Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/17/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/17/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


At the DiMera Mansion, Gabi watches over Thomas and hopes Arianna is sleeping through the chaos. Arianna worries about JJ and Chad being out there. Chad comes in with Arianna which makes Gabi happy.

Hope enters the Brady Pub and asks Marlena how it's going. Marlena says it's nothing life threatening so far. Hope says she's been sent to watch the Pub. Marlena is glad to have her help and company. Marlena says Salem has been through many terrible things but so much is happening now and she doesn't know when it's going to end. Hope responds that it will as soon as they catch Orpheus and Xander.

John joins Deimos, Brady, and Theresa in the Kiriakis mansion living room where he reveals to them that Clyde is in custody after walking in to the trap at the DiMera Mansion. Theresa is relieved while Brady points out they now need to neutralize Xander. Deimos says that won't be a problem after their last talk with Marlena as he and Nicole already put the plan in motion. Deimos says if all goes well, Xander will be out of their lives for good.

Outside of the town square, Xander checks his phone then declares sorry Orpheus as it's every man for himself.

Orpheus waits in the warehouse, wondering why Xander hasn't responded to his text. Orpheus decides with Clyde foolish enough to get caught, it's now all on him. Orpheus declares that the end is oh so close.

Deimos explains that the plan went off without a hitch as Nicole went to Daniel's grave where Xander made his move. John is grateful for Nicole's bravery. Nicole thinks back to Xander confronting her. Nicole says hearing his voice reminded her of when he stalked her and Eric. Brady is grateful as well but worries about the risk. Deimos admits he was reluctant to involve Nicole. Nicole clarifies that Deimos had no choice as she wanted the risk to put Xander behind bars. Nicole adds that she had pepper spray in her purse. Nicole explains that she convinced Xander to call Deimos. Deimos notes that Marlena's profile was spot on as he was able to work Xander. Deimos declares he now has Xander right where he wants him.

Chad sits with Gabi and Arianna. Gabi thinks Arianna is tired and just wants to rest. Gabi talks about being glad to have Arianna with her. Gabi wishes JJ was there though as she already worries about Rafe but now JJ is out risking his life too. Gabi knows Rafe can't always watch JJ's back. Gabi hates thinking every time she hears a siren or alarm. Chad assures her that JJ is trained as a cop and will be fine. Alarms go off so Thomas wakes up crying and Chad checks on him.

Hope tells Marlena that it's only a matter of time before they nail Orpheus and Xander. Marlena tells her how proud Bo would be of her for holding it together with so much going on. Hope is not so sure. Marlena questions her. Hope says she's just tired. Marlena asks if that's all it is. Marlena says they have all been through a tough time lately but notes that something seems different with Hope and suggests it's personal. Marlena reminds her that she's here to help and she can talk any time she'd like.

John asks Deimos what kind of promise he made to Xander. Deimos explains that they got down to business after he brought Nicole unharmed and offered up Theresa. Theresa talks about coming up with the idea to help. Deimos knows what Xander wants more than anything is revenge. Deimos says he had to prove he could be as ruthless as him. Deimos states that Xander will be in for quite a shock when he realizes what's really in store for him. John says now all they have to do is wrap this up without anybody getting hurt.

Xander remains outside where he pulls out his gun and calls it time to rock and roll.

Hope admits to Marlena that she's not fine and under a lot of stress but blames it on everything going on. Hope then reveals it is personal but she's not ready to talk about it yet. Marlena reminds her that she is here when she is ready to talk. Hope thanks her. Jennifer arrives with boxes from a food drive so Hope goes to help her. Jennifer asks how Hope is holding up. Hope claims she's fine but Jennifer doesn't buy it. Jennifer questions Aiden putting her though enough. Hope says he has no conscience. Hope thanks Jennifer for being so supportive. Hope talks about everything Jennifer has been through. Jennifer says they both have been and now her only living child is in the line of fire. Jennifer encourages being strong. Jennifer worries about Orpheus making his next move. Orpheus' guard Lazlow watches through the window from outside the Pub.

Deimos explains that Xander will be waiting for him at pier 17 where Roman and the police will be waiting to grab him. John says it sounds like a plan. Nicole worries about Xander being tipped off. Deimos assures them that Xander will not come after any of them. Deimos gets a call and steps out. Brady encourages Theresa that Xander is a dead man if he gets anywhere near them. Deimos hangs up from his call and quietly exits the mansion.

Roman shows up at the pier as he sees a man on his phone, thinking it could be Xander but it's just a guy who says he was calling his girlfriend. Roman tells him to make the call elsewhere and get out so he rushes off. Roman then gets a call. Roman says Xander is nowhere in sight. Roman orders his men to patrol the area as Xander is still at large.

Chad sits with Arianna while Gabi gets Thomas to stop crying. Chad praises her being great with Thomas. Gabi mentions how proud JJ is of Thomas. Chad asks if Gabi sees JJ as potential father material. Gabi isn't sure as she calls that way far down the line. Gabi adds that JJ's job is very demanding while she just started her new job with Chad. Gabi mentions being single for a long time so she's not sure she is ready to live with somebody. Gabi feels the family dynamic could get in the way since Eduardo isn't crazy about JJ. Gabi brings up how Julie feels about her because of Nick. Chad feels if Gabi and JJ really love each other then no one can come between them. Gabi confirms that they do love each other and decides it will happen when it is supposed to. Gabi asks Chad if he thinks he will be able to move on after time. Chad doesn't think so and notes that Thomas is his main concern. Gabi reminds him that he has to love too and needs to find someone he can spend his life with.

One of the cops meets with Roman and says there is no sign of Xander. Roman worries that this means Xander was tipped off that this was a trap.

Xander goes to a different pier with his gun raised until Deimos arrives to meet him. Xander says he's glad it's him and thanks him for the text since pier 17 was filled with cops. Deimos reveals he tipped them off but explains he's not double crossing him as the cops just don't know it. Deimos talks about Xander wanting acceptance and says he won't turn him in to the police. Deimos tells him that he will get him a safe passage to Greece as he wants him to work for him from Greece but Victor, Nicole, and none of the Kiriakis family could ever find out. Xander tells him he has a deal as they shake hands. Xander brings up Theresa being the reason he ended up in prison. Deimos tells him to forget it as it's never going to happen and he was never going to let him hurt Theresa. Deimos adds that if he's going to be of any use to him in the future, he needs to get over his obsession for revenge. Deimos warns that if he ever comes near Nicole again, he will be a dead man. Deimos instructs Xander to get on the boat and he'll be in touch. Deimos then stops him and says he needs him to do him a favor now.

Orpheus is on the phone with Lazlow and asks if they are all set. He tells him that they are waiting on one more key player to show up and once he's shows up, they will be good to go.

Hope tells Marlena that Caroline is upstairs resting at the Pub. Marlena mentions not hearing from John and how she's a bit concerned as she walks away. Jennifer sits Hope down and wants her to rest. Jennifer hates what Hope is going through with Aiden. Jennifer calls Aiden delusional and asks why Hope would even consider going along with this. Hope looks away. Jennifer tells Hope that she won't let her do this no matter what. Hope asks what she thinks will happen if she doesn't. Hope questions what her going to prison would do to Ciara. Hope says Aiden will not make anyone else suffer for what she did to Stefano so this is on her alone.

Roman goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to tell them that Xander didn't show up. Nicole wonders where Deimos went. John guesses Xander was tipped off. Roman instructs Brady to keep Nicole and Theresa safe. Theresa worries that Xander will attack them when they least expect it. Nicole thinks Xander could find out where they are but Brady says that won't happen. Brady wants to bring in Victor as he feels Deimos mishandled this mess. Nicole disagrees. John thinks Deimos did what he could. John wants to hold off on bringing Victor in since Maggie needs him right now. Deimos comes back in, wiping a bruised lip and tells them that there is no need to bring Victor in. Nicole questions who did this to him. Deimos claims it was Xander and tells them not to worry as he's gone for good.

Chad and Gabi remain on the couch with Arianna. Gabi comments on the silence since the sirens stopped. Chad points out that Thomas at least got to sleep. Gabi offers to take Arianna to the guest room but Chad suggests everyone just stay put and enjoy the silence. Gabi jokes that it's better than being stuck in the panic room. Chad says he didn't mind the panic room as he got distracted talking about their past and how far they have come. Gabi thinks Abigail would be happy to know they have moved past the issues and are friends that work together. Chad wishes Abigail was here to be a part of it. Gabi encourages that Abigail is watching over them and that she would be proud of Chad pulling through all that he's gone through this year. Chad brings up Stefano comparing DiMeras to a phoenix rising from the ashes. Chad praises Gabi jumping back in to life after all she's been through and calls it inspiring.

Jennifer tells Hope that Aiden has done awful and hateful things that traumatized her. Hope knows it's true but says it doesn't matter because if she doesn't play along then she has to leave Ciara permanently and she can't live with that. Jennifer tells her to figure out a way to appeal to any shred of humanity left in Aiden so he sees how wrong this is. Marlena calls Hope over to help her.

Deimos further claims that he received a tip that Xander was going AWOL. Roman questions him not letting him know while John asks why he didn't take him with him. Deimos felt including them would've let Xander know it was a trap so he needed to maintain his trust so he arranged to meet him at another dock. Deimos explains that Xander realized he had been double crossed and attacked him until his bodyguard stepped in. Deimos adds that he was then able to grab Xander's gun which he used to shoot and kill him. Deimos hands the gun over to Roman to be tested. Deimos tells Roman that it took place at pier 9. Roman says he will have his team on it so Deimos says he will have to drag the river. Nicole asks if Xander is really gone and Theresa asks if he can never hurt them again. Deimos assures them that Xander will not be bothering their family ever again.

Gabi falls asleep on the couch next to Chad with Arianna.

Nicole hugs Deimos and says she can't believe the nightmare with Xander is over. Theresa calls it a relief and says they are grateful to him. Deimos is glad he could help and put an end to it. Deimos says he will go to the station to give his statement. Brady stops him to apologize. Brady says he tried to put aside their differences for the plan and then he was ready to call in Victor which he admits would've been a mistake. Brady states that he greatly underestimated his genuine concern for his family so he apologizes and thanks him as they shake hands.

Orpheus gets a call back from Lazlow, who informs him that their targets are right where they want them. Orpheus declares it's show time.

Outside the Kiriakis Mansion, Deimos calls Xander to remind him of their deal that he stays "dead" and all will be well. Deimos hopes Xander will prove himself very useful to him in the future.

John goes to the Pub and tells Jennifer, Hope, and Marlena that Xander is out of the picture permanently as Deimos shot and killed him on the pier. John says now all they have to do is worry about getting Orpheus. John gets a call from Orpheus. Orpheus comments on them having a busy evening. John says he's coming after him unless he wants to turn himself in. Orpheus responds that he's so close to achieving his goal. John points out that he has no money and his partners are sidelined so his plan is nothing but a big bust. Orpheus says John might not be perceiving things as they are because he has John and Marlena exactly where he wants them. John asks how he figures that. Orpheus instructs John to look under the table in the middle of the room to see for himself. John then gets down and looks underneath the table where a bomb is strapped to the table counting down from 14:45. Orpheus proclaims "Run and you die."

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