Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi wakes up on the couch with Chad and Arianna. Gabi apologizes for falling asleep but Chad understands they were all exhausted. Gabi hugs Chad and thanks him for letting her stay at the mansion as JJ walks in and sees them.

At the hospital, Steve asks Kayla how she's doing. Kayla complains about being unable to do her job. Steve asks what's going on. Kayla talks about how many injured people are trying to get in to the hospital but their administrator is refusing to let anyone in as it's on lockdown. Seth Burns interrupts and says it's his duty to protect. Kayla questions him. He doesn't want her to tell him how to run his hospital. He declares that no one enters or leaves the hospital until the siege is over.

John tells Orpheus that he doesn't want to do this as Hope turns over the table with the bomb. John says Orpheus is after him not the people of Salem. Orpheus comments on how confident John was before. John brings up how they used to be partners and thinks they can work this out with an agreement but Orpheus says that ship has sailed. Orpheus warns him that he has eyes on the Pub so if anyone tries to leave, he will bring the building down. John asks what he wants. Orpheus responds that he will be in touch as he hangs up. John orders them to get the bomb squad and get ready to evacuate. Marlena argues that they have to go now but John says the bomb is rigged to activate if anyone leaves. Marlena tells John to try harder to reason with him. John declares this has gone on long enough so it's time to give him what he wants.

Rafe finds Eduardo in the waiting room of the hospital and asks if he's okay. Eduardo tells him that he's fine but Dario got banged up in the explosion at the club but he will be okay. Rafe says he's glad to hear it. Eduardo asks if he is. Rafe says he's not happy with Dario after he sent a guy to go after him. Eduardo knows Dario regrets it and talks about feeling close to him for the first time. Rafe brings up Dario trying to keep Eduardo from his family and asks how there isn't anger. Eduardo understands he was a terrible father so he is in no position to judge. Eduardo blames himself for Dario acting selfishly. Eduardo adds that Dario never intended to put Gabi in harm's way. Rafe argues that Dario is selfish and only thinks about himself. Eduardo feels Dario has a troubled heart and blames it on him growing up without a father. Rafe asks how it's different from he and Gabi. Eduardo says they are different people and he's grateful that they forgave him but Dario hadn't. Eduardo hopes Rafe and Gabi can forgive Dario like he has. Eduardo states that they all make mistakes and do things they aren't proud of.

John tells Marlena that they have no choice. Marlena argues that he can't turn himself over to Orpheus. John says he has to in order to not risk lives. Hope finishes calling the bomb squad. John talks about how perfectly this was planned. Orpheus calls back and reveals that he is right outside the door with the detonator. John offers himself up if he lets the people go. Orpheus calls it a heroic proposition and asks if he has thought it through. John begs him not to hurt the people. Orpheus questions John giving his life to save theirs and says he was hoping he would say that.

Gabi gets up and hugs JJ as she greets him and tells him she missed him so much. Chad asks how things are going okay out there. JJ says it's chaos and getting worse. JJ wants to take Gabi to Jennifer's house but Gabi doesn't want to be around Julie. JJ thinks Julie is trying to like her but Gabi argues against it. JJ feels that Julie is realizing Gabi is a good person. Gabi thinks Julie only puts up with her because she's with him. Gabi refuses to stay at Jennifer's and decides she would rather stay here. Chad adds that there is no reason to move Arianna. Gabi mentions Lucas being there as well with Arianna. JJ decides whatever is best for her and Arianna. Gabi takes Arianna to the guest room. JJ asks Chad how Thomas is doing. Chad says he's great and slept through mostly everything. JJ calls him a lucky kid and wishes more than anything that Abigail was able to see him grow up. JJ thanks Chad for helping Gabi out. Chad says it's not a problem but JJ says he has done more than enough. Chad assures JJ that Gabi and Arianna are safe here. JJ gets a call and says he's on his way. Chad asks him what's going on. JJ reveals that Orpheus planted a bomb in the Pub and his mom is inside as he rushes out.

Orpheus orders John to have Hope put her phone down and that nobody leaves so Hope does so. Orpheus explains that he will come in and take John then he will agree to let everyone else go. Orpheus says it is non negotiable so John agrees. Orpheus warns him that he will blow the place and everyone in it to Hell if he tries to get clever. John hangs up and tells Marlena that he won't let everyone go until he's with him. Marlena questions giving in to his demands. John says he will find a way to stop him but Marlena asks what if he doesn't. Marlena brings up how Orpheus separated them all those years ago and they found their way back against all odds. John calls it a means to an end and assures that he will find his way back to her. Orpheus enters the Pub deciding he's waited long enough so it's time for John to come with him. John responds that he's not going anywhere until he disarms the explosive. Orpheus demands the clip to John's gun first as well as Hope's. John and Hope both unload and hand over to Orpheus. Orpheus then deactivates the bomb and orders Hope to tie John up so she does. Orpheus takes John and they back up out of the Pub and exit. Hope encourages Marlena that John will be fine. Jennifer then comes out from the back revealing she now has a bomb strapped to her as it counts down from 9:45 leaving Marlena and Hope shocked.

Eduardo sees Rafe looking at his phone so he asks if he needs to make a call. Rafe says he thought better of it as he's pretty sure Hope doesn't want to hear from him. Eduardo asks if they hit a rough patch. Rafe calls it something like that as they decided to take a break. Eduardo asks if he's okay. Rafe forgot what it's like to feel like this. Eduardo guesses Hope wanted to break it off which Rafe confirms. Eduardo asks if he wants to talk about it. Rafe calls it complicated but love always is. Rafe adds that it's not over.

Jennifer explains that Lazlow did this while Hope makes a call about the bomb. Marlena and Hope talk about what to do. Hope reveals the bomb squad just said they don't have the personnel right now. Hope tells Marlena that she should go but she refuses to leave Jennifer. Hope insists and tells her to just take care of everyone else while she stays. Marlena agrees and says she will be at the hospital as she exits. Jennifer asks about the bomb squad. Hope claims they will be here soon which Jennifer questions. Hope tries to keep her calm. Jennifer wants the truth and asks if the bomb squad is coming. Hope assures they will be there as soon as they can. Jennifer asks who will disarm the bomb if it's not soon enough. Hope responds that she will find a way as the bomb counts down from 5:50.

Steve tells Kayla that he just overheard a cop say one of the fugitives took John hostage and it's got to be Orpheus.

Gabi calls JJ and says Chad just told her why he had to run out. JJ explains that a bunch of people are trapped in the Pub including Jennifer. Gabi tells him to be careful. JJ assures her that nothing will happen to him. JJ then spots Orpheus taking John hostage and shouts for him to drop the gun now. Orpheus immediately turns and shoots JJ. Gabi begins to panic as she remained on the phone.

Steve knows John gave himself up to save everyone else so he must track them down. Kayla knows he's going to say he has to help John as there is no other way. Steve assures he will find John and stop Orpheus.

Orpheus brings John to a hotel room and holds his gun on him. John uses his cell phone to wire the $20 million to his Swiss bank account. Orpheus checks it to confirm and says nicely done. John asks if he will now pack up and leave Salem before someone else gets hurt. John reminds him that was the deal. Orpheus calls him a caring man and notes that shooting JJ genuinely upset him. John tells him to take the money and get out of town. Orpheus asks if that's his fantasy to not kill him. Orpheus tells John that this is what it's all been about. John tells him to do it then. John first wants him to promise that he will leave and not hurt anybody else afterwards. Orpheus calls it a little late for that. John questions him. Orpheus reveals that the bomb in the Pub that he deactivated was not the only one he planted.

Rafe gets a call from Hope, who says she really needs his help.

Chad tries to calm Gabi down and asks what happened. Gabi says she has to go find JJ. Gabi tells Chad that she was on the phone with JJ when she heard a shot and she doesn't know what happened. Chad tries to keep her calm. Gabi wants to go find JJ. Chad offers to go instead. Gabi says she has to go so Chad says he will go with her. Gabi brings up Arianna and Thomas. Chad tells her that Lucas and Adrienne will watch them. Chad calls the police to let them know an officer may be down as they rush out.

Marlena walks through the town square finishing a call with Roman as she finds JJ on the ground bleeding. Marlena rushes over to cover his wound and encourages he will be fine as she tells him to hang on.

Hope tells Rafe about the bomb strapped to Jennifer and how they need to diffuse it as the bomb squad won't get there in time. Rafe reminds her what happened last time they tried to diffuse a bomb. Hope knows it didn't end well. Rafe says he's not the one to call to diffuse a bomb but Hope calls him the best shot they've got. Rafe insists he's not the one but he knows someone who is so he will call her right back.

Steve and Kayla try to figure out a way to get out of the hospital as they look over the map. Kayla points out one exit that won't be monitored. Kayla tells Steve that he will have to find the fire escape. Steve insists that he will be fine as they kiss. Kayla tells him to go get him. They kiss goodbye as Steve walks away.

John reminds Orpheus that they had a deal and he held up his end. Orpheus says that was just John showing his pride. John orders him to diffuse the bomb but Orpheus says he's in no position to give orders. John questions how many innocent people have to die. Orpheus refuses to disarm anything. Orpheus only regrets that he couldn't lure Roman in to the Pub but says he can't be greedy. John argues that he doesn't want to do this. John reminds him that he now has $20 million dollars and could start a whole new life elsewhere. Orpheus says for him, real currency is the taste of retribution against everyone who caused him pain. John responds that he will never be satisfied. Orpheus tells him that John has no clue what it was like to be left for dead on an island. Orpheus says losing his wife at John's hands was bad enough. Orpheus brings up his children rejecting him and calls it unbearable. John says he understands. Orpheus questions if he does and if he can imagine his family turning their backs on him. Orpheus blames John for painting him as a monster. John argues that is what he became. John suggests he stop playing the victim and take responsibility for his own destiny. John remarks that his kids are better off without him. Orpheus responds that his will be without him too as he orders John to get on his knees. Orpheus asks John if he is prepared to die.

Rafe returns to Eduardo and tells him about Orpheus strapping a bomb to Jennifer so he needs him to help disarm it. Eduardo says he can try and wants to get there but Rafe says there is no time to go so they have to do it over the phone. Rafe calls Hope on a video chat and tells her that Eduardo will be help her so he hands the phone to him. Eduardo has Hope show the bomb on the phone as it counts down from 2:45. Eduardo starts to instruct Hope on what to do first when she suddenly loses signal on her phone and the connection is lost.

JJ worries about his wound being bad as Marlena tries to make a call but can't get through. Marlena encourages JJ as Gabi runs up. JJ tells her he's sorry. Gabi helps cover JJ's wound as she worries. Marlena mentions being unable to get through to the hospital. Chad reminds her that it's still on lock down. Marlena states that she needs an ambulance now so Chad rushes off. Marlena and Gabi put pressure on JJ's wound and encourage him to breathe.

Rafe and Eduardo call Hope back and get through. Hope says they don't have time for interruptions. Eduardo asks about Jennifer. Hope calls her the bravest woman she knows. Hope puts the phone back to show the bomb. Eduardo instructs Hope to detatch the red wire first so she does. Hope says so far so good as they are relieved. Eduardo encourages her. They almost lose signal but it stays on. Eduardo tells Hope to now pull the blue wire. Hope goes to do it but Eduardo suddenly stops her and decides the yellow wire should be next. Hope questions if he's sure as Rafe does too. Eduardo insists that he is sure it's the yellow wire so Hope pulls the yellow wire and asks what's next. Orpheus tells her to then pull the green wire as the bomb now counts down from :27 seconds. Hope disarms the bomb with 4 seconds to go. Rafe and Eduardo rejoice and Hope declares they did it. Hope removes the bomb from Jennifer as she is relieved. Hope gets a call back from Rafe who asks how Jennifer is doing. Hope says she's a lot better than she was. Rafe asks about her. Hope says she is so good right now and tells him to thank Eduardo again for her. Rafe tells Hope that he loves her and hates the thought of losing her. Hope responds that she loves him too and says she has to go to clean up. They agree to talk soon as they hang up. Jennifer thanks Hope for not leaving her. Hope says she never will as they hug.

Marlena asks Gabi if she heard anything from the phone call but Gabi says she couldn't hear any voices. Chad rushes back and says there is no one around and the car they came in is out of gas. Gabi worries as Marlena tries to keep JJ calm. Gabi encourages that he will be fine.

Orpheus holds John at gunpoint and circles around him. John tells him to have the courage to face him when he does this. Orpheus questions him trying to buy more time. Orpheus says he can't stop this as Steve opens the door behind him with his gun raised on Orpheus and orders him to drop the gun now.

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