Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Deimos meets Victor in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor informs him that he is going to retire. Deimos asks if he's serious this time. Victor wants to spend more time with Maggie as she seems better already since he's been away from the office. Deimos asks who will run Titan now. Victor responds that he has a few ideas. Deimos gets a call and answers, instructing them to go right to the airport and call the minute he gets her. Victor asks what that was about. Deimos tells him that it's his child as he is the father of Chloe's baby. Victor asks if she admitted it or if his guy dug up the dirt. Deimos reveals that Nicole told him.

Nicole visits Daniel's grave and talks about how much she misses him. Nicole talks about helping Chloe keep her baby from Deimos but she came clean and now Chloe won't call her back while Deimos is furious so she's pretty sure she lost both of them. Maggie appears and says it sounds like she could use a friend.

Roman doesn't think Rafe confessing would be enough as he needs someone to back him up which Hope wouldn't. Roman declares that he could by admitting he covered for Rafe. Rafe questions Roman giving up his life and career. Roman responds that Hope is family to him so they both need to do whatever it takes to help her. Rafe tells Roman that the main thing would be getting Hope away from Aiden.

Aiden argues that this is nothing like what Chase did to Ciara. Hope calls it rape while Aiden says he would never. Hope insists that he is forcing himself on her. Hope points out that he is demanding and threatening while not caring how she feels. Hope asks if he's going to force her to have sex with him next. Aiden questions if she thinks he's capable of doing that and claims he would never do that to her.

Maggie tells Nicole that she didn't mean to eavesdrop. Nicole says it's okay as she could use a friend. Maggie asks what happened. Nicole explains that she found out Chloe's baby was Deimos' child and she begged her not to tell him and now Deimos is livid with her. Maggie asks how Deimos found out. Nicole admits she told him. Maggie knows she just wanted to make things right. Nicole feels terrible. Maggie asks how she feels about Deimos. Nicole doesn't want to talk about that here. Maggie encourages that Daniel would want her to be happy and move on. Nicole notes that Daniel and Deimos are so different. Nicole states that she does care about Deimos and the attraction is so intense it's scary. Maggie relates to feeling the same way about Victor and how she almost walked away in the beginning because of things Victor had done but there was another side to him. Nicole asks if it's enough. Maggie says she's glad she stuck it out because they've made a very good life together. Nicole hugs her as they cry.

Victor questions Deimos about Nicole telling him and jokes that he would double check. Deimos insists that Nicole wouldn't lie about this because it wouldn't serve her. Victor is glad it gets Philip off the hook and out of that mess. Deimos argues that Philip knew and played along with Chloe to stick it to him. Deimos says he needs to bring Chloe back and can't have Philip tipping her off. Victor calls it lucky that Nicole found out the truth but Deimos informs him that she knew all along. Victor says it makes sense with Nicole's history and tells him to ask her about 2012. Deimos knows she had made mistakes but he really thought they had something different. Victor suggests Deimos forget about Nicole and find a woman worthy of him. Victor adds that he should take his child from Chloe the minute he is born.

Rafe asks Roman who they go to with this. Roman suggests the deputy mayor instead of the attorney general. Rafe says they will get his confession on record and then deal with the fallout. Roman makes the call to the deputy mayor and says he needs to see him right away as it is urgent.

Aiden tells Hope this started out badly on the wrong foot and he's sorry for insisting on lunch but he wanted her to see that they were good together. Aiden argues that they had magic together and he knows he messed it up but they can get it back. Aiden refuses to give up as he will never stop loving her.

Theo talks to Abe about having food for him when he gets home. Abe tells him he did a good job. Abe asks him to stay with Hope and Ciara until he gets home so he doesn't stay alone. Theo says he doesn't mind. Abe asks if it's not lonely. Theo says it's okay as he will be coming home soon. Kayla comes in. Theo asks if Abe can come home soon. Kayla hopes so but notes that they still need to have a specialist take out the bullet fragments. Kayla reveals that once she heard who the patient was, she came right away. The specialist turns out to be a woman from Abe's past, Dr. Valerie Grant.

Hope questions if Aiden means that. Aiden insists that he loves her and just wants them to be happy. Hope says she is only here because he threatened her. Aiden claims he could never put her in prison. Hope says this isn't just about her but he threatened Roman and Rafe. Aiden argues that it won't always be like this and just needs her to put it all aside. Hope questions him wanting her to forget what he was hired to do and what he almost did along with all the lies and that he's blackmailing her. Hope tells Aiden there is no love in this and never will be.

Nicole walks through the town square where she comes across Deimos and asks him for a minute. Deimos declares he has nothing to say to her but Nicole says she does if he ever cared about her. They walk out of the town square together to talk. Nicole knows he can't understand why she didn't tell him about the baby and she doesn't know if she can get him to understand. Nicole didn't think it was her place to tell him after she basically forced Chloe to tell her. Nicole says Chloe trusted her and she begged Chloe to tell him but she wouldn't. Nicole adds that she shouldn't have said anything to Deimos but she hated to lie and couldn't live with it. Nicole thought Chloe was wrong about him as she was seeing he would be a really great father if Chloe gave him the chance. Nicole doesn't want to lose him and asks if they can please figure out a way to get past all of this.

Aiden turns away from Hope looking sad. Hope asks what he's thinking. Aiden brings up a time before he came to Salem with Chase after what happened to Meredith. Aiden says Chase was doing well and playing baseball which made him happy. Aiden says they pulled themselves out of a dark place and everything was under control. Aiden blows out the candles and agrees that this was wrong and stupid. Aiden apologizes for all the pain he's caused and making her wear the dress. Hope tells Aiden that it's over. Aiden admits it was a long time ago but he just wanted to show her how much he loves her. Aiden apologizes for showing her a sick and twisted version of him. Aiden cries that he doesn't know who he is. Aiden says Hope showed him true love so he held on to that. Aiden apologizes and proclaims that he is going to leave her alone from now on. Aiden says he will just take a few memories with him from when things were good. Aiden tells Hope that she can go but then plays the recording of her confession to Stefano's murder. Aiden then deletes the recording and gives Hope a flash drive that he says is the only other copy. Hope goes to leave but Aiden says he does need to do one last thing and he would like for her to come with him.

Roman and Rafe meet the deputy mayor at the police station. He praises Roman for how they handled the town siege and says he's planning a ceremony for next week. He asks what Roman needed. Roman informs him that they have a situation.

Abe brings up Valerie leaving Salem for a hospital in Washington DC years ago. Theo asks who she is. She introduces herself. Kayla calls her a brilliant surgeon. Theo asks if she can fix his dad. Valerie says she is ready to do the surgery as soon as he is but they should go over everything. Kayla and Theo exit to let Valerie consult with Abe. Abe tells Valerie that she is still as beautiful as ever. Valerie says he's still so smooth and he broke her heart as he wasn't the marrying kind. Abe feels he would've been a worthless husband back then as it took him years until he met Lexie. Abe adds that she passed away four years ago. Abe tells her about Theo being their son. Abe says he can't leave him. Valerie encourages that he won't die on her operating table so this should work out just fine.

Rafe apologizes for not coming forward to this sooner but he has not lived up to his kind words about the police department. Hope and Aiden rush in to interrupt as Hope questions what's going on. Aiden is sure it's about him. Aiden then announces he is resigning as the District Attorney.

Julie goes to the hospital, shocked to see Valerie Grant. Julie hugs her but Valerie seems less enthused. Julie starts talking about how it's been so long but Valerie cuts her off and says she has to go prepare for surgery. Julie hopes they can get together while Valerie quickly walks away.

Aiden states that he has allowed his personal feelings for Hope to cloud his judgment and created some tension around here, making it hard to work some cases so it's his fault which is why he is resigning. The district mayor argues that it's not a good time to lose any part of law enforcement. Aiden says he understands but he will make the transition smooth and will be available from Portland where he is from and where his son is now who needs him. Roman takes Aiden to the conference room to figure things out. Rafe can't believe it and asks Hope what just happened. Hope tells him that he finally got it and he's leaving town. Rafe is shocked. Hope proclaims no more threats hanging over her head and nothing keeping them apart if he will still have her back. Rafe jokes that he will think about it as they excitedly hug and kiss.

Nicole asks Deimos to say anything. Deimos asks her what she had going on in 2012 like Victor said. Nicole informs him that she lost her baby then and she was determined to keep the father away from her child because she was scared. Nicole says that's why she slapped him when he said those things to her. Deimos says he didn't mean that but questions if she really believes that what she did was okay. Nicole admits she didn't but understood at the time why Chloe was hiding the truth. Nicole says she was wrong and keeping her baby from his father was probably part of the reason she lost him. Nicole wants to help Deimos and Chloe. Deimos argues that she doesn't want him to have a child with someone else. Nicole says that's not true as he has a child. Nicole thought maybe it wouldn't matter as much that she can't have a child. Deimos believed that she was his future. Nicole tells him it's not too late as the baby isn't even born yet so they can all still work together if Chloe will still speak to her. Deimos asks if Chloe is angry with her. Nicole says it doesn't matter as it was worth the risk because she didn't want to lose him. Deimos gets a call, demanding that they find her. Deimos informs Nicole that Chloe is missing. Nicole questions him going after her. Deimos says he did but now she is gone and has disappeared. Deimos accuses Nicole of warning Chloe.

Valerie and Kayla work on Abe's surgery. Kayla tells her good job but Valerie says it's not over yet.

Roman returns to Rafe and Hope as he excitedly reveals that Aiden is signing his resignation letter as they speak. Hope can't believe what they were about to do as she wouldn't let them go to prison for her. Rafe asks if she thought they would let her be Aiden's slave. Roman assures they would've done everything they could to protect her as they hug. Aiden comes back and tells Roman that the deputy mayor wants to see him so he goes to see him. Aiden tells Rafe and Hope that he's sorry for all the trouble he caused them. Aiden adds that technically, he and Hope are still married so he will have the divorce papers drawn up and sent to her. Hope thanks him as he walks away. Rafe and Hope hug as Aiden looks on before exiting.

Kayla tells Ciara and Theo that the surgery went very well and Valerie did a great job. Theo wants to see him even if he's not awake so Kayla allows them to look through the window of the room where Valerie is checking Abe's monitors. Abe flatlines so Kayla rushes in to help Valerie with the defibrillator to revive him.

Nicole tells Deimos that she did try to warn Chloe because she has a high risk pregnancy. Deimos questions her and screams that he won't let Chloe take his child from her. Nicole points out that he sounds just like EJ DiMera. Deimos refuses to give up on his child. Deimos calls Chloe a lying bitch and Nicole her lying best friend, saying they are the only danger to his child. Deimos declares that if Chloe gets away with this, he will never ever forgive Nicole as he storms off.

Hope explains to Rafe how Aiden had her confession recorded and that he deleted it then gave her the only copy. Hope believes Aiden was telling the truth as she sensed something in his voice. Hope declares once this copy is gone, it's over.

Andre sits alone with his phone where he is revealed to be listening to the recording of Hope's confession to Stefano's murder.

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