Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve rushes in to the Pub to check on Kayla after hearing the explosions. Kayla hugs him, glad that he's alright and worries about how many explosions there has been. Kayla tells Steve that Marlena took off to look for John. Kayla says she wants to go check the hospital. Steve tells her that he and John showed up but Orpheus obviously never intended to as he set bombs all over town. Kayla asks about Joey. Steve tells her that he promised to stay at the hospital to keep the kids safe. Kayla says they need to get there so they exit together.

Joey can't get phone service at the hospital and worries to Ciara and Claire about Steve and Kayla as they hear another explosion.

Theo sits with Abe in his hospital room. Abe worries about hearing now eight explosions and wishes he could be helping people. Theo says he will go find out what's going on and promises he won't leave the hospital. Theo exits to go get information. Abe says that he loves him.

People are down and coughing from the explosions as cops come by to check on them. Eduardo walks through, making a phone call to Rafe to call him when he gets this as there's been an explosion near the club and he knows Dario had to be in there. Eduardo says he can't get through it being blocked off but he knows Gabi and Arianna are safe. Eduardo says he needs to know Rafe is safe. Eduardo then hangs up as he sees Dario walking up. Eduardo rushes over to him as Dario then collapses in his arms. Eduardo encourages him to stay with him.

Sonny finds Paul on the ground and bleeding at John and Marlena's. Paul tells him the explosions knocked out the windows and cut him. Sonny checks on him as Paul loses consciousness.

Steve and Kayla are outside on their phones. Steve talks to Adrienne about keeping calm while Kayla finishes a call saying they are on their way over. Steve tells Kayla that Adrienne has been unable to reach Sonny so he promised to find him. Kayla guesses he's on his way to see Gabi and Arianna. Steve says he will take Kayla to the hospital first. Kayla argues that she can do it herself but Steve insists so they walk off together.

Ciara tells Joey about two of the explosions and that the hospital is preparing for the injured. Theo mentions Clyde getting locked up. Claire suggests seeing if they can help at the hospital. They leave the room where Blanca is coaching the nurses on what they need. Ciara tells her that they are there to help with whatever they need. Blanca starts to tell them as Joey tries to walk away but Ciara and Claire stop him. Claire tells him that he's not leaving the building.

Eduardo brings Dario in to the hospital in a wheel chair. Dario claims he's fine though Eduardo says he's not but he will be. Eduardo encourages him to stay with him and they will get him through. Dario questions why he's doing this after what he did to him.

Sonny tries to wake Paul up so he can get him to the hospital as he makes a phone call.

Kayla goes to the hospital and questions Joey trying to leave. Joey argues that he wants to be out there helping. Kayla warns him that he can't risk his life and makes him promise to stay. Kayla tells them to get to work so Joey, Ciara and Claire follow her.

Eduardo questions what Dario means by what he did to him. Blanca interrupts and asks what happened as she didn't expect to see him. Dario claims he's fine. Blanca tells Eduardo to take him to the waiting room. Blanca says she can't let anything happen to Adriana's son as they are like family. Eduardo wheels Dario away to the waiting room. Kate arrives at the hospital, holding her neck as she tells Kayla that she was driving when an explosion went off. Kayla says she will check on her. Kate says that she thought this was over when Clyde got arrested but Kayla welcomes her to the rest of the nightmare.

Sonny calls for an ambulance for Paul and asks them to please hurry up. Sonny encourages Paul that they have help coming. Sonny checks Paul and realizes he has stopped breathing so he begins CPR.

Dario tells Eduardo not to contact Adrianna because she will worry. Eduardo argues that he's just letting Blanca know about his bleeding. Dario argues that they are more people out there that need help. Eduardo responds that none of those other people are his son. Dario states that he should know what he did to him. Eduardo tells him they are square but Dario realizes Gabi didn't tell him. Dario then reveals to him that he hired the guy who attacked Gabi to go after Rafe. Dario explains that he wasn't someone threatening their family but he paid him to do it. Eduardo questions why he would do it. Dario says he was so angry and he wanted to prove that Eduardo didn't deserve a second chance so he hired the guy. Dario adds that when Gabi found out, all he cared about was her not telling the cops yet now Eduardo is trying to help him. Eduardo tells Dario that he made a serious mistake but what he's done in his life is so much worse to the point that he could never forgive himself. Eduardo tells Dario that he must now forgive himself.

Theo returns to Abe. Abe worries about how many people have been hurt. Theo wants to help stop the criminals since Abe can't be there. Abe knows he's upset and that they had to stand by helpless watching Lexie slip away. Abe understands that Theo wants to take charge but taking his gun to go after Clyde was totally wrong. Theo argues that he should've shot him for what he did. Abe disagrees and gets pains causing his monitors to beep. Abe tells Theo not to think like that and asks him to promise to never take matters in to his own hands again. Theo thinks he means he can't handle things on his own. Abe says Theo has proven that he can but being reckless is not handling things. Abe says he doesn't have all the answers but opting for chaos instead of order will doom the whole world. Abe asks Theo to swear to never do anything like that again. Theo doesn't want him to ever worry about him and promises as he hugs him.

Sonny successfully revives Paul and tells him that he called the ambulance and the first responders are maxed out but he's going to be okay.

Eduardo blames himself for being a terrible father and he's glad Dario called him out for the things he did or didn't do. Eduardo says he didn't protect him and help him grow like he needed to. Dario tries to tell him it's okay. Eduardo says he can't lose him now so he has to get through this. Dario blames the convicts causing the explosion. Blanca returns to them. Dario insists he's fine and that Eduardo is just being over protective but Blanca checks on him anyways. Blanca sends Eduardo to go get a coffee. Dario asks her how bad it is.

Ciara, Joey, and Claire help at the hospital. Joey still wishes he could do more. Claire reminds him what Kayla said about his life being in danger and that he promised he wouldn't leave. Joey insists he won't. Kayla checks on Kate and tells her that she has a mild whiplash then gives her some pain meds. Kayla suggests Kate stick around awhile to be safe. Kayla adds that Kate's help in catching Clyde and recruiting Andre to help was pretty amazing. Kate is glad it worked and hopes they catch the other two. Kayla walks away as Theo approaches and asks what Kate is doing there where people could bump in to her. Kate says she's fine and asks about Abe. Theo says he's just upset that he can't help. Theo offers to get Kate a pillow or tea but she insists she is fine. Kate calls Theo amazing for being so much like his mother. Kayla catches up with Ciara and asks if she's okay. Ciara says she is but doesn't want to worry Hope. Kayla tells her that she talked to Roman who said Hope is fine and helping the injured to safety. Ciara knows she will be fine but still worries since sometimes bad things happen. Kayla encourages her to have faith that sometimes it works out and good does prevail. Kayla compares Ciara to Hope and Bo when it comes to strength and determination. Kayla calls her a survivor for being through pain and loss but her future will be filled with joy. Kayla encourages that Hope will be alright as they hug. Eduardo sees Kate at the hospital.

Paul asks what Sonny was doing here. Sonny says he wanted to come check on everyone after the bomb went off in the town square. Paul tells him he will be fine. Sonny isn't sure how to get him to the hospital but says he will find a way. Sonny asks if there's anything he can do for him. Paul smiles as he holds on to Sonny's hand but then he looks up and sees one of Will's writing awards on the wall so he pulls away and says there's nothing and he'll be fine. Steve rushes in to check on them. Sonny explains to Steve that the ambulance said they would be a couple hours. Steve decides they can't wait so they will take him themselves as they pick Paul up together.

Sonny and Steve bring Paul to the hospital and get him on a stretcher. Joey greets Steve and asks what happened. Sonny informs him that Paul got injured. Joey tells him to hang in as he goes to put a box away. Kayla joins them and asks what happened. Paul informs her that explosion blew out some store windows and knocked down part of a tree on him. Sonny explains that he found him passed out at John and Marlena's but he was able to revive him. Kayla tells Paul that she will ask him some questions. Paul says he knows the drill and gives his name, the year, and the president. Kayla insists on more tests and x-rays so she tells him to hang tight. Steve walks away with Kayla. Sonny offers to stay with Paul but he declines, saying he will be fine. Claire and Ciara instruct Joey to take boxes and bring more beds. Claire and Ciara worry about the phones ringing and decide to answer them.

Kayla checks on Abe and tells him that Theo has been incredible, helping everyone at the hospital. Abe insists that he's fine but notes Kayla is not. Abe asks her what's going on. Kayla informs Abe that she got his latest x-rays back and she's afraid the bullet fragment is going to his heart. Kayla says she can't take a chance of it causing significant damage. Kayla tells Abe that as soon as this emergency is over, he will need another operation. Kayla encourages him to stay calm. Abe wishes he could be out there but Kayla tells him that won't happen. Kayla reveals the hospital is closed so he's staying put.

Dario jokes with Blanca as she patches him up his wound. Blanca comments on how she'd have to hurt Rafe to prove she's not interested. Blanca talks about Adriana bringing her to get Rafe away from Hope and how that was a bad idea. Blanca says Adrianna has two good looking sons but both are bull headed. Dario agrees and suggests staying away from anyone in his family as they have issues. Blanca responds that everyone has issues.

Eduardo greets Kate and asks her what's up. Kate says she's just counting her blessings and asks about him. Eduardo explains that Dario was hurt in the explosion. Kate tells him that she had a minor car crash from a different explosion. Eduardo says he's so sorry that she got hurt. Kate asks what's going on with him. Kate says last time they talked, he was super concerned about Clyde but he apologized to her then too. Kate asks why he's feeling so guilty. Eduardo admits it seems like a waste of time. Kate asks if there is something he isn't telling her. Eduardo looks away so Kate guesses there is something. Kate then asks if he had anything to do with the convicts escaping.

Sonny watches over Paul as he falls asleep. Joey comes back by and says he heard Sonny was a hero as he saved Paul's life. Joey asks if he's okay. Sonny says he's just worried about Paul more than he should be. Joey encourages that his breathing is getting better and he will get help. Joey tells Sonny that he and Paul are good guys that care about each other so it's all good. Joey adds that Sonny doesn't have to say as it's obvious. Paul wakes up so Joey tells him that radiology is still backed up but Kayla is trying to speed things up. Joey offers to contact Paul's family. Paul thanks him but says he really needs to be alone right now so Joey wheels him off on the stretcher.

Blanca finishes patching up Dario. Dario thanks her and offers to buy her a drink sometime. Blanca tells him that can't happen and would be totally unprofessional because he's her patient. Dario questions that rule. Blanca clarifies that she can see him again but can't have him spending money on her. Blanca then adds that she might say yes to going dancing but she would buy her own drink as she exits the room.

Kate tells Eduardo that it makes things a little more clear since Eduardo came back to Salem after they escaped. Eduardo explains that he was trying to locate someone and tracked him to the prison as he had reason to believe he was planning to harm his family. Eduardo says he was on the van with the other three men so he posed as a guard and the van crashed then when he woke up, the criminals were all gone. Eduardo declares that he is the reason for all of this including what happened to Kate and Dario. Eduardo repeats that it is all his fault. Kate thinks they need to take a breath because it seems like he's looking for some kind of absolution. Eduardo brings up if he wasn't on that van. Kate understands that none of this would have happened and he feels guilty but she thinks if there's anyone he needs to explain things to, it's his family. Kate thinks he should talk to his children. Eduardo questions what he is supposed to say since he's been on probation with all of them and everything he tries to fix it makes it worse. Eduardo continues to blame himself for everything that is happening. Kate tells Eduardo that what he did was to protect his family so if he explains that to them, they will understand and forgive him. Kate tells Eduardo that if he thinks she is his victim, she forgives him. Kate then encourages him to go talk to his son.

Paul lays frustrated on his stretcher in the waiting room while Sonny remains standing in the hospital lobby.

Eduardo visits Dario and comments that he looks so much better. Dario questions his fatherly compassion but says he's going to get out and check on the club. Eduardo tells him that he already got reports that the damage wasn't extensive but was significant enough that it will be awhile before it can open again. Dario states that he will be out of a job for awhile then. Eduardo asks about Deimos. Dario responds that he is not working for him anymore which pleases Eduardo. Eduardo asks Dario if he would like to come work with him in a new thing that he is setting up with really good pay. Dario decides that since he's broke, why the hell not as they shake hands on it.

Steve joins Kayla at the front desk of the hospital. Steve reminds her that she can take a break but she refuses. Steve points out that she still has a lot of help. Kayla tells him that she would feel better if he tells her that this is the worst it's going to get. Kayla asks if there is more coming. Steve hugs her as he says he just doesn't know.

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