Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/2/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/2/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole walks through the town square, saying she will see someone soon at St. Luke's. She comes across Deimos, who asks what's going on at St. Luke's. Nicole talks about being open to praying. Nicole asks if he's going to take time off from hunting Chloe down. Deimos can't imagine anyone thinking he doesn't have a right to bring her back and find his child. Nicole talks about apologizing over and over for not telling him. Deimos says it was two months after and it's about trust. Deimos' phone rings so Nicole walks away as he answers. Deimos says he's on his way and hangs up.

Brady and Theresa join Victor and Maggie at church. Maggie asks about Tate. Theresa says he was cranky so they left him with the babysitter. Brady talks about it being great to see Maggie out and about. Maggie is glad to be here to thank God for her miracle. Brady says they have a lot to be thankful for. Maggie comments on the family being together. Theresa is glad that Xander and Clyde are out of their lives. Theresa talks about her and Brady's unofficial wedding. Maggie hopes for a brand new start for them. Theresa brings up not being to confession in a long time so she goes to do that. Paul arrives and joins Brady in lighting a candle for John and Marlena. They joke about John always overcoming challenges.

Roman visits Marlena in the hospital. Marlena dreams about being in the coffin set on fire then wakes up suddenly. Roman assures her that it's okay, he's here, and Orpheus can't hurt her anymore as it's over.

Theresa goes to confession and is not sure where to start as she hasn't been since high school. Theresa begins her confession then recognizes the voice on the other side is her father Shane Donovan! Theresa can't believe it's him and questions him being a spy dressed as a priest in Salem. Shane tells her he has to talk to her so he followed her in. Shane warns her that she is in danger.

Nicole joins Brady in the church and thanks him for meeting her because she really needs someone to talk to. Nicole asks Brady if he has talked to Chloe since she isn't returning her calls and she hasn't been able to reach Philip. Brady responds that he and Philip haven't been friendly lately and he hasn't heard from Chloe. Brady asks what's going on. Nicole responds that she and Deimos are no longer together and he wants nothing to do with her because of this mess with Chloe. Brady asks about the mess. Nicole explains that Chloe asked her to lie about her child and say Philip is the father when Deimos is. Nicole talks about Chloe being her best friend and being terrified of Deimos finding out. Brady argues it would be Deimos' right as a father. Nicole talks about Deimos being devastated when the paternity test results came back so she came clean and told him that he was the father. Brady realizes it didn't go over well. Nicole says Deimos was so cold and furious but she couldn't blame him and now he's hellbent on dragging Chloe back here. Brady calls it his style while Nicole actually thinks it's touching that Deimos cares so much. Brady wishes the best for Chloe and hopes they don't get in a war over the child but he tells Nicole that she needs to butt out and let them handle it. Brady insists that Nicole doesn't need to be in the middle of something so personal so he orders her to stay out of it and not get involved. Brady adds that she and Deimos calling it quits is probably a blessing in disguise. Nicole questions him being personal. Brady tells her to do whatever she wants then because it's her life. Nicole apologizes and prefers that he cares. Nicole understands where he's coming from and says despite Deimos being completely different from Daniel, there's something about him that's completely drawn her to him and she thinks they did have something special. Brady apologizes for not realizing that. Nicole states that is because they never talk like this. Nicole thinks the mess with Chloe has ruined any happiness they might have had and she doesn't know how she will forgive herself for hurting Deimos the way she did.

Outside, Philip goes to meet with Chloe's mother Nancy, who can't remember the last time she has seen him. Philip tells her that he needs her to tell her where Chloe is right now.

Lucas and Adrienne go to Jennifer's, talking about getting things done and going to the prayer service tonight. They go inside to talk to Jennifer, who is distracted on her tablet. They ask what she's reading. Jennifer tells them that it's about Hope and it's not good.

Nancy tells Philip that she's been expecting his call as Chloe told her how she hurt him about the baby's father. Philip asks if she has any idea who the real father is. Nancy says she honestly doesn't as Chloe was staying with them but then suddenly left without notice. Nancy hopes Philip can help Chloe. Philip wants to and hoped to tell her that in person. Philip says he was hurt by her lies but has had time to think about it and wished he was a better friend. Nancy knows he wouldn't have come to New York if he wasn't a good friend. Philip says she must be really scared. Nancy notes that they are really worried. Philip asks her to let Chloe know he wants to help her if she hears from her while Philip says he will do the same for her.

Theresa tells Shane that she doesn't understand. Shane says it's about her past, not her criminal record, but after she came back from Mexico. Theresa realizes he means her ex Mateo. Shane explains that he now knows she is living in Salem and he wants her back.

Marlena asks Roman where John is. John explains that he got delayed at the pier and had to answer questions for the police so he wanted him to be here so she wasn't alone when she woke up. Roman asks if she's okay. Marlena says she's better. Roman says the doctor is concerned she might be suffering from more trauma but physically she is fine. Marlena calls that a relief. Marlena talks about her dream being so vivid and feeling like she was back in the coffin. Marlena talks about always counting on John's persistence as he never gives up.

Theresa asks why Mateo would want her back. Shane thinks she knows the answer to that as they loved each other. Theresa calls that a long time ago while she has the most amazing life now. Shane is happy how she has turned things around in Salem. Theresa worries about her life being over now. Theresa feels Mateo timed it this way deliberately to make her pay. Theresa says she probably would have left with him when she first came to Salem as she was so lost then but not now. Shane tells her that he's so sorry. Theresa calls this a bizarre dream. Theresa asks if he can do something about it now that he's here. Shane wishes he could and says they will be watching Mateo but they haven't gotten anyone close enough to prove anything against him as he runs one of the largest drug cartels in the world. Theresa wonders what she is supposed to do. Shane informs her that they have somewhere she can hide with Brady and Tate which is far away from Salem but Theresa refuses to force her family to live on the run. Theresa says she can't do that to Tate as he and Brady shouldn't have to pay for her stupidity. Theresa says this is on here and wonders what she will do. Shane suggests considering leaving on her own. Theresa questions leaving her family and refuses to do that because they mean something to her. Theresa talks about thinking she was so special to Mateo in the past. Theresa decides she can't do this and rushes out of the confessional.

Sonny joins Brady and Paul in the church and says it's great what St. Luke's is doing. Sonny goes to talk with Victor and Maggie. Theresa rushes back in to Brady. Brady asks what's wrong. Theresa claims nothing then asks if they can just leave as she needs to get out of here. Brady says it's no problem and tells Paul he will talk to him later as he exits with Theresa. Paul looks over to Sonny, who lights a candle and looks back at Paul. Brady notes Theresa is trembling and asks what's going on. Brady asks if Victor said something to her. Theresa says it wasn't that. Brady questions what is going on as she is not herself. Theresa asks him to just hold her as they hug.

Jennifer, Adrienne, and Lucas can't believe how the newspaper is portraying Hope. They talk about when Jack used to run The Spectator newspaper and how far it's fallen since. Jennifer wishes she could buy it back and make it something the town could be proud of again.

Brady sits with Theresa in the town square and asks if she's feeling better. She claims she was just hungry. Brady feels something was bothering her and asks if she wants to talk about it but Theresa claims she just wanted to get out. Brady asks what she wants to do now. Theresa just wants to stay here for awhile and talks about it being peaceful with the man she loves.

Adrienne tells Lucas about her idea which he praises as a great idea if she's sure. Adrienne then turns back to Jennifer and tells her they have something very important to discuss. Adrienne reveals that she just got off the phone with her bank after depositing Justin's alimony check so she was thinking they could work together and pool their money to buy The Spectator. Jennifer can't believe she would do that and they are excited to do it.

Brady and Theresa eat dessert in the town square. Brady adds that there is something he wanted to talk to her about that is about them. Brady thinks they should move out of the Kiriakis Mansion now that the lunatics are gone so they can move on. Brady asks if she's with him. Brady talks about not wanting to upset Victor and Maggie by moving out but he wants to find them their own home. Theresa agrees that it sounds good but notes that she is really comfortable in the mansion and she likes it there. Theresa brings up Tate and how they should probably go get him so they walk off together while someone watches from the bushes.

Adrienne asks Jennifer what she says. Jennifer asks if she's sure. Adrienne promises the Spectator will be respected again if Jennifer agrees to be editor in chief. Jennifer feels she can't say no so she agrees to the deal and they shake hands.

Brady and Theresa walk out of the town square. Theresa stops and asks Brady to go to Tate himself, claiming she decided she wants to get some shopping done. Theresa promises she won't be long as they kiss goodbye. Theresa says she will see him at home. Brady says he loves her and walks off. Theresa sits down on the bench as Mateo appears behind her and greets her.

Jennifer goes to the church and greets Maggie and Victor, saying it's so great to see Maggie up and around again. Maggie talks about it being a lovely morning sharing prayers with the rest of the community but they can't stop thinking about Hope. Victor talks about being shocked by her confession and can't believe Hope killed Stefano when half the town tried. Jennifer's heart breaks for Ciara, Shawn, and Belle. Victor assures that Justin will take care of Hope as her lawyer. Jennifer says she is going to pray for a little bit inside so she hugs them and heads in while Victor and Maggie exit.

Brady joins Sonny in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady comments on Sonny taking the family business seriously. Sonny is excited they are all working together and talks about Victor's lecture to unify the family. They call it a new generation. Brady hopes he can still have a life outside of the business and asks how things are with Paul. Sonny responds that they found a way to be friends and that's all but he's fine with that.

Nancy remains outside as she checks her phone wondering where Chloe is while Deimos appears and joins her table. Nancy is unaware of who he is so Deimos introduces himself as Deimos Kiriakis, the father of her daughter's baby.

Brady praises Sonny on his work. Sonny asks about Theresa back at the church and if everything is okay. Brady states that everything has been really good between them with Xander gone so they've focused on their future which he couldn't be happier about. Brady calls himself a damn lucky guy.

Mateo sits with Theresa and comments on how much he has missed her. Mateo adds that he was really upset when she ran away from him as their time together was impossible for him to forget and he always thought of her as part of the family. Theresa says it's been years and asks what he wants. Theresa says she has a life now and can't just pack up to leave everything behind. Mateo wants her to go back with him to Mexico.

Nancy acknowledges knowing who Deimos is. Deimos asks her where Chloe is. Nancy doesn't like his tone and asks how he found her. Deimos reveals he had Philip followed. Deimos says he's not here to threaten her but she needs to tell him where Chloe is or things could get very complicated. Nancy says that sounds like a threat to her so she tells him to get the Hell away from her and leave Chloe alone.

Nicole comes across Philip in the town square, questioning him not answering her calls. Philip says he's been very busy. Nicole hopes he's been looking for Chloe as she can't reach her. Philip reveals he just got back from New York and not even her own mother knows where she is. Nicole is glad he was looking for her. Nicole adds that Deimos is on the hunt for Chloe ever since she told him he's the baby's father. Philip is surprised and reveals to Nicole that Deimos is not the father of Chloe's baby as the paternity tests were not doctored. Nicole asks Philip who is the father if not Deimos. Philip responds that he doesn't have a clue.

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