Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/9/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/9/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Adrienne sit together in the town square. Sonny talks about arranging limos for everyone in the small group for the wedding. Sonny mentions being the best man and not seeing Adrienne this happy in a long time. Adrienne responds that Lucas makes her so happy as Justin approaches.

Steve and Joey are at the hospital where Joey got his scorpion branding removed from the cult he was involved in. Joey brings up Jade. Steve asks how things are going between them since she's been back. Joey admits not as good as he had hoped.

Andre is on the phone with Laura, blaming her for Abigail missing. Andre says he brought her on to take care of her but she failed at that task. Andre says to call when she has good news. Andre hangs up as Rafe arrives at the door to the Martin house. Andre asks what brings him. Rafe informs him that Hope has requested to see him. Andre says he's busy right now. Rafe doesn't want her anywhere near him but says this is for her. Rafe explains that Hope wants to understand the terms of his agreement before she goes in front of the judge. Andre is surprised Hope told Rafe. Rafe informs him that Hope tells him everything so she is fully aware.

Marlena sits with Hope in the interrogation room and asks if there is anything she needs. Hope says she's just so exhausted but says how much it means that she came to visit her. Marlena assures her that so many people love her. Hope feels she let down her family and friends by going against everything she believes. Marlena encourages that she's a strong woman and will get through this. Marlena promises that she and John will help and see her through this. Hope thanks her. Marlena tells her that her lawyer is working on psych evaluations and she's helping. Marlena adds that her confession will not determine the outcome as her lawyer will find a way to keep her out of prison.

Theresa meets Shane outside of the town square. Shane questions where she went off the grid last night. Theresa explains that she stayed with Caroline and that Brady went crazy, leaving her messages. Shane notes it as all part of her plan to push Brady away. Theresa cries that Brady doesn't deserve this. Shane agrees that she doesn't either and asks her to drop the plan and tell Brady the truth. Theresa refuses to put Brady or Tate in danger. Theresa gets a text from Mateo, who wants to meet.

Andre mocks Rafe and Hope showing their devotion to each other by covering up murders. Andre asks how they will show affection in a prison visiting room. Rafe calls Stefano a menace to Salem for decades. Rafe says Stefano was a son of a bitch who only made people miserable. Andre argues that Hope viciously killed a man in a wheelchair then framed him for the murder so she will pay.

Justin apologizes for interrupting but says he needs to talk to Sonny about Titan business. Adrienne says they were done and says goodbye as she hugs Sonny then exits. Sonny knows Justin is upset about Adrienne and Lucas getting married. Justin responds that he's dealing with it. Sonny thought they were going to be civil. Justin says he would like to be friends but things are tense and he finds it hard to root for this marriage. Sonny thinks Justin can't be friends with Adrienne because he's still in love with her.

Kate asks Andre where he's headed to. Andre responds that he's going to meet Hope. Kate remarks about doing whatever Hope wants. Andre detects her sarcasm. Kate explains that she is disappointed. Andre thought she would find peace of mind in finding Stefano's killer. Kate thought he was finished with his petty revenge project. Andre argues that vengeance makes the world go round. Andre brings up Hope killing Stefano. Kate asks how many people Stefano had killed. Andre says that is irrelevant and that this is about justice. Kate questions Andre's motives. Kate tells Andre that if he wants to improve his image and status in Salem then he needs to be a bit more forgiving especially if he expects people to forgive him. Andre then exits.

Brady calls Theresa, leaving another message that he's worried and mad that she didn't come home last night. Brady reminds her that Tate needs her and it's not like her to not return calls and texts. Brady wants her to call to let him know she's alright because he's pissed but he loves her.

Theresa goes to the alley on the docks to meet Mateo. She sees she got a voicemail from Brady as Mateo shows up behind her and startles her. Mateo gives her a necklace as a gift and wants her to put it on. Theresa says she will later. Mateo tells her to promise he will see it on before they leave Salem for Mexico. Theresa questions why he is doing all of this for her. Mateo responds that he loves her and regrets letting her go. Theresa asks if this is about his pride. Mateo says it's not and about love. Theresa argues that if he really loved her, he would let her go as she has a fiance and a son. Mateo says he tried to get her out of his system but it was impossible as he thought about her for years so he finally had to find her and bring her home. Theresa asks what about what she wants. Mateo insists that she wants this too and can't admit it to herself. Mateo says he's never gone to this trouble before. Mateo declares he will rule the world and a king needs a queen. Mateo tries to kiss her but she turns away. Mateo then says that no one ever says no to him. Theresa tells him that she needs a little more time to make a clean getaway and to convince Brady that she doesn't love him so he doesn't come after her in Mexico. Theresa adds that he would have enough resources to be a problem for Mateo. Mateo agrees to give her more time. Theresa thanks him. Theresa then says she needs something from him.

Steve sits with Joey and asks what's going on. Joey suggests he might not be ready to commit as he feels too young to be tied down. Steve agrees that he has plenty of time for that. Steve asks if he's thinking about breaking it off with Jade which Joey confirms that he is. Steve advises him to tell Jade the truth as it's the only way to go and shows he has respect. Steve wishes he had more sense through he and Kayla's problems but they are good now. Steve then informs Joey that he and Kayla are engaged again which excites him. Joey congratulates him and says he's so happy for them. Joey says Steve and Kayla's is the kind of love that he wants. Steve encourages that it will happen one day.

Sonny tells Justin he can deny being in love with Adrienne all he wants. Justin says he came to talk business and informs him that Deimos made a deal to work with Eduardo but he doesn't like it as it is worrisome. Sonny says he's heard rumors of Eduardo's sketchy past but thought he cleaned up his act. Justin says Deimos might not care what Eduardo is shipping in but he does so he needs someone to keep an eye on the docks. Sonny guesses he wants him to do it. Justin calls him the best man for the job. Sonny brings up his record with the docks. Justin calls it his chance to turn it around and suggests he could hire someone to keep an eye on the situation and Deimos without letting him know. Justin says he needs him to work with him on this. Sonny agrees to do it. Justin goes to get them some coffee as Paul and Derrick walk up.

Andre goes to the police station and greets Marlena. Marlena hoped she would be gone before he arrived. Marlena calls him a despicable man for exposing Hope in public. Andre calls it justice since Hope is a murderer and the public had a right to know. Andre adds that she never thanked him for saving her and Kayla's life. Marlena calls him clever and questions how he figured out where Orpheus was. Andre repeats that he's a clever man and says to give his best to John as he goes in to see Hope.

Rafe sits outside of the town square on the bench in frustration as he thinks back to trying to encourage Hope.

Andre enters the interrogation room to see Hope. Hope says she needs an answer. Hope thanks him for keeping Rafe and Roman out of this so far and asks what it will take to keep it that way. Hope wants security that he will never reveal their part in the cover up of Stefano's murder. Andre calls it amazing that he's incarcerated but still looking out for other people. Hope doesn't want to play games. Andre responds that life is going very well for him as his father's killer is steps away from going to prison for the rest of her life, he and Chad are making progress, and Kate has been the voice of her conscience. Andre asks what the point would be of bringing down the police department and pushing for more when he's been blessed with so much. Andre adds that as long as Hope takes responsibility for the murder then Rafe and Roman are off the hook. Hope asks if there's a catch. Andre says he's not greedy as he has her exactly where he wants her. Andre says going after Rafe and Roman would give her more reason to change her plea and risk none of them paying for their crimes so this way, he's sure she will be officially punished. Hope asks if he's giving his word. Andre says it's taken him a long time to realize Stefano is dead and nothing will bring him back this time. Andre brings up Hope framing him for the murder and sending him to prison for months. Andre decides he had it coming. Andre declares her punishment for taking a life will be up to the judge so they can leave it at that.

Sonny greets Paul and Derrick. Paul says they are just recovering from Halloween. Paul says they are going to grab breakfast. Sonny tells them he's here with his dad going over business. Paul and Derrick then go and sit together at a nearby table.

Brady goes to see Marlena in her office at the hospital. Marlena says it's a perfect time as she doesn't have a patient and he sounded stressed on the phone. Brady tells her it's about Theresa and he's losing his mind as she has been out of control. Brady explains how everything was great until a couple of days ago. Brady says she took off last night and has been unable to contact her. Brady says she said she went out with Anne which was strange because that was in her past. Marlena suggests it has something to do with the recent trauma. Brady agrees that could just be overwhelmed. Brady asks what to do. Marlena encourages him to be gentle and patient with her. Marlena says to give her some time and she will come around to talk about what's going on. Marlena adds that they could take a trip to get away somewhere. Brady agrees that a vacation is great idea and exactly what she needs.

Theresa returns home and goes to their bedroom in the Kiriakis Mansion. She holds one of Brady's shirts and lays down on the bed crying.

Justin and Sonny finish going over business. Sonny is happy to be helping out the family. Justin says he has to go consult with Hope now. Sonny wishes him luck as the whole town is pulling for her to beat this. Justin says they will check in later and walks away. Sonny looks over at Paul and Derrick having breakfast together. Derrick gets a text that he has to get to the hospital for work so he walks away. Sonny approaches Paul and informs him that he wants to hire him to work with him, doing surveillance on the docks. Paul says it sounds interesting but questions that being a good idea for them to be working together. Sonny asks why it would be a problem. Paul asks for some time to think about it which Sonny agrees to. Sonny says he'll send him the details and then they will talk. Sonny then walks away.

Theresa remains crying in bed. Brady comes home calling out for her so she jumps up and wipes her tears then hides pills in her purse. Theresa gets back in bed and pretends to be just waking up. Brady hoped they could talk. Theresa says she just wants to sleep and questions if Brady is going to judge her. Brady asks where she was last night. Theresa claims she was out with friends hitting every bar. Brady says this isn't like her and he doesn't know what's going on so he doesn't get it. Theresa tells him she needs sleep. Brady tells her she needs to straighten up. Brady brings up going on a trip and says they can go where ever she wants. Theresa gets up and leaves the room to take a shower. Brady looks over at her purse ad finds the bag of pills that Theresa planted.

Justin and Rafe join Hope in the interrogation room to escort her to the court. Rafe asks about her meeting with Andre. Hope is glad she talked to him but feels something is up as Andre didn't seem like himself and was geared towards cutting her slack. Hope explains that Andre says he's willing to let the cards fall as long as she pleads guilty. Justin says they will just see if they fall in her favor and asks if she's ready.

Steve goes to the docks to meet someone who texted him about needing a private investigator and is then surprised to find out it's Shane.

Kate returns home to Andre sitting at the chess table. Kate hopes his talk with Hope went well. Andre responds that her words of wisdom were not lost on him.

Steve tells Shane it's really good to see him and asks about him sneaking up on him. Steve asks why he's here. Shane informs him that he's here on family business and trying to keep a low profile. Shane wanted to touch base about Hope as he feels terrible about her situation. Shane wishes he worked harder to keep an eye on her. Steve asks if he's here because of Hope. Shane responds that he wants to help any way he can.

Rafe, Justin, and Hope return from the court to the interrogation room. Rafe questions what the hell just happened. Justin thought they had a chance but he did not expect the DA to ask for special circumstances. Hope worries that it can only mean the death penalty.

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