Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe joins Hope at the police station, commenting that she's there late. Hope says she can't focus or concentrate so she might be there all night. Rafe asks what she's worried about. Hope talks about forgetting how to relax and wanting to go somewhere peaceful. Rafe responds that he dreams about stuff like that and she's always there.

Justin and Brady go to the Kiriakis Mansion and stop outside. Philip joins them as Justin comments on Victor wanting to meet. Brady tells them to go ahead as he makes a call. Philip mocks Brady. Sonny arrives and questions the meeting as well. Sonny opens the door where Maggie greets them on crutches. Sonny asks if she knows what the meeting is about. Maggie says that she does as they head inside.

In the living room, Deimos tells Victor that he's just asking for more time as he has almost got Chloe. Deimos asks Victor not to tell Philip that he found out Chloe's baby is his until he tracks Chloe down.

Kayla tells Ciara and Theo that the surgery went very well and Valerie did a great job. Theo wants to see him even if he's not awake so Kayla allows them to look through the window of the room where Valerie is checking Abe's monitors. Abe flatlines so Kayla rushes in to help Valerie with the defibrillator to revive him. Kayla asks what happened. Valerie doesn't know as everything was fine until his heart went down all of a sudden. Theo freaks out and tries to rush in to the room, worrying that Abe is dying as Ciara holds him back.

Rafe suggests to Hope that they get away for the weekend. Hope feels the timing isn't good as she doesn't want to leave Ciara. Rafe points out that she's staying with Jennifer. Hope still doesn't want to be too away so she can check on JJ and Abe at the hospital. Rafe hears they are doing great. Hope suggests they get something to eat later. Rafe agrees and says he will text her as she exits. Rafe pulls out his phone and calls Jennifer, saying he needs to ask a favor.

Maggie brings the rest of the family in to the living room and tells them to grab a glass. Victor is glad they all made it. Justin says it sounded important. Victor says it's about this family as they have all been through a lot but they pulled through it because they all came together as a family. Victor mentions retiring which Brady laughs off as they have heard it before. Victor announces this time he means it as he's going to spend all his time with Maggie. Sonny toasts to Maggie on her feet again as they all join in. Philip asks if this is why he called them together for an impromptu retirement party. Victor responds that he thinks it's time they deal with Titan. Maggie exits to let them talk. Justin asks what kind of future they are talking about.

Kayla confirms to Theo that Abe's heart stopped but he's stable now. Theo questions if it will happen again. Kayla admits they don't know but they have run tests to try to find out. Kayla promises to do everything in her power to take care of Abe. Kayla tells him not to worry as she goes to check on the tests. Valerie comes out so Theo confronts her, questioning what she did to let Abe almost die. Valerie tries to apologize but Theo says sorry isn't good enough. Valerie explains they got Abe's heart back to normal and she will do everything she can to make sure it doesn't happen again. Theo wants to see Abe but Valerie says they can't allow visitors yet. Theo complains that it's his dad but Ciara holds him back, telling him that he's not doing any good. Ciara assures him that everything will be fine.

Hope walks out of the town square where Rafe has a camp set up with a tent and chairs. Rafe tells her they couldn't go out of town so he figured they would pretend to be in the country. Hope tells him it's great and kisses him. Rafe calls it peaceful while Hope calls it romantic as they kiss.

Victor mentions giving Deimos the right to speak for the company and tonight he signed papers granting Deimos full control of Titan. Victor tells everyone they will report to Deimos like they did to him. Sonny questions everything he's done. Victor says they all know what Deimos has done to the family. Victor explains that Deimos didn't know who Bo was so he doesn't hold him responsible for that. Deimos tells them that he would feel better if they were all on board with the decision. Philip questions him. Victor says they will all have different divisions with different responsibilities. Victor hands Brady a folder that explains it all. Victor says they will report to Deimos while Justin will be family counsel. Philip tells Victor to think again as he worked his ass off for Titan. Philip questions Brady being back, Sonny being in, while he's not even consulted. Philip brings up Brady and Sonny blowing it on the docks. Philip questions Deimos getting full control. Philip argues that Deimos crippled Maggie, stole everything from Victor, and stalked Chloe. Philip brings up the talk Victor had opening up about Maggie and says he no longer believes any of it was true as he storms out of the mansion. Victor goes after Philip and stops him outside. Victor apologizes, knowing he could have handled things better but he just made a bunch of orders without anyone's feelings. Victor acknowledges not being a good father but wants to explain. Victor tells Philip that what he wants to do is for the best long term survival of the company and their family including him. Victor says he's so tired of these endless battles so he can't go on arguing with him about Deimos, Chloe, Titan, and Brady. Philip asks if he thinks this is just a tantrum. Victor realizes he was shocked and his feelings were hurt. Philip feels Victor just betrayed him. Victor notes not being much of a parent but without working, he can do things right for a change and concentrate on what's important like Maggie and him. Philip tells Victor that he is his son, not his lying brother, grandson, or nephew. Victor says he does love him and realizes he set the bar too high for him from day one. Victor says he needs him with him especially now. Victor asks him to give it a try.

Deimos comments that it wasn't much of a surprise as he never expected Philip to be overjoyed about this. Sonny states that he's not the only one. Deimos suggests looking over his contract first and reminds them that they are family first. Brady points out that they are no longer in danger. Deimos insists that the Kiriakis dynasty is important to them all. Deimos says they may not like or trust him but they shouldn't reject their birth right. Victor comes back in and says he spoke to Philip but he doesn't know what he's going to do as he's very emotional and felt very let down so they will have to wait and see. Philip then comes back in behind him and hugs Victor. Maggie comes back in and smiles at what she sees. Maggie hopes that means things went well. Victor thinks Philip is willing to give it a try which she calls wonderful. Victor says he's grateful but before they all agree or not, he has one more request. Victor knows they all moved in and pulled together which he thinks was terribly important. Maggie adds that they loved having them and it's a large house. Deimos adds that he would be very happy if they all continued to live there. Victor says they don't have to decide now. Victor asks to speak with Justin outside. Victor hopes they will all pull together and make him as happy as Philip just did. Victor steps out with Justin.

Rafe and Hope sit together and look at the stars as they joke with each other. Hope tells him this is great and thanks him. Rafe asks to see her phone then jokes about having no signal like they were out in the wilderness. Hope agrees that what she needed was to get away. Rafe says he could tell when he saw how stressed she was. Rafe hopes everything that happened is becoming a distant memory as they kiss.

Valerie and Kayla go over the tests, finding out why Abe's heart stopped. Valerie can't believe there was no record. Kayla talks about Abe not having records since he never goes to the doctor. Kayla asks what the next step is. Valerie hates to say it but says they have to open him back up.

Theo sneaks in to Abe's room and sits at his side. Abe wakes up so Theo asks if he can talk. Abe says he can for a little while. Abe tells Theo not to worry as he isn't going to leave him. Theo responds that he won't leave him either.

Deimos steps out with Brady as he's finishing a call with Theresa. Deimos asks what she said. Brady tells him that she said it's his choice and she will do whatever he does. Deimos encourages him to say yes. Deimos notes that Brady has the experience he needs. Brady brings up Deimos crippling Maggie but says if she and Victor can forgive him. Brady mentions that he's buried people alive. Deimos states that with Victor out of the picture, he's not sure he can convince the other family members to go along with his plan but Brady can as he's seen how persuasive he can be.

Outside, Victor goes over Justin's contract with him. Justin calls it very generous. Victor says he deserves it. Victor talks about feeling he made the right decision as Deimos is ruthless enough to be perfect for the CEO spot. Justin feels Sonny will be a hard sell since he doesn't have history with Titan. Justin asks how he thinks Brady will react. Victor says there will be fighting even if they are both on. Victor says they will all take shots and that's where Justin comes in as they will respect his wisdom. Victor adds that Justin knows the meaning of family. Justin thanks him for trusting him with all of this.

Rafe and Hope go over things they want to do on their bucket lists. Rafe brings up wanting the Chicago Cubs to win the world series. Hope asks about his dreams. Rafe wants to travel to Europe, Asia, and Egypt. Hope calls it a whole other side of him. Hope adds that she would love to see Egypt with him. Rafe then admits he always thought he would be a father and have kids. Rafe gets that it probably won't happen but he loves kids. Hope notes that he is great with kids and praises him with Ciara. Rafe wants Ciara to be happy. Hope calls him such a nice guy. Rafe jokes with her and they kiss.

Ciara tries to get Theo to eat but he's not hungry. Ciara knows Theo sometimes has trouble saying what he thinks so he second guesses himself and stays quiet. Ciara encourages that he's very strong and she trusts him. Theo thanks her. Ciara tells him that she just cares and no matter how long it takes, she will go through it with him. Theo holds her hand then looks over as he sees Valerie going back in to Abe's room. Valerie checks on Abe. Abe brings up his heart stopping. Valerie wants him to sign a consent form so they can go back in and fix what they missed. Theo interrupts and tells Abe not to sign that. Abe asks him what's wrong. Valerie reminds Theo that Abe isn't allowed visitors. Theo argues that Valerie almost killed Abe. Ciara comes in to try to stop Theo. Abe tells Theo that he knows he's upset and afraid but he has complete faith in Valerie. Abe says she did everything right in the operation but then his heart stopped and she did everything right again. Abe calls her an amazing doctor and says what happened was not her fault but his own. Abe talks about working so hard to be a good mayor and father that he ignored his health and his heart hadn't been working right for awhile. Abe explains that one of the valves doesn't work as it should so Valerie is going to fix that. Abe tells Theo that next time he comes out of the operating room, he will be better than ever. Theo wants a different better doctor. Abe insists that she is who he wants and no one else because she is the best. Abe says Theo might not trust her but he does so he can trust him. Abe then signs the consent form as Theo cries while Valerie encourages that Abe will be fine. Theo then walks out of the room.

Justin gathers the family in the living room and says they are all aware of what Deimos has done to Maggie and Victor but if they are willing to move past it, so is he. Justin brings up how Brady knows Titan so Victor hopes he will continue. Justin goes to Sonny, who says he is still thinking about it. Justin brings up Sonny being very successful with Titan in Paris so they hope it's just the beginning. Deimos knows he's the odd man out but points out that Victor has done a lot for Sonny so he asks if it would hurt him to give him this time with Maggie. Deimos encourages that they really need to work together as a team and a family because he and Victor need them. Justin asks Brady and Sonny what they say.

Victor listens in from behind the door where Maggie joins him and reminds him that he's retired. Victor hopes they all pull together but either way his focus will be on Maggie. Maggie tells him that she loves him as they kiss.

Deimos signs the contract, followed by Sonny, Brady, and then Philip.

Abe is stretchered into the operating room for surgery as Ciara hugs Theo.

Kayla gets a call at the hospital while behind her, a man approaches the front desk, asking the nurse how to get to the morgue.

Rafe knows Hope needs to get to Ciara. Rafe says he needs to stop thinking about what he wants but what she needs. Rafe knows she's been through Hell so they will just take their time and learn to trust each other more. Rafe says he will help her work on her bucket list as they kiss.

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