Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/17/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/17/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Philip is going over work at home when Nicole walks in and asks him what Chloe is hiding from her. Nicole informs Philip that she and Deimos went to see Chloe in Chicago so she could take another paternity test. Philip asks how it turned out. Nicole confirms Deimos is not the father which Philip calls good news. Nicole questions Chloe saying it was just some random guy but she thinks there is more to it as she started to tell her something until Deimos walked in. Philip says she can't be blamed for not trusting Deimos. Nicole says spending time with Tate reminded her of what she would do to protect her child. Philip responds that he will do anything to protect Chloe and her baby. Nicole argues that she would too if Chloe would stop avoiding her. Nicole asks Philip to please tell her whose baby Chloe is carrying.

At home, Jennifer works on typing an article about Hope's trial and getting sentenced to 25 years without parole. Abigail appears outside and looks at her through the window.

JJ goes to the DiMera Mansion. Chad asks if he came to chew him out for what happened at the trial. JJ understands Stefano was his father so he did what he had to do but they will keep fighting for Hope. Chad asks what he can do for him. JJ didn't know where else to go. JJ brings up Chad and Gabi spending a lot of time together lately. Chad says she has been doing a wonderful job working for him. JJ says that's why he thought he could help him as he screwed up badly. Chad asks how bad. JJ explains that it was a dark time when he was in Miami and he got messed up and slept with another woman. Chad questions what he was thinking.

Gabi sits outside the town square, looking at a picture of her and JJ on her phone. Dario and Blanca approach. Dario asks if she's okay. Gabi says she is and has to get to work. Dario stops her. Blanca steps away to let them talk. Dario asks her what's going on and if she and her boyfriend had a fight. Gabi corrects him that he is her ex boyfriend. Dario notes that it's serious and asks if it's something she needs him to handle.

Brady pins Guillermo against the wall and asks Theresa what is going on here. Theresa says they were just having fun. Theresa calls Brady just her friend. Brady says he's her husband but Theresa says that was just pretend. Brady tells her they are getting out of here. Theresa asks Brady if he wants to join the party.

Nicole talks about how Chloe wouldn't let her give up when she lost Daniel. Nicole feels it's her turn to help Chloe. Nicole asks Philip to tell her what he knows so she can help her. Philip admits that Chloe does need her but Deimos walks in, interrupting them. Nicole asks for a few more minutes but Deimos says he and Philip are family so they don't keep secrets from each other. Deimos remarks about paternity tests. Philip comments on Deimos not being the father anyway. Deimos says his concern is Titan since the DiMeras are coming after them so he will forgive and forget. Deimos asks if Philip will do the same or if he will continue to pine after Chloe. Philip tells him that nothing is more important to him than the continued success of his father's company. Nicole tells Philip they aren't done talking about this but Philip exits the room. Nicole asks if Deimos always has to start a fight. Deimos feels Philip got off easy after what he did to him. Outside the room, Philip calls Chloe and leaves a message, telling her that Nicole really cares about her and her baby so maybe it's time to tell her that she and Daniel are the parents.

Brady warns Guillermo and tosses him out of the room. Brady questions what is happening to Theresa. Theresa mocks him and takes a drink. Brady says he's going to take her to rehab but she pulls away, arguing that he can't making her. Brady questions what she's trying to do here. Theresa argues that he's not her husband so he has no legal right. Theresa yells at him to stop and asks when he will just give up on her already. Brady responds that he's not giving up because he loves her. Brady threatens to take her son away if she doesn't get clean. Theresa tells him to go ahead because she's better off without him.

Gabi tells Dario that her relationship with JJ has nothing to do with him and is none of his business. Dario asks what he did and suggests being more forgiving if things are good between them. Gabi reveals that JJ slept with another woman so Dario states now he'll have to kill him.

Chad questions if JJ expects him to say he understands why he cheated on Gabi because he doesn't. JJ isn't sure he understands. Chad asks how he could just throw away what he had with Gabi and if he knows how lucky he was. JJ says he lost his mind when he lost his sister and never felt that pain before. Chad tells him not to talk about the pain of losing someone to him. JJ says he's not comparing but he hates what he did and would do anything to take it back. Chad says everybody grieves in their own way and he knows JJ would never set out to hurt Gabi. JJ says it's the last thing he set out to do and he believes they can make it past this if she lets him try. JJ wants Chad to talk to her but he doesn't know what to say. JJ asks Chad to tell Gabi that he made a terrible mistake, he misses her and he wants a second chance. Chad responds that he can't do that.

Jennifer tells herself to pull herself together because Hope needs her. Jennifer then hears a noise behind her and asks if someone is there. Jennifer decides she needs to get some air and stop talking to herself. Jennifer goes to open the door and is shocked to see Abigail at the door. Abigail greets her as Jennifer then faints.

Blanca walks past the Pub where she comes across Guillermo. She questions what he is doing back in town. He tells her that he's just helping a friend. Blanca tells him that she's done with all that and can't be around a guy like him ever again in her life so she walks away.

Gabi regrets telling Dario. Blanca stops around the corner and listens in as Gabi tells Dario that he can't just go and kill him. Dario says he will hurt him really bad then. Gabi questions how that would make things better. Dario says it would make him feel better and JJ would learn he can't treat her that way. Gabi warns that he would get arrested. Dario says he knows guys who could do it and argues that JJ needs to be taught a lesson. Gabi shouts that she doesn't want that. Gabi says she's sick because of what JJ did to her but he can't go around beating people up. Gabi shouts that is his way but not hers. Gabi rushes off as Blanca comes around the corner and tells Dario to let her go or she'll run away too. Dario tries to explain but Blanca says she knows too many people like him that want to beat people up and that's why she can't be around him anymore. Blanca walks off so Dario chases after her.

Theresa tells Brady that the loving mother thing was an act. Brady argues that he knows she loves Tate. Brady argues that this isn't her and once she is clean she'll be fine. Theresa asks what it will take to get through to him. Brady says he can't live with her like this. Theresa tells him that she's not going to get clean, to rehab, or home. Theresa says it's time for her to hit the road with her bags packed. Brady questions if she's walking out on him and her son. Theresa says he will barely remember her and Brady can take care of him. Brady questions where she's doing. Theresa says she's open to suggestions. Brady tells her to go to Hell and storms out. Theresa tells herself that it's over.

Abigail wakes Jennifer up. Jennifer says she's dreaming or it's a ghost but Abigail assures her that she's here. Jennifer can't believe she's alive and hugs her as she cries. Jennifer questions how this could be and brings up the plane crash. Abigail informs her that she wasn't on the plane as Jennifer hugs her, still unable to believe she's here. Jennifer asks her what happened. Abigail explains that when she left, she was so messed up, confused, and scared. Abigail says she kept thinking about everything grandma went through all those years so she ran and then heard about the plane crash. Jennifer says they would've dedicated their lives to making her better if they could've helped her. Abigail knew what was happening and how it would end so she didn't want that for her, JJ, Chad, and Thomas. Abigail says she had to make Chad think she was gone forever. Jennifer asks if this means she is coming back to them and Chad.

Chad tells JJ that whatever happens between he and Gabi is up to her. Chad doesn't know if she will take him back but decides he can't be in the middle of it. JJ reminds him how it felt when he found out Abigail was gone. Chad calls that the worst thing to ever happen to him as he will never love anyone the way he loved Abigail but that was different as she was taken from him and he didn't get drunk and sleep with another woman. Chad says at first, he didn't know how to move on but knew he had to for Thomas. Chad realized holding onto something forever risks losing everything. JJ feels he already has lost everything. Gabi arrives to see Chad but stops and questions what JJ is doing here. JJ says he just came to talk to Chad. Gabi questions if he's trying to get on his good side. JJ tries to explain but Gabi says she doesn't want to see his face and asks him to get out. JJ apologizes and then exits the mansion.

Shane and Kimberly sit together in the Pub as Theresa comes in. Shane asks if she told Brady she was leaving. Theresa confirms she did so in the worst way possible to hurt him the most. Theresa explains how she was there with a guy and drugs but nothing happened. Theresa says the things she had to say to Brady were so horrible. Shane understands she had to make Brady believe she didn't love him anymore. Theresa adds that she had to say she didn't like being Tate's mother and had to pretend she never loved him or else Brady would never give up. Shane calls it the most selfless thing. Theresa feels it was awful. Kimberly argues that she will make it right one day by finding the evidence on Mateo and coming home to them. Theresa argues that she didn't see how hurt Brady was so she asks what if there will be nothing to come home to.

Abigail looks at a photo of Jack at home. Jennifer brings her tea and they sit together. Jennifer still can't believe she's here. Jennifer wants Abigail to tell her everything that happened. Abigail says everything in her head was so jumbled and all she could think about was disappearing from the world so she felt she had to get away from Chad and Thomas so she didn't hurt them. Abigail adds that a miracle happened and she met someone that believed she could get better then got the right treatment and medication so she could start thinking clearly again. Abigail explains that she spent that time avoiding Salem and the people she loved then she started thinking clearly and turned on the news where she heard about the prison break which scared her. Abigail mentions hearing that JJ was shot. Jennifer admits it was scary and she thought she was going to lose him too. Abigail says she knew she had to come back to make sure they were okay. Jennifer hears the door and gets up excited to tell JJ the news but Abigail stops her and says he can't see her.

Deimos finishes a phone call, instructing someone to pay off the customs agent so no one gets caught. Nicole comes in as he finishes. Deimos claims he was ordering a pizza but Nicole heard him. Nicole feels she has seen the best and worst of him but she's still here. Deimos calls her a gift. Nicole asks him about the business talk. Deimos promises he's finished and will spend the rest of the time making sure she knows how special she is to him. Nicole says she is just going on a business trip. Deimos kisses her. Nicole then tells him that she needs a favor as Theresa is falling apart and is back on drugs. Nicole doesn't want to go to Paris but has to meet with these designers. Deimos agrees to keep an eye on Brady and asks what he can do. Philip listens in from behind the door. Nicole tells Deimos to keep Brady busy with Titan as she's not sure Theresa can be saved. Deimos talks about Brady really impressing him at Titan. Deimos remarks that he used to think Philip was the heir apparent but it's becoming clearer to him that Brady is much more suited for the job. Nicole agrees that he's earned it. Philip steps away from the door after hearing that and calls Chloe back, telling her to forget his last message because as long as Nicole is with Deimos, she can't be trusted with the truth about the baby or anything.

After Deimos and Nicole have sex in bed, Deimos continues kissing her as Nicole says she has to go on her business trip. Deimos tells her that he loves her. Nicole wishes she could say it back but she's rushed in before and made herself vulnerable. Deimos understands she's been hurt and assures that he would never hurt her. Nicole wants to believe him as he means so much to her but she just has to wait until she's ready. Deimos tells her not to be sorry and that he's happy she isn't ready to say it as it gives him something to work towards. They kiss as Nicole says she has to get her flight then decides she can catch the next one so they stay in bed together.

Abigail hides behind a chair as JJ comes in to the living room to talk to Jennifer. JJ notes Jennifer pacing nervously and asks if something is wrong. Jennifer claims she's just upset about Hope. JJ explains that he went to see Chad to see if he could help him out with Gabi, feeling it was his only hope. JJ mentions that Chad and Gabi have gotten tight while she's worked for him but Chad refused to help her. JJ talks about thinking Chad could sympathize with him. Jennifer asks if Chad asked about Abigail. JJ says that Chad says he misses her but that he had to let her go for Thomas's sake. Jennifer says she still thinks of Chad as family. JJ thought that's why he could help him with this but figures Gabi is more important to him.

Chad apologizes to Gabi for JJ showing up like that. Gabi questions if JJ told Chad everything and expected him to help. Chad says he wants to fix things and points out that JJ may have thrown away the best thing to ever happen to him. Gabi asks what Chad told JJ. Chad says they are both his friends so only they can work it out or not. Chad asks Gabi if she still loves JJ. Gabi thought he loved her too but has a nice way of showing it. Chad asks if she will give him another shot. Gabi doesn't know and wishes she could delete him from her brain and heart like she did from her phone. Chad understands it's not easy. Gabi says JJ is going to be around all the time and she can't see him without thinking of some other woman in his arms. Chad tells her he's sorry as Gabi hugs him.

Shane sits with Theresa in the Pub, telling her that he's been involved in some of the most dangerous and complex operations with the ISA but nothing was ever harder than the sacrifices he had to make to keep his family safe. Shane says saying goodbye before he went undercover was Hell. Theresa asks how he got through it. Shane says the first few times, he tried to completely shut Kimberly out of his mind but that didn't work. Shane learned to hold on and tells Theresa to create a place for Brady and Tate where Mateo can't touch them. Shane encourages her to do her job, play her part, and keep the faith that some day she'll come home to the people she loves. Theresa asks what if there is nothing left to hold on to and nothing to come home to.

Jennifer encourages JJ that Gabi just needs time to cool off. Jennifer thinks they can build on telling the truth. JJ hopes she's right and goes to take a shower. JJ asks if someone else was there before he came in as he notices the glass of tea on the table. Jennifer claims she was writing about Hope and went to get a cup of tea then realized she already had one. JJ decides he'll finish the other one. JJ notes honey in the tea which is how Abigail liked it as he exits the room. Jennifer goes to Abigail and questions why she made him do that. Abigail asks about JJ cheating on Gabi. Jennifer explains that he was in Miami searching for her. Abigail feels she has caused so much trouble. Jennifer tells her that she can make it better and asks if she wants to see JJ, Chad, and Thomas so they can know she's alive. Abigail decides she can't right now and needs to go. Jennifer stops her and refuses to lose her again. Jennifer says she'll keep her secret as long as she doesn't walk out the door. Jennifer asks her what is wrong. Abigail cries that she knew life would move on without her which she thought she wanted but now that she's here and seeing how Chad has moved on, it's a lot harder than she imagined. Jennifer hugs her and tells her it's okay as Abigail says she's sorry.

Gabi doesn't get what she did wrong or why she's not enough. Chad tells her not to say that as this is not her fault. Chad tells her that JJ was grieving and he doesn't know why he would do this. Gabi doesn't know how to stop feeling like this. Chad encourages that she will. Chad tells her she has a lot going for her. Chad praises her as smart, strong, loyal, passionate, and insanely beautiful. Chad adds that any man would be lucky to have her as they get close until Gabi says she has to go and rushes out of the room.

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