Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/19/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/19/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena, Gabi, and Chad continue trying to help JJ with his wound. Marlena worries that JJ may have a collapsed lung from the bullet and assures Gabi she is doing all she can as Gabi worries.

Adrienne goes to the hospital looking for Steve. Kayla tells her that she was just about to call her. Kayla doesn't want her to freak out but reveals that Orpheus planted a bomb in the Brady Pub and took John as a hostage so Steve went to look for John alone. Adrienne knows Steve doesn't care about the risk. Kayla reveals that she helped Steve slip out of the hospital because he had to try and she's coming to terms with who he is. Kayla just hopes he makes it.

Orpheus says he can't stop this as Steve opens the door behind him with his gun raised on Orpheus and orders him to drop the gun now. Orpheus tells Steve to drop it. Steve says there are some things he should know. Steve tells Orpheus that there is a SWAT team outside but Orpheus doesn't believe him. Steve warns that if they don't walk him out of here now, the sharpshooters will unload. Steve adds that Clyde is locked up and Xander is dead so no one is coming to save him. Orpheus responds that maybe he should just do what he came to do then and get it over with. Orpheus asks John what he says.

Lucas talks on the phone from the DiMera Mansion and mentions Chad and Gabi going to look for JJ. One of the DiMera guards bursts in with Anne, saying she was lurking around outside. Lucas calls Anne the bitch who made his sister Jennifer's life a living Hell.

Gabi continues trying to encourage JJ as Chad asks Marlena what to do. Marlena talks about trying to relieve the air pocket. Chad questions Marlena doing this when she's a psychiatrist but Marlena says she's done it before. Marlena instructs Chad to lean JJ forward as she uses a device on the wound to drain the blood to relieve the pressure. Marlena says the wound is still a problem. JJ is able to speak enough to confirm that Orpheus shot him.

Steve warns Orpheus that if he pulls the trigger, he's a dead man. John informs Steve that Orpheus set another bomb in the Pub. Steve responds that Hope diffused it which Orpheus doesn't believe. Steve tells Orpheus that he can either go back to prison or die. Steve adds that Orpheus could try to take him out and reveals he's not wearing a bulletproof vest this time. John then spins around and attacks Orpheus as a shot is fired.

Gabi worries about the amount of blood JJ has lost. Marlena tells her to keep the pressure on as Chad has gone to get help. Gabi tries to encourage JJ by telling him about Arianna writing his name. An ambulance is finally able to arrive. Chad comes back and tells them that the paramedics are coming as JJ starts to pass out.

Anne jokes with Lucas that she hasn't seen Jennifer in awhile and questions Lucas being there. Lucas says he lives here for now and asks what she is doing. Anne says she was visiting her mother in Brooklyn and then she kicked her out so she rented a car but it ran out of gas then a guy tried to mug her but she knocked him out. She further explains that she noticed the mansion and came to see Chad for refuge. Lucas questions her after what she did to Jennifer and Abigail. Anne talks about being innocent and Salem being dangerous. Lucas gives in and agrees to let Anne stay. Anne tries to go pour a drink but Lucas tells her to stay away from the alcohol.

John wrestles Orpheus down and ties him down. John says they will then lock him up for the rest of his life. Orpheus remarks that he doesn't have the guts to kill him right here. John tells Steve that they will do it outside so not to stain the carpet.

Kayla gets a call from Steve who reveals he is at the police station as they have captured Orpheus. Kayla tells Adrienne that they have him in custody. Steve confirms that John is okay and took Orpheus down. Steve says Orpheus is going back to lockup, the bomb is diffused, Xander is dead and Clyde is locked up. Steve says he loves her as they hang up. Kayla hugs Adrienne and tells her they are all okay. Adrienne proclaims it's all over and that Steve is the hero that never fails. Adrienne adds that Marlena must be so relieved. Kayla goes to find Seth Burns to reopen the hospital. Adrienne mentions wanting to go call Sonny. Justin arrives at the hospital and rushes up to Adrienne, hugging her and being thankful she is okay which takes her by surprise.

Lucas tells Anne to have a seat and he will let Chad decide. Lucas mentions Gabi staying here as well and wondering why they haven't called about JJ. Anne questions how many rooms are in the mansion, joking that no one would notice if she moved in which Lucas calls impossible. Anne asks why he lives here. Lucas explains that it was Adrienne's idea to help raise Thomas and help Chad through losing his wife. Anne brings up Adrienne being Steve's sister and that she always confused her with Kayla which Lucas questions. Anne mentions that she will have to go beg for her job at the hospital back but she will need a lot of time off to look after her mother. Lucas asks if she doesn't have any siblings. Anne confirms it's just her. Lucas mentions it must have been tough. Anne talks about her mom being sick and starts to break down crying.

John asks why they are waiting around to give their statement. Steve says it's some machine they are waiting on. Marlena arrives and hugs John, crying that she was terrified. John assures her that it's all over as she shows him Orpheus is in the interrogation room in custody. John notes the blood on Marlena and asks what's going on. Marlena reveals that JJ has been shot and is now at the hospital getting help. Steve gets a call and steps away. Marlena admits she was afraid they would both be dead. John tells her they found their way back to each other thanks to Steve. John says Steve distracting him and got a shot in on the arm. John goes over the crimes of Orpehus including now shooting a cop in JJ so he will never see daylight again. Marlena thanks Steve for what he did. Steve says he couldn't let his partner down. Steve and John go to make their statements. A cop approaches Marlena and tells her that Orpheus says he needs medical help. Marlena doesn't care and says that doesn't matter to her. The cop brings up that she has to help so she gives in and enters the room.

Adrienne tells Justin that everything is fine and questions why she rushed in like that. Justin explains that he went to the DiMera Mansion and was told that she was escorted to the hospital so he worried. Adrienne clarifies that she had come to see Sonny after they brought Paul in. Adrienne then asks what he was doing at the DiMera Mansion. Justin admits he was coming to check on her because it's a mad house out there. Justin goes over climbing through windows and the fire escape. Adrienne questions why he would go to such extremes. Justin asks why she thinks.

Jennifer arrives at the hospital and rushes to Gabi and Chad, asking where JJ is. Chad wishes Marlena was still there as she knew more of what was going on with JJ. Gabi tells her that Kayla is operating but couldn't confirm he would be okay. Chad encourages about it. Gabi adds that she loves him very much while Chad assures that JJ will pull through. Jennifer thanks them for caring for him and giving hope. Gabi says she's so grateful for JJ. Gabi insists JJ will make it through this as she hugs Jennifer.

Marlena questions why a wounded prisoner was brought to the station instead of the emergency room. Orpheus explains they didn't think the ER was secure enough to hold him. Orpheus complains about his arm so Marlena agrees to look at it. Marlena decides the cop has to unlock his handcuff from the table so he does, warning him not to think about it. Orpheus claims he's about to pass out from the pain. Marlena looks at his wound and says it will need stitches so she sterilizes the wound first. Marlena says he can't hurt as much as he hurt the people in this town but she knows he feels no remorse. Orpheus brings up once thinking she could be a decent mother to his children and how he should've killed her all those years ago. Marlena points out that he didn't and will now go to Hell. Orpheus brings up Marlena's devil past and calls her the biggest hypocrite and whore in town. Orpheus grabs Marlena. The cop tries to intervene but Orpheus grabs his gun and tells him he can leave now as he has some unfinished business with Marlena.

Jennifer goes to see if she can find out anything while Chad checks on Gabi. Gabi talks about always thinking something like this could happen. Gabi blames herself for being on the phone with JJ at the time and distracting him. Chad tells her not to do that. Chad relates to blaming himself for Abigail's death. Gabi argues that had nothing to do with him but Chad says he feels the same way. Chad hugs her as she cries.

Justin reminds Adrienne that they were married for a long time and she is the mother of their children. Adrienne understands why he would be upset if something happened to her. Justin knows things didn't end well but says she has to know that she will always have a place in his heart. Adrienne calls that the most tired cliche break up line in the book. Justin insists that it's true. Adrienne apologizes for being unkind. Justin doesn't blame her since he screwed things up for them. Adrienne doesn't want to rehash history since they have so much else to think about. Justin apologizes and says he's just very relieved that she is okay. Justin questions her not getting why he would be so worried. Adrienne admits they have a long history but she never imagined he would sneak into a hospital to see her. Justin felt he had no choice. Adrienne calls it a little bit weird and asks where this concern was when they were married and he was having an affair around the world. Justin brings up not rehashing the past. Adrienne admits she shouldn't have brought up the affair as she is focused on marrying Lucas now. Justin feels their marriage is a bit rushed and questions the hurry. Justin says they aren't planning to start a family so he asks what the hurry is. Adrienne responds that their plans aren't his business. Justin mocks their urgency to get married as desperate. Adrienne argues about their past engagements. Adrienne asks why they should wait. Justin is surprised she even remembered they had a short engagement. She calls it an important memory. Justin recalls both being so young as he suddenly then collapses causing Adrienne to panic.

The cop tells John and Steve that Orpheus took his gun. They start screaming for a SWAT team and question why she was even in there. Marlena tells Orpheus that he will never get away with this. Orpheus asks who said he was going anywhere as he's tired of fighting and he's done while keeping his gun aimed at her.

Lucas brings Anne some water. She thanks him as she doesn't have a lot of people to talk to. Lucas encourages Anne being there for her mother when she needs her. Anne calls him really nice and says she couldn't talk to Theresa about this. Lucas mentions having to get his work done. Anne says she has a magazine with her so she will read that.


Adrienne checks on Justin at the hospital but he assures that he's fine. Justin says the doctor said he was just dehydrated. Justin blames it the running and climbing. Adrienne blames herself for fighting instead of thanking him for his concern. Justin points out that she obviously still cares about him. Adrienne says they won't fight about it. Justin hopes they can always find a way to be civil. Adrienne responds that she wants them to always be friends.

Jennifer, Chad, and Gabi check with Kayla after JJ's surgery. Kayla tells them it went well and they removed the bullet but JJ had so much blood loss that he has slipped into a coma. Kayla says the next 24 hours are critical but they are hopeful that he will make a full recovery. Kayla wants to limit to one visitor so she tells Jennifer to start. Chad exits and Gabi follows. Jennifer sits at JJ's side and encourages him to be stronger than ever. Jennifer holds his hand and tells him to squeeze if he can hear her but nothing happens as she cries.

John and Steve bang on the interrogation room, demanding Orpheus let Marlena go or do a trade. Orpheus drinks the rubbing alcohol that Marlena had used to sterilize his wound as Marlena warns that it could kill him. Orpheus says that's the idea as he wouldn't give them the satisfaction of throwing him back in a cell to rot. Orpheus drops to the ground, calling it one more death on her conscience and one more on his as he raises the gun. Orpheus then lowers the gun and dies as John bursts into the room. John checks on Marlena with Orpheus now dead.

Jennifer joins Adrienne and Justin in the waiting room. Justin didn't even know JJ was in the hospital. Jennifer thanks them for being there as parents who understand. Adrienne brings up Jennifer being there when Sonny was stabbed. Justin offers to call anyone. Jennifer mentions leaving her mom a message and JJ is all she has. Jennifer declares she is done if she loses him after Jack and Abigail as she wouldn't know how to go on from there. Adrienne hugs her.

Gabi sits at JJ's side in the hospital. Gabi tells him that she has decided she will never take him for granted again and cries for him to get better as they need him. Chad enters the room.

Marlena attempts to revive Orpheus as Steve comes in and asks what happened. John tells Steve that Orpheus is dead. John questions what Marlena is doing and tells her to give it up as he's dead. Marlena says she's a doctor and that's what she does. John hugs her and tells her it's all over.

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