Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa goes to the Brady Pub and calls out for Caroline after getting a message that she wanted to talk to her. Theresa then starts to panic that Mateo must have sent the message to get her there alone. Theresa's mother Kimberly then appears and startles her. Kimberly tells her to calm down and assures that she is safe for now but that could change if she doesn't think the situation through. Kimberly brings up Theresa turning down Shane's offer to protect her and says she needs to change her mind.

At the police station, Rafe joins Hope in the interrogation room. Rafe asks how she's doing. Hope admits she's scared and worried about Ciara as she never responded to her message. Hope states that Ciara just found out her mother is a murderer.

Dario joins Eduardo outside as he is awaiting a meeting. Dario is unsure about going with the Kiriakis family. Eduardo asks if he'd rather go with the DiMeras after finding out Stefano was a murder victim. Dario asks which family they go with. Eduardo responds that whichever one has a weakness that their family can exploit.

Deimos asks Nicole on the phone if they still have a chance. Nicole calls that interesting. Deimos asks if they can meet in the town square after his meeting. Nicole agrees and says she would like that very much as they hang up.

Chloe finishes a phone call with Parker and says she will pick him up later tonight. Chloe hangs up and thinks back to talking with Nicole about possibly being her surrogate. Chloe says to herself that she won't keep the truth from Nicole forever and just needed time to think. Chloe wonders if she should tell Nicole that her baby is Nicole and Daniel's little boy.

Deimos meets Eduardo and Dario. Eduardo talks about shipments coming through in concealed containers. Dario asks about price. Deimos says their rates are pretty standard and hands them a Titan business card. Dario calls it not standard but a ripoff. Dario brings up the DiMeras. Deimos tells them to go ahead unless they want a company with ties to companies that will look the other way. Eduardo asks for his bottom line. Deimos says business is about relationships so he'll give them 20% off the standard rate. Eduardo and Deimos shake hands on the deal.

Rafe encourages Hope that Ciara just needs time to process what happened and that she will come around. Hope hopes that he's right as she remembers the look on Ciara's face when she heard her confession. Rafe tells her to trust in Ciara loving her. Hope brings up Ciara losing her father a year ago and now is going to lose her mother. Rafe encourages that she still has a chance as he, Roman, and Justin will all fight to get her out. Hope says the murder charge is just the beginning as they will also come after her for obstruction and falsifying evidence.

Kimberly sits Theresa down. Theresa can't believe she set her up like this. Kimberly explains that they know Mateo is having her watched so they had to slip her in. Theresa hates to disappoint her but argues that she can't just vanish. Kimberly argues that it's the only way and that Brady will understand but Theresa disagrees. Theresa worries that if she tells Brady about Mateo, he will be dead by the end of the day. Kimberly questions if that means Theresa has to go away alone. Theresa says Mateo will still kill Brady and Tate to force her out of hiding. Kimberly insists that she has to do something. Theresa responds that she has a plan.

Rafe continues to encourage Hope. Hope tells him that she loves him but says sometimes love isn't enough. Rafe offers to get her food from the Pub. Ciara then enters the room looking upset. Rafe greets her as Hope hugs her. Hope admits she was afraid Ciara might not come. Ciara admits she wasn't going to but Theo made her. Ciara says Theo misses his grandpa and loved him. Ciara says Theo wanted answers but she didn't have any. Ciara adds that she didn't want an explanation but now wants Hope to tell her everything no matter how horrible.

Nicole waits in the town square for Deimos. Nicole then gets a call from Chloe. Nicole asks how she is. Chloe says she's fine and informs her that she is in a hotel right outside of Chicago. Chloe asks her to meet her at a cafe. Nicole says she's in the middle of something but can meet her later. Chloe says she needs to see her as soon as possible because there is something she needs to know. Nicole agrees to leave as soon as she can and hangs up. Deimos then appears and questions if she's going to meet Chloe and if she's been in contact with her all this time. Nicole says Chloe literally just got back to her. Deimos questions her not telling him when she knew how desperate he has been to find her. Deimos argues that Chloe is carrying his child so he has rights as a father. Nicole then reveals to Deimos that he's not the father. Deimos questions if this is a game and if Chloe is putting her up to this. Nicole tells him to calm down as she explains that she ran in to Philip who told her that the test results were accurate. Deimos argues that she told him they were rigged. Nicole responds that she was wrong as Kate promised to switch the results but she got there late. Deimos doesn't believe it and asks if Philip is saying he's the father again. Nicole says he doesn't know as Chloe wouldn't tell him. Deimos argues that it doesn't make any sense. Nicole knows being a father meant so much to him. Deimos refuses to go through the disappointment again yet because he doesn't believe Philip or Chloe. Nicole states that Philip doesn't have any reason to lie to her. Deimos questions why he wouldn't tell him then. Nicole suggests Deimos hasn't heard his respect yet. Deimos says he's done and demands another test done today. Deimos asks Nicole about going to see Chloe. Deimos says if she ever cared about him, she will take him with her. Nicole tells him it won't end well but she can see that he won't give up so she agrees to take him along and they walk off together.

Shane tells Theresa he's sorry about having to get her to the Pub this way but they couldn't take chances with Mateo watching her. Kimberly tells Shane about Theresa not wanting to go along with his plan. Theresa appreciates their attempts to protect her. Shane says he has the resources to help but Theresa can't take the chance. Theresa says Mateo already left his card on Tate to send a message that she has to do what he wants. Theresa tells them that Mateo insists she goes back to Mexico with him. Kimberly argues against it but Theresa asks what she can do. Theresa says to Mateo it's all a game. Kimberly asks what she's going to do. Theresa responds that she's going to give him what he wants.

Ciara turns away from Hope. Rafe tells her not to be so hard on Hope as she's dealing with a lot right now. Rafe reminds Ciara of all that Stefano did to her family. Ciara responds that Stefano didn't deserve to die like that. Rafe argues that Stefano was evil and if he was alive, he'd be torturing another family. Rafe decides he will let them talk and exits the room. Hope tells Ciara she's sorry as Rafe can't help himself from defending her. Hope tells Ciara that there is no explanation for what she did as it was wrong. Ciara calls her such a hypocrite for always telling her to do the right thing. Ciara brings up Hope telling her not to take Victor's money when she's a murderer. Ciara cries that she gets that Stefano was a cruel man but it did not give her the right to murder him. Hope agrees that she had no right and has no excuse. Ciara questions why. Hope cries that she was a mess in a terribly dark place after Bo died. Hope talks about finding evidence that pointed to Stefano being responsible for Bo's kidnapping and then Ciara got kidnapped so she thought it was happening again. Ciara asks if Stefano was behind that. Hope swears that she thought he was. Hope explains that she confronted him and he laughed at her while saying terrible things about Bo. Hope insists she doesn't remember pulling the trigger but she did.

Kimberly argues that Theresa can't just go to Mexico but Theresa claims it will work and Mateo will buy it as proof of his power then she will get close to him. Shane warns her about Mateo finding out but Theresa argues that Shane is a spy and raised her so she can live a lie. Theresa insists that she will make it work. Shane questions how. Theresa cries that she will first leave Brady and Tate then she will convince everyone that she's the old selfish Theresa again while she goes back to Mexico. Kimberly begs her not to. Theresa says living with Mateo will give her enough information to take down his drug cartel. Shane argues against it but Theresa feels she has no choice or Mateo will kill Brady and Tate and maybe them too. Theresa believes she has a chance to come home to her family if she can get enough information on Mateo and his drug cartel.

Hope tells Ciara that she's not asking for forgiveness because she will never forgive herself. Hope says the truth needed to come out. Ciara talks about how she has been since it happened and the sadness in her eyes. Hope says she felt empty and what scares her most is what it would do to Ciara. Hope tells her that she's sorry as they hug. Ciara tells her she will be okay and will never stop loving her. Ciara assures that they will get through this.

Nicole arrives to meet Chloe at the cafe, followed by Deimos. Chloe greets Nicole then questions if Deimos is joined at the hip when she said she wanted to meet Nicole in private. Deimos says the games are over. Chloe accuses him of harassing her and her family. Nicole asks if they can be civil. Nicole explains to Chloe that Deimos heard the paternity test was legit. Chloe says great then he can leave. Deimos refuses to go because he wants to witness another paternity test. Chloe can't believe him. Nicole points out that she hadn't been truthful about the results to anyone and there is a baby's life involved. Chloe resents that Nicole brought Deimos. Deimos asks if she's going to give her another test or if he will have to pull strings for another court order. Chloe agrees to do it then maybe Deimos will finally leave her alone. The three of them walk off together.

Shane tells Theresa that she has no idea of the danger. Theresa argues that she does because she knows Mateo is a psychopath. Theresa cries that if she screws up, she won't live to explain. Theresa says she has to face that she brought this on herself. Theresa cries that she never listened and now everything she did in her past has come full circle so she has to pay.

Ciara asks if Hope can plea temporary insanity since Aiden tried to kill her until Bo came back and then died plus she got kidnapped. Hope says they will leave it to Justin to give her the best defense possible but she did confess on tape. Hope says she must take responsibility for what she did. Ciara cries that she doesn't have to worry about her as she will be fine but Hope has to try to come back so she can have her mom again. Hope hugs her as they cry.

Theresa asks if Shane will help her or if she has to do this alone. Shane tells her that she has to understand an operation like this can take years. Theresa says not if she's good and asks again if he will help her. Kimberly states that they have to so Shane gives in. Shane tells Theresa that he can talk to some people to see if the ISA can come up with some support. Shane goes to make phone calls as Theresa thanks him. Kimberly wants Theresa to tell her how she plans to break things off with Brady and how she plans on just walking away from Tate. Theresa says she will remind herself what happens if she doesn't. Kimberly warns that she might have to be intimate with Mateo. Theresa says she's done it before and argues that she will do whatever to protect Brady and Tate. Kimberly tries to argue but Theresa brings up knowing she slept with Victor to save Shane in the past. Theresa tells Kimberly that this is going to happen no matter what.

Nicole, Deimos, and Chloe go to the clinic for the paternity test. Deimos complains about not being in there to make sure nobody screws up. Deimos decides he's going to make sure no one tampers with the samples and exits. Chloe questions how Nicole could bring Deimos to her when she knew she was hiding from him. Nicole insists that it will be fine once Deimos finds out he's not the father. Chloe can't believe she's that in love with him and accuses Nicole of desecrating Daniel's memory with Deimos.

Kimberly mentions her doubts about Theresa and Brady in the beginning but now everyone knows how much she really adores Brady and Tate. Kimberly is afraid that no one will believe Theresa not caring anymore. Theresa says she will have to sell it. Theresa adds that she's still working out the details but she has a plan. Theresa states that the first thing she has to do is break Brady's heart.

Dario and Eduardo eat together in the town square. They think they made the right move in going with the Kiriakis family. Dario asks what if Rafe smells something is up. Eduardo says they will make sure he doesn't. Eduardo toasts to Rafe and Gabi not finding out.

Rafe returns to Hope in the interrogation room after Ciara leaves. Hope praises what an amazing daughter Ciara is and she's excited that Ciara forgave her. Rafe assures her that he will look out for Ciara. Rafe asks if there is anything he can do for her. Hope responds that she needs a meeting with Andre.

Ciara walks out of the town square where Theo is seated on the bench. Ciara tells him that she talked to Hope about what happened so she can tell him if he wants to know. Theo responds that it won't matter as he will never be able to forgive her for what she did to his family. Theo says Ciara is his friend and he doesn't want that to change as they hug.

Nicole warns Chloe to not bring up Daniel's memory. Chloe didn't think anything could ruin their friendship but her being with Deimos. Chloe complains that Deimos is bullying her in to these paternity tests. Nicole argues that Deimos has been lied to. Chloe responds that Deimos is not the victim and it's not about him. Chloe remarks that she doesn't know Nicole anymore. Nicole decides she will leave then. Nicole brings up that Chloe said there was something she needed to know and asks if it's about the baby.

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