Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/3/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/3/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adrienne goes to see Jennifer. Jennifer is excited she's back so soon but realizes this means the negotiations to buy The Spectator didn't go well. Jennifer tells her it's okay as they just had a dream. Adrienne pretends to be upset then reveals that they sold so they are the new owners of the Spectator newspaper and they excitedly hug.

Philip reveals to Nicole that Deimos is not the father of Chloe's baby as the paternity tests were not doctored. Nicole asks Philip who is the father if not Deimos. Philip responds that he doesn't have a clue. Philip says Chloe claimed not to know which ticked him off at the time but he regrets it now. Nicole questions who the Hell is the father.

Chloe sits alone somewhere and tells her baby it's pretty crazy right now as it's just them with no one to lean on or talk to. Chloe remarks that it's all because of a bad man named Deimos as he is the reason nobody can know their secret.

At home, Theresa thinks back to Mateo wanting her to go back to Mexico with him. Theresa then gets a call from Mateo and comments on her really living the life here. He comments about Tate and his nursery. Theresa begins to panic and question where he is.

Deimos enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where Victor is seated. Victor asks if he had any luck in New York. Deimos says he had none at all as even Chloe's mother doesn't know where she is. Deimos complains that Chloe is carrying his child so she should be here. Victor wishes him luck and tells him to let him know if there's anything he can do. Victor exits and Maggie walks in. Maggie comments on Deimos being back so soon. Deimos asks to close the door as there is something he would like to discuss with her.

Philip asks Nicole to tell Chloe that he's sorry for not being a better friend and that he would still like to help if she happens to hear from her. Nicole agrees to do so as Philip walks off. Nicole pulls out her phone and calls Chloe but gets her voicemail. Nicole leaves a message saying she knows she's avoiding her but she will keep calling until she talks to her. Nicole says Philip just told her about the paternity test so she asks why Chloe lied to her and wants her to call. Nicole hangs up and Chloe then finally calls back. Nicole asks how she is. Chloe says she's just getting bigger. Nicole is glad everything is fine but questions why she didn't tell her that Deimos isn't the father of her baby.

Theresa rushes out of the mansion on the phone, questioning Mateo as to where Tate is and what he's done. Mateo responds that he taught her a lesson to never walk away from him again. Theresa asks where he is and what he's done to Brady and Tate. Brady comes home with Tate in his stroller and asks who he was talking to. Theresa rushes up and hugs him, questioning where he was. Brady says he took Tate for a walk in the park and asks what's wrong with her.

Adrienne tells Jennifer about her negotiation to buy the paper and bringing up Jack. Jennifer starts to worry if they can pull it off. Adrienne tells her to take care of the journalism while she takes care of business. Jennifer calls it a really big investment and thanks her for having so much faith in her. Adrienne asks why she wouldn't when she learned from the best in Jack.

Brady doesn't understand why Theresa was worried. Theresa claims she just didn't know if Tate had his jacket on a cold day. Brady asks if she's okay. Theresa says she is just still a little shaken from the prisoners. Brady reminds her they are gone and everything is fine. Brady heads upstairs while Theresa resumes her conversation on the phone. Mateo comments on her and Brady as a couple. Theresa complains about doing that to her. Mateo says it's now time to do what he wants. Mateo tells her to be ready to go to Mexico. Theresa starts to argue when Brady comes back down the stairs so she hides the phone. Theresa then picks up Tate and finds what appears to be one of Mateo's business cards in his stroller and questions what that is.

Maggie sits with Deimos and says she knows about Chloe being pregnant. Deimos asks when she last spoke to Parker. Maggie tells Deimos no because she won't pump her grandson to find out where Chloe is. Deimos says he isn't asking her to do that. Maggie asks what the favor is then. Deimos wants her to call Parker and just talk with him. Maggie tells Deimos she won't let him trace the call. Deimos assumes she misses Parker. Deimos asks what if Chloe stays away forever and she never gets a chance to see him again. Deimos knows Maggie understands what it means to miss out on raising her own child which could happen to him. Maggie understands what he's saying but refuses to use her grandson to help him. Deimos says he won't keep bothering her about it then. Maggie says now they should talk about Nicole.

Nicole tells Chloe that she talked to Philip and how she's been feeling hiding it from Deimos. Nicole tells Chloe that she told Deimos so he now thinks he's the father again. Chloe apologizes for lying and says she was ashamed. Nicole questions her. Chloe explains that there was a guy at the club when she was singing and they had a one night stand but when Philip made her feel like a whore she couldn't take it. Nicole argues that she's not a whore and Philip is sorry. Nicole asks where she is. Chloe explains that she's in hiding because when Nicole said Deimos was looking for her, she took Parker and ran. Nicole asks what the problem is if Deimos is not the father and tells her to come home and stay with her. Chloe says she's sorry but she has to go and hangs up. Chloe wonders out loud to herself if Nicole bought her story about a one night stand and says she hopes so.

Brady blows off the card as something Tate picked up off the ground. Brady says he has go to meet Philip so he will see her later. Brady kisses her goodbye and exits. Theresa holds Tate nervously.

Maggie tells Deimos that Nicole was devastated. Deimos remarks that Victor was right all along as Nicole can't be trusted and betrayed him after he opened his heart to her. Deimos admits he doesn't have a right to judge after what he did to them but he learned from his mistakes that family matters. Deimos feels Nicole may have ruined any chance for him to have his child. Maggie brings up Nicole and Chloe being friends for decades while she was just getting to know him. Maggie says it must have been tearing Nicole up inside or else she wouldn't have confessed. Deimos asks if she is saying he should give Nicole another chance. Maggie encourages him to look at it from her side and asks if he ever wants her back in his life.

Chloe talks about her life turning in to a real mess as she thinks back to a time in the past talking with Daniel, Nicole, and Parker about Daniel and Nicole's wedding then talking to Nicole about her being unable to have a child where Chloe offered to be their surrogate. Chloe then remarks if only it could've been that simple.

Justin shows up at Jennifer's and angrily questions what the hell Adrienne was thinking.

Victor meets Theresa at the church and questions why she summoned him. Theresa says this is the only place they could meet without being watched. Theresa informs Victor that Brady and Tate's lives are in danger and it's her fault.

Deimos tells Maggie that he's not sure he and Nicole have a future. Deimos says he's told her numerous times that he loves her but she's never said it back once. Maggie reminds him to look at things from her side and how she is being cautious. Maggie calls him a complicated man and notes that she is still trying to recover from the death of Daniel. Maggie encourages Deimos to show some patience and compassion if he thinks Nicole is still worth it.

Chloe says being Daniel and Nicole's surrogate mother wasn't exactly an easy sell to Daniel as she thinks back to Daniel telling her how it would be uncomfortable due to their history. Chloe had said it would just be Daniel's egg while Nicole encouraged that she wanted to do it. Chloe then flashes back to being at the clinic with Daniel and Nicole, harvesting and storing the eggs then to three weeks later, Chloe's test being negative and the transfer not working. Chloe then says to herself that things got worse as Daniel died and so did Nicole's dream.

Victor asks Theresa what she did. Theresa says it's about who she used to be. Theresa explains that years ago when she was 19, she met this guy Mateo and thought she loved him but she was just 19. Theresa says he was way too much for her and his father is the head of a drug cartel. Theresa says Mateo took his father's place after they split up. Theresa adds that he hasn't forgot about her and has now found where she is so he tracked her down. Theresa explains that Mateo wants her back now to go back with him to Mexico. Victor questions why he expects her to just leave everything. Theresa guesses it's because she loved him or it's a pride thing. Theresa doesn't know why but says it doesn't matter as if she says no to him then he will kill Brady and Tate. Theresa begs Victor not to tell Brady because he will go after Mateo and wind up dead. Theresa knows Victor has connections and people who will do things but she also knows he hates her. Theresa says he's the only person who she could turn to so she asks him to help for Brady and Tate.

Justin shouts that he knew exactly where Adrienne would be and mocks them drinking champagne as the proud new owners of the Spectator. Justin questions how she could do this to him. Adrienne doesn't know why he is taking it so personally. Justin asks why shouldn't he when she said she wanted to be friends then went in for the kill. Adrienne questions him. Justin explains that Titan was going to buy the paper and she had to know because it was in the press. Adrienne tells him to stop being so aggressive. Justin argues that she bought it out from under them. Adrienne questions him being back at Titan when he was so thrilled to get away from it. Adrienne says Jack's newspaper now belongs to them and tells him it wasn't a contest so he can stop attacking her. Jennifer comes back in and asks if everything is okay.

Chloe flashes back to seeing Nicole a month after Daniel passed away where Nicole said the hospital asked what she wanted to do with her unused frozen embryos then started to suggest Chloe trying again but said she couldn't do that as it was over. Chloe looks at a photo of her and Nicole on her phone. Chloe comments that Nicole was so devastated so she knew the only way to make her happy was to try again without telling her so she went back to the clinic and had a talk with the doctor.

Theresa knows she's asking a lot but asks if Victor can take care of this for her. Victor says no. Theresa freaks out and calls him a bastard. Theresa says they are talking about Brady and Tate. Theresa knows he hates her but calls this disgusting. Theresa argues it wasn't easy to come beg him like this. Victor tells her to shut up and listen as he didn't say he won't help her but he can't. Victor says Mateo is more powerful than him and suggests talking to her father. Theresa says all Shane wants her to do is run. Theresa argues that Victor would love that because she would be gone forever. Victor says he would not love that as it would break Brady's heart and Tate would be without a mother but he admits he doesn't see any other option for her. Theresa cries that she can't run but she can't stay here and do nothing or Mateo will kill someone she loves just to warn her. Theresa says she will have to go to Mexico with Mateo and do whatever he wants. Victor agrees that she can't tell Brady as he would be face to face with Mateo within the hour but questions how she will explain leaving if she doesn't tell Brady. Theresa doesn't know and is glad Tate is too young to understand. Theresa cries that she finally had everything she ever wanted as she breaks down in tears.

Jennifer tells Justin that she is sorry if he's upset but they bought The Spectator fair and square. Adrienne argues that it was just about reviving the paper. Justin responds that she doesn't know the first thing about running the paper. Adrienne says that's why she and Jennifer will be a great team. Justin accuses her of using his divorce money. Adrienne argues that it was her money to spend. Adrienne states that it's business, not personal. Justin continues to complain then decides they are done here and storms out. Jennifer and Adrienne sit together to talk plans but Adrienne starts complaining about Justin talking to her like that. Jennifer encourages her not to care what he says. Adrienne thinks it's weird that he was that upset. Jennifer comments that it looks like Justin got to her a bit but Adrienne claims she couldn't care less.

Theresa goes home where Brady joins her in the bedroom. Theresa wipes her tears and says she's glad he's back then kisses him. Theresa asks him to make love to her so they continue kissing.

Nicole sits in the town square when she gets a call from Deimos. Nicole guesses he's calling to call her a liar and that she betrayed him but Deimos says he's sorry. Deimos tells her that he just spoke to someone who helped him see things differently and more clearly so he realized he had no right to be so critical of her especially after everyone else to forgive him. Deimos asks Nicole if they can try again.

Chloe continues talking to her baby about how the doctor understood right away that she had permission to try as many times as she wanted without telling anyone. Chloe says the next test came back negative so she was happy she didn't tell Nicole until the paternity test said Deimos wasn't the father then she knew there was only one other possibility. Chloe states that the fertility clinic had it wrong as she declares that this is Nicole and Daniel's baby.

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