but thinks he should be with his family on Thanksgiving. Rafe says he should be with her like he is. Rafe reminds her of his promise to Bo to be there for her. Hope says she will be here for awhile. Hope worries that this is a mistake. Hope tells Rafe to move on and let her go.

Gabi goes to the kitchen to help JJ. Julie comments on not trusting Gabi. Chad warns Julie about showing respect to Gabi since JJ loves her. Julie brings up Gabi killing her cousin Nick so Chad snaps back with Hope killing his father. Julie argues that Chad made sure Hope went to prison for it while she was Stefano's victim for decades. Julie complains that what Gabi did to Nick was completely different. Chad says that Gabi served her time so she should leave it alone. Doug stops them and reminds them that it's Thanksgiving and Thomas's birthday so they should try to get along and enjoy the day. JJ comes back with Arianna and gives Chad and Gabi their drinks. JJ asks what Doug and Julie want but Julie says she will wait for dinner. JJ mentions going back for the gravy bowl but Chad decides he will go since JJ has been taking care of anyone and should spend time with Gabi.

Roman gets everyone's attention in the Pub at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Roman suggests everyone take a moment to say they are thankful for things that have been good. Roman decides he will go first. Roman mentions missing his little brother Bo but he wants to acknowledge all the blessings he has including two of the most incredible sisters in Kayla and Kimberly. Kimberly goes next, saying she's thankful for family even though part of hers has gone missing. Kimberly believes whatever Theresa is going through will only make her stronger. Kayla adds that she is thankful for family and all of her friends and to Steve for never giving up on them. Steve is thankful he didn't listen to her and for keeping the love alive so he can make her his wife one more time. Steve is thankful for their children Joey and Stephanie. Steve tells Abe to go next. Abe is thankful for his son Theo who has been through so much but he knows he will have a full and productive life. Abe states that his mother would be so proud of him. Abe is also thankful for the second chance in life he's been given and for the person who made it possible in Valerie. Valerie says she's thankful for family and the opportunity to work with old friends a little longer. Valerie accepts Kayla's offer until she finds someone else. Abe tells Valerie that he is glad she is staying. Claire whispers to Theo about saying that he's thankful for her. Jade speaks up and announces she's thankful for the life growing inside of her and for Joey who will make an amazing dad.

Abigail complains to Jennifer about how much she hates missing Thomas's first birthday. Abigail brings out her stuffed elephant Lulu that she got for her first birthday. Abigail asks Jennifer to give it to Thomas. Jennifer asks if she's sure she doesn't want to bring it herself. Abigail agrees to think about it but isn't sure it's the best thing right now. Chad calls out for Jennifer, asking if she needs any help bringing the food down.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Pub begins. Jade asks about more pie. Claire comments on it being her third piece. Jade tells her she's eating for two now. Kayla says to Jade that she thought they were keeping the news secret until the test results came back. Jade claims the family holiday vibe got to her and she couldn't help herself. Steve suggests Jade help Claire and Theo with the dishes. Jade says she would normally but she's wiped out due to her pregnancy. Kayla walks away. Kimberly catches up with her and comments that she gets she's not a fan of Jade. Kimberly asks what if she is pregnant. Kayla responds that Joey will have to step up and she'll be a grandmother which Kimberly encourages her about. Kayla can't imagine how it is for her with Theresa gone as they hug.

Jennifer comes downstairs with Chad and gives him the stuffed elephant that she's positive Abigail would want Thomas to have for his first birthday. Chad thanks her as they head in to the living room. Jennifer tells everyone that dinner is ready then is surprised to see Gabi. Jennifer hugs her and says she's glad she came. Jennifer realizes she's missing something. JJ informs her that Gabi decided to give him a second chance. Jennifer is glad it all worked out and encourages JJ about Gabi loving him which makes her happy. Julie interrupts to apologize for her behavior and attitude earlier, admitting she was not at her best. Julie gives thanks for all the wonderful things in their life including each other. Doug smiles as Julie gives thanks for everyone who couldn't be there especially Hope as she prays for her safety. Julie then hugs Doug.

Rafe tells Hope not to go there as he could never stop loving her. Hope continues to worry about it being a long time. Rafe insists that he and Roman are working on it. Rafe asks Hope about her visit with Ciara and Shawn. Hope cries that it was good as Rafe encourages that it will be okay. Hope goes to show Rafe the family photo that Ciara brought her but finds that it has been ripped in half. Rafe promises they will get this overturned and get her out of there. Rafe advises her to watch her back until then.

Jade tells Joey that he's so lucky that he didn't get kicked out like her parents did to her. Jade complains of morning sickness and heads to the bathroom. Ciara, Theo, and Claire approach Joey. Ciara questions if Joey's going to marry Jade. Joey stops them and says there is nothing he can do so he will have to deal with the consequences. Joey then exits the Pub. Steve joins him outside. Joey asks if he came to tell him how stupid he is. Steve instead says he came to tell him how proud he is of him. Joey questions why. Steve is proud that he's willing to step up and do the right thing as he hugs him.

Abigail remains in the attic with her photo of Thomas, saying she misses him and Chad so much. Abigail then puts the photo down and exits the attic.

Jennifer, JJ, Doug, Julie, Gabi, Arianna, Chad, and Thomas sit around together in the living room. Arianna asks if Thomas can open their present first so Chad agrees and it's a shirt and a soccer ball. Gabi talks about remembering the way Thomas looked at a soccer ball before as Chad thanks her. Jennifer gives the stuffed elephant as her gift. Abigail comes down the stairs and looks into the room then runs back upstairs when Doug and Julie come in with birthday cake. They sing happy birthday to Thomas as Abigail slowly comes back down the stairs then sneaks back up. Chad hands Thomas to Jennifer as he gets a confused look on his face and goes to look by the stairs.

Theo questions Valerie staying here. Ciara tells him that Kayla said it's just for the month. Abe tells Valerie that it's getting late and she has to work tomorrow so he asks if she's ready to go. Valerie says whenever he is. Abe asks Theo if he wants to come with them or stay with his friends. Theo decides to go with them. Abe goes to thank Kayla and Roman. Claire tells Theo that she thought they would hang out and catch a movie. Theo responds that he can't leave Abe alone with Valerie. Claire takes Theo aside to talk. Abe apologizes to Valerie for how Theo acted earlier. Valerie suggests Abe should just go home with Theo and she'll take a cab to the hospital. Abe asks if she's sure which she says she is. Abe hugs Valerie as they say goodnight. Ciara watches on as Abe goes to get Theo. Valerie makes a call to her son to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. Valerie tells him that she had a lovely turkey dinner with some good friends.

Chad looks up the stairs as Jennifer rushes to bring him back in for cake. Jennifer asks him what's going on or what's wrong. Chad says he just got a weird feeling that someone was watching or someone else was there. Jennifer blows it off as crazy and brings Chad back in to the living room for cake. Julie reminds Jennifer that they need forks for the cake so she goes to get them. JJ tells Gabi that he's glad she came and he wants to take her on a real date which Gabi says she would like. Gabi jokes about Arianna being jealous of Thomas getting all the presents. JJ bets there are more toys where Jennifer found the stuffed elephant and decides he will go get some. JJ kisses Gabi and leaves the room while Gabi sits with Chad, Thomas, and Arianna.

Kayla catches up to Joey and Jade outside. She asks if he's leaving. Joey says he has to take Jade to her friend's house. Steve brings Kayla her phone and says she might want to take it. Kayla reveals it's a screen shot from the lab of Jade's pregnancy test and she's definitely pregnant. Jade responds that she wouldn't lie to the father of her baby. Jade complains about not getting much sleep on her friend's couch but she can't be picky in her situation. Joey then suggests Jade stay at their house. Jade says she doesn't want to impose and will be fine. Joey argues that she needs to sleep after not feeling well before. Kayla reluctantly invites Jade to stay with them in their guest room which makes her smile.

Rafe goes to the Pub and tells Shawn about Hope's photo being torn up. Rafe says that Hope is not safe there so they need to get her out of there before something else happens.

Hope asks the prison guard if she has a list of the prisoners who were in that room in the last hour. The guard says she minds her own business and warns that she would be smart to do the same.

Gabi tells Chad that Arianna is now helping Jennifer wash dishes. Chad says he should grab Thomas but Gabi tells him that he's having fun in his high chair watching Jennifer and Arianna. Chad is glad that Thomas will still be part of the family even without knowing his mother. Gabi understands Chad misses Abigail a lot.

Abigail returns to the attic and looks at her photo of Thomas. Abigail states that she never should've left as now she's afraid she can never go back. JJ then enters the attic, startling Abigail.

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