Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope is escorted in to the police station by one of the female officers, who says they don't blame her for killing Stefano and have heard the rumors that the department would've taken a hit if she didn't confess. She sends Hope in to the interrogation room where Rafe is waiting. Hope and Rafe then kiss.

Gabi can't believe JJ cheated on her. JJ tells her that he loves her and just had to tell her to be honest. JJ asks her to let him try to explain.

The woman holding Thomas's stuffed animal approaches him in the DiMera Mansion living room as the door prepares to be opened.

Victor finds Theresa in her bed at the Kiriakis mansion, passed out and foaming at the mouth so he tries to wake her up.

Hope asks Rafe what's going on. Rafe tells her that everyone knows how big the stakes are tomorrow. Hope worries about Andre but Rafe says he is just making sure she is okay. Justin enters. Hope asks him what he's doing here so late. Justin informs her that he's been with the DA working on a last minute deal.

Andre enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion, startling the woman who turns out to be Abigail. Abigail says he scared her but she wanted to see her son. Andre talks about how he and Laura worrying about her then questions what her plan is. Chad calls out for Andre causing them to worry.

Hope asks Justin what he means by a deal since she plead guilty and is going to prison. Justin says not necessarily if the DA asks for something else. Justin explains that he already has two of the charges off the table. Hope points out that the judge still decides. Justin informs them that they drew Judge Fitzpatrick which Rafe can't believe as she is on the DiMera payroll. Justin insists that he will go after her if she doesn't play nice. Justin assures that they don't have to worry about the judge.

Andre checks on Thomas as Abigail is gone when Chad comes in and questions who he was talking to. Andre claims he was just talking to Thomas. Chad reminds him that he doesn't live here so he can't just show up unannounced. Andre says it won't happen again and that he came to see him about business deals. Chad tells him to text him next time. Chad mentions having to take Thomas upstairs before he continues working. Andre suggests letting him take care of Thomas while Chad goes ahead. Chad is reluctant but agrees and exits, leaving Andre relieved.

Gabi tells JJ to explain. JJ explains about Abigail disappearing in Florida. Gabi says she knows about that but questions why he cheated on her. JJ continues talking about losing his sister and having to inform his mom. JJ felt like he was drowning and couldn't breathe. JJ says he had drinks and then his memory cuts off so he doesn't remember anything else.

Victor continues trying to wake Theresa up and checks her pulse then calls Kayla, who is at the hospital. Victor informs her that Theresa has overdosed and he doesn't know how much time she has. Kayla responds that she is on her way and rushes out of the hospital as Victor keeps trying to wake Theresa up.

Andre brings Abigail out from hiding in the tunnels of the DiMera Mansion. Abigail worried that he would tell Chad she was there but she doesn't want him to know. Andre knows Chad would have too many questions like how she's still alive. Andre thought he and Laura warned her not to come back yet. Abigail argues that she had to see her son. Abigail talks about wanting to check on her family. Abigail knows he isn't happy she is here but hopes he won't tell anyone and they can still be friends.

Rafe returns to Hope in the interrogation room and tells her that Justin is back with the DA. Rafe says Justin is the only one who can do anything for her. Rafe assures that everyone in the station knows why she did what she did. Hope says all she needs right now is him and doesn't know what she would've done without him. Rafe tells her that he's not the only one in her corner right now as Jennifer arrives and hugs her, telling her it will be okay.

Gabi tells JJ that he is not making much sense and asks how he knows he cheated on her if the night is a blank. JJ explains that he woke up without clothes on in a messy room with a note left behind. JJ says he doesn't have any idea who the girl even was. JJ can only figure he met a woman in the bar. Gabi complains about JJ doing that and then coming back to have sex with her.

Kayla checks on Theresa and tells Victor that he should've let the EMTs inside. Kayla says she will do what she can to save Theresa's life and pray that she didn't get there too late.

JJ tells Gabi that he's disgusted with himself. Gabi questions him waiting until now to tell her. JJ says he wanted to tell her but he was so messed up and then Jennifer was a mess. JJ says he kept waiting and he knew how badly it would hurt her. JJ brings up cheating on Paige and how he didn't want to do that to her. JJ says all he can hope for is that somehow she will forgive him.

Rafe goes to get coffee to let Jennifer and Hope talk. Jennifer reminds her they are always there for her. Hope asks about Ciara. Jennifer says she's hanging in so she doesn't have to worry. Hope thanks her for everything. Jennifer says family is always first and last as they hug.

Andre tells Abigail that he has kept her secret all these months so he won't turn on her now. Abigail thanks him. Andre says he did her a favor. Abigail talks about how grateful she is for everything he and Laura have done. Abigail recalls breaking out of Shady Hills and coming to leave Chad her goodbye letter where she had asked Andre to help her disappear. Abigail talks about Andre linking her to the plane crash so Chad could move on which was perfect. Abigail says she just wanted to check on her family and mentions Thomas losing his stuffed animal in the town square so she had to return it. Andre calls her a wonderful mother. Abigail questions if she's well enough to show her face as she just wants to hold Thomas for a few minutes which Andre allows. Chad comes home finishing a phone call and prepares to head inside but the door is locked. Andre then lets him in and claims locking the door was just habit. Andre tells Chad that Thomas was fine. Andre says he has to get going. Chad thought he wanted to over a business deal but Andre says he decides it's nothing and exits, leaving Chad confused.

Gabi tells JJ that she still loves him but now wants to hate him. Gabi brings up JJ cheating on Paige and now her so he is a cheater and will never change. Gabi shouts that she never wants to see him again and storms out.

Kayla finishes pumping Theresa's stomach and comes downstairs to tell Victor that she thinks she will be okay. Victor explains that he will have his own EMTs check on her and they will sneak her in to the hospital. Kayla questions why the secrecy. Victor says no one can know this happened. Kayla asks if she can't even tell Kimberly. Victor says she can tell Kimberly and Shane but that's it. Kayla asks about Brady but Victor says no one else. Victor tells her she doesn't want to know and he can't tell her how important it is to keep this secret. Kayla decides her only responsibility is to keep Theresa alive but if this was a suicide attempt, she has to follow protocol. Victor thanks her and says if not for her, Theresa would've been dead.

Rafe and Justin return to Hope in the interrogation room. Justin says the DA didn't go well but it went better with Andre, who is convincing her to drop some of the charges. Justin declares Hope will be down to just the murder charge. Rafe asks if there's any chance of getting that reduced. Justin says it's possible but they will stick to pleading temporary insanity and PTSD. Justin says he will convince the judge that there is only so much a human can take. Justin wishes he could make a promise. Hope tells him that no one could've done what he's achieved. Rafe encourages her that there is a chance. Hope assures that she's good.

Jennifer comes home to JJ in the living room and asks what's wrong. JJ informs her that he told Gabi the whole story and she never wants to see him again. Jennifer says she's so sorry and hugs him. JJ says he is too and heads upstairs. Abigail peeks in through the window outside.

Kayla finishes a call at the hospital and then calls Kimberly, who remains at the Pub. Kayla says she needs to tell her something. Kayla informs her that Theresa is stable and is going to be fine but they had to admit her to the hospital for an apparent overodose. Kayla explains that they pumped her stomach and Victor found her in time so she should be fine. Kayla mentions thinking they are still in California but asks them to come visit. Kayla mentions Theresa needing help. Kimberly informs her about Brady's call yesterday so they are close to Salem and will be there soon. Kayla tells her to come to the hospital and just have her paged. Kimberly thanks her and hangs up. Kimberly informs Shane that Theresa overdosed as they hug. Kimberly calls it a nightmare and worries about what they have done as Shane tells her it will be okay and they hurry out of the Pub.

Chad goes over paper work at home then checks on Thomas and decides it's time to go upstairs to bed. Chad notices Thomas's stuffed animal and wonders where it came from but guesses it was there the whole time.

Abigail watches through the window as Jennifer sits down on the couch. Jennifer looks towards the window but Abigail is then gone.

Theresa wakes up in a hospital bed to see Kimberly and Shane at her side. They talk about being glad to see her awake and how she almost died. Theresa apologizes for not thinking. Shane tells her Kayla saved her and questions why she took all those drugs. Theresa calls it escape as she couldn't get Brady to stop loving her and trying to save her. Theresa declares there is no way out. Shane argues that they will help her find a way out. Theresa responds that it's all her fault because of the life she led and hooking up with Mateo. Theresa says she never listened to anybody and now she has to pay. Theresa tells them to promise to keep Brady and Tate safe by helping them walk away from her which they agree to do. Shane says they will make this work and that she has to promise to never try something like this again.

Rafe tells Hope to get some sleep. Hope talks about almost feeling hope when Justin talked about charges being dropped. Rafe encourages her not to give up as they have fought too hard and they can beat this together as he hugs her.

Andre sits at his chess table and declares tomorrow he will be the white knight to prove that Hope framed him and he will keep Rafe and Roman as her conspirators in his pocket. Andre states that Hope will face justice head on and the town will have a brand new villain but this time it will not be a DiMera.

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