Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa wakes up from a nightmare about Brady being shot on their wedding day. Brady comes in with breakfast. Theresa greets him with kisses. Brady calls it the first day of their honeymoon after their unofficial wedding. Brady calls himself the luckiest guy in the world as they kiss.

Nicole and Deimos eat together at the Pub. Nicole toasts to the end of Hell as they knew it. Nicole almost feels like the whole thing never happened. Deimos assures that it did. Nicole asks if he will ever get over killing Xander. Deimos responds that he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. She kisses him on the cheek and says that was for keeping his promise. Dario and Blanca enter the Pub together. Blanca feels he shouldn't be out after what he's been through. Dario thanks her for her healing powers. Nicole interrupts and tells Dario that she needs to talk to him. Dario points out that he isn't alone but Nicole says it can't wait. Dario steps outside with her and says he's surprised that she would ditch her date to interrupt his. Nicole says it won't take long and tells Dario that she's glad he is okay. Dario asks what's on her mind unless she's trying to get him away from his date. Nicole assures that she's not jealous and brings up Dario going behind her back to take a job with Deimos to spy on Chloe. Dario tries to explain but Nicole says she knows he broke in to Chloe's place. Dario blames Deimos for ratting him out but Nicole explains that she heard them talking. Dario questions if she was spying on him. Nicole argues that she trusted him and thought he was a decent guy. Dario responds that he was only keeping an eye on Deimos for her. Dario adds that he thinks she will get hurt if she keeps seeing Deimos and he was trying to prevent that. Nicole says she can take care of herself and that he needs to respect her choices. Dario tells her that all he wants is for her to be happy. Deimos comes out and says that makes two of them. Deimos asks if there is anything going on that he should know about. Dario tells Deimos that Nicole didn't like him working for him. Nicole clarifies that she didn't like spying on Chloe and breaking in to her room. Deimos explains that Dario was just doing what he was paid for because Deimos thought Chloe was lying but admits he was wrong. Deimos hopes in time everyone will see his intentions were pure. Nicole thinks back to Chloe admitting that Philip wasn't the father of her baby and that Deimos was which she thought at the time and Nicole still does. Nicole decides they can just go back inside but Deimos informs her that Philip just called and wants to meet on the docks so he tells her to go finish breakfast since he already paid for it. Deimos says he will see her later as he walks away. Nicole tells Dario to go ahead and say that he still thinks he's right about Deimos. Dario wants to get back to his date. Nicole admits she's beautiful and Dario heads back inside. Nicole goes back in as a man then appears outside and looks through the window at Blanca.

A doctor finishes a house call with Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor has questions for her. She says that Maggie has made remarkable progress but she does have one concern.

Philip talks on the phone on the docks arguing about the business deals. Deimos arrives as he finishes. Philip tells him they can barely hang on to what they have thanks to Brady's raid. Philip thinks they should call in the big guns. Deimos tells him that Victor has enough on his plate getting Maggie settled back in. Philip brings up that Victor established these relationships. Deimos explains that Victor put him in charge in his absence. Deimos questions Philip acting as if he works for Titan. Philip thinks he should be back in an official capacity but Deimos isn't sure Victor wants him back in right now. Philip says that's why he wanted to meet. Philip brings up Deimos causing the rift between he and Victor so he could make up for it by fixing things between them. Deimos says absolutely not.

Nicole gathers her things and notices Deimos left his phone so she takes it then exits the Pub. Blanca tells Dario that he is not spending money on her. The man from outside interrupts by greeting Blanca. She turns and questions what the hell he is doing here.

Philip didn't expect that response from Deimos. Deimos says he's taking it the wrong way as he thinks him going back to Titan is a great idea. Deimos argues that going to Victor on Philip's behalf would only remind him that he caused the rift between them and might even convince him that they are teaming up against him again. Philip admits he has a point. Deimos says he's already gone on his behalf by inviting him to move in to the mansion, hoping it might force a reconciliation. Philip notes that it hasn't worked so far. Deimos suggests asking to be a part of the family business might do that. Deimos tells him not to expect Victor to jump on board right away. Philip wonders if trying to repair what is broken between he and Victor is nothing but a waste of time.

Victor thought the doctor said Maggie was doing fine. She admits Maggie seems to have completely healed physically but psychologically there seems to be a block. Maggie questions if she's saying she wants to use the wheelchair as she wants nothing more than to stand on her own. Victor decides to have Maggie try to stand. Victor helps her up and she holds on to him.

Brady and Theresa walk out of the town square with Tate and a basket of food. They stop at a bench to sit down. Brady talks about everything being perfect. Theresa brings up everything already being in place for their wedding before it fell apart. Brady tells her there is no Xander or anybody else to ruin it for them now. Brady feels she is still scared. Theresa says she was just traumatized by everything that happened. Brady assures her that Xander is gone and can't ever bother her again so everything that happened won't dictate their happiness. Brady doesn't expect her to forget but wants to help her move on from it. Theresa argues they can't move on from it until she tells him the truth.

Dario asks Blanca if this is the guy from her past that was trying to track her down that she never wanted to see again. Blanca tells him he has to leave and can't believe he had the nerve to follow her. He says she left without saying goodbye and it drove him crazy. She states that she caught him in bed with another woman but he argues she doesn't know the whole story. Blanca responds that she knows enough. He wants a chance to explain. Blanca brings up him being in bed with a major drug cartel and tells him to go. Dario warns him to respect what Blanca is asking of him.

Theresa tells Brady that she never meant to hurt him. Brady asks what she's talking about. Theresa reveals that Xander trying to rape her didn't happen as she made it up to make Brady want to protect her which he did when she said Xander attacked her. Brady goes over the fact that Xander went to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Theresa says she hates herself for it. Brady can't believe it as Theresa says she decided to come clean because she figured if she told him and he hated her or can't forgive her then she will have to deal with it but it's better than wondering every day. Brady hates that she lied but says Xander was on his way to prison with or without her. Theresa agrees but knows she shouldn't have lied. Brady notes that she was a different person back then. Brady brings up not being proud of things he's done in the past. Brady credits Theresa for him being a different person. Brady doesn't like what she did but won't stop loving her because of it. Theresa adds that she won't stop loving him ever and promises not to keep any secrets from him. Brady hugs her.

Julie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Victor that Maggie just called and she sounded so upset but wouldn't say why. Victor is glad she came. Julie asks if Maggie is there. Victor informs her that the doctor just left and according to her, Maggie should be able to walk on her own but she can't. Victor explains that the doctor thinks it's some sort of mental block. Julie thinks it makes sense considering Maggie's history since she had surgery years ago on her legs but she still couldn't walk afterwards because she was afraid. Julie blames it on Maggie's self esteem issues. Julie talks about Maggie dealing with a fear of standing on her own. Julie tells Victor that he has to find a way to make her feel safe again. Victor talks about always telling her he loves her. Julie says Maggie must feel it deep in her heart because she's afraid Victor would leave her. Julie brings up Mickey giving her a pair of red dancing shoes in the past. Victor mentions already trying that and feeling helpless. Julie encourages him to look in to his heart to find out how to reach Maggie's.

Deimos tells Philip that Victor can certainly be hard to reach. Nicole walks up but stops when she sees them and hides behind the corner to listen in. Deimos tells Philip not to walk away and that he would give anything to have a chance to make things right. Deimos talks about resenting Victor in their childhood. Deimos talks about rising above his father's low opinion of him. Deimos feels for the first time that love isn't a weapon. Philip comments that making peace with his past seems to have got him in touch with his feelings. Deimos says his past wasn't the only thing that did that. Deimos tells Philip that a bond between father and son is way too important to dismiss. Deimos feels that's why he wanted so desperately for Chloe's baby to be his so he could be the father that his never was. Deimos believed it could finally help heal those old wounds.

Blanca's ex Guillermo dares Dario to try and make him leave. Dario gets up to fight but Blanca stops things and tells Guillermo that he needs to leave and never come back. He doesn't think she means that. Blanca assures him they are over so there is nothing for him here. Guillermo says they will see about that. Blanca tells him that Salem won't put up with him. He responds that he's not scared of the cops on either side of the border. Blanca asks if he is scared of his boss and what he will do when she tells him that Guillermo was taking a little bit for himself. Guillermo denies doing that but Blanca says she has proof and kept it just in case. Blanca says they both know Matteo is not the type of boss to forgive and forget.

Victor looks at he and Maggie's wedding photo as Philip enters the living room. Philip wants to talk to him but Victor says not now. Philip asks what Maggie's doctor said. Victor questions how he knew she was there. Philip says she was coming up when he left earlier. Victor tells him that everything is not okay. Philip asks if he wants to talk about it. Victor explains that the doctor thinks Maggie is completely healed and should be able to walk on her own but she can't seem to. Victor adds that Julie thinks it's because of Maggie's fear of losing him so he must find some way to assure her that she doesn't have to be afraid and he will be there no matter what. Philip knows how much he loves Maggie and is surprised if she doesn't. Victor states that he apparently has to do more. Philip feels showing his love isn't as hard as it sounds and could be as simple as a shift in thinking. Philip tells him that being willing to make a small change could mean the world to someone. Victor calls it not exactly a small change but thinks it might work. Philip asks if he wants to run it by him. Victor decides he wants to spend more time with Maggie which means he has to step back at Titan and give someone else in the family a chance to run it.

Nicole remains on the docks and calls Chloe. Nicole wants her to pick up but gets her voice mail. Nicole leaves a message, questioning why Chloe isn't returning her phone calls. Nicole says it's about the baby as she knows she promised to keep her secret but the more she thinks about it, the stronger she feels that Deimos needs to know the truth. Nicole hangs up and texts Chloe to call her back now. Deimos approaches and asks what Nicole is doing here.

Victor sits with Maggie in the living room. Maggie guesses he is disappointed in her but he says he could never be. Maggie apologizes for snapping earlier as she doesn't know what is wrong with her. Victor tells her she's perfect and he wants to spend all his time with her. Victor informs her that he has made the decision to retire from Titan to spend all his time making her better. Maggie tells him he can't do that but Victor says it's his company so he can do whatever he wants and there are enough candidates waiting to take his place. Victor wants only one focus and that's her. Victor declares he will move heaven and earth to make her well. Victor says soon enough they will be dancing the night away. Maggie suggests they try a little dancing now so Victor helps her up and she holds on to him as they dance together. Maggie calls him her rock.

Brady and Theresa walk through the town square with Tate. They talk about Halloween and Theresa wants to dress Tate up. Philip walks by and says he thought about them and how much he'll miss them when they move in to their own place. Brady assures him the mansion will never be quiet. Philip mentions Victor being at the mansion a lot more. Brady figured Victor would be spending time at Titan. Philip reveals that Victor mentioned retiring and said it's time to let someone else in the family run the company. Brady asks if Victor said who that might be. Philip says no but he plans to convince him that he's the man for the job. Philip adds that he would appreciate Brady offering any good word on his behalf. Brady points out that Philip is not the only viable candidate here as he ran the company for years. Philip remarks that Brady tore it apart as his bad decision cost Titan millions so Victor won't trust him on top. Brady brings up that Philip stabbed Victor in the back. Philip mocks Brady leaving because Victor didn't like Theresa. Theresa stops things so they don't wake up Tate and wishes Philip luck. Brady declares may the best man win. Philip says back at him as he walks away. Brady worries that this will get ugly. Theresa assures that no one is more deserving than Brady and she believes Victor will see that too. Theresa tells Brady they can make all of their dreams come true together as he kisses her.

Guillermo doesn't believe Blanca would rat him out to his boss Mateo. Blanca warns that she will do whatever it takes to make him go if he doesn't go on his own. Dario pulls out his phone and threatens to call his detective brother Rafe. Guillermo decides he's got it and tells Blanca that she knows where to find him when she changes her mind. She tells him not to hold his breath as he exits. Dario comments on him not taking no for an answer. Dario notices Blanca shaking and hugs her. Blanca thanks him for sticking up for her. Dario points out that she held her own fine without his help. Dario questions how she ended up with such a low life like that. Blanca is embarrassed but she really thought she was in love with him until she found out everything was a lie. Blanca states that Guillermo is a bad guy and is in deep trouble with dangerous people.

Guillermo walks through the town square, complaining about Blanca threatening to turn him in. He suddenly stops when he sees Theresa and Brady. Guillermo turns around and makes a phone call, telling someone that they'll never guess but he just found Theresa Donovan.

Victor and Maggie continue dancing as he encourages her to just hold on to him.

Nicole returns Deimos his phone that he left at the Pub. Deimos calls himself lucky to have someone so considerate. Nicole asks about his talk with Philip. Deimos says it went quite well, not for Titan, but he felt like it was a break through between them. Deimos feels Philip has gotten over things and he felt like Philip was the son he never had when they talked. Nicole turns away and proclaims she can't do this. Nicole tells Deimos that there is something she needs to tell him and she's kept the secret from him long enough.

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