Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas walks through the town square on the phone, saying they don't even have to apologize or tell him what the emergency is as long as they are okay. Lucas says he will call later and hangs up. Lucas turns around and sees Kate so he starts to walk away. Kate questions if he's not even going to talk to her. Lucas says he already knows what she's going to say. Kate comments that he doesn't look very happy for a man about to marry the woman of his dreams and asks if there's trouble. Lucas says he's sorry to disappoint her but they are great. Lucas says the look on his face is because he just got off the phone with Jennifer, who said she and JJ can't make it to the wedding. Kate asks what happened. Lucas says it's JJ's first day back at work so he doesn't feel like he can take off while Jennifer has an emergency to take care of. Kate questions her not saying what it was. Kate remarks that there won't be many family members at the reception and that she hopes it's not a sign that the wedding shouldn't take place today.

Kayla is with Adrienne in her bedroom. Adrienne complains about Hope's sentencing and feels bad for Justin. Kayla says they will do all they can to help Hope but today is her day so she encourages her to focus on how happy she and Lucas will be together.

Justin is at the police station when Sonny arrives. Sonny wants to see JJ. Sonny mentions stopping at the court house to get the marriage license for Adrienne which seems to annoy Justin. Sonny asks how he's doing. Justin admits he's had better days, feeling he let Hope down. Sonny assures him he did everything he could. Justin remarks that he wasn't good enough and blew it. Sonny asks if that's the only thing that has him down today.

Philip walks on to the docks where he finds Brady seated alone and asks if he's okay. Brady asks what he's doing here. Philip says he was just on his way to the parking lot. Philip accuses Brady of sucking up to Deimos in hopes that he makes him CEO one day instead of him. Brady responds that he couldn't care less about Titan right now. Philip doesn't believe it. Brady tells him to go away. Philip starts to complain about being dismissed by members of his family. Brady yells at him to shut up.

At the Pub, Shane checks on Theresa. Kimberly arrives with Tate which makes Theresa happy. Theresa worries that they won't be able to see Tate much. Kimberly says they will see him plenty but fears losing Theresa. Theresa claims she'll be fine. Kimberly questions how she will take down Mateo all alone. Shane says she won't be alone and hopes the operation will be done in a month. Theresa tells Tate that she loves him then suggests taking him back before Brady starts to worry. Theresa tells Kimberly that this is goodbye. Kimberly says it's only for now as they hug.

Adrienne struggles getting dressed as her ring puts a whole in one of her pantyhose. Kayla prepares to go get her more when Steve arrives as she opens the door. Steve greets them and informs Adrienne that their mom can't make it after her last radiation treatment. Adrienne jokes that it will be an intimate ceremony. Kayla adds that Jennifer and JJ can't make it. Adrienne remarks that Kate wouldn't miss it after initially telling them she wouldn't dream of coming to the wedding. Adrienne says the ceremony won't matter if it's big or small. Adrienne comments that they were sure that Hope would be celebrating with them. Adrienne mentions almost wanting to call Lucas to say forget the big wedding and elope.

Lucas calls Kate consistent. Lucas tells her that he will marry Adrienne and she will be his wife. Kate responds that she will be here for him when she goes running back to Justin. Lucas argues that she wouldn't do that and calls her the sweetest person. Kate brings up that Adrienne wasn't so sweet to Will when he first got with Sonny. Lucas admits she wasn't at first but grieved for him later. Lucas questions who Kate is to call someone out for not being sweet. Kate declares that she loves her children and that will never change. Lucas tells her to be good at his wedding so she says she will be a model mother of the groom.

Theresa tells Shane that it will be so hard for her to leave. Shane wishes there was more he could do to help. Theresa says she created this mess so it's no one else's job to fix it. Theresa says she has one more hurdle to go back to the house, pack up her stuff, and get a few things to help her hold on to Brady and Tate. Shane hugs her as she cries. Theresa then exits.

Brady tells Philip that he couldn't care less about work as he has bigger problems right now. Philip mocks Brady having it made. Brady says he thought so until it all went to Hell and there's not a damn thing he can do about it.

Theresa goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Victor is inside. Victor tells her that Brady went out. Theresa is glad she doesn't have to face him again. Theresa tells Victor that she just came to pack a few things and say one final goodbye to Tate. Victor says he will see to it that she's not interrupted. Theresa asks Victor to help Brady get through what she is doing to him. Victor agrees to do his best. Theresa cries that she had to hurt Brady this badly or else he would come after her and get killed. Theresa asks Victor to make sure Brady stays sober. Victor is sure he will for Tate. Theresa worries about Brady using again and then Tate won't have anybody. Victor hopes Theresa can get enough on Mateo to put him behind bars. Theresa says it's the only way she can come back to her family. Victor states that he is very proud of what she's doing and that Brady would feel the same way. Theresa reminds him that Brady can't know. Victor declares that she has come a long way so no matter what happens, they will always consider her part of the Kiriakis family. Theresa cries as she hugs Victor. Victor tells her to come back to them.

Joey meets Jade outside of the town square. She questions where he's been and tells him that he can't turn his back on her when she's knocked up with his kid. Joey says he needed time to think. Jade asks what about her feelings. Joey wants her to look him in the eye and tell him that she's really pregnant.

Steve tells Adrienne that she cannot elope. Steve adds that the ordeal with Hope is not over yet as she has friends that won't give up. Steve and Kayla encourage that she has to have something borrowed, something old, something new, and something blue. Steve offers to play the blues on his harmonica as something blue while Kayla gives her a pendant she had lent to Abigail and her dress is new. Steve says she has him as something old. Steve encourages her not to elope and to let him be there for one of the most important moments of her life. Adrienne hugs them and says she's so glad they are there.

Justin tells Sonny that he had the chance to change Judge Fitzpatrick's mind about Hope but she didn't so he doesn't need anything else to be upset. Sonny asks if he's okay with Adrienne marrying Lucas today then. Justin says they have been over this. Sonny questions if he's so over Adrienne then why he climbed through a window in the hospital to make sure she was okay. Justin asks how he knew about that then realizes Adrienne told him. Sonny says Adrienne wouldn't admit it but he knows it got to her. Sonny states that he likes Lucas but still questions him with Adrienne. Justin states that he was a bastard to her and she deserves to be happy now. Sonny questions him being okay with this and not being bothered at all. Sonny argues that Justin still loves Adrienne. Justin responds that Lucas was there when he wasn't and Adrienne has moved on. Sonny calls it just getting back at him. Justin says she wouldn't do that to Lucas. Sonny suggests she doesn't know what she's doing. Justin tells him that there is nothing he can do. Sonny brings up Justin telling him when he was a kid that there is always something you can do.

Kayla exits to find Adrienne some new pantyhose. Adrienne says she should start getting dressed. Steve stops her to talk. Steve says he doesn't want her to elope but he would support postponing the wedding. Steve asks if she's absolutely sure she's ready to marry Lucas. Adrienne assures that she loves Lucas and he really loves her. Steve asks if Lucas loves her as much as Justin does. Adrienne brings up Justin cheating on her. Steve says Justin made a stupid mistake and questions giving up on the one. Adrienne says they are working hard to be friends. Steve just wants her to be happy. Adrienne responds that she's happier than she's ever been.

Kate questions why Lucas is jumping all over her when he has to worry about Adrienne's family and jokes about Steve. Lucas asks if she married Stefano for his family. Kate admits he had his faults but he had style and flair. Lucas brings up that he's been married to Sami, Nicole, and Chloe so he's had enough flair and drama. Kate says he certainly won't get that with Adrienne. Lucas responds that is exactly why he loves her.

Brady tells Philip that he was hoping Theresa wasn't reverting and was just reacting to things going on in her life but when he saw her in the hotel high, he knew it wasn't just a reaction. Brady explains that Theresa told him she had been faking their relationship the whole time. Philip says she had him convinced. Philip tells him he's really sorry as what he said before was rotten and he had no idea what he was dealing with. Philip says they seemed so happy. Brady responds that they were but it's like someone just flipped a switch. Philip says it seems so weird. Brady adds that Theresa won't explain it to him but he still feels like there is something he's not seeing.

Theresa sits at home with Tate, telling him that she had to see him again to hold him one more time. Theresa says having him is the joy of her life. Theresa says there's so much she wants to say but she has to go. Theresa promises to try and find her way back to him. Theresa hopes he can forgive her as she cries.

Joey questions Jade telling him she's pregnant when he was trying to break up with her. Joey argues that she was on the pill. Jade claims her prescription ran out and questions if he thinks she would get pregnant just to hang on to him. Jade says he's not worth that. Joey agrees and questions why she's been texting him so much. Jade says this is why and asks what she has to do to convince him. Jade tells him that Kayla will have to find out because she's having the baby and they will raise it together. Joey asks if he doesn't have a say in it. Jade suggests he figure out how to support them because her parents just kicked her out for real. Jade tells Joey to figure it out. Joey walks away as Jade yells after him and starts to cry.

Justin goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and stops outside the door. He thinks back to when he first proposed to Adrienne. Justin then walks off.

Lucas goes to the church with Sonny and asks Steve if Adrienne is there. Steve tells him that she's already in the bride's room. Steve wishes him luck as he goes outside to meet with the florist. Lucas makes sure Sonny has the rings. Sonny asks if there's anything else he can do. Lucas says everything should go smoothly. Lucas guesses Sonny is thinking about Will and their wedding. Lucas says it was beautiful wedding. Sonny calls it the happiest day of his life. Lucas notes that Will would be his best man if he were here so he's grateful Sonny will stand in for him. Sonny says he's glad to do it as they head inside. Steve comes back in and asks Kayla about the florist not being here yet. Kayla adds that the photographer just called with a flat tire as Adrienne comes out wondering what else could go wrong. Kayla assures that they will take care of everything so there's nothing to worry about. Adrienne jokes that the wedding can't be jinxed as she tries to laugh it off.

Theresa comes down the stairs with her bag where Brady is waiting and asks if she's leaving. Brady questions her not saying goodbye and if it's really come to this. Theresa sticks to her act. Brady says a few days ago they were planning their future together. Theresa says she had other ideas. Brady asks her what she isn't telling him. Brady says she won't trust or confide in him. Brady says you can't force an addict to do something they don't want to do. Theresa turns her back to hold back her tears. Brady asks her to look him in the eye again to tell him she doesn't love him. Theresa turns to him and remarks that she's not sure she ever really did. Brady doesn't believe her no matter what she says as he loves her. Brady asks her to stay and work it out with him instead of leaving.

Philip and Kate arrive at the church. Steve takes his seat and texts Joey that the wedding is about to start then asks where he is. Outside the doors, Kayla assures Adrienne that she looks beautiful. Kayla then heads inside as the wedding ceremony begins. Philip tells Kate to stop playing candy crush on her phone. Joey joins Steve as Adrienne begins her entrance. Steve questions where he's been. Joey whispers there is something he has to tell him.

Kimberly and Shane sit together in the Pub, talking about Theresa's childhood. Kimberly felt like they had finally gotten her back and questions why all this had to happen. Shane promises to do everything he can to neutralize Mateo and bring Theresa home. Shane encourages that Theresa has an iron will just like Kimberly so he has faith in them.

Theresa gives Brady her wedding ring back and says she won't need this. Brady can wrap his head around her leaving him but questions her leaving her son. Theresa claims she didn't carry him and blows off being his mother. Theresa says she travels light now. Theresa tells Brady that Tate will have him and all of his money. Brady asks where she's going to go. Theresa responds where ever the wind takes her. Brady asks how long she will be gone. Theresa tells him not to leave a light on. Brady tries to plead with her but Theresa walks out and breaks down crying outside.

Steve tells Joey it can wait until another time but Joey says they have to talk about it now. Joey informs Steve that Jade is pregnant with his baby. Justin then rushes in to the church as Adrienne is walking down the aisle and shouts that she can't do this.

Theresa walks through the town square and joins Mateo. She tells him that he got what he wanted so their fun adventure can begin. Mateo knows she is sad about what she is leaving behind. Mateo gives her a rose and promises her they are going to have fun and it will be even better than before. Theresa asks if they can just get out of here so they walk off together. Shane sits nearby and makes a phone call that they are on the move.

Brady walks in to the living room and looks over at the drinks. Brady approaches the table but then shatters the glass across the room. Victor walks in and hugs Brady as he breaks down crying.

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