Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad joins Lucas in the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Thomas is sleeping. Lucas tells Chad about Anne staying the night and says he was going to kick her out but he didn't because of everything going on. Chad says he appreciates everything Lucas has done. Lucas guesses he's sick of them and wants them out. Chad says it's nothing like that but he feels like he's in a pretty good place so he thinks he's ready to take care of Thomas alone. Lucas agrees.

At the hospital, Paul thinks back to Sonny helping him as he is signing his release papers. Sonny arrives and offers Paul a ride home but Paul says he doesn't have to. Sonny wants to be a better friend but Paul insists that he's fine. Paul adds that he's not going home as he's going to meet a friend at the Brady Pub. Sonny offers to buy him a coffee and keep him company until his friend shows up so Paul agrees and they exit together.

Deimos asks Nicole what secret she is talking about. Nicole admits she overheard he and Philip talking. Deimos asks what that has to do with the secret she's been keeping. Nicole responds that it has to do with Deimos wanting to be a father. Nicole agrees with Philip that Deimos would be a great father. Deimos says unfortunately for now it's not in the cards. Nicole reveals that Chloe lied to him which Deimos questions. Nicole tells Deimos that Chloe's baby is his. Deimos says he can't be the father since he insisted on the paternity test and they saw the results. Nicole insists that it is. Nicole tells Deimos that Chloe convinced the doctor that Deimos was a danger to her and the baby so she got him to falsify the test. Deimos asks if she is absolutely sure that he's going to be a father which she says yes. Deimos excitedly hugs Nicole.

Chad tells Lucas that was easier than he thought it would be. Lucas understands he just needed time to recover and he's ready now. Chad hopes Jennifer feels the same as he hasn't told her yet with JJ in a coma. Chad talks about how strongly Jennifer felt about him not being ready so he hopes she's okay with it. Lucas points out that Thomas is Chad's son so he has say. Chad hopes not to have a custody battle with Jennifer again. Lucas says he will tell Jennifer how Chad has turned his life around so she'll come around. Lucas says they can act like it's not a done deal for now. Chad assures he will be very smart about bringing it up. Chad tells Lucas that he and Adrienne are welcome to stay for as long as they want. Lucas admits he's looking forward to alone time with Adrienne but he feels bad because he will miss Thomas. Chad says he's welcome to see him any time he wants. Lucas suggests he and Adrienne can take Thomas to the park with Arianna one last time. Chad decides he will take Arianna to see Gabi at the hospital which Lucas calls a great idea.

Julie goes to the hospital and asks Jennifer if there is any change with JJ. Jennifer responds that he still in a coma. Julie encourages that he will pull through. Jennifer says she's hoping for that and that Gabi is in with him as she has been all night.

Gabi sleeps at JJ's side then wakes up and asks JJ to wake up and come back to her.

Sonny and Paul sit together at the Pub. They talk about having electricity back in Salem. Sonny comments on Paul's friend running late. They talk about electronics when they were kids. Paul credits Sonny for saving his life. Paul asks Sonny how he found him. Sonny responds that something just told him to go look for him. Sonny would like to talk about what happened last night. Paul states that they just did but Sonny wants to talk about what happened between them.

Deimos can't thank Nicole enough for telling him. Nicole says she couldn't keep it to herself any longer and she feels guilty doing this to Chloe but she sees how happy he is. Deimos asks what she means. Nicole explains that Chloe confided in her and made her promise to never tell him. Deimos then questions how long Nicole has known that Chloe is carrying his child. Nicole admits that Chloe told her back in August which surprises Deimos. Nicole explains that Chloe was scared of him and she begged Chloe to let her tell him. Deimos points out that she didn't tell him. Nicole says they were just getting together and Chloe kept warning her against him. Nicole explains that Chloe was afraid Deimos would take her baby from her and she knows how that feels because of her past with EJ. Deimos questions what that has to do with him. Nicole feels terrible and says Chloe is one of her oldest friends but now she got to know Deimos better. Deimos questions Nicole carrying this around all this time. Nicole says he knows now and that's all that matters but Deimos screams that is not the case because trust matters. Deimos questions how he can ever trust her now.

Paul tells Sonny that he thought he was dying so he would've shared a moment with anyone. Sonny argues this was different. Paul says he came to and saw how worried he looked but knows Sonny made it clear he only wanted to be friends so he now decided he agrees with that. Paul says if he gave off any other vibe, he was out of it and he's sorry. Sonny tells him he doesn't have to be sorry. Paul adds that it won't happen again. Sonny says he's okay with that and not worried but he just really wanted to talk about it. Paul declares he just wants to put yesterday behind him.

Gabi puts one of her headphones in JJ's ear so he can listen to a playlist she made for him. Gabi talks about the guitarists that JJ made her listen to. Gabi cries that she wants to be able to see his face again and she will do anything for him to wake up.

Chad arrives at the hospital with Arianna and asks Jennifer how JJ is doing. Jennifer says he is the same. Julie comments on Arianna growing up so much and how she looks like Will. Gabi comes out so Chad gives Arianna to her. Gabi greets Julie, who asks how JJ is doing. Gabi responds that he hasn't woken up yet but she thinks playing him music helped. had thinks she could use a break which Jennifer agrees with. Chad offers to take Gabi and Arianna for a walk. Gabi thinks she should stay with JJ but Jennifer tells her that she should go while she stays. Gabi mentions not wanting to be too far from JJ because she believes he will wake up soon. Gabi then leaves with Chad and Arianna.

Nicole tells Deimos that she got caught between he and Chloe and made a terrible choice. Deimos argues that she chose to keep him away from his own child. Nicole talks about how scared Chloe was. Deimos talks about Nicole knowing all along that the paternity test was a lie while she knew his heart was breaking. Deimos questions if she covered up everything with sex. Nicole argues that she couldn't swear to Chloe that he wouldn't take her child. Deimos argues that what she did to him was wrong. Nicole brings up what Deimos did to Victor and Maggie and how many times he lied to her. Deimos responds that he would never lie to her about something like this. Deimos screams that this was about his child and his future. Deimos tells her not to try and turn this around on him. Deimos screams that what Nicole did is unforgivable as he throws a large crate over in frustration.

Chad, Gabi, and Arianna eat together in the town square. Gabi thanks Chad for inviting them out for lunch as it's been awhile. Gabi is glad all the stores are opening up again and things are going back to normal. Gabi says everyone is happy that it's over but it's not over for JJ. Gabi argues that it's not fair as JJ should be there with them. Chad lightens the mood by telling Arianna a story and joking with them.

Sonny suggests to Paul that he will dress Arianna up for Halloween as a nun. Paul questions it but Sonny believes she will stand out. Paul brings up Sonny dressing up in the past for a comic convention and they joke about how Sonny's costume ripped. Paul recalls feeling like he was always wearing a mask in those days since only Sonny knew who he really was. Paul's friend that he was meeting turns out to be Derek the hotel clerk who Will previously tried to set Paul up with.

Nicole wants Deimos to calm down but he refuses. Nicole says this is exactly why she was afraid to tell him about the baby. Deimos asks if he doesn't have a right to be angry. Nicole says she didn't want to keep it from him or hurt him but now she told him and wants credit for that but Deimos sticks that she lied to him for months. Nicole says if Chloe told her today, she would have refused to keep it from him. Deimos questions if that is supposed to make it okay. Nicole argues that she and Chloe go way back while she didn't know Deimos then like she knows him now. Nicole now believes Deimos will be fair and kind to Chloe. Nicole thinks he deserves a chance to be a good father. Nicole hopes she hasn't misjudged him and made a horrible mistake.

Derek joins Paul and Sonny, commenting that he didn't know Sonny was back in town. Sonny says the same and adds that Paul didn't tell him Derek was the friend he was meeting. Paul guesses he should have. Derek explains that they just ran in to each other at the hospital last night as he just got a job there as an administrative assistant. Derek calls it nice to run in to a familiar face. Paul says he suggested catching up and seeing a movie. Sonny notes that it sounds like a date. Paul brings up the movie starting soon so they have to get going. Paul thanks Sonny for the ride and the coffee as he exits the Pub with Derek.

Lucas and Adrienne walk through the town square with Thomas where they come across Chad, Gabi, and Arianna. Chad tells them how he convinced Gabi to get out of the hospital for lunch. Gabi wants to start getting back there now. Lucas asks how JJ is doing. Gabi says he's the same. Adrienne offers to take Arianna and Thomas back to the house so Chad can stay with Gabi. Chad agrees and they thank her. Lucas asks Adrienne if she can handle them all by herself so he can go see Jennifer. Adrienne says she can and will start packing their things. Chad questions if they found a place already. Lucas explains that they will be staying at the Salem Inn but it's fine. Gabi asks if Chad will be okay on his own with Thomas. Chad assures that he will be which Gabi is happy to hear. Chad says he's looking forward to living his life again.

Jennifer and Julie check on JJ in the hospital. Julie asks about Orpheus shooting him which Jennifer confirms. Jennifer talks about Marlena telling her that JJ was there in the town square with a hole in his chest and Chad had to stop him from bleeding out right there. Jennifer says she can't lose him. Julie encourages that he's young and strong so he will pull through. Jennifer repeats that he has to so she doesn't outlive both of her children. Jennifer starts to question why JJ even wanted to be a cop right out of high school. Julie thinks JJ wanted to make a difference and turn his life around which he did. Julie mentions how every night JJ was on duty, he would come by the bed and breakfast to make sure everything was alright. Julie praises that she raised a good guy. Jennifer thanks her and says she can't go through another funeral. Jennifer hugs her, saying she can't take anymore.

Deimos tells Nicole that her mistake was keeping this from him. Deimos argues that he should've known the moment Chloe told her. Deimos doesn't know why he's so surprised by this. Deimos brings up how Nicole stole a baby in the past and how he shouldn't be surprised that she would do this. Deimos remarks that Nicole has an odd way of showing she loves children. Deimos questions if any child would even want her for a mother. Nicole slaps him and screams at him for saying that when he knows she had two miscarriages. Deimos really thought that she understood him and that they were soul mates. Deimos asks how he could've been so wrong. Deimos walks away from the pier, leaving Nicole crying.

Paul and Derek walk out of the town square where Derek thought Paul said the movie was starting soon. Paul claims he got the time wrong. Derek asks if they should've invited Sonny but Paul quickly says no and that it's alright. Derek feels Sonny seemed upset that they had plans. Paul tells him that Sonny's been going through a lot so it wasn't about them. Derek thinks he's kidding himself as he saw the way Sonny was looking at him. Paul says Sonny is still grieving Will and doesn't want to get involved with anybody. Derek doesn't believe it. Paul argues that it would never work out anyways because what happened with Will would always come between them. Paul feels there is no way to work it out. Derek brings up their history. Paul states that Sonny needs to be with somebody who won't remind him of Will and won't make him feel guilty about moving on so he's not that guy.

Adrienne joins Sonny at the Pub to tell him about her and Lucas moving to the Salem Inn. Sonny points out that she can finally start wedding plans. Adrienne says yes after they know that JJ is okay. Adrienne asks if Sonny will give her away but Sonny says not to push it. Adrienne knows he's not happy about the divorce. Sonny says he's accepting it. Adrienne questions what has Sonny feeling blue and asks him to talk to her. Sonny admits that he just thought there might be something between he and Paul again but he apparently just misread the entire situation. Adrienne asks if that upsets him. Sonny says he will survive as it's what is best.

Lucas goes to the hospital and encourages Jennifer that JJ will make it. Lucas wants to do anything he can to help. Lucas invites Jennifer to come to an AA meeting with him but Jennifer feels she can't leave JJ. Lucas encourages her to stay strong and sober because JJ will need her. Jennifer thanks him as Lucas promises the meeting will help so they walk off together.

Chad and Gabi walk through the town square, talking about JJ. Gabi worries about Jennifer if something happens to JJ but Chad assures her nothing will happen. Chad offers anything he can to help. Gabi thanks him. Chad says JJ means a lot to her so he would do anything for him. Gabi feels bad for always yelling at him. Chad thanks her for showing him what's important in life. Gabi is sure Abigail would be happy to hear him say that. Gabi says she's going to head back so Chad offers to go with her and they walk out of the square.

Lucas joins Jennifer at JJ's side. Jennifer thanks Lucas and says she is doing better now. JJ begins to wake up and starts calling out for Gabi. Lucas rushes out to get a nurse while Jennifer tries to talk to him. JJ repeats that he's so sorry towards Gabi.

Deimos meets a man outside and gives him an envelope of cash with an airplane ticket to New York City to find the apartment where Chloe is living with her parents. Deimos instructs him not to come back to Salem until he has Chloe with him.

Nicole tries again to call Chloe and leaves a message that she really screwed up by telling Deimos about the baby. Nicole says she thought he would be understanding but he wasn't and now he's furious at both of them. Nicole tells Chloe that she needs to do what she needs to take care of herself and the baby because she doesn't know what Deimos is going to do next.

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