Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor finds Justin in the town square and asks if he's drinking to Lucas and Adrienne's wedding. Justin informs Victor that he stopped the wedding and made a complete ass of himself. Victor asks how Adrienne reacted. Justin responds that he's sitting here talking to him.

Lucas goes to the Pub where Anne greets him from a table. Anne asks if it's a tough choice at the bar. Lucas says he's good at making decisions and actually knows what he wants. Anne asks if he's having a bad day. Lucas says she could say that. Anne invites him to join her as she's been drinking alone since her only friend Theresa left Salem without saying goodbye. Lucas informs her that he was left at the altar on his wedding day. Anne says he wins and the drinks on her. Lucas respond that she has no idea how bad he needs one.

Sonny brings Adrienne to her hotel room. She complains that she should be on her honeymoon with Lucas but instead she's a runaway bride. Adrienne asks what is wrong with her when Lucas has done nothing but treat her with love and respect. Adrienne stops and says this isn't her fault as she was ready to get married and she would've been Lucas's wife if not for Justin. Adrienne calls it typical of Justin to make it about himself by ruining her wedding. Adrienne calls it his problem and questions how he could think this was a good idea. Sonny then reveals that he encouraged Justin to do it.

Rafe goes to the police station and talks to JJ about how he talked to Hope for her one fifteen minute phone call and she can't have visitors yet either. JJ mentions asking for more hours which surprises Rafe. Rafe tells JJ that he has a life and should go see Gabi. JJ realizes she hasn't told him and informs Rafe that he and Gabi are no longer together which shocks him.

Chad and Gabi suddenly start kissing. Chad stops and says this is exactly what they were trying to avoid. Gabi asks why they were avoiding and it they go back to kissing.

Jennifer continues to encourage Abigail about Chad loving her while Abigail still brings up seeing him with Gabi. Jennifer is sure if anything is going on, it's just to forget her. Abigail asks why it has to be her best friend or JJ's ex. Jennifer says Gabi is on the rebound from what JJ did to her. Abigail blames herself for making a mess of things. Jennifer argues that she can fix things by going to Chad to show she's alive. Abigail says she made a decision to leave so Chad could have a chance to be happy. Abigail asks what if Gabi makes him happy. Jennifer responds that only one thing will truly make Chad happy and that's having his wife back. There's a knock at the door so Abigail runs to hide in the kitchen. Jennifer answers the door to see Andre. Andre hopes he's not interrupting but thinks it's time they all know the truth.

Lucas sits with Anne at the Pub where Anne gets him a drink. Lucas informs her for 7 years, 1 month and 28 days he's been sober. Anne apologizes not knowing he was a drunk so she finishes his drink instead. Lucas thanks her and says she can't down all the bottles of alcohol here. Anne says she's been known to throw them back. Anne talks about being sober sometimes but not right now. Anne asks how someone could be so stupid to leave him at the altar. Lucas suggests she must be confused. Lucas says they were going to Hawaii on their honeymoon but it doesn't look like that will happen now so maybe he will go all by himself. Anne tells him he doesn't have to go by himself.

Adrienne questions Sonny telling Justin to stop the wedding. Sonny says he told him to let her know if he still had feelings for her but he didn't know if he'd burst into the wedding. Sonny apologizes and asks what he can do to make it better. Adrienne says nothing because the damage is done. Adrienne adds that Lucas doesn't deserve this and worries about what he must be going through now because she couldn't make it up the aisle. Sonny asks if she's going to marry Lucas or get back with Justin. Adrienne responds that she has no idea because she loves them both so her life will once again be a train wreck since she can't make a decision. Sonny states that he might be able to help her out with that.

Justin tells Victor that Adrienne was there about to marry someone else but he couldn't let that happen. Victor says he always had an interesting sense of timing. Justin knows he never liked Adrienne so he doesn't want a lecture. Victor responds that he's starting to think he's not the best judge of character and everyone deserves a chance to change. Victor says he'd be blind not to see how much Adrienne still means to him. Justin gets a call that excites him and says he'll be right there. Victor asks if it was good news. Justin says it's maybe the best and walks off.

Jennifer tells Andre it's not a good time. Andre says he came to offer a statement about Hope's sentencing and Stefano's death. Jennifer says they can set up a more appropriate time for an interview. Andre feels she is desperate to get him out of her house and asks why she's being so rude.

Rafe questions JJ cheating on Gabi. JJ tells him to take a swing at him if he wants because he has it coming. Rafe says he doesn't blame Gabi for kicking his ass to the curb but he won't hit him. Rafe says Gabi is a grown woman and if she ever decides to forgive him, he will too.

Gabi and Chad kiss on to the couch until Gabi's phone rings from her babysitter sending her pictures of Arianna at the park. Chad decides this feels wrong and Gabi agrees. Chad says he's not past Abigail and Gabi's not past JJ. Gabi agrees and says they would be bringing their kids into a rebound relationship which would be weird for them. Gabi asks what they're going to do. Chad suggests taking a break and a step back. Chad says they will pause her quitting for now but they have been spending a lot of time together and working very closely. Chad decides they will just slow that down.

Jennifer records Andre talking about Stefano being a shot and a victim of violence just like JJ was. Jennifer thanks him and says his statement will appear in the paper tomorrow. Andre notices the silverware on the table and apologizes for interrupting as she has company. Jennifer says it's just JJ. Andre talks about dinner with children and comments on his father. Andre asks her for a glass of water so she goes to get one. Andre then steals the fork off the table and tells Jennifer to forget the water as he just remembered something and will get in touch later. Andre exits.

Gabi asks Chad if they will just keep their distance. Chad says just for now but they don't know if that's days or weeks. They talk about not expecting these feelings. Gabi brings up how bad their first time turned out but they acknowledge they are different now. They talk about it happening down the road. Gabi says they would have to make sure everything is right. Chad adds that she hasn't talked to JJ and avoiding him won't make things clearer. Gabi asks if he thinks she should get back with JJ. They get close again but Chad says he has to get to work while Gabi says she's going to the station to see Rafe. Chad tells her to have a good night as she exits.

Rafe questions what's the matter with JJ as he looks disappointed that he's not going to punch him. JJ didn't expect him to be so understanding. Rafe clarifies that he's not okay with it but he's lost a sister just like he did and knows how that can screw you up. Rafe calls JJ a good cop and a good guy. Rafe asks how badly Gabi took it. JJ says she won't talk to him at all right now but if she lets him try, he will do everything he can to win her back.

Justin goes to Adrienne's hotel room with flowers. He heads inside but no one is there. Lucas then enters with flowers. They question what they are both doing here and notes that they both got a call. Sonny comes out and says it's good they are both there. Adrienne calls out from the back, asking who Sonny is talking to. Adrienne then comes out and sees Justin and Lucas. Adrienne questions what's going on here. Justin says to ask Sonny. Lucas says Sonny says she wanted to see him but didn't say Justin would be there. Sonny declares no one will leave the room until a decision is made as he exits. Justin decides he is right that they do need to figure this out. Adrienne says he means she needs to make a decision. Justin proposes they take turns laying out their cases to explain why she would better off with them. Lucas realizes he means like a trial. Adrienne calls it ridiculous. Justin says it puts Lucas at a disadvantage but Lucas says he believes in what they have. Adrienne asks if she gets a say in this. Justin tells her that her voice is all that matters. Lucas adds that the sooner she makes her choice, the sooner they can get out of here.

Jennifer searches the house for Abigail but she is no longer there.

Abigail runs out of the town square and bumps in to Andre, who calls it a pleasant surprise as he didn't expect her to be out and about. Abigail claims she was just leaving. Andre says she doesn't have to lie to him as he knows she's been staying with Jennifer and having dinner as he reveals the fork. Andre asks when she was going to share the plans with the man who helped fake her death.

Kate goes to the DiMera Mansion where Chad is looking at a photo of Abigail. Chad wishes he could talk to her as she had the best advice. Kate encourages him not needing advice since he's the reason Brad Bush made a huge investment in DiMera. Chad explains that was Gabi as he expanded her role. Chad praises how Gabi was at the symphony. Chad never thought he'd have that much fun sucking up to an investor. Kate asks about the dilemma he wants to talk about. Chad calls it nothing. Kate questions if he doesn't think she knows it's Gabi.

JJ talks to Rafe about how he and Gabi were both struggling and saved each other. Gabi walks in to the station and stops around the corner as JJ talks to Rafe about how special Gabi is. Rafe says he should've thought about that in Miami. JJ states that after all the terrible things she's been through, she still brought a light in his life. JJ hates that he hurt her and now he's another thing for her to overcome. JJ wants to be a better man and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Gabi then comes out from the corner. Rafe exits to let Gabi talk to JJ. JJ asks how long she was there. Gabi says long enough. JJ knows she's mad and understands she has every right to be. Gabi responds that she's not mad as she could get over getting mad but she's devastated as he broke her heart and she can't get over that.

Abigail tells Andre that she hasn't told Jennifer that he or Laura were involved. Abigail says she was so sure she was never coming back but now Laura made her well. Andre asks if she thinks it's time to reveal herself to Chad and show him she's alive. Abigail says she can't do that because he's moved on with Gabi now.

Kate asks Chad about developing feelings for Abigail's best friend. Chad argues that there is nothing going on between he and Gabi but Kate says she sees the symptoms. Chad says if there were feelings, they have worked it out. Kate talks about looking at Chad as a son and she just wants him to be happy. Kate states that her children and herself always pick the wrong person. Kate says if he doesn't believe that, he can just call Lucas.

Justin flips a coin which Lucas calls ridiculous and suggests rock, paper, scissors which Lucas wins. Justin says when he's done, Lucas might not have to say anything because she'll have already made her decision. Justin says he won't bash Lucas on his wedding day because it's not about him, it's about them and what they've shared. Justin says he knows Adrienne better than anyone in the world. Justin talks about how Adrienne eats ice cream and how she eats at Japanese restaurants. Justin talks about how she likes her shoulders rubbed when she's ticklish and how the sunlight looks on her hair. Justin states that his life did not begin until he met her and he loves her more today than the day they met. Justin understands she's scared that he will hurt her again but promises to love her and be faithful to her every day for the rest of her life. Justin declares this choice is about her heart and he knows her heart is telling her that she's always belonged to him. Lucas takes Adrienne's hand and says Justin talks a good game but he doesn't need a law degree to tell her how he feels and why they should be together. Lucas says after Justin broke up their wedding, he went to the Pub and stared at a drink for a long time. Lucas says he thought about she and Justin's relationship being like addiction which Justin objects to. Lucas compares it to his relationship with Sami. Lucas talks about Adrienne always getting hurt by Justin and thinking maybe this time will be different but it never is. Lucas knows they have history but says they don't look back. Lucas states that Justin is her past but he's her future.

Gabi goes in to the interrogation room with JJ. JJ hates that he's caused her this much pain and blames losing Abigail and not thinking clearly. Gabi doesn't want any excuses. JJ says he can't change what he did and can only apologize to ask for her forgiveness. JJ asks for another chance.

Kate informs Chad about Adrienne leaving Lucas at the altar. Kate says Lucas should've learned after a decade with Sami but her kids pick the wrong person over and over. Chad asks if that means she thinks Gabi is wrong for him. Kate asks if he really wants to know what she thinks which Chad says he does. Kate suggests maybe Gabi is wrong for him but how would she know. Kate says she does know that when Chad told her about how Gabi helped seal the business deal, he smiled like he hasn't since Abigail disappeared. Kate notes that Gabi has sparked something in him. Kate adds that Abigail died but he didn't. Kate says he can treasure the memories of her forever but if he loves a ghost, he ends up becoming one. Kate declares that if Gabi is the one to bring him back to the living then she's on board with that. Chad asks about feeling like he's betraying Abigail. Kate says he loved her but she's gone and not coming back.

Andre tells Abigail that he's aware of the flirting between Chad and Gabi. Abigail questions him not telling her. Andre says it doesn't mean anything as what they have cannot be compared to what she and Chad shared. Abigail asks if he's sure. Andre points out that Abigail is the love of Chad's life and the mother of his baby so if she revealed herself, Chad would dismiss Gabi like that. Andre thinks it's time for Abigail to reclaim her life and take back her husband. Abigail admits she wants that more than anything. Andre asks what she's waiting for and encourages her to go to him. Abigail decides he is right that it's time for her to go to Chad.

Adrienne opens the door where Sonny is waiting. She tells him that she can't choose because she loves them both. Sonny encourages that they need answers. Adrienne wants to go get some air but Sonny tells her she is not leaving. Sonny tells her to get back in there because them three are going to be spending the night together. Adrienne turns and looks back at Lucas and Justin.

Gabi hears what JJ is saying and believes he means it. She just wants to trust that he will never make her feel like this again. JJ swears he won't. JJ calls it a miracle they were together in the first place as they were so lost when they first met but they brought each other back. JJ says it may not be like it was but it can be great again. JJ tells Gabi that he loves her. Gabi holds his hand and smiles.

Chad walks through the town square with Thomas. Chad tells Thomas to not get older because things get complicated and weird. Andre and Abigail come around the corner and stop. Abigail tries to run but Andre stops her and tells her it's fate. Andre says now is the time and encourages Abigail to get Chad now and give him purpose to live. Abigail begins to approach Chad.

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