Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve goes with Kayla to the church. Kayla doesn't know why he came with her when he will be bored but Steve doesn't care. Kayla says she's just getting the church prepared for Lucas and Adrienne's wedding. Steve lights a candle to thank God for keeping Kayla safe. Steve declares she and Marlena are finally safe from Orpheus. Kayla lights a candle for Hope as she hopes the judge shows her some compassion since she wasn't in her right mind when she shot Stefano. Steve believes Hope did the world some service and the judge will be briefed on everything Stefano did to Hope's family. Steve wouldn't be surprised if Hope walked out a free woman. Andre then enters the church and calls them both hypocrites.

Jennifer asks JJ if she can get him anything. JJ still can't believe what he did as Gabi is the first good thing in his life since Paige. JJ feels he blew it. Jennifer argues that they've both done horrible things so Gabi will know forgiveness but JJ doesn't think it matters. Jennifer believes Gabi will be hurt more unless JJ tells her.

Gabi kisses Chad in front of Vickie. Vickie doesn't understand as she thought Gabi just worked for Chad so she questions what this show is all about.

Brady sits at home in the Kiriakis Mansion, wondering what the hell is going on as Theresa comes home. Theresa says to herself that Victor was her last hope as she thinks back to asking for his help. Theresa declares it is showtime as she heads in to the living room. Brady questions where she's been. Theresa claims she went to happy hour and starts drinking. Brady reminds her that she was supposed to pick up Tate. Theresa blows it off that she lost track of time. Brady asks what's happening here.

Andre mocks Steve and Kayla as he talks about Hope framing him for Stefano's murder and sending him to prison to rot. Kayla argues about Bo's death driving Hope out of her mind as Stefano goaded her. They argue back and forth about their families. Steve refrains from hitting him because they are in the church. Andre says he thought it would be comforting to come light a candle for Stefano but he was wrong and walks out.

Gabi tells Vickie that they didn't want everyone to know but she couldn't control herself so they claim they are a couple. Gabi talks about not wanting everyone to know so nobody gossips. Vickie questions letting her know then. Gabi says she has issues with jealousy and sometimes has to let women know that Chad is taken. Vickie hopes they can forget this then and keep it between them. Brad comes back in and questions keeping what between them.

Theresa starts complaining to Brady about being stuck in the Kiriakis Mansion while the convicts were on the loose so she's celebrating and pretends to be drunk. Theresa wants to go back out which Brady questions. Theresa asks if he has any idea how long its been since she's had any fun at all.

JJ tells Jennifer that he can't tell Gabi or he would lose her and he can't lose another person he loves. JJ says when Gabi walked in to his life, things finally started turning around for him. JJ feels he helped turn Gabi's life around too. JJ says Gabi could've chosen any guy but chose him.

Brad questions what the big secret is. Vickie says she's sorry but she has to tell him. Vickie informs Brad that she just found out Chad and Gabi are a couple but they don't want anyone to know. Brad asks how she found out. Vickie claims she just figured it out. Brad praises her. Chad asks about the deal he's working on. Vickie says they have a few questions. Brad suggests they sit together to talk about. Vickie suggests Gabi can go home and not be bored by the business talk but Gabi says she isn't bored by it and is glad to stay. Chad adds that he likes to run all his ideas by Gabi too so the four of them exit together.

Brady tells Theresa that she's right about not having fun since his accident. Theresa mocks him being understanding. Brady worries as he hasn't seen her like this in so long. Brady says he understands she is unhappy. Brady asks if she understands how much he loves her. Brady swears from this day on to do everything he can to make her understand that she's the best thing to ever happen to him. Brady says they will figure it out together as he is right here for her. Brady declares they will figure it out together and be okay. Theresa doesn't know that everything will be okay. Brady asks why not. Tate wakes up crying.Theresa says she will go get him but Brady tells her that she doesn't have to as he falls back asleep. Brady suggests they stay in for a romantic dinner tonight. Theresa starts shouting that she feels trapped and is going crazy. Theresa brings up when they went to Vegas and got married. Brady reminds her they don't have to drink. Theresa talks about just wanting to have a good time. Brady wants to save her from herself. Theresa storms out of the mansion leaving Brady confused.

Chad and Gabi have dinner with Brad and Vickie at the Brady Pub. Brad asks how they met. Gabi admits it was in high school. Brad questions nobody knowing they are together then. Gabi explains that they didn't last long in high school but they reconnected later after both had kids and marriages. Chad talks about getting through things with friends like Gabi. Vickie comments on connections like that just happening when it's real. Vickie then touches Chad's leg with her leg under the table.

Steve and Kayla check around the church and acknowledge that Andre is gone. Kayla complains about Andre playing the recording of Hope. Steve suggests no longer talking about Andre so Kayla agrees. Kayla thinks the flowers will look perfect tomorrow. Steve tells her that she will be beautiful as maid of honor. Steve talks about Kayla taking care of everyone in the town. Steve calls her the love of his life. Steve feels they are on the right track and are going to make it this time. Steve pulls out her ring that she said to hang on to until they figure out how to get it right. Steve thinks they got it right so he drops down to one knee and proposes to her. Steve hopes for not another maybe. Kayla then says yes and they kiss. Kayla tells him they should go home. Steve says they can't because Joey has friends over. Kayla asks where they will go. Steve questions her not going as they rush out together.

Jennifer calls Adrienne to tell her that the checks have cleared and the Spectator is theirs. JJ comes back in as she hangs up and tells her that's really cool. JJ asks how that happened. Jennifer says they were just talking about making the newspaper what it was when Jack ran it so they decided to buy it. Jennifer recalls it being when she and Jack fell in love. JJ asks if it will hurt going back. Jennifer says it will at first but the paper reminds her of Jack so they feel it's honoring his memory and doing something important. JJ notes that Jack and Jennifer had their problems but never stopped loving each other. JJ wants that and thinks he has found that with Gabi. JJ declares he won't blow it and will do whatever it takes to make her happy. Jennifer exits the room so JJ pulls out his phone and texts Gabi, asking where she is and if she's still coming back tonight.

Chad claims he saw a mouse run out the door when asked why he jumped after Vickie touching his leg. Gabi talks about her excitement of being out with Chad without having to worry. Brad gets a call and steps away to answer. Chad questions what Vickie thinks she's doing. Vickie tells them to calm down as she was just having a little fun. Gabi warns her and threatens to tell Brad about how she gets hands on with all of his business partners. Brad comes back and says he still can't make up his mind on this deal they are offering. Chad says he has meetings with other investors but he was his first choice. Gabi asks Vickie about the deal. Vickie says she sees Chad is a very bright young man and thinks he will do exciting things at DiMera Enterprises. Brad decides he does too and wants to be a part of it. Brad tells Chad to tell the other investors that he's got his guy. Chad thanks him. Brad says it's been a long day so he and Vickie exit together. Chad and Gabi are excited. Chad thanks Gabi for the deal going through. Gabi feels it was because of him. Gabi apologizes for surprising him with the kiss but she knew what she had to do. Chad jokes about what else Vickie would've tried if she didn't. Chad calls hiring Gabi the best thing he's ever done. They say tonight was weird but fun. Gabi remembers she turned her phone off so she turns it back on and sees JJ's text since hers didn't go through, now she has to go. They tell each other to have a good night as Gabi hurries out of the Pub.

Victor enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion to find Brady sitting in the dark. Victor questions what he's doing. Brady says he was just thinking. Victor asks if he wants some company. Brady says he has work to do. Victor asks where Theresa is. Brady responds that she's out. Victor questions what's wrong. Brady asks him to mind his own business but Victor says no because he's worried about him. Brady explains that Theresa was drunk and went back out drinking because she said she hasn't had any fun in a long time. Brady adds that Theresa forgot to pick up Tate and didn't seem to care at all. Brady says Theresa released everything on him and he doesn't understand since they should be able to do whatever they want with no fear anymore. Brady feels Theresa went out of her way to push him away and get mad at him but he doesn't understand why. Victor knows how much he wants to be Theresa's salvation. Victor suggests maybe she just can't be saved.

Jennifer works on her editorial to announce the changes to the paper. JJ comments that Abigail would love her doing this as they hug. The doorbell rings so JJ goes to answer and Gabi arrives. Gabi apologizes since her text didn't go through. JJ says she looks beautiful and asks why she's dressed up. JJ asks what she was doing tonight.

Chad returns home where Andre is in the living room and questions where he's been all evening. Chad responds that he was closing a deal with Brad Bush which excites Andre, who asks what changed his mind. Chad responds that Gabi did. Andre questions how she did that. Chad reveals that Vickie was going to take down the deal unless he slept with her but Gabi heard it and used it against her. Andre is relieved and thanks him.

Steve brings Kayla to his hotel room where he has champagne set up. Kayla realizes he went to church with her as he had this all planned out. Steve admits he did and hopes she's not mad. Kayla comments on him being pretty sure of himself as they start kissing. Steve says he's made up his mind that he will never let her go. Steve adds that she always keeps him guessing and he loves her as they continue kissing in to bed.

Brady tells Victor that he didn't see this coming as he thought Theresa was handling the stress. Victor says she certainly gave that appearance. Brady says she snapped and only wanted to go party. Brady asks how he helps her. Victor says there is something he has to tell him. Brady guesses he will say he told him so but Victor says no. Victor tells him he's sorry and hugs him.

JJ goes in to the living room with Gabi so she greets Jennifer. Gabi explains how she had to go to the symphony with Chad and a client so that's why she is dressed up. Jennifer tells them goodnight and heads to bed. Gabi apologizes to JJ again, saying Kate made her go. JJ doesn't care and kisses her.

Chad sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion while Andre is waiting outside the door. Andre gets a call from Laura and asks if there's any news on their mutual friend. Andre argues that she's Abigail's grandmother so she is supposed to keep her in line. Laura reveals to Andre that Abigail is gone, causing Andre to wonder where she went.

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