Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Claire and Ciara work at the hospital. Ciara brings up keeping her mind off Hope and not being able to see her yet. Claire offers to go with her when she does go to see Hope which Ciara agrees with. Abe gives Valerie flowers at the hospital which Claire sees and calls Theo to tell him he has to get there because Abe is about to go out with Valerie.

Paul meets Sonny at the Salem Inn. Sonny tells Paul about Lucas and Adrienne's wedding and how he has locked them and Justin inside the room behind him. Sonny asks why he wanted to meet. Paul informs him that he and Steve will be on the docks to see the first Hernandez cargo business shipment to hopefully find out what they are shipping and if it's legal.

JJ swears to Gabi that the girl he slept with meant nothing to him as he was out of his mind drunk and he doesn't want to lose her. JJ asks for another chance. Gabi wants that but doesn't want to get hurt again. JJ swears she won't. Gabi asks how he can say that. Gabi gets that he didn't intend for it but it doesn't mean it won't ever happen again. JJ understands trust has to be rebuilt but asks to be put on probation. JJ promises to treat her better than any guy has ever treated a woman if she gives him another chance. JJ adds that he will never lie to her or hide things from her again. Gabi knows he wants that to be true. JJ states he will never give up on them and if she lets him, he will spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Chad sits in the town square with Thomas and talks to him about how he's starting to have feelings for Gabi. Chad doesn't think Abigail would want them going through life alone. Abigail stands around the corner with Andre and slowly begins to approach Chad.

Valerie asks Abe where they are going for dinner. Abe says where ever she wants. Valerie suggests home cooking at the Brady Pub since she's never been there. They start to leave when Theo arrives at the hospital and tells Abe that he's about to make the biggest mistake of his life with her.

JJ tells Gabi he'll make every day of her life the best she's ever had. JJ tells Gabi that he loves her. JJ insists they are so good together and what they had is special. JJ says this never would've happened if he wasn't so messed up about his sister. JJ asks if they can please try again. Gabi says ok and agrees to try again. JJ promises her she will never regret this.

Abigail turns and runs back to Andre. Andre asks what she's doing and encourages her to go to Chad but Abigail says she can never go back to him.

Ciara tells Claire that it looks serious and asks what Theo has on Valerie. Theo reveals to Valerie that he heard her lie on the phone that she was in New York. Abe tells him that he shouldn't have been eavesdropping and is sure that there is a reasonable explanation. Valerie says she isn't sure how reasonable it is as she was supposed to be giving a lecture in New York but she cancelled to stay in Salem because she couldn't leave without knowing Abe would be okay. Abe is sorry that he put her in an awkward situation. Valerie says it was her decision to lie to her boss. Theo questions why she didn't tell the truth. Valerie says she was trying not to stir up trouble but now she's causing it. Abe asks Valerie to wait for him at the elevator as he tells Theo that Valerie's lie had nothing to do with them so he should drop it. Abe says they are old friends and going to enjoy dinner. Abe wants Theo to apologize and be nice to her. Theo tells Abe that he will see him at home as Abe exits with Valerie.

Paul guesses Deimos didn't know Sonny hired him which Sonny confirms. Sonny asks him to make sure Deimos doesn't find out. Paul tells him to take care. Sonny is sorry that he's having him work late and asks if Derrick will be okay with it. Paul assures that he knows he's a private investigator. Sonny doesn't want to cause problems for them. Paul says they are used to making adjustments for work. Sonny thanks him for taking the job as he appreciates it. Paul says anything for an old friend as he walks away.

Abigail tells Andre about how she was willing to leave her family and worries that she could have another breakdown. Andre encourages that is in her past now and she should want Chad to know she's alive in recovery. Abigail questions hiding in her mother's attic being in recovery. Abigail tells him to stop pressuring her. Andre argues that he knows what kind of pain Chad is in and only Abigail can fill that void. Andre asks if she wants to show Chad that she is better now. Andre says all she has to do is reach out and take her life back. Abigail decides maybe he's right and again starts to approach Chad but Gabi arrives and joins Chad so Abigail stops. Chad says he got Gabi's text. Gabi says she has to talk to him. Abigail runs away as Chad tells Gabi that he has to talk to he too.

Paul returns to Sonny with snacks in case he's there all night. Sonny thanks him and says that was so nice of him. Paul hopes Sonny's plan works out how he wants. Paul thinks giving his parents and Lucas an opportunity to work things out is weird but great. Paul says he has to get to work but he will stay in touch as he walks away.

Andre catches up to Abigail outside of the town square and asks what happened. Abigail complains about how happy Chad looked when he saw Gabi. Andre says they work together but Abigail argues that she knows Chad and she's falling in love with Gabi. Andre disagrees and says the only woman Chad loves is Abigail.

Gabi tells Chad that she wanted to talk about them which Chad says the same. Gabi thanks him for keeping an eye on what's really important which is that they are friends. Gabi is glad they didn't make a mistake to ruin that. Gabi informs Chad that JJ wants another chance so she thinks she's going to give it to him. Chad says that's great.

Abe and Valerie sit together at the Pub. Abe asks about her life in DC. Valerie mentions working a lot of hours. Abe asks about the head of her department. Valerie is tired of talking about her and wants to know about him. She asks how he got to be the mayor. Abe talks about going for it and it's actually his second round. Abe worries that he isn't there for Theo as much as should be though. Abe apologizes for how Theo acted earlier. Valerie understands Theo is very protective of him and that any kid would have their guard up. Valerie mentions her son which Abe questions her never telling him before. Valerie says it just never came up. Abe asks about her son's father. Valerie says he hasn't been in the picture for years. Abe talks about how hard it is being a single parent but so worth the effort. Valerie drinks to that as they toast their drinks.

Steve joins Paul outside of the Pub. Paul thanks for meeting him as he didn't want to investigate Eduardo by himself and didn't want John involved since they go way back. Steve imagines it would be hard for John to be objective. Steve isn't sure what Eduardo is in to but it's got to be better than killing people. Paul says it's definitely not clean as he questions not telling Deimos what he's doing. Steve tells him he has a surprise in the bag as they walk off together.

Chad asks Gabi what made her change her mind. Gabi explains that she went to the police station where she heard JJ telling Rafe how bad he feels about everything and how much he loves her. Gabi says it just got to her. Gabi adds that Rafe left them alone and JJ begged her to take him back, promising to never make her feel this way again. Chad asks if she believes him, joking that if JJ does it again he'll have to deal with him. Gabi confirms it's what she wants. Gabi brings up Chad saying why ruin a great friendship. Gabi knows Abigail is the only person Chad loves. Chad says not to go there or over-analyze it. Chad says they are still friends. Gabi is glad they are on the same page then.

Abigail tells Andre that Chad doesn't love her anymore and wants Gabi now. Andre says it's not true. Abigail feels she made Chad's life hell for months and then let him believe she was dead. Abigail says coming back would ruin Chad for a second time. Abigail says maybe if he hadn't found someone else. Andre insists that she doesn't know that. Abigail argues that she has known Chad for years and saw the way he looked when Gabi walked in so it's too late. Abigail says maybe if he had been alone, there could've been a chance for them but not now. Andre tells her that she doesn't have to make a decision tonight. Andre says if Chad was attracted to Gabi, it would only be because he thinks Abigail is dead. Andre says he knows for a fact that she is the love of Chad's life. Andre brings up Thomas and his right to grow up with his mother by his side. Andre asks if Thomas is worth reclaiming her life.

Claire and Ciara find Theo in the hospital. Claire says they were looking all over for him. Theo says he needed to think and insists that Valerie is playing Abe. Ciara says it sounded like Valerie was telling the truth but Claire argues that she's definitely up to something. Ciara asks why she thinks that. Claire questions why Valerie would have to lie to her boss about this which Theo agrees with. They want to find out who she was really on the phone with. Ciara reminds Theo that Abe wanted him to be nice to Valerie. Claire insists on trying to find out the truth. Ciara argues that Valerie is an old friend of Abe's and Abe is smart. Claire suggests going online to find out all they can about Valerie which Theo agrees with. Shawn walks in and questions what Claire is talking about.

Abigail decides Andre is right that she has to do this for Thomas no matter what. Andre tells her that she is what is best for Thomas. Abigail says she has to go because Jennifer is probably worried about her. Andre tells her to go get some rest. Andre gives her a burner phone to call if she changes directions. Abigail questions why he's being so nice to her. Andre responds that she's the only family he has left. Andre asks if she will stay in Salem. Abigail thinks she has to for now for Jennifer's sake. Abigail then walks away.

Gabi tells Chad that if she hadn't kissed him in front of Vicky Bush, their feelings wouldn't have occurred to them. Chad asks if she will continue to work for him then. Gabi says she would like to now that everything is cleared up which Chad likes. Gabi decides she should go pick up Arianna from the babysitter. Gabi thanks Chad for being understanding and wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving as they hug and Gabi walks away.

Shawn tells Ciara that he's going to see Hope tomorrow. Ciara is glad as she must be really scared. Shawn assures that Hope is strong and they will do all they can to make sure she gets out of there soon. Shawn asks for a moment alone with Claire so Theo and Ciara exit. Shawn asks what he walked in on and if she's trying to dig up dirt on somebody. Claire explains that Theo wants to know about Valerie as he already caught her in a lie. Shawn warns her about not getting involved and says it's Theo's business so she should stay out of it.

Ciara tells Theo that Valerie has a career in DC so she won't be here long enough to hurt Abe and he could screw things up. Ciara says she seems like a nice lady. Theo argues that Claire doesn't think so. Ciara says it's just fun and games to Claire. Ciara encourages Theo not to let this do something he wishes he hadn't like when he went after Clyde with Abe's gun. Ciara advises Theo not to let Claire talk him in to anything. Theo argues that she isn't as he can make up her own mind.

Sonny remains outside of the hotel room door when Chad arrives with sandwiches and beer. Chad questions why Sonny is camped out in the hall in the middle of the night. Sonny explains that for Lucas, he told Adrienne and Justin to stop playing games and figure out what they really want. Chad asks how he thinks that will work out. Sonny says he hasn't heard anything in awhile so either they are sleeping or someone jumped out the window. Sonny asks how everything is in Chad's life. Chad responds tonight is not so good. Sonny guesses that's why he came and wants to hear it.

Paul and Steve go to the docks and hide out when they see someone coming. Men are bringing by shipments as Steve pretends to be a homeless man asking for change. As one of the men stop to hear him out, Paul sneaks behind and steals one of the boxes from the shipment. The man warns Steve to get moving as he continues on with the load of boxes.

Ciara tells Theo that she is going home. Theo apologizes for yelling at her when she has more to be worried about. Claire rejoins them. Theo asks what Shawn wanted. She claims he just wanted to talk to her mom. Claire suggests they forget about the whole Valerie thing and go see a movie. Theo agrees and invites Ciara but she says they can go ahead so Theo and Claire exit together.

Paul and Steve walk out of the town square with the box that Paul took and talk about their plan working. They couldn't get the box open without a crowbar so Steve pulls one out. Steve opens the box and inside is a purse. Steve questions if Eduardo didn't want Deimos to know he's shipping designer handbags. Paul looks it over and realizes it's a counterfeit handbag as he recognizes from being in the fashion industry. Paul asks if it's legal to sell on the market. Paul wonders why he would keep it such a secret and if the other crates are filled with the same purses. Steve says he won't turn Eduardo in for a bunch of cheap purses as that's Sonny's call and he bets he'll be happy to find out that's all it is.

Sonny says he can't believe Chad and Gabi but Chad tells him that he doesn't have to believe it because she went back to JJ. Sonny questions him not telling her how he feels. Chad says no because Gabi said she loves JJ and he's Abigail's brother. Chad asks what he would do besides sit back and support them together. Sonny thinks he made the right decision. Sonny says being alone is not fun. Chad asks about Sonny and Paul since they were getting along at JJ's party. Sonny says he told him when he came back that he just wanted to be friends and now Paul wants the same thing. Chad thinks he changed his mind. Sonny responds that it doesn't matter as he is seeing someone. Chad says they are in the same boat as life sucks.

Gabi walks through the town square and stops to think about a past time with Chad then runs in to JJ. Gabi says she is just on her way to pick up Arianna. JJ didn't think he would see her again tonight. JJ invites her and Arianna to his house for Thanksgiving. JJ adds that it will be Thomas's birthday. Gabi notes that means Chad will be there. JJ asks if that will be a problem. Gabi says not at all as JJ walks her to her car.

Abigail returns home. She starts to head upstairs but stops and turns back as she sees a gift wrapped on the table. Abigail goes and picks it up, reading it's a birthday present for Thomas from Jennifer. Abigail declares maybe Andre is right that she does need to be with Thomas.

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