Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/27/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/27/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Gabi goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks Chad if he has a minute. Chad asks why she has a suitcase. Gabi tells him that she and Arianna are going home now that the crisis is over but she wanted to thank him for letting them stay. Chad didn't think they would be leaving so soon. Gabi says Arianna misses her room. Chad says he and Thomas got used to having people around so it will be quiet. Gabi thinks he'll be glad to have alone time. Chad admits he will miss her company.

Eduardo goes to see Kate and brings her breakfast. Kate asks why he's really here. Eduardo is investigating to see if she might be willing to change her ways.

Kayla goes to her office at the hospital where Steve is waiting for her with coffee. Steve asks how Abe is doing. Kayla says he had a rough night but he is more stable now. Kayla says she could go get something to eat but Steve brought her food, wanting to take care of her for a change. Kayla responds that she does have something she wants him to do for her.

Eduardo admits he is trying to score points with Kate by bringing her breakfast which he says will keep her demons away. Kate asks if he thinks she needs help with her demons. Eduardo says they all do and he likes her and wants to spend time with her. Kate questions what his wife would think of that. Eduardo responds that Adriana is his ex-wife and went back to Mexico. Kate questions if he's just looking for someone to spend time with until Adriana changes her mind.

Gabi assures Chad that he will still be seeing her as his image consultant. Chad jokes about needing a lot of help so it will take a lot of hours and she will have to bring Arianna. Gabi jokes about how different it is from working for Kate. They joke around about Gabi putting a flower and napkin on his breakfast tray. Gabi thought he should celebrate rejoining the living. Chad calls her very thoughtful and thanks her.

Kate tells Eduardo that she has zero interest in being a consolation prize. Eduardo argues that it's not like that. Eduardo says Adriana is only the mother of his children and that can't be changed. Kate asks if becoming a new man didn't work out for him and what he's going to be now. Eduardo says he's going in to business with his son Dario. Kate asks what kind of business. Eduardo doesn't know the details yet but he is trying to build something to last him. Kate wishes him luck and hopes his children want to be part of this legacy. Kate adds that working with your children isn't always rainbows and flowers. Eduardo questions Kate working for the DiMeras while Philip is working for the Kiriakis family. Kate explains that her children don't like working for her while Chad is like a son to her. Eduardo questions what will stop Chad from cutting her loose when he learns all he can from her. Kate points out that she would have her own company if Eduardo invested in her when she asked him to. Eduardo agrees and wants to make it up to her by asking her to come work for him.

Dario and Blanca walk through the town square together. Blanca comments on the town being in crisis a few days ago but it's now decorated for Halloween. Dario asks about Guillermo and if he's still bothering her but she says he's not. Dario says that means he left town like he said he would. Blanca credits Dario putting fear in to him. Blanca thanks him but says she could've handled him herself. Dario knows how difficult those guys can be to handle. Blanca asks about him checking on her. Dario mentions that he promised to take her dancing now that he's back on his feet thanks to her. Dario asks about tonight but Blanca says she has to work. Dario suggests the middle of the day. Blanca calls him a player but Dario says he's looking for a woman to help change his ways and asks if she's up for the job.

Gabi and Chad talk about the week they had. Chad asks how JJ is doing. Gabi says Jennifer said he's doing better and she's heading to the hospital after dropping off Arianna. Chad asks if he can come along. Gabi says if he's not too busy which Chad says he's not too busy for Abigail's brother.

Kayla informs Steve that Abe has a heart condition that they didn't know about until now because he hadn't had a physical in years. Kayla asks how long it's been since Steve has had a physical. Steve says he feels great but admits he's never had one. Kayla worries about something happening to Steve but he jokes that he's invincible. Kayla calls him her hero and she wants to keep him around. Steve says he couldn't have done any of those things without her by his side.

Kate questions Eduardo not trusting her with the details of his company but wanting her to accept a job offer. Kate asks if this is his strange way of flirting with her. Eduardo asks if it's working. Kate says he might be right about her future with DiMera but she's going to stick there anyway. Eduardo says they might be competitors then. Kate remarks that she's capable of handing his head on a platter. Kate doesn't know what's going on between them but suggests the smart thing to do is to stop it now before it gets too messy. Eduardo questions if that's what she really wants which she says that it is. Eduardo reminds her about the breakfast burrito that he brought for her and insists she will enjoy it as he exits.

Chad and Gabi go to the hospital where they see Jennifer. Jennifer tells them that JJ is not fully conscious but he's getting there. Chad calls it amazing. Gabi goes in to see JJ. Jennifer asks Chad how he and Thomas are doing. Chad says he was going to talk to her about Thomas. Chad adds that Thomas is fine and he's doing a lot better. Chad informs Jennifer that Lucas and Adrienne moved out last night because he can take care of Thomas now. Chad adds that Lucas and Adrienne never really wanted to be at the mansion. Chad states that he is better and ready to be a full time father to Thomas. Chad says he was going to tell her but decided to wait with everything that happened to JJ. Chad wants Jennifer to be okay with this.

Gabi sits at JJ's side as he wakes up and tells Gabi that he is sorry.

Eduardo meets Dario in the town square. Eduardo says it's good to see him up and about again. Dario feels he's close to 100% and he wants a job. Eduardo asks about the club. Dario says it won't reopen for awhile so he hoped Eduardo could tell him about his new business he's starting. Eduardo imagines for the long run that Dario would stay at the club but Dario is not interested. Eduardo has something to reveal but wants him to keep it to himself. Eduardo reveals his plan is for the renovated club to be a front for this new venture and he can't think of a better person to handle it than him. Dario remarks that it sounds like his new business is not on the up and up. Eduardo asks if he would have a problem with that.

Kayla eats the food that Steve brought for her. Steve then surprises her with a present and tells her to just open it.

Chad tells Jennifer that he knows what they agreed to but things changed. Jennifer admits that she can see Chad has changed. Chad says he doesn't have complete confidence yet. Jennifer understands. Chad talks about taking care of Thomas earlier. Jennifer wants to be a bigger part of Thomas's life very soon. Chad thinks chances of that are pretty good. Jennifer feels she has to earn that and she hasn't yet. Chad says she doesn't have to but Jennifer calls it part of her recovery process. Jennifer adds that she still has a nursery at her house for Thomas while Doug and Julie are there too. Chad encourages everyone wanting her back to herself. Chad calls her someone to admire as Jennifer hugs him.

Gabi doesn't know what JJ has to be sorry for as she calls him a hero and tells him that she loves him so much.

Dario says he should've known Eduardo's business was on the shady side and that's why he opened up to him instead of Rafe. Eduardo tells him that he's not starting from scratch as he has a web of connections which Dario questions. Eduardo says the first order of business is determining getting their merchandise in and out of Salem. Dario points out the Kiriakis family controlling shipping. Eduardo brings up the DiMeras taking a lot of their business but Dario thinks they will get a better deal with the Kiriakis family. Dario reminds him that he used to work for Titan. Eduardo says he hears him which Dario calls a first. Eduardo doesn't want him to be a yes man but doesn't want him to be too cocky. Eduardo mentions a project in his personal life. Dario says he will have to start being honest with him when they start working together. Eduardo points out that he said when they start so he welcomes him to the team as they shake hands.

Chad returns home to the DiMera Mansion where Andre is at his desk in the living room. Andre questions where he was. Chad says he was at the hospital. Andre explains that he was fielding calls from their overseas partners who are not happy over Chad no longer doing business with a major client. Chad reminds him that he told him how things would be operated going forward. Andre thought they would renegotiate after he helped him defeat Clyde. Andre questions Chad going after the Kiriakis business. Chad calls that aggressive but not illegal. Andre thought he wanted to turn a profit. Chad says it's not up for debate and reminds him who is the boss. Chad brings up trust and accuses Andre of still hiding something.

Kayla opens Steve's present which is an old framed photo of them together. Steve says they have had quite a history together and some of the best times of their lives. Steve adds that in a weird way, all the stuff with Orpheus brought them closer together then and now. Kayla comments on those who cannot remember the past being doomed to repeat it. Kayla doesn't know what to say. Steve tells her that he remembers the past and doesn't regret any of it so now he wants to look to the future. Steve tells her what's most important to him is he never wants to forget this moment right now.

Chad brings up how Andre just happened to know where Clyde's hideout would be so he's wondering what he's not telling him. Andre says Chad, Thomas, and Theo are the only family he has left in his life. Andre says if he turned on Chad, he would be totally alone in the world. Andre proposes a compromise that if Chad wants to legitimize the business, he has to be allowed to be creative within in the confines of the law. Andre says he learned in prison about truth, justice, and the American way which Chad laughs at. Chad knows he has scores to settle around town like with Hope. Chad says if he gets in trouble with the law, he will be on his own. Andre asks if they have a deal. Andre then says he has to go for community service which Chad questions. Andre informs him that the DiMeras are underwriting the annual Salem Halloween festivities. Chad says it slipped his mind and jokes with Andre about if he'll dress up as the prince of darkness. Andre remarks that he's looking forward to shedding some light. Chad tells him to have fun as Andre exits.

Dario goes to his hotel room with Blanca. She thought he wanted her to change his ways so she questions what they are doing in his room. Dario reminds her that he promised her dancing so he turns on music and they begin to dance together.

Steve and Kayla kiss in her office until Kayla reminds him that she is still on duty but they continue kissing anyways. Steve then clears off Kayla's desk which makes her laugh as they kiss onto the desk until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Kayla calls out that she's busy while a nurse is asking if she's alright because there is an emergency.

Dario and Blanca continue dancing and then end up kissing. Blanca stops and asks what she's doing but Dario kisses her again and they begin to undress as they kiss onto the bed.

Kate finishes using her computer then looks at the burrito that Eduardo left for her and remembers his words.

Gabi asks JJ if she should get a nurse or Jennifer but JJ says no. Gabi asks if he's sure he will be okay. Gabi talks about how scared she was for him when she heard the gunshot. Gabi tells him that she loves him so much. JJ responds that he loves her too and always will.

Chad sits with Thomas and says Abigail may have been taken from them but he will do his damnedest to make sure he gets everything he deserves in life. Chad calls it the best job in the world taking care of him. Chad picks up the flower that Gabi left and says he just wishes he wasn't doing it alone.

Kayla answers the door and a nurse informs her that they just got a call from downstairs that there is a body missing.

The man who asked for how to get to the morgue at the hospital is outside with the still alive Orpheus as he says the reports of his death were exaggerated. Orpheus tells him that he smuggled his body out of the morgue with his usual flare. He says he was motivated as the timing for his resurrection couldn't be better. Orpheus agrees and declares it will be a night full of tricks for some and treats for him.

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