Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate finishes a call as she answers the door to Eduardo arriving. Kate blames him for making her hang up her phone call. Eduardo apologizes and gives her a rose.

Dario and Blanca walk through the town square together, talking about repairing the club and then they kiss.

Kayla walks out of the town square finishing a call as Steve joins her and asks about Theresa. Kayla says she's out of danger, awake, and feeling a little better. Steve mentions being on the phone with John but they haven't come up with anything yet. Steve says no matter what happens today, nobody is giving up on Hope. Kayla hopes that Justin can get the death penalty off the table. Steve wanted her out of prison altogether. Kayla worries that Hope was almost killed the last time she was in prison.

Rafe joins Hope in the interrogation room, reminding her to eat. Rafe tells her that Andre came through so the DA will drop the charges about framing and fraud. Hope says she still has the one charge that could get her the death sentence. Rafe encourages that Justin will get it thrown out and then he will work on reducing her prison sentence. Hope thinks there is only so much he can do since she killed a man. Rafe points out the circumstances and continues to insist that Justin won't give up on her. Her son Shawn then arrives and says neither is he, exciting Hope as she hugs him.

Julie and Doug talk at home about how good Justin is in court. Doug says it won't matter if the judge is in the DiMeras pockets. Julie talks about being optimistic for Ciara. Doug still has his doubts. Julie doesn't believe God would let Stefano win. Ciara comes in and hopes she's right about that as Julie hugs her.

At the police station, Roman and Justin talk about the charges that were dropped. Roman questions how he got Andre to drop the charges. Justin thinks Andre knew going after the whole department would be over reaching. Justin is sure that Andre won't go back on his word. Roman asks about Hope's chances. Justin says he's cautiously optimistic. Justin says he will contest that Hope was a victim too and he will hit it hard.

Hope tells Shawn that he didn't have to come but Shawn says she would do the same for him. Hope didn't want him to know that she murdered a man. Shawn understands Stefano was an animal so he doesn't think she did anything wrong after all the torture he did to their family. Shawn feels anyone would've done the same thing. Hope is glad he feels that way. Shawn encourages that Justin will make sure the judge sees things clearly. Hope doesn't know what will happen today but she's glad he is here.

Kate asks Eduardo what he's doing here. Eduardo responds that he is courting her. Kate says she has work to do. Eduardo wants her to come out for a drink with him.

Roman goes to the Pub to see Marlena. Marlena tells him about Caroline believing everything is in God's hands. Marlena says she is getting ready to go to the courthouse as she has been asked to file a report on Hope's mental state at the time of the shooting. Marlena talks about Hope snapping from Stefano's torture. Roman guarantees Stefano was pushing her buttons. Marlena guesses Stefano didn't realize how close to the edge Hope was. Roman can't believe nobody killed him before. Roman says he had been close and Marlena notes that she shot him before. Roman wishes this is the one time Stefano would come back from the dead. Roman says he will see her there as he exits.

Adrienne and Jennifer sit together in the town square. Adrienne asks if she's sure she is ready to go to the court. Jennifer says she is a reporter and it's her job so she wants to make sure the story is told right. Adrienne knows it will be tough. Jennifer says she has to get going. Adrienne says she has to make some calls about her wedding and will see her there. Jennifer argues that it's her wedding day so all the attention should be on her. Adrienne knows everyone will be worried about Hope. Adrienne says for her and Lucas, it's about the life they are going to have together. Jennifer comments on how lucky her brother is as she doesn't think Lucas has ever been with a woman so kind and loving. Adrienne assures that Lucas treats her very well. Adrienne states that Lucas is perfect for her in every way. They hug as Jennifer exits. Adrienne calls Lucas and leaves a message for him to double check on the flowers for the wedding as she will have her phone off in court. Justin appears. Adrienne asks how he's doing. Justin says he's fine and always wants to look like he's going to win. Justin thinks Hope has a good chance. Adrienne knows she has the best lawyer. Justin thanks her. Adrienne says even after everything, she is still very proud of him and is grateful he's doing this for Hope. Justin says if he was nervous, he wouldn't be now thanks to her vote of confidence. Justin invites her to walk to court together so they walk off.

Shawn tells Hope that he and Belle decided it would be best if he stayed for awhile for Ciara and Claire. Hope doesn't want him putting his life on hold for her. Rafe tells her to just focus on getting through today.

Dario and Blanca sit together in the town square. She comments on him getting her coffee exactly how she likes it. Dario says he remembers her order from the club. Dario asks if something is bothering her. Blanca wonders if they aren't going too fast. Dario says no and asks what is bothering her. Blanca says it was very nice that he stood up to Guillermo but after a guy like that, she really wants to take her time. Dario says they can take things slow as he's not looking to settle down and is still figuring out his new business with Eduardo. Blanca questions what he means by new business as Dario thinks back to Eduardo explaining things to him. Dario tells her that Eduardo is just thinking about expanding the club. Eduardo and Kate appear. Eduardo says he knew with Dario on board, the sky would be the limit.

Doug and Julie arrive to the court with Ciara. Doug goes inside with Ciara while Julie stops to talk to Jennifer. Julie asks Jennifer if there is any way Hope can avoid the death penalty. Jennifer argues that Hope confessing shows remorse so the judge has the power but also has ties to the DiMeras. Jennifer encourages that Justin will work every angle. Adrienne arrives and agrees that Hope could not have a better lawyer. Adrienne heads inside. Julie remarks about Adrienne praising Justin when she's marrying someone else today. Jennifer hopes she's right as Hope's future is in Justin's hands.

Rafe asks Hope if she's ready to go. Hope feels she doesn't have much choice. Rafe says he's sorry. Hope knows he did everything he could to help but Rafe feels he didn't do anything to stop her. Hope says he did everything he could as she took matters in to her own hands. Hope declares that Stefano won even if she doesn't get the death penalty. A cop enters and tells Hope that it's time.

Justin enters court and DA Melinda Trask how he feels being back on this side of the room. Justin says last time they met, his client went free. She says not this time as she walks away. Adrienne encourages Justin as she takes her seat next to Jennifer. Jennifer is glad they worked things out. Adrienne agrees that Justin doesn't need any distractions. Adrienne says she's the only one who knows how Justin feels when he loses and doesn't save the day.

Dario and Blanca greet Eduardo and Kate. Dario invites them to join them but Kate says they will get their own table to not disturb them. Kate gets a call and steps away. Eduardo thinks it'd be nice if they did join them. Blanca is unsure about Kate. Eduardo understands she's protective of Adriana but says they didn't work out because he wasn't the man she thought he was.

Roman and Shawn arrive at court. Shawn greets Julie, who is glad he's there. Shawn says there is nowhere else he'd be. Doug asks how Hope is. Shawn says she's the same and checks on Ciara. Hope is escorted in to court and takes her seat next to Justin as Ciara and Shawn reach out. Rafe then arrives in court as well. Justin encourages Hope to focus. Judge Fitzpatrick begins the trial.

Blanca apologizes to Eduardo for being unfair but Eduardo understands. Blanca gets a call from the hospital and steps away to answer. Dario thanks Eduardo for trying to smooth things over with Blanca. Eduardo likes that she is loyal. Eduardo asks if they are serious. Dario doesn't know and brings up her ex boyfriend being a jerk so she wants to take things slow. Dario asks about Eduardo and Kate. Eduardo says they are becoming friends and he's never met anyone like her. Eduardo praises Kate so Dario asks how he thinks she will react when she finds out what they are really doing at the club. Dario thinks that will be a problem since she's a DiMera lover. Eduardo says she won't find out what they are doing as it will be kept strictly between them as Blanca returns to the table. Blanca says she has to get to the hospital. Eduardo says it was good to see her again. Kate asks what she missed. Blanca walks off so Dario rushes up to catch up to her. Blanca remarks that if Eduardo is keeping a secret from Kate, she can only imagine he's keeping something from her too.

The judge asks Hope if she has confessed to the murder of Stefano which she confirms. The judge says Hope waived her right to a trial so they go right to the sentencing. The judge announces that the court agrees with the prosecution that Hope is eligible for the death penalty, however she will not rule until hearing from both sides. Melinda Trask speaks first about how Hope is a well respected citizen and member of the police department to most people but she has a darker side that allowed her to abuse and break laws. Melinda declares that Hope committed premeditated murder and had every intention of getting away with it but she didn't so today is her call to judgment.

Kate asks Eduardo what happened. Eduardo says he will let Dario sort it out. Kate comments on not interfering as she has learned her lesson with her kids. Kate says that is why she won't stop Adrienne from marrying Lucas. Kate admits she's lousy with restraint. Eduardo orders more drinks.

Dario questions what makes Blanca think he's keeping something from her. Blanca says she heard Eduardo say he's keeping something from Kate. Blanca doesn't care if she's overreacting. Blanca says she is so tired of secrets so if he and Eduardo are involved in something shady, she doesn't want any part of it. Dario stops her and says he will tell her the truth.

Justin objects to Melinda testifying but the judge overrules being in the sentencing phase. Roman and Shawn comment to each other. Melinda continues that Hope shot Stefano repeatedly and then covered up the murder, hid the body, and framed another person. Justin objects, wanting Melinda to stay on point towards the one charge. Melinda withdraws and the judge orders her to watch herself. Melinda understands Hope's charity work and all the wonderful things she had done in the past but argues that Stefano was still a human with a life Hope took an oath to protect but Hope didn't consider that when she murdered him in cold blood. She urges the court to call for death by lethal injection for Hope, causing everyone to worry.

Kate asks if Eduardo planned this. Eduardo says that is clear since he went to where she lived and asked her out to lunch. Kate says she meant bumping in to Dario and Blanca. Eduardo asks why he would do that. Kate suggests he may want her to get to know Dario better. Eduardo admits he took advantage of the situation and thought she should get to know Dario a little better like she knows Rafe and Gabi. Eduardo thinks when serious about someone, you introduce them to family. Eduardo states that he is serious.

Dario informs Blanca that Eduardo is keeping something from Kate but claims it's nothing shady and they are just using one of Kate's competitors to expand the club. Dario says it's between Eduardo and Kate and has nothing to do with them. Blanca apologizes and brings up Guillermo. Dario understands and assures her that he's not like that as he kisses her.

After Melinda finishes, Justin takes the stand. Justin looks to Adrienne, who nods approvingly. Justin says it is a fact that Hope confessed to shooting Stefano but they will determine if Hope committed first degree murder. Justin wants them to understand that the shooting was a not a choice or a premeditated attack as she had an absence of thought. Justin calls it a culmination of years of torture and abuse. Justin wants the court to understand that the real victim isn't Stefano DiMera but Hope Brady.

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