Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/10/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/10/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa remains crying in bed. Brady comes home calling out for her so she jumps up and wipes her tears then hides pills in her purse. Theresa gets back in bed and pretends to be just waking up. Brady hoped they could talk. Theresa says she just wants to sleep and questions if Brady is going to judge her. Brady asks where she was last night. Theresa claims she was out with friends hitting every bar. Brady says this isn't like her and he doesn't know what's going on so he doesn't get it. Theresa tells him she needs sleep. Brady tells her she needs to straighten up. Brady brings up going on a trip and says they can go where ever she wants. Theresa gets up and leaves the room to take a shower. Brady looks over at her purse an0d finds the bag of pills that Theresa planted.

Andre is on the phone with Laura, insisting they will find Abigail.

Chad walks through the town square with Thomas where one of Thomas's stuffed animals falls out of Chad's bag. A woman then walks up behind and picks it up.

Jennifer notes JJ not touching his lunch. JJ argues that he's not hungry and is in a terrible mood. Jennifer assures that he needs to rest and get his strength back. JJ hates what he did to Gabi but says he can't come clean after what he did to Paige. JJ hates himself for what he did. JJ refuses to rest as he's going crazy. Jennifer encourages him to talk to Gabi and believes she will forgive him. JJ says he can't forgive himself and goes to take a walk to get some air but Gabi and Sonny show up at the door to surprise him.

Theresa comes back to the bedroom and asks Brady to get her some coffee. Brady tells her they need to talk. Theresa looks through her purse. Brady asks if she's looking for the pills.

Theo goes to the hospital and tells Kayla he's there to take Abe home. Theo asks if Kayla is sure he will be alright which she confirms. Kayla mentions Dr. Valerie Grant is in with Abe now if he has any questions.

Abe is telling Valerie how everyone in the hospital has been great but he can't wait to get out of the place. Abe adds that she has been incredible. Valerie says she's just doing her job and adds that he will need to have regular checkups on his heart. Abe says he learned his lesson. Valerie mentions that his kids will really need him.

Theresa argues with Brady about the pills and insists she was having fun. Brady brings up how that kind of fun almost killed them. Brady says this is coming out of nowhere. Brady reminds her about Tate and says this is crossing a line.

Valerie tells Abe that she will need him to have one more cardiogram. Abe mentions that they haven't had a chance to catch up so he wants to take her out to dinner before she goes back to DC since she saved his life. Valerie says she would love to as Theo listens in from the door.

Gabi asks where JJ was going when the doctor said to rest. JJ says he was just going for a walk. Sonny and Gabi says they brought the party to him to celebrate JJ being out of the hospital and fine. Jennifer invites them in. Gabi comments that JJ seems to need to rest. Jennifer mentions he's going stir crazy so Sonny says that's why they are here. Sonny reveals a game box video game system from their childhood which JJ does get excited about playing. The doorbell rings and they talk about who is going to answer it. Gabi makes Sonny answer the door and Paul arrives. Sonny is surprised and invites him in. Sonny guesses Gabi did this. Paul goes in and greets Jennifer and JJ. Paul gets excited by the game box as well. Gabi makes JJ put on a hat they brought and takes a picture with him. The doorbell rings again so Gabi goes to answer as Chad arrives with Thomas.

Theresa questions Brady saying she crossed a line and tells him to wake up. Brady argues that it's the booze talking and this is not how Theresa is. Theresa says she's an actress but Brady says she can't fake how she has been with Tate. Theresa says she played mom for awhile but it gets old and boring. Theresa claims she was always taking the pills. Theresa tries to convince Brady to take one. Brady hoped this was one of her schemes but guesses it's not and can't understand it. Brady walks out as Theresa breaks down crying.

Theo goes in and greets Abe. Valerie asks if he's all set to take Abe home which he confirms. Abe suggests Theo thank Valerie but Theo feels she almost killed him. Abe says he owes her an apology but Valerie understands Theo is just being honest and has every right to be upset about her initial examination. Valerie doesn't ever plan to make a mistake like that again. Theo exits to go call Claire to let her know Abe is being released. Abe tells Valerie that he's sorry as he thought Theo would come around before she left. Valerie points out that she hasn't left yet so she has another chance to turn things around.

Andre says to Laura on the phone that Abigail asked him to fake her death so she wouldn't be a burden to Chad and Thomas. Andre doesn't want to talk about this any further and hangs up. Andre declares he will find her before she does something stupid.

Chad greets JJ and then gets excited about the game box as well. Paul says they can all play teams. Jennifer offers to feed Thomas so she takes him to the kitchen. Sonny asks Paul about his date with Derrick which he says would fine. JJ says he and Chad will play the video game against Sonny and Paul. They joke around and get ready to play as Gabi watches on.

Brady comes back to Theresa and tells her the pills are gone. Theresa says she can always buy more. Brady knows she's trying to push his buttons. Theresa tells him he can go to a meeting if he wants to talk about feelings. Theresa says she needs relief. Brady grabs her purse and dumps it out where he finds the necklace that Mateo gave her. Brady acknowledges not recognizing it and demands to know who gave it to her. Theresa claims she bought it. Brady tells her to take it back but she says she doesn't want to. Brady says he intends on keeping vows and refuses to give up on her because she acts this way. Theresa turns away and holds back tears. Brady needs her to tell him what she needs him to do. Theresa mocks him and their vows, claiming she was stoned out of her mind when they made the vows. Brady argues that she needs help as she then storms out.

Valerie goes to see Kayla to make sure she has all her paper work before she leaves. Kayla says it's all there and adds that she is so impressed and grateful for everything she did for Abe. Kayla is sorry to see her go and mentions an opening in cardiology. Valerie is flattered but says her life is in DC. Kayla notes Salem being less hectic which Valerie disagrees with due to the recent happenings. Valerie notices Kayla's ring and asks if she and Steve are back together. Kayla calls it the one good thing to come out of all of this. Valerie wishes them the best. Kayla thanks her and says to let her know if she changes her mind as she will find a spot for her. Valerie thanks her and says she has wonderful memories of Salem but prefers not to live in the past.

JJ, Chad, Paul, and Sonny play the game box as Jennifer and Gabi watch. Gabi comments on it being nice to see JJ happy. Jennifer notes that JJ will never be the same. Gabi acknowledges losing Abigail and can't imagine what she's going through. Jennifer calls it one day. Sonny and Paul win the game. JJ wants a rematch. Gabi calls Sonny and Paul a very good team. Jennifer informs them that they have donuts so Paul and Chad go to get some. Sonny tells Gabi that he knows she's trying to play matchmaker but Paul is seeing someone which Gabi claims not to be doing. Sonny then goes and joins them in the kitchen. JJ tells Gabi that she is the best girlfriend. Gabi responds that he is the best boyfriend as they hug. Chad and Jennifer come back and stop when they see them. Jennifer comments to Chad that it makes her really happy and she hopes one day he finds someone that makes him really happy again too as the woman that picked up Thomas's stuffed animal appears outside the window.

Claire joins Theo at the hospital. Theo talks about it being just he and Abe for a long time and he doesn't like when things change. Claire encourages things would stay the same if Abe found another woman. Theo says he will some day but there's something about Valerie that he doesn't like or trust. Claire knows he's looking out for Abe. Claire compares it to when Belle got with Philip. Theo states that his mom is dead and he doesn't want Valerie taking her place. Claire tells Theo that if he doesn't want Valerie in Abe's life then he has to do something about it to make sure it doesn't happen. Theo doesn't think that's a good idea but Claire asks if he wants her gone or not.

Kayla tells Valerie that staying in Salem doesn't mean living in the past, it just might include people from her past. Valerie realizes she's talking about Abe. Kayla admits she sensed a connection there and brings up that they used to date. Valerie states that they are friends and nothing more. Kayla encourages her but Valerie stops her and says Abe's a great guy but that will never happen as she's going home to DC.

Gabi joins the guys in playing the game box and ends up beating JJ at it. Chad comes in and tells Gabi that he could use her some help. Gabi asks if it's about Mr. Bush. JJ asks about it. Gabi explains what happened with Brad and Vickie last night. Chad says it went great cause they agreed to invest in DiMera but now they want to meet. Gabi asks JJ if it's okay if she goes. JJ says it sounds like Chad needs her to run interference. Jennifer offers to keep Thomas. Chad thanks JJ as he and Gabi exit while the woman outside walks away from the window.

Theresa sits in the living room with Tate, telling him that she needs to do something really terrible but it's the only way to keep he and Brady safe. Theresa cries that she's not sure she will be able to do it because she doesn't want to have to say goodbye. Brady comes in so Theresa starts telling Tate that Brady wouldn't send her to rehab if he really cared. Brady questions her excusing doing drugs to her baby. Brady asks if that doesn't say she needs help. Theresa responds that she needs to get away from him and storms out of the mansion.

Theo goes to see if Abe is ready. Valerie comes in and says he needs one more test. Theo questions her not being sure if he's ready. Valerie explains that the hospital has lots of rules and regulations so she couldn't let him go without one more test. Theo says he will wait outside. Valerie stops him and tells him that medicine is science but healing is emotional and spiritual. Valerie says Theo's love for Abe is stronger medicine than she could ever offer. Valerie calls Theo part of the reason that she is sure he will be fine. Theo thanks her. Valerie thinks Abe has every reason to be so proud of him. Valerie gets a call and steps out.

Chad and Gabi meet Brad and Vickie in the town square. Brad says Gabi was so right about the pie last night so he got her one. Brad adds that he needs to go over a few things with Chad so they step aside. Vickie comments on Gabi really enjoying this and says she's not as she doesn't appreciate being blackmailed into this deal. Gabi tells her to lose the attitude. Gabi mentions being in prison and tells Vickie that she wouldn't be blackmailed if she wasn't coming on to her man. Vickie questions her being in prison and asks if Chad likes it rough. Gabi implies that if she doesn't lose the attitude, she might go crazy and tell Brad about her. Gabi tells her to play nice as Chad and Brad come back with the deal done and everything signed. Gabi calls that great news. Brad suggests they head to the bar for a toast. Chad tells Gabi they did it thanks to her as they walk off.

JJ beats Paul at the video game and then goes to get them some more beer. Paul calls JJ a great guy. Sonny accuses Paul of letting him win which he denies. Sonny talks about how competitive Paul is and jokes that Paul would've demanded a rematch because he hates losing and never gives up. Paul responds that he's not giving up.

Theresa goes to the Pub in tears as she tells Kimberly about what she's doing to Brady with the pills. Kimberly encourages her to tell Brady that she lied as she isn't afraid of just what will happen to her if she goes through with this. Kimberly tries to tell her to let Shane take care of it while they find a safe place. Theresa screams that there is no safe place and she has no choice but to do this as she walks out of the Pub. Kimberly then remarks that she does have a choice.

Valerie is on the phone, saying she will be home soon and claims that she is in New York as Theo comes around the corner. Claire approaches him and Theo tells her that Valerie is lying as she just told someone on the phone that she's in New York. Claire asks why she would do that. Theo doesn't know but says he is going to find out.

Paul jokes with Sonny about the video game as JJ comes back with more beer. JJ shows Sonny an old picture of he, Will, and Abigail which makes Paul uncomfortable again. Paul says it was a great party but he has to run so he exits.

Andre talks on the phone about being able to find others but this being different. Andre says to do what they have to do but he needs to know Abigail's location.

Chad finishes a call with Kate and tells Gabi that she is thrilled to have Brad on board. Chad says it's because of Gabi and they hug as the woman watches from the bushes.

Theresa goes to church. She looks on her phone at a photo of her, Brady, and Tate. Theresa tells herself that Kimberly is wrong as she has to protect her family and Brady can never find out about Mateo.

Kimberly gets a call from Brady, who says he needs to talk to her as Theresa has fallen off the wagon with drinking and drugs so he needs her help. Kimberly thinks Brady needs to know the truth.

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