Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi and Jennifer set JJ up at home on the couch. JJ stops them and says he's just grateful to be home. Jennifer goes to get him another pillow. Gabi is grateful he's alive and kisses him. Julie walks in and remarks about Gabi being on top of JJ. Gabi decides she should let JJ have time with family while she checks in with Chad. JJ kisses her as Jennifer comes back in. Gabi then exits.

Kate goes to see Chad and says she thought of him as soon as she heard about Hope's confession. Chad talks about not believing Andre when he first accused Hope. Kate talks about Roman trying to get her off the hook but she needs to be held accountable. Chad says he will make sure that she is. Kate suggests letting Andre handle that while Chad focuses on business. Chad says he's entertaining a potential investor tonight known as Vickie and Brad Bush by taking them to the symphony. Kate encourages him about making DiMera Enterprises legit. Chad says he won't necessarily enjoy it. Gabi comes in and asks if she should come back later but Chad invites her in. Chad says he will look the part thanks to Gabi being his image consultant. Kate comments on his change in style. Kate asks Gabi about JJ. Gabi says he's better after just getting home from the hospital. Chad is sorry that she is here instead of with him. Gabi comments on JJ having lots of family including Julie who doesn't want her around. Gabi adds that Jennifer will be glad to have time with her son. Gabi shows Chad the outfit she picked out for him. Kate calls it a little edgy for the Bushes so Gabi shows her next choice which Kate calls perfect. Gabi talks about her modeling past with Chad. Kate suggests Chad take Gabi with her to the symphony with the Bushes. Chad likes the idea but Gabi is unsure. Chad insists that she would make the night more bearable.

Julie goes to get clam chowder from the Pub for JJ. Jennifer is relieved JJ is home. JJ already wishes he was back on patrol. Jennifer thinks it's too soon. JJ mentions that Gabi doesn't like it either but has accepted that he is a cop. Jennifer acknowledges that Gabi loves him. JJ says he felt that in his coma. Jennifer mentions Gabi never leaving his side. Jennifer realizes that JJ really does love Gabi which he confirms. Jennifer adds that she believes him which is why what she heard didn't make any sense. Jennifer brings up JJ saying things when he was coming out of his coma that she didn't understand. Jennifer explains that JJ was telling Gabi he was sorry and hoped she would forgive him. Jennifer asks what that meant.

At the clinic, Chloe asks Nicole if they can take it down a notch. Deimos comes in, complaining that the lab tech threw him out. Deimos talks about wanting the truth. Chloe tells him the test will prove again that he's not the father. Deimos says she better not be lying to him again. Chloe says he's threatening her. Nicole thinks Deimos has a right to be angry after all she has put him through. Chloe calls her so blind. Nicole wants it to be fair for everyone involved. Chloe remarks that Nicole just doesn't get it and by the time she does, she hopes it won't be too late.

Gabi tells Chad that she doesn't think it would be appropriate for her to tag along. Chad encourages that she would be helping him. Gabi mentions telling JJ that she'd be back later. Kate brings up how Jennifer will be taking care of him while Gabi can go to the symphony with Chad. Kate encourages Gabi being Chad's backup. Gabi calls it flattering but says it's late and she doesn't have anything to wear. Chad argues that she's a professional stylist. Chad gives her money to find whatever she wants and jokes that's an order from her boss so she takes it. Gabi says she will text JJ to let him know and she will be back with her outfit as she exits.

JJ tells Jennifer it was probably just the meds messing with his head. Jennifer feels he was just so intense that he felt guilty about something. JJ says he has plenty to feel guilty about with Gabi like them not spending enough time together and her always being worried about his job. JJ says it could've been any of those things but it's no big deal so he asks her to drop it. Jennifer wishes she could but says she talked to Kayla about it which upsets JJ. JJ begs her not to tell anyone else. Jennifer argues that he's not being honest with her but JJ insists it's nothing. Jennifer doesn't want to cause trouble between he and Gabi but says if he's hiding something then he needs to deal with it. Jennifer wants him to think about what she said. JJ stops and states that he cannot lie to her as he then reveals that he cheated on Gabi.

Chad finishes a phone call as Gabi returns in a red dress which takes Chad's attention as he hangs up. Gabi worries if it's too much but Chad reassures her and they leave together.

Jennifer asks JJ about cheating on Gabi. JJ informs her that it was a few months ago when he was in Miami looking for Abigail. JJ says the day they called off the search with no survivors from the plane crash was when it hit him that his sister was gone. JJ calls it one of the worst days of his life. JJ says he was alone so it didn't seem real until he felt the pain. Jennifer wishes she was with him to help him. JJ argues that it was nobody's fault but his own as he went to the bar because he couldn't stand being alone. JJ says kept ordering drinks until he couldn't feel anything. JJ explains that the next thing he remembers is waking up with a hangover, no clothes on, and an empty bottle of tequila on the floor. JJ says there was a napkin on the counter with a message thanking him for an amazing night. Jennifer asks if he even knew her name.

Nicole asks Deimos to calm down but he can't until he gets the results. Nicole assumes they are in by now so Deimos leaves to go check. Nicole asks Chloe if the big news was about the baby's father and the one night stand that got her pregnant. Chloe thought she was washing her hands of her. Nicole argues that she won't give anyone a straight story. Nicole can't believe Chloe would bring Deimos here to do this all again. Nicole explains that Deimos wanted a child and she knows the feeling of disappointment that he felt. Nicole swears that Deimos is not a monster and that he doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore. Nicole insists that he does have a good heart. Chloe asks if Nicole loves Deimos. Nicole doesn't know if she could call it love yet. Deimos comes back in and confirms he is not the father of Chloe's child. Deimos says he feels sorry for whoever is because she will either deny them the right to see the kid or make their life a living hell. Deimos asks Nicole if she's coming with him. Nicole decides they are done here and follows Deimos out as Chloe holds back tears. Chloe makes a phone call, saying she needs to see someone right away.

Jennifer asks JJ how drunk he was. JJ calls it drunk enough to stop the pain. Jennifer encourages him moving forward. JJ asks if she thinks he should come clean to Gabi. JJ says he wanted to when he first got back but there never seemed to be a good time and now it seems selfish. JJ asks if it's worth breaking Gabi's heart over a stranger he met one time and will never see again. JJ declares he loves her too much to hurt her like that.

Chad and Gabi have dinner wtih Vickie and Brad Bush in the town square. Brad talks about his excitement and interest in the symphony. Chad and Gabi agree along with whatever he says. Chad brings up his father's love of opera. Brad takes Chad aside to discuss their business proposal. Vickie compliments Chad to Gabi. Gabi talks about not working for Chad very long. Vickie brings up noticing Chad's wedding band and asks about his wife. Gabi explains that Chad's wife died in a plane crash and how they have a son. Vickie comments on how lonely Chad must be.

Deimos returns home with Nicole. Nicole still doesn't know why Chloe called to meet up as she thought she was going to tell her who the father was but then she lashed out at Deimos. Deimos points out that Nicole chose him over her friendship with Chloe and didn't hesitate to come back with him or take him with her. Nicole says she wasn't going to keep him in the dark again. Deimos states that tells him more than anything that she still cares and there's still a chance for them.

Philip meets Chloe outside the cafe. Philip was relieved to get her call and they both thought they were mad at the other. Chloe knows he was just trying to help her. Philip asks if she called to apologize. Chloe says she needs his advice. Philip points out that she usually goes to Nicole for that and brings up how Nicole has been wanting to find her too. Chloe says Nicole is the last person she can go to about this. Chloe reveals to Philip that the mother of her baby is Nicole, leaving him confused.

Jennifer assures JJ that keeping something from someone you love won't go away so it will always be there unless he gets it out. She asks what he's thinking. JJ wishes he wasn't this type of guy since he's cheated twice now. Jennifer stops him and won't let him beat himself up. Jennifer wants him to focus on getting well and then they will figure it out. JJ responds that there is nothing to work out as maybe he doesn't deserve someone as great as Gabi.

Chad and Gabi return home with Brad & Vickie. Chad toasts to new friends as Brad invites them to come stay with them some time. Chad agrees they could celebrate him coming on board as a new investor in DiMera Enterprises but Brad is unsure that the numbers add up. Chad understands he's cautious. Gabi encourages Chad. Brad clarifies that he's not saying no. Chad says his father taught him that nothing comes easy. Brad wants more time to look over the figures. Chad points out that he has offered to other investors so he wouldn't want him to miss out. Thomas wakes up crying on the baby monitor so Gabi goes to check on him. Vickie comments on Gabi being so devoted to Chad and Thomas. Chad says he's a lucky man. Brad asks Chad about Stefano being murdered by a police officer. Chad calls it a shock but they are dealing with it. Vickie mentions being cold and sends Brad out to the car for her shawl. She asks Chad to sit with her and have a little talk. Chad hopes he's not putting too much pressure on her husband. She responds that pressure can sometimes be a good thing and she knows Brad likes him. Chad looks forward to doing business with him. Vickie adds that she likes Chad too a lot as she touches him and flirts with him.

Deimos tells Nicole that he's never had a woman he can trust and he wants that. Deimos believes he can have that with her. Nicole asks if he means she proved herself. Deimos won't deny that what she did today helped gain his trust but even before that, he knew how lucky he was to find someone so beautiful, kind, loyal, strong, and independent. Deimos apologizes for anything he said or did that may have hurt her. Deimos believes they were meant for each other and if she would give him the chance, he will prove it to her.

Chloe explains to Philip how she saw how heartbroken Nicole and Daniel were over Nicole being unable to have a baby so she offered to be their surrogate. Chloe tells him that it didn't work for the first time and Daniel died before they could try again so she thought maybe having a piece of Daniel would help Nicole live on so she tried again without telling her. Chloe says she had accepted the clinic said it didn't work again but it turned out the doctor was wrong. Philip realizes why she freaked out at the test results. Chloe says she finally realized the only explanation and she wanted to tell Nicole but everything has been so horrible between them. Chloe thought Nicole would be a wonderful mother but now is not sure. Philip questions her keeping this from Nicole because of Deimos. Chloe doesn't want to but feels she has to as she loves this baby. Philip tells her that Nicole is the mother, end of story.

Nicole tells Deimos that she can't say she wasn't warned as Chloe told her several times she would regret staying with him. Deimos wants to forget about Chloe as this is about them. Nicole knows she has tried more than once to walk away from what's between them but it didn't work because she is always thinking about him. Deimos tells her to trust what's in her heart and give him a chance to prove he's worthy of her.

Chloe says if Nicole wasn't so blind to Deimos. Philip argues that it's still Nicole's baby. Chloe argues that it's also Daniel's son and Parker's brother so she feels obligated to do what's best for the baby. Philip tells her to think about how she would feel if she was Nicole. Chloe says she isn't saying she'll never tell her but feels she can't risk it while she's with Deimos as it isn't safe. Chloe asks Philip to keep it secret and he agrees to do so. Philip explains that he's keeping the secret despite not agreeing with it because he realized he loves her. Chloe didn't expect that. Philip says she doesn't have to say it back but he needed to get it out. Philip assures her that whatever happens, he's got her back.

Chad thinks Vickie had too much champagne. She kisses him but Chad pulls away and says she's married to a man he's trying to do business with. Vickie informs Chad that if he wants to seal the deal with Brad, he will have to seal the deal with her as well. Chad questions her. She explains that if they don't get to know each other better, he'll have to find another investor. Vickie moves in to kiss Chad but Gabi walks in and tells her to get off of him as Gabi walks up to Chad and declares she belongs to him. Gabi then begins kissing Chad.

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