Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope confirms the voice in Andre's recording was her. Rafe and Roman argue but Hope announces it's true that she killed Stefano just as Chad walks by. Justin says he is representing Hope. Melinda Trask and the deputy mayor say they will need Justin and Rafe as well as they exit. Justin tells Hope not to say another word to anyone until they put their heads together as he follows out of the room. Chad approaches Andre at the police station and asks if it's true. Andre responds that he heard her in person and on the recording. Chad then enters the interrogation room to confront Hope. Chad asks if this is some kind of trick or game that Andre is playing. Hope confirms that she killed Stefano.

Steve is on the phone with John from the police station. Steve tells John to keep looking while he will stick around the station. A cop tells Steve that they don't have any more intel. Steve wants to talk to Rafe or Roman but the cop tells him they are on another case. Steve questions what could be more important than a kidnapping and says to tell them it is crucial. As Steve hangs up, Andre suggests he have a plan B with him instead of the police department.

Marlena and Kayla scream from inside the casket/coffins. Orpheus tells them it will be over soon as he then pours gasoline onto the coffins.

Steve doesn't see any way Andre can help them. Andre says he has a short memory. Steve says it's not the time. Andre tells him that he understands Orpheus has Marlena and Kayla so he will make a few calls. Steve questions him keeping Stefano's contacts. Andre reminds that he found Clyde. Steve says Orpheus is not Clyde. Andre knows Orpheus is worse. Steve wants to call Roman but Andre informs Steve that he won't answer because Hope confessed to murder and they are processing that. Steve questions him so Andre repeats that Hope confessed to the murder of Stefano.

Hope tells Chad that she didn't mean to kill his father. Chad questions what she means and what happened. Hope explains that she went to see Stefano at the mansion to confront him about what happened to Bo. Hope talks about Stefano laughing at her and baiting her. Chad asks if he threatened her. Hope says she can't even describe what it was. Chad asks if he had a weapon which Hope confirms he did not. Hope argues that it was like Stefano wanted her to and he was goading her. Chad continues to question her. Hope cries that she wasn't thinking straight and was convinced that Stefano was the reason Bo was dead. Chad points out that he wasn't so Hope shot him in cold blood. Chad asks if he suffered. Hope can't remember it. Chad accuses Hope of playing God with Stefano's life.

Paul and Derrick walk through the town square talking about going out. Derrick asks Paul if he wants to invite Sonny.

Sonny gives out candy to kids trick or treating at the Kiriakis Mansion when he gets a text from Paul, asking if he wants to join he and Derrick at The Spot. Sonny thinks back to his last conversation with Paul then the doorbell rings with more trick or treaters.

Steve finishes a call with John and tells him to meet on the pier. Andre reveals that he just made some calls and found out where Marlena and Kayla are being held in a warehouse on the west pier. Steve questions him. Andre says he has eyes everywhere and assures that his contacts are very reliable. Steve then exits the station. Andre says to himself that it doesn't matter as it's on him if they don't get to Marlena and Kayla in time.

Marlena and Kayla continue screaming from inside the coffins. Orpheus tells them it is pointless and says he will put them out of their misery as he prepares the lighter.

Steve goes outside the town square and calls Paul, informing him that Orpheus is alive and grabbed Marlena and Kayla then disappeared. Paul is shocked and asks what he needs. Steve says he needs a warehouse checked out to know if there's been any illegal activity. Paul wants to go there now but Steve warns that it's dangerous so Paul says he will find out and let him know if he find anything. Paul hangs up and tells Derrick about Orpheus. Paul tells Derrick to enjoy the party while he checks on some leads but Derrick insists that he's going with him for backup. Paul responds that he knows just where to go as they rush off.

Sonny sits at home watching TV as he thinks back again to talking to Paul and then to when he found Paul after the explosion. Sonny then gets a call from Gabi who puts Arianna on the phone. Sonny asks how Halloween is going and tells her to have a good night. Sonny thanks Gabi for letting him talk to Arianna. Gabi then tells Sonny about Hope killing Stefano.

Chad asks Hope what gave her the right to shoot his father. Hope says nothing. Chad brings up Hope being a cop who took an oath to obey the law. Chad questions if she just thought she could shoot Stefano and no one would mind. Chad brings up Hope being very quick to frame Andre because he was on to her. Chad talks about how that was fine since Andre was a criminal who deserved it but asks her about the guy serving time in prison now for the crime. Chad states that Hope is the only person who didn't have to pay for what she did and questions what makes that okay. Hope says nothing. Chad asks why. Chad calls Hope pathetic. Chad knows his family has a history. Chad talks about being with Abigail making him so excited to have Thomas part of an honorable family. Hope says that she's sorry for what this has done to him. Hope adds that she cares about Chad. Chad knows Stefano did terrible things to her for many years but that doesn't make what she did okay. Hope cries as Chad leaves the room. Rafe, Roman, and Justin confront Chad when he comes out. Rafe questions what Chad was doing in there. Chad says he was talking to a member of his family. Justin starts to argue but Chad says she didn't say anything he can use against her. Chad argues them thinking their families are better than his when Hope's actions prove both families are capable of living outside the law. Chad then walks out of the station. Roman tells Rafe that it's going to be real hard to get Hope to defend herself. Rafe states that will be his job.

Justin returns to Hope in the interrogation room. Hope tells him that she can't fight it but Justin argues that they can, suggesting Hope suffering from PTSD after what happened to Bo. Hope responds that she is pleading guilty which she calls her only choice. Hope tells him that she made a deal with Andre that she confess to what she did without a fight and she pays for killing Stefano. Justin argues that is not a deal. Hope explains that the deal is Andre will keep quiet about anyone else's involvement and it will end with her, otherwise he will play the rest of the tape. Hope wants to get this done before people start asking who Hope confessed to on the tape and what else she said. Justin says he is her attorney so anything she tells him about a past crime is privilege. Hope reveals to Justin that Rafe helped her move the body and cover up the crime while Roman helped them throw suspicion elsewhere. Justin calls them co-conspirators. Hope points out that they would go to prison right alongside her.

Rafe catches up to Chad in the town square. Chad questions if he's going to defend Hope more and shoves him. Chad asks what he ever did to him and feels Rafe betrayed him as a friend. Rafe says that Chad needs to understand why this happened.

Paul and Derrick go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny apologizes not for texting back. Paul tells Sonny that they need help and asks if people are working at the Kiriakis warehouse on the pier tonight. Sonny says yes. Paul knows they technically aren't supposed to be but he needs to know if they have seen anything strange tonight. Paul reveals to Sonny that Orpheus is still alive and he has Marlena and Kayla which shocks him.

Lazlow comes in to the warehouse and tells Orpheus that there are still a bunch of kids on the docks. Orpheus calls it perfect so it will look like they started the fire or could get caught in it. Lazlow points out they are kids. Orpheus says he will plan his escape route and get them away as he steps out. Kayla cries for Marlena to answer her from inside the coffin.

Rafe knows Chad cared about his father and doesn't want to hear bad things about him. Chad argues that Stefano was a changed man and they don't know him. Rafe brings up what Stefano did to him, Hope, and her family. Chad calls Stefano an old man in a wheelchair on that night. Rafe brings up Stefano hiring Aiden to kill Hope. Chad argues that he's a cop and should have him arrested. Rafe brings up Hope being spent. Chad says they can't take the law in to their own hands. Rafe compares it to what Ben did to Abigail and says sometimes people get pushed too far. Rafe tells Chad that Hope was a victim of Stefano just as much as Abigail was a victim of Ben. Rafe then walks away.

Sonny tells Paul that he spoke to a worker on the warehouse and he saw a truck unload two coffins. Sonny adds that this warehouse has been boarded up for years and unused for over a decade. Paul says this doesn't feel right as he calls John, who is in the town square with Steve. Paul informs John that the tip could be right as two coffins were seen being unloaded to a warehouse. Paul asks if he wants to check it out but John says no. John tells Paul to stay where he is while he and Steve go until they say so. John thanks Paul and hangs up. John then tells Steve that Andre was right so they hurry out.

Orpheus finishes a phone call as Lazlow comes back in and says they are clear. Orpheus tells him their escape plan by a bus with passports and cash. Orpheus says they will need to get out and they will leave John a pile of ashes as payback. Orpheus raises the lighter as Kayla cries out for Steve until passing out while Marlena already has passed out. Orpheus then lights the two coffins on fire.

Andre sits at the DiMera Mansion as Chad walks in. Chad confirms he heard from Hope but the whole town did before him. Chad questions it not being something Andre thought he should know. Andre brings up how unsympathetic Chad was when he told him about Hope in the past. Chad says if he came to him and told him he had her confession on tape then he would've believed him. Andre questions it taking that much to gain an ounce of trust from him and how hurtful that is. Chad questions how he got the tape of her confession.

Justin tells Rafe and Roman that Hope has authorized him to tell them why she insists on pleading guilty. Roman asks what's going on. Justin explains that the recording goes on and implicates Roman and Rafe in the cover up of the murder. Justin adds that Hope cut a deal with Andre that if she pleads guilty, he won't go after them. Rafe can't believe Hope is going along with it. Roman thinks Andre will hold it over them. Rafe can't live with it. Roman wants to fight it. Justin says it all depends on the sentencing hearing. Rafe agrees with Roman that they will be there and fight.

Sonny assures Paul that John will call. Derrick questions Sonny being holed up in the house tonight instead of taking Arianna trick or treating. Sonny explains how Gabi had Arianna with her and he wasn't in the mood. Sonny mentions watching a great football game. Derrick jokes with him about it and suggests he just record it. Derrick tells Paul they can go back to the spot once John calls but Paul says he's on pins and needles here. Sonny agrees with Paul but Derrick says he's not taking no for an answer here.

Steve makes a call on the pier, reporting a fire on warehouse 67 on the docks.

Orpheus watches the coffins burn as Lazlow bursts in to tell him to go. John and Steve break in with their guns raised. Orpheus tells them it's too late. Steve orders him to put his hands behind his head while John tries to rescue Steve and Marlena. Steve starts to arrest Orpheus but Lazlow knocks the gun out of his hands and they fight. Orpheus gets Steve's gun and they struggle over it until the gun goes off, shooting Orpheus in the stomach. Orpheus laughs then collapses to the ground. EMTs arrive and Kayla is placed on a stretcher where she wakes up in a panic. Steve assures her that he has her and it's over. Kayla asks about Marlena. Steve tells her that she is being checked out at the hospital. Kayla cries that she never thought she'd see him again. Kayla asks about Orpheus. Steve informs her that he was shot so paramedics are working on him but he's never going to hurt her again.

Derrick watches the football game as Paul gets a text that all is clear, Marlena is fine and Orpheus was shot so their information paid off. Derrick asks if they can go out once Sonny finds his costume. Sonny comes in dressed up in his comic convention costume, joking with Paul that he fixed the rip. Sonny tells Derrick that he told him it was a great football game. Derrick jokes with Sonny that he looks hot in his costume and Paul agrees. They get excited by a Chicago touch down but when Sonny jumps to high five Paul, his costume rips again so they decide they should stay in. Paul, Derrick, and Sonny toast their drinks and sit together.

Steve asks the medics if they are taking Orpheus to the hospital but they respond that they are calling it that Orpheus is dead. Steve orders them to check again. The medic assures he hasn't had a pulse for half an hour as he bled out so he's dead. Steve declares it's over and there is no faking this one as they cover Orpheus' body.

Andre asks Chad if it matters how he obtained the confession. Chad says that he has just come up with some interesting solutions lately is all. Andre says what matters is that he caught Hope red-handed and finally proved that she killed their father in cold blood so justice has been served. Andre then exits.

Rafe joins Hope in the interrogation room and tells her that he's sorry. Hope responds that none of it is his fault but Rafe doesn't know about that. Rafe is sorry they are here going through this. Rafe feels he's the one that pushed for the cover up. Hope refuses to listen to this. Rafe argues that the cover up is what looks bad so he will step up. Hope tells him he can't. Rafe says he can and keep Roman out of this. Hope says he needs to stay out of this and Roman won't let him because it would open up an investigation against the entire department. Hope says she won't let Rafe do it as it started with her so it must end with her. Hope makes Rafe promise that he won't. Rafe says that doesn't mean he is giving up on her or them because he's not. Rafe tells her that he loves her as he hugs her until Roman comes in with the deputy mayor and DA Trask. Roman tells Hope that he is so sorry. Hope responds that it's okay. Roman then officially arrests Hope for the murder of Stefano DiMera and reads her rights.

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