Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail sits at home with Jennifer. Jennifer still can't believe she's there and it's not a dream. Abigail asks if she's sure JJ won't walk in. Jennifer assures her that he's working late tonight. Abigail talks about hiding in the attic. Jennifer says she can relax as they have lots of time. Abigail still feels guilty that Jennifer is missing Lucas and Adrienne's wedding. Jennifer says it's fine and they will understand when she tells them why but Abigail tells her that they cannot know she is alive.

At the DiMera Mansion, Andre complains to Chad about a business deal but notes that Chad is distracted and asks if he's alright. Chad says it's just personal. Andre sits with him and asks if it's true. Chad admits that he may have feelings for Gabi but she just broke up with JJ. Andre tells him he doesn't want to take advantage of her vulnerability. Chad adds that he's still mourning and isn't ready to move on.

Dario sits with Gabi in the town square and asks if JJ has been begging for forgiveness. Gabi tells him to just let it go as it's not worth it. Dario comments that it sounds like she is getting him out of her system. Gabi feels like she could still scream as she's so angry. Gabi tells him that she's really messed up as things have changed between her and Chad. Dario acknowledges he is her boss. Gabi calls him her friend too. Dario asks if they are more than friends. Gabi says there have been times where it seems. Dario asks if that's what she wants. Gabi doesn't know as she's not over JJ and Chad is her boss so she doesn't understand or know what to do.

Justin rushes in to the church as Adrienne is walking down the aisle to marry Lucas and shouts for her not to do this. Justin says he can't let her do this and asks her to stop. Lucas questions what's the matter with him. Justin says nothing and begs Adrienne not to get married tonight. Philip slips Kate some money, showing they had a bet over this happening. Adrienne asks Justin what he's doing. Justin says he doesn't know but it just hit him that he can't let her go through with this without telling her that he's still in love with her. Lucas tells Justin to get out. Justin asks Adrienne to hear what he has to say. Adrienne says no and calls this ridiculous. Adrienne tells him to put what he has to say in a letter and mail it to her on her honeymoon. Justin asks her to give him this moment if he ever meant anything to her. Adrienne agrees to end this and tells him to talk so they can go on with their wedding. Adrienne calls it absurd and asks what he could possibly have to tell her that would change her mind.

Dario tells Gabi that he's not one for giving advice but suggests she not even think about getting back with JJ. Dario adds that she should stay the hell away from Chad too. Gabi asks why. Dario feels it's a huge mistake getting involved with a DiMera. Dario says it's important as if Gabi wants her family to have a new life and her father to succeed then she must make a choice between her family or Chad DiMera. Gabi responds that she knows what she has to do.

Andre tells Chad that he is still in mourning so it's not the time to look for somebody else. Chad questions him making him feel disloyal to Abigail. Andre argues that his heart is still with Abigail so now is not the time to look for someone else, especially Gabi. Andre brings up their high school past. Chad says that was a long time ago and they've both changed a lot. Andre states that Gabi is on the rebound but it's not on him to tell him how to feel or behave. Andre thinks he should be concentrating on Thomas and rebuilding his business. Chad points out that Gabi is part of that business. Andre suggests maybe she shouldn't be.

Jennifer still doesn't understand why Abigail doesn't want people to know she's back as they would be thrilled. Abigail says they just can't. Jennifer hopes she isn't thinking about leaving but Abigail feels it may be the only real option. Jennifer refuses to let her leave again. Jennifer understands why she left before but argues that she's well now and people want to know that they didn't lose her. Abigail says she has to be realistic that she can't just hide in the attic forever. Abigail tells Jennifer that when she escaped, she never intended to come back ever as she wasn't going to live in a mental institution. Abigail recalls hearing doctors saying she was a danger and worries that she could've hurt Thomas. Jennifer argues that never would've happened but Abigail is unsure. Abigail says she would've never come back if she didn't hear that JJ got shot. Jennifer questions how she even heard about that. Abigail claims there are ways of keeping tabs on anything anywhere through newspapers online. Abigail says when she found out, she had to come. Jennifer thinks there is another reason deep down. Jennifer believes Abigail knew giving up her life here was a terrible mistake.

Justin asks everyone for privacy. The priest says fine. Lucas refuses to leave Justin alone with Adrienne. Sonny says if Lucas is staying, he is too. Kate refuses to abandon Lucas. Lucas tells her not to say anything. Kate says Philip stays too. Justin questions if anyone will leave. Steve decides he and Kayla will. Steve says Adrienne needs to work this out on her own so they exit with Joey. Lucas tells Justin to make it quick. Justin tells Adrienne that he loves her, always has and always will. Justin thinks if she's honest with herself, she will admit she feels the same way. Lucas argues that she is his ex for a reason. Sonny tells Lucas to let Justin talk. Justin says he can see in her eyes that she feels the same way. Justin brings up the first time he saw her and knowing she was the only one for him. Justin knows he screwed up but he wants to fix it. Justin asks if she will give him one last chance.

Jennifer insists that Abigail realized she belongs here with her family. Abigail admits she did want her old life back. Jennifer feels nothing is stopping her and talks about how happy JJ and Chad would be. Abigail says she can't just expect things to go back to how they were as that wouldn't be fair because Chad moved on and is with Gabi now, leaving Jennifer confused.

Gabi goes to see Chad. Chad thanks her for coming over and says he has something important to tell her as Gabi has something to say too. They talk over each other about who will go first and end up saying at the same time. Gabi says she wants to quit while Chad says he has to let her go then they question what they said to each other.

Steve, Kayla, and Joey are outside the chapel where Joey paces nervously. Kayla asks Joey what's going on with him so Steve tells him to tell her. Joey informs Kayla that he's going to be a father.

Justin tells Adrienne that they have a lifetime of memories. Lucas brings up that half of those memories have been painful for her. Lucas asks how many times they have been divorced. Lucas says Adrienne has changed and they have more in common than Justin thinks. Lucas questions Justin thinking he can just interrupt like this. Lucas talks about being by Adrienne's side through everything while Justin cheated on her. Lucas repeats having more in common and mentions Adrienne not being herself around Justin. Philip whispers to Kate that he will take his money back from their bet. Lucas tells Justin that he will never disrespect Adrienne and will treat her how she deserves so Justin can leave. Lucas asks Adrienne if she's ready to get this wedding back on track.

Dario meets Blanca in the town square. Dario thanks her for coming as he wasn't sure she would. Dario says it's obvious she's still upset about what he said to Gabi. Blanca remarks that she only met him for a drink because she's considering throwing it in his face. Blanca calls him the same as Guillermo which Dario denies. Blanca calls it their goodbye drink as she got a job offer in Chicago. Blanca says she can't have another relationship with a liar. Dario asks her not to leave town since she liked it here. Blanca says she's very attracted to him and knows that she might give in. Dario then kisses her.

Jennifer tells Abigail not to believe that as Gabi works for Chad but they are not an item. Abigail argues that she saw them in the town square and Chad had bought flowers. Abigail says they were totally in to each other. Abigail says when she found out Gabi and JJ broke up, it made sense due to their history. Jennifer insists that they are wrong since Gabi and JJ just broke up and Gabi was devastated. Jennifer talks about Chad still talking about how much he loves Abigail. Jennifer asks her not to do this to herself. Abigail insists that she saw Chad and Gabi laughing together and being totally into each other but Jennifer repeats that she is wrong because Chad loves her and is lost without her.

Gabi questions Chad firing her while Chad questions Gabi quitting as they laugh about it together and agree it was getting weird.

Blanca tells Dario that he's good but she has been there and done that. Dario argues that he's not like Guillermo but Blanca won't stick around to watch her life go bad. Blanca tells him to tell Gabi and Rafe that she said bye as she gets up and walks away.

Joey tells Kayla and Steve that he had decided he didn't want to be with Jade anymore. Kayla questions why he slept with her. Joey cries that it just happened. Joey continues telling Kayla that he was going to tell Jade that he didn't want to be with her anymore. Kayla calls it convenient. Steve suggests they go to the Pub and talk about it. Joey asks why when there's nothing he can do. Steve says they can try as they exit.

Lucas tells Adrienne that they can pick up where they left off. Adrienne remains silent. Kate interrupts that she knew Adrienne would break his heart as she always goes back to Justin. Philip stops her but argues about how ridiculous this is. Lucas tells them to stay out of it as Justin joins in the arguing. Adrienne screams for them to stop as she can't think. Adrienne tells Justin that he's right that she still loves him but the reality is she loves Lucas too. Kate mocks her and tells Adrienne to make up her mind. Adrienne cries, drops her flowers, and rushes out of the church leaving Justin and Lucas confused.

Chad sits with Gabi and praises her work at the job but thinks their relationship has changed. Chad brings up their almost kiss and says he isn't ready and doesn't think she is. Gabi says that's why she came to quit. Chad didn't want to fire her because she's amazing but he didn't want it to get weird or uncomfortable. Gabi agrees that they aren't ready as he's still grieving and she just broke up with JJ. Gabi says it's settled that they will not be working together anymore.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she is being way too optimistic. Abigail argues that if she went to the mansion right now, Chad would be furious at her for abandoning her and Thomas. Abigail can't believe they've had to go through this. Jennifer says she is alive and that washes everything away. Abigail insists on seeing Chad with Gabi. Jennifer still thinks she misjudged what she saw. Abigail thinks Jennifer has seen it too. Jennifer insists that Chad loves her and will never stop and that Thomas needs his mother.

Steve and Kayla sit with Joey in the Pub. Kayla asks if Jade has said she will keep the baby which Joey confirms. Steve and Kayla talk about the convenience of Jade's timing. Kayla insists on Jade taking a pregnancy test. Steve asks if he's sure the baby is his. Joey says Jade hasn't been seeing anyone else and it times out right. Steve asks about her parents. Joey responds that they kicked her out of the house. Joey gets a call from Jade. Steve tells him that he has to talk to her so Joey steps outside to answer. Kayla worries that Joey is just a kid and not ready for this while neither are they.

Lucas questions where Justin is going. Justin says he's going to find Adrienne as Lucas doesn't have a clue what she wants. Lucas stops him and knocks him down with a punch, yelling at him to leave her alone. Philip and Sonny get in between to hold them apart as they scream at each other. Lucas says Justin doesn't care about anyone but himself while Justin says he doesn't know anything about his life. Lucas tells Sonny not to let Justin go after Adrienne as she needs time to herself as Sonny walks Justin out of the church. Kate tells Lucas that she's sorry but believes it's for the best. Lucas remarks that she's always right and tells her and Philip to just leave so they exit while Lucas sits alone in frustration and holds back tears.

Joey comes back in to the Pub. Steve asks what's going on with Jade. Joey responds that she wants ginger ale and ice cream. Steve asks if he's really set on this and ready to be a father. Joey feels he doesn't have a choice and has to man up to take care of them. Kayla asks how he will do that. Joey guesses he will drop out of school and get a job. Joey adds that he has no one to blame but himself.

Adrienne sits outside crying as Sonny joins her. Adrienne calls herself an awful person who just broke Lucas's heart. Adrienne asks what is wrong with Justin and why he waited so long. Sonny tells him there's no sense in looking back as she has to figure out what to do now. Adrienne cries that she wishes she knew.

Justin walks through the town square. Lucas sits on a bench alone in the town square.

Andre goes home on the phone with Laura, asking if Abigail has been back at her place or not. Andre tells her not to do anything but let him know if she comes back. Andre hangs up and says it's perfect that Abigail is in hiding so he can be the one to bring her back to Chad.

Abigail tells Jennifer that Thomas is so different now as he's grown a lot. Abigail talks about going to the mansion when Chad stepped out to see Thomas. Abigail worried that Thomas wouldn't know who she was but she thinks he does. Jennifer knows she's scared as a lot happened before she got well but she will have to deal with them. Abigail brings up the fire at Shady Hills and the fake ID when the plane went down as well as abandoning her son and husband. Jennifer argues that she's a good mom and wife that Thomas and Chad deserve to have back. Jennifer tells her not to hide anymore and take her life back.

Chad tells Gabi that he can pay her for six months but Gabi doesn't want his charity. Chad calls it severance and questions her getting defensive. Gabi tells him not to treat her like another employee. Chad says she never has been. Gabi doesn't want him to be nice to her so Chad questions what she wants and then they suddenly kiss each other.

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