Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla is on the phone complaining about a body being removed from the morgue. Kayla hangs up and informs Steve that the head of security thinks someone took the body. Kayla says the body better turn up before Seth Burns finds out about it. Steve suggests a possible Halloween prank. Kayla says there would be big trouble if so.

Theo enters Abe's room as Valerie tells Abe that the surgery went very well so there should be no complications. Theo questions how she can be sure since she wasn't last time. Valerie assures him that this time she knew about his heart condition. Valerie adds that Abe will be fine. Abe blames himself for not getting regular checkups to avoid this. Abe says the faulty valve is now fixed thanks to Valerie. Theo doesn't thank her and walks out.

Rafe joins Hope in the interrogation room at the police station, complaining about the paper work. Hope brings up their time together last night and says she loved spending time with him. Hope talks about doing all of the things on their bucket list. Roman comes in and asks what they are doing. They respond that they are working. Roman informs them that they need to get down to the town square as they are the guests of honor at the Halloween festival. Hope thought it was a fundraiser in memory of Abigail. Roman says it started that way but after the chaos of the past week, the DiMeras wanted to honor the first responders. Roman tells them to leave the work there and he will see them at the town square. Rafe tells Hope that he will see her there. Hope stops him and reveals she got him a Halloween costume. Rafe says he doesn't wear costumes. Hope brings up that he said he would do anything to make her happy. Rafe questions her using that to get what she wants. Hope admits it's unfair then kisses him.

John and Marlena walk through the Halloween festival in the town square. They talk about Chad decorating the square and matching donations in Abigail's name. They talk about Chad being a different kind of DiMera. John says Stefano must be rolling in his grave. André appears and agrees. Marlena says they have to go. André questions them not staying for the festivities. Marlena says she has to get to the hospital party for kids who can't go trick or treating. André tells them to have fun but to hurry back. Marlena tells André that what he and his family are doing here is wonderful. André wants the DiMera name to stand for decency. Marlena is beginning to think he means that as they walk away. André looks at the sign to donate in honor of Abigail and says if they only knew.

Ciara asks Theo about Abe at the hospital. Theo talks about still not trusting Valerie. Ciara points out that she did help Abe get better. Theo thinks he should go back and hang out with Abe but Ciara thinks Abe needs some sleep and Theo needs to get out of the hospital. Ciara invites him to come with her to the Halloween festival and surprises him with a costume. Ciara calls Theo the coolest friend she's ever had and tells him to meet her at the town square. Theo asks what she is going to wear. Ciara says he will just have to find out as she exits.

Rafe doesn't think Hope should be using kisses to get what she wants. Rafe suggests he can go to the festival as a cop. Hope encourages them going as a famous couple. Hope says it hasn't sunk in that they no longer have anything hanging over their heads. Rafe thinks they could just go dressed casually but Hope begs him to do it, insisting that it will be fun. Rafe agrees to do it for her as they joke around and kiss.

Marlena and John join Valerie in Abe's hospital room. Marlena is so glad Valerie came back to Salem. Valerie has positive memories of Salem. John is glad they are here since she prolonged Abe's life. Abe wants to be in the town square for the tribute to the police but Marlena and John assure him that he can't go. Valerie agrees that she won't let him leave the hospital until he's 100% ready to return to work. Marlena tells Abe to text her if he needs anything as they exit for the hospital children's party. Valerie tells Abe that she will see him tomorrow. Abe stops her to tell her that Theo can be very direct so he can seem out of line. Valerie understands Theo's concern which makes Abe glad. Valerie guesses that Abe was going to say Theo was out of line because of his autism. Abe explains that sometimes people who don't know him misread him. Valerie isn't sure that Theo's autism is the factor but that he just doesn't like her.

Theo goes to the town square where he sees André, who asks about Ciara coming. Theo asks why he cares since he doesn't like her. André says that's not what he meant but just that it's not easy for DiMeras and Kiriakis family members to get along. Theo says it's easy for him. André encourages Ciara joining Theo there. Theo feels it weird that André is getting this excited for a Halloween party. André responds that it's going to be so much more than that.

Doug and Julie dress up at home to greet trick or treaters while Ciara comes in dressed as a cop. Hope comes in dressed as Cleopatra and praises Ciara's costume. Doug and Julie praise Hope. Julie says they are running late and will be right back as they step out. Hope and Ciara praise each other's costumes. Ciara hopes she didn't mind that she went through her closet. Hope assures Ciara that Aiden and Chase are gone for good. Ciara says she's wearing the outfit because she's proud of her. Hope brings up Victor offering Ciara a large trust fund and she wants her to think about turning it down because Bo always felt a portion of Kiriakis money was blood money so he wouldn't want her to have it or anything to do with it. Ciara questions turning down a lifetime of financial security. Hope doesn't think it is best for Ciara to be handed that amount of money that she hasn't earned. Hope insists that Bo would agree with her. Ciara asks if she thinks she is going to become a slacker. Hope says that is not what this is about. Hope states that money can't buy happiness. Hope talks about her security getting based on illegal dealings that hurt people. Ciara argues that it was a long time ago. Hope talks about Victor and Bo fighting a lot about the same argument. Ciara suggests Victor could be giving her the money to make up for those wars with Bo. Ciara doesn't care what he did in the past as she loves her grandpa. Ciara wishes she was part of a normal family and jokes about her costume as they hug.

Marlena and John prepare for the children's Halloween party at the hospital with Steve. Marlena talks about not having to deal with Orpheus anymore. Steve remarks that Orpheus took the easy way out and wishes he could've killed him. John asks about Kayla looking stressed. Steve informs them that someone took a body from the morgue which John laughs at. The lights flash as the masked magician arrives for the Halloween party.

Ciara joins Theo in the town square. Claire and Joey arrive as well. Claire and Ciara joke about one another's costumes. Claire loves Theo's costume but he mentions that Ciara got it for him. Claire suggests getting something to eat so she walks off with Theo. Joey questions Ciara about what's up with her and Claire not being best friends. Ciara remarks that she thinks she's God's gift to Salem. Jade arrives and greets Joey, saying she hoped to see him here. Joey asks about her grandmother. She says she's doing much better and greets Ciara. Ciara welcomes her back and decides to let them talk. Ciara walks on where Roman, Doug, and Julie greet her. Roman praises her costume which Ciara calls a tribute to Hope being honored tonight. Roman asks where Hope is. Doug and Ciara tell Roman about Hope dressing as Cleopatra.

Rafe walks outside of the town square in his Mark Antony costume that Hope got for him. Hope joins him and Rafe feels he looks ridiculous but she praises it. Hope tells him about all the bullets being dodged and Aiden being gone. Hope encourages him to just have fun. Rafe questions having fun while he feels like he's wearing a dress. Rafe and Hope kiss as Hope states that she really feels like the nightmare is over while André appears behind the gate and watches them.

Julie asks Theo how Abe is doing. Theo says his doctor says that he's doing fine. Ciara encourages that Valerie is a good doctor and Abe will be fine. Hope arrives and asks about Abe, adding that it's good to see Theo out of the hospital. Hope praises Claire and her costume. Claire calls Ciara brave to make a statement with her costume. Theo goes to check out the carnival games so Claire goes with him. Hope asks if there's something she should know. Ciara says everyone is still just freaked out over the whole ordeal. Julie tells Hope about Abe's doctor being Valerie Grant. Hope mentions hearing she was back in town but she feels Julie isn't too happy about it. Julie says she has no issues with Valerie and is grateful that she saved Abe's life but it was awkward running into her as she felt Valerie wasn't happy to see her. Hope suggests she could've imagined it or it could be because Valerie's history with David. Julie calls it so long ago and decides she was just imagining it. Julie says the important thing is that Abe will be fine.

Abe hopes Valerie doesn't take Theo's behavior personally as he didn't take him getting shot well. Valerie asks how he would be expected to handle it. Abe explains that Theo tried to go after the man who shot him. Valerie understands the impulse of Theo wanting to defend his father and fight back. Abe talks about Theo being devastated by losing his mother then his grandfather. Valerie understands why Theo couldn't take it when he heard Abe needed another surgery. Abe hopes she didn't take it personally. Valerie insists that she knows Theo has been through too much. Abe notes that Theo has great friends as Ciara texted him that she took him to the Halloween festival. Valerie hopes he has a wonderful time. Abe suggests she go herself but she says she's not in to social things and has paper work to catch up on. Abe says when he gets out, he will tell all of her old friends that she's back and then introduce her to all new people because he wants her to feel at home as soon as possible. Valerie thanks him and exits.

Roman jokes with Rafe about his costume. Hope praises Rafe looking amazing. André approaches them and comments on them being involved, calling it a good cause. André thanks the police for taking care of all of them. Roman thinks he's laying it on a little thick. André feels they are about to turn a new page. André offers champagne but they decline. André says they have so much to celebrate like looking for a new district attorney. André talks about never being comfortable with Aiden. André states that mornings will be back in Salem on November 1st. André talks about his history and toasts to letting bygones be bygones. After André walks away, Roman comments on André having nothing. Doug and Julie join them. Julie questions Hope not looking happy. Hope blames André. Doug jokes that André dressed as himself for Halloween. Hope suggests changing the subject. Doug and Julie talk about Ciara and Claire's costumes. Joey gets everyone's attention as he wins one of the carnival games. Roman comments on Steve and Kayla not being there. Julie informs him that they are at the hospital for the children where they hired an awesome magician act.

Steve, Kayla, Marlena, and John watch the magician performing with the kids. Marlena asks where they found him. Kayla heard he volunteered as Marlena looks confused.

Ciara tells Hope that she was thinking about what she said about Bo not liking Victor's money so she won't take it. Ciara wants to be a kid that Bo could be proud of. Hope says he is and so is she as they hug. Ciara comments that it's so good to see her happy.

Outside the town square, Claire joins Theo sitting alone on the bench. Claire asks if he's not having the best time. Theo responds that he didn't want to come as he wanted to stay at the hospital with his dad but he couldn't say no to Ciara. Claire remarks that Ciara always thinks she's right. Claire offers to go back to the hospital with him if he wants. Theo asks if Ciara will get mad. Claire says she will handle her as they walk off together.

Valerie returns to Abe's hospital room as he is sleeping and holds his hand.

André greets the deputy mayor in the town square and says he just heard from Chad who said he will be delayed but they should start the ceremony. The deputy mayor then begins to speak at the podium. He mentions every donation being a tribute to Abigail. He adds that they are also honoring the first responders who protected them during the recent crisis. He announces the first award to JJ who was shot on duty so Roman is accepting the award on his behalf. André claps as Roman accepts the award.

The magician at the hospital asks for two volunteers and picks out Marlena and Kayla. He has each of them enter a box and calls it a very difficult trick that will require complete silence and concentration. He instructs the kids not to take their eyes off of the boxes as John and Steve watch on. The magician spins around and the lights go out. The lights come back on and the magician is gone. A nurse hands Steve a paper to give to Kayla that reveals the missing body from the morgue is Orpheus. John and Steve rush to the boxes to find Marlena and Kayla are no longer inside.

The deputy mayor presents Rafe and Hope with their awards. He prepares to speak about Hope when suddenly the recording of Hope's confession plays over the speaker and repeats Hope saying "I killed Stefano" over and over.

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