Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/16/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/16/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa is gathering her things to leave the hospital when Shane enters. Theresa tells him that she's ready. Shane says for awhile he wasn't sure she would be walking out of the hospital as he hugs her. Theresa apologizes and says she was hopeless as Brady's love is stronger than she ever imagined but he has to let go. Shane says he will help her in any way he can. Theresa assures him that she has to do this. Theresa says she just lost her way but she knows what she has to do and she will never be weak again.

Brady is on the phone with Anne, arguing about Theresa not being there for Tate. Brady tells her to let him know if she hears anything as he hangs up. Brady looks at a photo of him, Theresa, and Tate as Nicole enters the living room and asks if he's okay. Brady says that Theresa said she loved he and Tate but now he doesn't even know her at all.

Justin continues speaking in court. Justin doesn't want to diminish the murder but wants everyone to know that Hope was protecting herself and her family from a man who was a threat to her life. Justin talks about Hope's children being in danger and her husband tortured. Justin asks what anyone would do when the monster in front of you owns it and laughs in delight. Justin argues that focusing only on the day of the murder ignores everything that led up to it. Justin says Stefano and Hope had a long, complicated, and extremely violent history that must be taken into account. Justin presents a folder as exhibit A to be the case against Stefano. Melinda objects, refusing to put Stefano on trial here. Justin argues that he never had the chance because Stefano always avoided trial. The judge overrules and asks Justin to present his folder. Justin says it is 13 witness accounts of when Stefano kidnapped and tortured Hope, leading these people to believe she was dead as he laughed at them. Melinda questions him. Justin continues that it also includes Stefano bribing various officials to have his charges dropped. Justin calls it amazing who can be bought and sold when the price is right. Melinda objects to the use of that file but the judge says she will examine all contents before making her ruling. Justin thanks her. Justin adds that the law states an individual can use deadly force in self defense if it is preventing another from doing the same thing. Justin brings up the history of violence against Hope from Stefano and asks how she could believe he wouldn't inflict the same torture of the past. Justin brings up two evaluations of Hope's mental state which Melinda calls irrelevant but the judge allows it. Justin argues that these show Hope's mental state to prove she reacted from years of torture. Justin adds that Hope was clearly not in control of her actions at the time of the shooting. Justin concludes that this was not a case of premeditated murder or in an act of vengeance but a reaction of a woman who felt threatened. Justin asks for Hope to tell in her own words what she remembers from the day which the judge allows so Justin calls Hope to the stand.

Theresa tells Shane that she needs to thank Kayla for saving her life and making sure Brady never found out. Shane reminds her that Victor was the one who found her unconscious. Theresa acknowledges Victor stepping up and being sympathetic to her cause without judging her. Theresa says Victor now saved her life. Shane worries about Mateo so he will have a man guard her as soon as she leaves so they don't take chances. Theresa knows Mateo is getting impatient so she will need to speed up breaking up with Brady. Shane is sorry she has to go through this. Theresa remarks that old sins cast long shadows. Theresa says she set this all in motion a long time ago so she has to see it play out. Shane talks about putting himself in danger but worries about her. Theresa feels she doesn't have a choice and insists she can do this. Theresa promises no more drugs or desperate hopelessness. Theresa says love will be her motivation and strength as they hug.

Brady tells Nicole about Theresa pushing him away on purpose but he can't understand why as a couple weeks ago she was telling him how happy she was. Nicole relates to always screwing up when she gets close to really happy and suggests maybe Theresa is doing that. Nicole assures that it's not that Theresa stopped loving him but she might not trust that love yet. Brady argues it doesn't make sense because she claimed she had been feeling this way for a long time. Brady talks about Theresa saying she was stoned when they said their vows. Nicole thinks Brady would've saw that. Brady guesses he didn't want to see it. Nicole says she's sorry. Tate wakes up crying so Nicole goes to check on him. Brady talks about how Theresa used to be with Tate but now she's been avoiding him. Brady thought motherhood changed Theresa but wonders if she feels trapped. Brady wants to know why and what triggered this.

Hope takes the stand in court and says the details of that day are not very clear to her. Hope remembers going to the DiMera Mansion to confront Stefano as she wanted him to confess to kidnapping and torturing Bo. Hope argued that all the evidence pointed to him and she was so convinced that he was behind all of it. Hope mentions that Stefano had done the same thing to her. Melinda objects that it is irrelevant but the judge allows Hope to continue. Hope says she did not go to the mansion with intent to kill but in search of answers. Hope does not remember pulling the trigger but she did. Hope declares she will never forgive herself for what she did as she is responsible for what happened and will carry it for the rest of her life. The judge allows Hope to step down. Melinda then calls Andre and Chad in to the court room. Theo enters as well and takes a seat next to Ciara.

Brady calls Kimberly, leaving a message that things with Theresa are escalating since she did not come home last night. Brady asks her to call if she has any idea where she is. Nicole offers to stay with Tate and take him to the park which Brady agrees to. Nicole guesses he's going to look for Theresa. Brady says when he finds her, they will settle this once and for all as he exits.

Theresa is outside with Shane as she is on the phone with Mateo. Theresa says she isn't stalling, it's just taking longer than she thought to break up with Brady. Mateo offers to get involved but Theresa says she will get through to Brady. Mateo says he knows something she can do to make Brady hate her and never want her back.

Andre takes the stand and talks about going to extreme measures to bring the true identity of his father's killer to light. Andre says when that turned out to be one of Salem's finest, he couldn't help but think all his work could have been hurt by an opposing force in the police department. Hope whispers to Justin about Rafe and Roman but Justin assures that Andre is just toying with them. Andre declares he will not make any request for the punishment as he has faith in the court and the law that justice will finally be served fairly. Andre steps down and Chad takes the stand next.

Theresa returns home and looks at the photo of her, Brady, and Tate that Brady was looking at earlier. Theresa gets a call from Guillermo. Theresa says Mateo told her to expect his call. Guillermo says when his boss asks, he doesn't ask questions. He asks where Theresa wants to meet. She tells him Room 514 at the Salem Inn so he heads that way. Theresa then exits the Kiriakis Mansion.

Chad says there is no denying that Stefano should've faced trial many times but this is not one of those times. Chad says Stefano and Hope are not on trial today. Chad says that Hope already admitted to shooting Stefano and since there is no question that she is guilty, he only asks that she is held accountable for her actions. Chad is aware that there was no love lost between Stefano and the citizens of Salem but when Hope took Stefano's life, love was lost in his love for his family. Chad hoped that love would inspire Stefano to become a better man some day like Thomas has changed him. Chad says Hope's actions robbed them of that chance. Chad says Hope went in to the home where his son now lives and murdered his father. Chad questions if because of Stefano's past sins, everyone will expect Hope to get off easy despite the fact that Stefano was unarmed and frail. Chad states that the only visible threat was the memory of what he had done in the past. Chad tells Hope that he married in to her family so she is his family but declares that he can't sit back and watch silently as she gets away with what she has done. Chad asks that the court renders the appropriate punishment for the murder of Stefano and says he trusts and will be satisfied with whatever the court decides. The judge calls for deliberation of the court. Hope's family reaches out to her as she is escorted out.

Rafe joins Hope in the interrogation room at the police station and hugs her.

Brady comes home looking for Theresa. He calls Nicole and starts to leave a message but then finds the note Theresa left, listing the Salem Inn Room 514 so he takes it and storms out.

Adrienne approaches Justin in the court and tells him he was brilliant. Justin hopes it was enough. Melinda interrupts, arguing there is no way that the judge will buy it. Steve intervenes, arguing that any of them could have shot Stefano and Hope deserves a medal for ridding them of their misery. Kayla calms Steve down. Andre tells Chad that he did really well and Stefano would've been proud of him. Andre steps away on a call. Jennifer approaches Chad and tells him that what he said about family is never going to change so she will be there for him.

Andre exits the court, on the phone with Laura. Andre tells her that Abigail is in Salem and he doesn't intend to tell Chad. Andre hangs up as Jennifer comes out. Andre says he's all talked out after court but Jennifer says it's about Abigail. Jennifer feels Abigail would feel caught in the middle like she does now. Jennifer says Hope has all their family while Abigail would not want Chad to feel alone. Andre agrees that Chad should not be alone so they head back inside. It is announced that the judge has her ruling. Julie asks Justin if not taking long is a good sign. Justin wishes he knew.

Rafe re-enters the interrogation room to tell Hope that the judge is on her way back in. Rafe insists that he doesn't have any problem confessing to what he did so she doesn't have to go through this alone. Hope says she's not alone and hasn't been through any of it because he's been right by her side the whole time. Hope tells him that she loves him and they kiss as they then exit to get back to the court.

Brady goes to Room 514 of the Salem Inn and knocks on the door. He hears Theresa's laughter inside and demands she open the door. Guillermo opens the door with his shirt off as Brady rushes in to find Theresa laying in bed with cocaine.

Hope returns to the court room as the judge returns to her seat. She has Hope remain standing. She sees no cause for special circumstance in this case so the death penalty will remain off the table. She declares with regard to the murder charge, she reviewed the psychiatric reports on Hope's mental state and agrees that premeditation was not involved in the shooting. She then sentences Hope to the maximum sentence for second degree murder, 25 years in a maximum security facility with no possibility for parole. Hope's family screams in outrage as the judge calls for order in the court. Hope looks back sadly to Rafe and her family.

Guillermo asks if Brady came to join the party. Brady tells him to shut up. Theresa tells him not to be rude to her friend who she just met but can tell he knows how to have a good time. Brady pins Guillermo against the wall.

Hope's family continues screaming in court. Chad and Andre exit. Rafe screams that this is not justice and questions how the judge can deny her parole. Roman stops Rafe and says this is not good for the case. Rafe questions what case and argues that the judge just went for the chance to take Hope down. The judge closes the case. Justin tells Hope that he's so sorry as Hope is handcuffed. Rafe tells Hope that it will be okay. Hope tells him to take care of Ciara for her. Ciara says she won't let them take her. Hope tries to insist she will be okay and they will get through this. Ciara hugs Hope, just wanting her to come home. Hope is escorted away as Justin hugs Ciara while she cries. Ciara then rushes out of the court room so Julie chases after her. Adrienne tells Justin that she's so sorry. Steve shouts that they have to fight this and file an appeal. Shawn says they have to find a way to turn this around. Justin says if there is a way, he will find it. Rafe declares it is not going to end this way as Shawn agrees.

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