Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/31/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/31/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Steve rush to an office in the hospital as they talk about being unable to believe how Orpheus is still alive. John opens his laptop as Steve talks about how they watched him die. John says Orpheus was counting on them letting their guard down. Steve says Orpheus can't still be in the hospital with Marlena and Kayla. John talks about trying to find where to start looking.

Orpheus enters his warehouse with Marlena and Kayla tied up and asks what they thought of his latest magic trick that he called cheating death. Marlena brings up seeing him die. Orpheus notes that she even tried to revive him. Marlena argues that he can't be real but Orpheus assures that he is very real and this is her worst nightmare.

Lucas and Adrienne walk outside in their costumes, talking about the three criminals being caught and being able to enjoy Halloween. They prepare to walk together in to the town square when Justin appears in front of them.

Gabi is on the phone with JJ outside of the Pub, leaving a message that she hates that he's still in the hospital but she will try to visit him after the town square ceremony. Gabi talks about Chad trying to get Arianna in to her costume and says she will send him a picture as she hangs up. Chad comes out dressed as Zorro with Arianna in her costume. Chad notes that he dressed up in order to convince her to as well. Gabi praises him dressing up and they laugh. Chad thanks her for joining him at the fundraiser. Chad tells Gabi that Abigail would love that she is here to help. Chad mentions honoring the Salem police department.

The deputy mayor presents Rafe and Hope with their awards. He prepares to speak about Hope when suddenly the recording of Hope's confession plays over the speaker and repeats Hope saying "I killed Stefano" over and over. Roman asks Rafe who he thinks is behind this. Rafe responds there's three guesses. Ciara asks Hope what's going on as Andre reveals he is holding a recorder as the confession repeats. Roman takes Hope away. Chad and Gabi enter with Arianna. Chad questions if this is some kind of joke. Rafe rips the recorder away from Andre and smashes it. Andre mocks him being a hero and says this time it's too late as no one can save Hope now. Andre calls it careless work of Rafe to destroy evidence. Rafe grabs him but Roman stops him. Andre warns him about police brutality. Roman questions Andre's game. Andre says the game is over and he's sure the police will make sure this crime doesn't go unpunished. Andre brings up Stefano being considered Salem's most despicable villain. Ciara questions Hope as to why she said she killed Stefano. Hope wants her to go home but she refuses. Julie says they aren't leaving until they know what's going on. Hope wants Ciara out of here so Julie and Doug take Ciara out. Andre warns them about obstructing justice. Justin, Lucas, and Adrienne arrive. Justin says Andre would know about obstructing justice. Lucas questions who helped him doctor that recording but Andre says he didn't need help. Adrienne questions being expected to believe that Hope freely confessed to murder. Andre asks why not. Lucas brings up the man in prison who confessed to shooting Stefano. Andre says that is an innocent man who will be set free. Adrienne brings up everything Andre did to help against Clyde and how they all thought he turned a corner to be a better man. Justin calls it too much to expect from a DiMera. Chad tries to confront him but Gabi holds him back. Chad argues that Hope would've never done this so he wants to go after Andre. Gabi tells him it's not the time or place so Chad walks out of the town square and Gabi goes after him. The deputy mayor gets everyone's attention and announces the ceremony is now concluded. Justin advises Hope not to say a word. The deputy mayor says they should continue this conversation at the police department which Andre calls the perfect place to have the truth come out.

John and Steve find no sign of Orpheus by looking through the hospital cameras. They take it back to the morgue where they notice the guy who went to the morgue. Steve notes that he's seen him before and recalls seeing him dressed as a cop at the police station right before they gave their statements. John says that guy will be the one to help them as they rush out.

Orpheus and his man Lazlow stand over Marlena and Kayla. Orpheus says he couldn't have done it without him. Marlena asks how he pulled it off when she couldn't revive him. Orpheus asks if that's how they want to spend the last moments of their lives. Orpheus warns that he made sure they will never be found. Orpheus decides he will happily recount his resurrection. Orpheus explains that Marlena left her bag unattended at the police station where Lazlow snuck in and switched the rubbing alcohol that Orpheus drank with a drug he brought to only simulate his death. Orpheus says kidnapping them was only the first step as he's come up with a festive, luminous plan to help them transition to the next world. Orpheus states that when he is through, John and Steve will finally know the pain he's felt all these years and they will never stop feeling it for as long as they live.

At the police station, Rafe tells Hope that Justin will talk to the acting DA. Rafe asks if she still thinks Aiden gave her the only copy of the recording. Hope says she believed him which Rafe questions doing. Hope believed she got through to him and saw something change in Aiden. Hope insists that Aiden wasn't lying. Rafe asks how Andre got a recording then but Hope doesn't know. Hope says she needs to talk to Andre.

In the interrogation room, Roman questions where Andre got that recording. Andre asks what difference it makes since the killer confessed. Andre adds that he made many copies and the clip they heard tonight is only the tip of the iceberg.

Rafe tells Hope that she is not going to talk to Andre or anyone else but listen to what Justin has to say. Roman comes out and tells them that Andre implied he has enough to implicate all of them. Hope wants to handle it. Rafe refuses since she put herself in harm's way with Aiden. Rafe doesn't want to take that chance. Hope notes Rafe still trying to protect her when they both know what she did and Andre has the proof he needs to make the charges stick. The deputy mayor comes in and argues that this is another attempt by a DiMera to discredit the police department. He says he will not tolerate an attack like this. He asks why Andre singled Hope out and how he managed to get her voice confessing to murder on tape. Roman says a DiMera doesn't need a reason but the deputy mayor says it doesn't explain how he got Hope's voice on tape so if they don't come up with something, the media will have a field day. As he steps away with Roman and Rafe, Hope goes ahead and enters the interrogation room to confront Andre. Andre says he's now the accuser instead of the accused.

Rafe and Roman go to Roman's office. Rafe tries to call Aiden but gets no answer. Roman asks if there's any chance this is Aiden's final parting shot at Hope. Rafe says he thought so at first but Hope was adamant that Aiden was sincere so Andre must have found another way to get the recording. Roman adds that Andre made a lot of copies.

Andre sits across the table of the interrogation room from Hope. Andre knows she's wondering how he got the recording. Andre says he hasn't told anyone but he will come clean to her. Andre says he knew that Aiden must have been blackmailing her so he went to his hotel room and knew the combination to Aiden's safe would be related to Hope and it was her birthday. Andre says he made so many copies then returned the original to Aiden's hotel without him ever knowing it was gone. Andre questions if she thought she would get away with murder and set him up for it without him coming for revenge. Andre declares that he knows who she is and he has proof. Andre calls Hope a hypocrite, a liar, and a murderer.

Chad walks out of the town square in anger as Gabi catches up to him, asking if he's okay. Chad apologizes for losing it. Gabi knows he's shaken up. Chad questions what that was. Gabi doesn't know what's happening. Chad brings up Andre telling him months ago that Hope killed Stefano but he didn't believe him because Hope wouldn't do that. Gabi is sorry that he's going through this and asks if there is any way that she can help him.

Steve talks on the phone at the hospital while John inspects the magician boxes that Orpheus used. Steve hangs up, unable to get a hold of Roman. Steve tells John that there is another crisis going on but they have more detectives on the way. John wants to get to the pier as he acknowledges the magician boxes come from shipments there. They rush out of the hospital to check the pier.

Orpheus asks Marlena and Kayla if they are ready for step two. Marlena questions what he's planning. Orpheus doesn't want to ruin the surprise. Kayla argues that it won't matter if he's killing them anyways. Orpheus remarks that he's going out for trick or treating and when he gets back, the real fun begins.

Doug and Julie bring Ciara home to Jennifer's along with Lucas and Adrienne. Ciara angrily starts taking off her police costume. Jennifer excitedly comes in, asking how the ceremony went since they are back early. Jennifer asks about JJ's award as she wanted Hope to accept it for him. Lucas and Adrienne inform her that Hope was busy. Doug calls it unsettling. Julie adds that Jennifer will be just as upset and she wishes they weren't there. Lucas and Adrienne exit the room with Doug and Julie to get some water while Jennifer looks to Ciara and asks her what happened tonight.

Chad appreciates Gabi's concern. Gabi tells him that what Hope said shook a lot of people but this is his father so of course it will upset him. Chad asks her to take Thomas home while he goes to figure out what the hell is going on and who killed his father.

Rafe tells Roman that they need to make sure Hope is protected. Roman responds that won't be easy since Andre has damning evidence. Rafe brings up promising not to let Hope go down for Stefano's murder. Rafe is still willing to go back to their original plan but Roman says after Hope's confession, the jury will be convinced he is just covering for Hope. Rafe argues they can say she covered for him as he is willing to take the risk.

Hope tells Andre that Stefano put her through Hell for his whole life, torturing and terrorizing her including brainwashing her and kidnapping her baby. Hope says Stefano did everything in his power to destroy any happiness she had along with her family. Andre hopes she's not attempting to justify what she did. Hope says she isn't because what she did was wrong. Andre states that the recording gives him all the power he needs. Hope asks what he wants and they can be done with this. Andre brings up Hope dressing up as Cleopatra since she was also outwitted by a superior foe but in the end she was doomed by her own arrogance. Andre says Cleopatra took her own life so he hopes they can find a less barbaric but equally effective way for Hope to atone for her sins.

Marlena and Kayla talk about trying to escape as they struggle with being tied up.

John and Steve go to the pier but have no luck. Steve worries that they are running out of time and have to do something. John brings up the transporting trucks. They then spot someone dressed in the magician costume from behind and raise their guns on him but he turns around and is just a teenager dressed up for Halloween.

Orpheus returns to Kayla and Marlena, commenting on it not being as easy to get untied as they hoped. Orpheus tells them they will be out soon enough. They question if he is moving them. Orpheus responds that he's come up with a less constrictive way of holding them as Lazlow unveils two wooden caskets.

Ciara sits with Jennifer and tells her it's too bizarre to even be real. She cries that Hope is a good cop and would never take the law in to her own hands. Ciara blames it on the DiMeras messing with the truth because Hope could never. Jennifer thinks back to Hope confessing to her that she killed Stefano. Ciara realizes Jennifer already knew and asks her if it's true. Ciara then says out loud that her mom killed Stefano.

Rafe, Roman, and Justin join Hope in the interrogation room as the deputy mayor enters with acting DA Melinda Trask. He says he asked her to come in case Hope wants to press charges against Andre for the stunt he pulled earlier. Justin asks Hope not to do anything until they have a chance to talk privately. Rafe encourages Hope to listen to Justin because he's trying to help her. Rafe then asks for Hope to have a moment alone with Justin but Hope says no and stands up, saying she has something to say that she should've said a long time ago. Hope confirms the voice in Andre's recording was her. Rafe and Roman argue but Hope announces it's true that she killed Stefano just as Chad appears in the doorway.

John and Steve continue to search the pier and wondering what they are missing. They suggest checking the warehouses and not thinking he'd use the same hideout. John says it's all they got so they move forward.

Orpheus and Lazlow place Marlena and Kayla in to the caskets. Orpheus orders Lazlow to shoot them if they make a move. Orpheus tells Kayla that Steve won't be able to save her this time and says he'll see her on the other side as he shuts the casket with Kayla inside. Orpheus tells Marlena that this time he made sure John can't find her. Orpheus tells her to say her prayers as she enters the great unknown. Orpheus shuts the casket as Marlena argues that he won't get away with this. Lazlow then begins to nail the caskets shut with a hammer as Marlena and Kayla scream from inside.

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