Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady asks what Kimberly means by he needs to know the truth. Brady says it doesn't make any sense as Theresa is regressing. Brady asks Kimberly to please tell him if she knows something.

Theresa prays in church. Theresa cries about being unsure if her plan will work at all because Brady is too loving, forgiving, and patient. Theresa prays for guidance and strength. JJ appears and is surprised to see Theresa Donovan praying.

Chad and Gabi hug outside as Chad says he couldn't have done it without her. Gabi feels she didn't do that much but Chad disagrees. Gabi admits it was fun. Chad calls it invaluable and can't thank her enough. Gabi suggests he could do him a favor and jokes about him taking the pie that the Bushes gave her. Chad decides he has a better idea and walks on in to the town square where the woman holding Thomas's stuffed animal is nearby.

Brady tells Kimberly that he knows all about Theresa's history but insists that it's all different now as they changed. Brady says the last couple of months had been great. Kimberly responds that may be the problem and suggests blaming her self esteem. Brady argues that Theresa won't listen to him or see a therapist so he asks if Kimberly thinks she could get through to her.

JJ jokes with Theresa about her praying. Theresa questions him not taking it easy after getting shot. JJ says he was going crazy so he offered to take donations for Jennifer. JJ asks if she's okay as he notes she's been crying. Theresa doesn't want to talk about it and asks why he cares since they are not friends. JJ acknowledges their history and says they have both tried hard to find a new way since then. JJ compliments her relationship with Brady and Tate. Theresa says surfaces can be deceiving because she's still the same pathetic loser she always was. Theresa adds that eventually, all the horrible things she's done come back to haunt her and there is no escaping it. JJ asks if that's why she's so upset which she confirms. JJ asks who better to talk to about her screw ups then another member of the club. Theresa says she can't. JJ figured the least he could do is listen. Theresa says she has a hard time with someone being nice to her. JJ tells her that for what it's worth, he's really sorry.

Chad buys a bouquet of flowers in the town square as the girl in the shop calls him a young man in love and the woman nearby walks away.

Gabi texts JJ asking if she should come back or if he's too tired as the woman holding Thomas's stuffed animal peeks around the corner at her.

Joey and Claire eat together on the docks. Claire acknowledges Joey's phone going off and questions him not checking it. Joey says it's all from Jade and complains about her constant messages. Claire checks Joey's phone for him and lets him know that Jade wants him to come over. Joey feels like he's being cyber stalked. Claire asks what he's going to do. Joey decides he has to break up with her and can't keep putting it off. Claire offers to talk to Jade first to make it a little easier. Joey agrees if she thinks it will work and thanks her. Claire says anything for her cousin as Joey's phone goes off again.

Kimberly tells Brady that it won't be easy getting through to Theresa as she fears her past may become her future. Kimberly states that Theresa may never be able to change. Brady calls it the most pessimistic view and argues that she's wrong because Theresa has changed. Kimberly holds back tears as Brady brings up the years she lost with Theresa. Brady asks Kimberly to talk to Theresa so she agrees to do the best she can as they hang up. Victor comes in and asks Brady what Kimberly had to say. Brady says nothing that good as she was pretty pessimistic about everything. Victor asks if the situation has improved. Brady responds that it's gone from bad to worse. Brady adds that Kimberly will talk to Theresa and he hopes she can get through to her but Victor tells him not to hold his breath.

JJ tells Theresa that she's not alone as he's still making the same stupid mistakes he's made in the past. Theresa tells him not to be so hard on himself. Theresa hopes he's not still beating himself up over Eve and Paige. JJ says he's made new mistakes recently. Theresa wants him to tell her all about them to take her mind off her problems but JJ would rather not talk about it. Theresa decides that's fair. JJ then tells her that he has a great thing going on with Gabi but questions how to tell someone something that will hurt so badly. Theresa figures out his mistake but says she will leave it alone which JJ appreciates. JJ asks her what he should do. Theresa tells JJ that he has to tell Gabi and own up to his mistake because it will be so much worse if she hears it from somebody else. JJ agrees. Theresa says she's not one to give a lecture. Theresa cries about wishing she could be honest with Brady right now. JJ questions that she can't. Theresa begs JJ to tell Gabi the truth so he can move forward in his relationship as the only way to lead to freedom. JJ states that he wants that freedom more than anything else in the world. Theresa reminds him that no matter what horrible mistakes they made in the past, it doesn't mean they can't do the right thing now. Theresa cries that she really needs to be alone right now. JJ thanks her and apologizes for not being more of a help to her but he's glad he ran in to her because she helped him so much. Theresa hugs him and is glad she could help somebody. JJ then exits the church while Theresa breaks down crying.

Victor tells Brady that he's sorry for being insensitive and insists he wasn't putting Theresa down but he has bad history with Kimberly. Brady refuses to let Theresa destroy herself and says he wants to get all the booze out of the house. Victor informs him that the liquor was emptied every morning during the siege but claims that Henderson saw Theresa knocking back a few. Brady can't believe he didn't see it and knows Theresa can find alcohol where ever she wants. Victor is sorry he has to go through this. Brady questions Victor's look towards him and believes he knows more than he's saying. Victor asks what more either of them could know and calls Theresa a screwed up little bitch. Victor says he tries to be sensitive to his distress but he has to face the facts. Victor states that Theresa put on a very good show but that's all it is and now she is showing her true self so he has to deal with that. Brady responds that he's relieved that it isn't some type of conspiracy. Brady feels everyone has been acting strange around him like they know something he doesn't. Brady decides he needs to get out so he exits the mansion. Victor says to himself that Brady is not paranoid.

Claire catches up to Jade in the town square. Jade says she's looking for Joey. Claire says she was just with him. Jade is glad he hasn't fallen off the face of the earth. Claire knows how close they were which is why she thought they should talk. Jade wants Joey to respond to her texts. Claire argues that her texts have been too much and he doesn't want to respond to her. Jade questions what she's trying to tell her. Claire says that Joey needs to be taking care of himself right now so he's not looking for a serious relationship. Jade argues that it's none of her business and she's completely wrong because she and Joey are already a couple. Claire asks if she's sure about that. Claire thinks the relationship is in her head and suggests she slow things down for awhile and not be needy. Claire implies she's close to being a stalker. Jade tells her that she is completely misreading vibes. Jade knows it's early to start planning for the future. Jade brings up Joey telling her that Claire's grandparents met when they were their age. Claire says those relationships are rare and can't be forced. Jade responds that it's already happened. Jade declares that she and Joey are meant to be together.

Chad returns to Gabi with flowers. Gabi thanks him but says he didn't have to do this as she works for him. Chad feels she went far beyond the call of duty. Gabi is happy to help and tells him no more gifts. Chad puts a flower in her hair as the woman with Thomas's stuffed animal watches from behind.

Theresa goes to leave the church as Brady arrives.

The woman at the gate walks away as Gabi thanks Chad and calls him a sweet boss. Chad suggests maybe he's more than that as they get close.

Brady asks Theresa what she's doing in the church. Theresa questions if he was spying on her. Brady says he was going to Anne's to see if she was there but saw her car in the parking lot. Brady asks her again why she's here. Theresa claims she was looking for an AA leader to remind Brady what he can't change. Brady stops her and says he knows she is lying to him. Brady knows she was crying for help and tells her that whether she likes it or not, he is going to help her.

Claire tells Jade that she doesn't think she and Joey are on the same page. Jade argues that she couldn't be more wrong and accuses her of being jealous of not having a boyfriend. Claire denies it. Jade doesn't want to hear anymore and says she has to go plan her future as she walks away.

Theresa tells Brady that he can't help her because she doesn't want help. Brady says pushing him away is not going to work because he's not giving up on her. Theresa tries to leave but he stops her. Brady apologizes for not being there the way she's needed him to be as he loves her with all his heart. Theresa shouts that she doesn't want his white knight act that he does with every woman he's been with. Theresa says he can't help her so he can cross her off his damsels in distress list. Theresa yells that she needs space. Brady argues that she needs him as he will always love her so she needs to let him.

Chad thinks he and Gabi's relationship goes beyond employer and employee as they are good friends. Gabi agrees and adds that good friends have to be honest with one another. Gabi then gets a text back from JJ that he has to see her right away so Gabi exits and forgets to take her flowers that Chad bought her.

Claire returns to Joey and complains that it was like talking to a brick wall. Claire warns Joey that he will have to be loud and forceful or she won't get the message because she doesn't want to hear it. Joey thanks her for trying. Claire suggests getting it done sooner than later to get it over with. Claire tells him to let her know how it goes. Joey agrees to do so as he walks away.

Gabi goes to see JJ and says she got there as quick as she could. JJ tells her that he is okay physically then sits down with her. JJ says he's been wanting to tell her something that has been on his mind for awhile now and he doesn't know why he didn't say anything but it's really hard. JJ isn't sure where to start. Gabi says he's scaring her and asks what's going on.

Theresa tries to leave again but Brady stops her and asks her to listen to him. Brady brings up Theresa speaking of her love for he and Tate before as she holds back tears. Brady brings up being in church and wanting to get married. Brady tells her that he loves her so much. Theresa slaps him and runs out of the church.

Joey meets Jade outside the town square. She rushes up to hug him and says she was getting worried since he hasn't been answering her texts. Jade talks about missing him so much. Jade says she only wants to spend her time with him. Joey stops her and says he wants her to listen. Joey says they need to get something straight. Joey tells her that he's been thinking a lot about them and he just doesn't see it working out for them. Jade stops him and tells him not to say another word as she has something to tell him too. Joey wants to break up but Jade responds that he can't because she is pregnant!

Brady sits in front of the altar and cries about loving Theresa so much as he asks God what to do.

Theresa goes home and in to the bedroom in tears. Theresa pulls out a bottle of pills and takes them with a drink from a flask. Theresa then dumps out her purse and pours cocaine out onto a mirror.

JJ asks Gabi if she has any idea how much he loves her. Gabi says she knows. JJ says he would never want to hurt her and he's been such a screw up for years that he feels like the luckiest guy in the world to have her in his life. JJ says she made him feel amazing when he was down and when he lost Abigail, he lost it and was so far away. Gabi tells him it's okay and to slow down to take a breath. Gabi asks what JJ wants to tell her and what's going on. JJ informs her that he cannot lie to her any longer as it's not fair to her and she deserves the truth. JJ tells her that he's so sorry as he reveals he cheated on her.

Chad goes home and checks on Thomas then gets a call from Brad Bush so he steps out of the room to not wake Thomas. The woman with Thomas's stuffed animal then enters the living room of the mansion.

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