Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/13/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad argues that Lucas and Adrienne don't have anything to do with this but Andre says they have been taking care of Thomas. Andre adds that Chad and Kate are running his family business into the ground. Clyde demands to know where Thomas is. Adrienne responds that he's safe. Clyde responds that if he doesn't find him, she won't go on living. Adrienne says she'd rather die than Thomas spend two seconds with him. Clyde asks if he should shoot Adrienne or Lucas. Adrienne tells him to shoot them both because they aren't telling him while Lucas tries to get through to him. Clyde argues that he will find Thomas eventually so Adrienne can decide who goes first. Behind them, Andre then shoots Chad. Clyde turns around shocked as Adrienne screams.

At the police station, Rafe and Hope talk about cases. Rafe wants more arrests to keep the DA busy. Hope says they can't discuss this. Rafe says he isn't letting this happen and Aiden is going down. Hope hopes John's plan works but notes that it's gutsy and has about ten different ways it could go wrong.

Andre claims Chad was coming up behind Clyde. Adrienne breaks down crying as Clyde yells at her to shut up. Thomas then begins crying which Clyde hears. Clyde orders Andre to keep them covered as he rushes out to go get Thomas.

Orpheus meets a man in the alley on the docks named Lazlow who gives him a bag. Orpheus instructs him to meet him back here in an hour for further instruction. Orpheus mentions that Xander and Clyde have their own plans so he has his and it's going to rain fire on Salem.

Marlena and John wait at home for a phone call. John wants to know what's going on out there. Marlena tells him they will know soon enough. John calls it the first step. Marlena says everyone knows what they have to do. John talks about Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus not getting wind of what the other is doing. Marlena declares that it has to be enough.

Lucas questions what Andre has done as Adrienne cries over Chad's bleeding body. Lucas tries to tell Chad to hold on and that it will be alright.

Clyde goes to the panic room to take Thomas. Clyde says he's going to get him home to his real dad. Clyde reaches in but then stops.

Kayla brings food to Steve at the Pub. Steve tells her that he's not really hungry. She encourages him to eat since they don't know how long this operation is going to take. Steve says they aren't alone in this. Kayla talks about feeling like a team again. Steve says they are and asks what's bothering her. Kayla says there is so much dangerous and chaos around them. Steve guesses that isn't all. Kayla recalls years ago when Orpheus held her on the boat and never doubting that Steve would come for her. Kayla says they were lucky but now worries that anything can happen and she's scared in a different way. Steve assures her that he will get the job done.

Andre unties Adrienne and Lucas as he notes that it had to look convincing. Adrienne didn't expect blood. Chad opens his eyes and asks if it worked. Adrienne checks to make sure he's okay. Chad says Clyde should be right where they want him as he and Andre laugh.

Clyde goes to pick up Thomas but it's a baby doll with a recording of a baby crying in it. Clyde is then locked in the panic room and bangs on the door.

Marlena and John talk about the plan. John credits her profiles on the psychos. John says they will catch them thanks to her. Marlena wishes he wouldn't say that as she just did what she could with what she had. Marlena worries that it could go in all directions so she feels responsible. John says he and Steve are prepared. John assures they will get these guys and he will come home to her.

JJ arrives at the DiMera Mansion and tells them that Clyde is locked in the panic room. JJ tells them that backup is on the way. Lucas, Adrienne, and Chad thank him as JJ exits. Lucas and Adrienne look to Andre. Lucas calls it strange of him to be helping out like this. Chad jokes that Andre was too convincing and probably enjoyed shooting him. Andre says he did his job as they smile. Lucas goes to call John to tell him that Clyde is in custody.

Rafe tells Hope that he will help Roman prepare for the next shift as he walks away. Hope has his desk phone transfer to her. Hope then goes to her desk where she finds a present in the chair. Aiden appears and tells her to open it. Hope says she's busy working. Aiden tells her she deserves a break and points out her not answering his texts. Aiden encourages her to open it as it's a dress because he wanted her to have something special to wear for their night together.

JJ and another cop handcuff Clyde and escort him back in to the living room where he sees Chad is fine. Clyde says well played. Chad says it wasn't hard as he wanted his son. Andre points out that he couldn't tell the difference between a baby and a recording. Clyde remarks that he should've made Andre get the baby. Clyde warns Chad to watch his back. Chad responds that Clyde will be gone for a long time now. Clyde encourages that Andre will get Chad one way or another since he can play the hero and will sell him out. JJ says the police car is on it's way. Andre says it was all part of the plan. Chad thanks him.

John gets a call from Lucas, informing him that Clyde is in custody. John tells him great job and that they did good. John thanks him and hangs up, declaring it worked. John tells Marlena that Clyde is now in custody. Marlena calls it one down. John calls it a big one. Marlena talks about Andre being believable. John says the key was Marlena knowing that Clyde would do anything to get to Thomas and that's why it's going to work. Marlena repeats that it's one down. John says Clyde was the hard one and they got him. Marlena talks about not knowing as much about Xander but John insists they will get him. Marlena reminds him that Orpheus is the most dangerous one. John says Orpheus can't do all this damage on his own and now he's without Clyde. John will take the odds of him and Steve against Orpheus and Xander. Marlena wishes they had more. John says he's going to get a hold of Rafe because he wants Clyde's phone and then he's going after Orpheus.

Hope tells Aiden that she is going back to work. Aiden questions her not answering his texts. Aiden brings up knowing she still has Rafe on the hook. Hope tells him that she broke it off but he won't believe it no matter what she says. Aiden warns her. Hope tells him that she is not going to fall in love with him. Aiden insists that it will happen if she gives it a chance. Aiden reminds her of what they had. Hope questions if he really wants to be with someone that is pretending. Aiden tells her to stop fighting it and says he's not giving up on her. Aiden wants her to lose this negative attitude because he doesn't want things to work out badly for her. Aiden adds that he doesn't want to have to prosecute her for Stefano's murder.

Chad tells Clyde the show is over as Gabi comes out from the back with Thomas. Clyde argues that it should be his boy. Chad talks about Ben going crazy because of Clyde's abuse. Clyde argues that he knows nothing about his family. Clyde is escorted out by the police. Gabi compliments JJ as he says he can't wait to book Clyde and exits. Gabi comments on the blood on Chad looking real as she asks if it's all over. Chad says it's one down and two to go so they will see.

Steve gets a text from Joey, saying he still wants to help. Steve responds that he will send the cops after him if he doesn't text Kayla every 15 minutes. Joey agrees to stay at the hospital. Kayla thought they convinced him he needed to stay there to keep Claire and Ciara calm. Steve says he loves to be in the middle of the action. Steve gets a call from Andre, informing him that Clyde is in custody and on his way to the police station. Steve says that's great and asks about Adrienne. Andre says she is fine and they put on a good show. Steve tells him he did good and that Kate was right. Andre says he will leave now and jokes with him. Andre tells Steve to do his part as he hangs up. Kayla asks Steve about Andre doing a good job. Steve says they pulled it off and Chad is okay. Kayla is thankful as she felt responsible for Chad being a part of this. Steve encourages that it's all going right so far and everything has lined up. Kayla asks if that means he has to go now. Steve guesses John has been contacted and they will have the phone soon. Kayla hugs him and tells him to be safe. Kayla says she and Joey will need him to come back to them. Steve assures that he will as he exits the Pub.

Aiden wants Hope to spend her break with him alone in his hotel room to have dinner but Hope refuses, saying it's not a good time for her to leave the station. Aiden warns that if she doesn't, there will be consequences as he will arrest Rafe and Roman for obstruction of justice and anything else he can make stick. Aiden tells Hope to stop fighting it. Rafe interrupts and asks what's going on. Hope says nothing as they were just going over a case. Rafe questions where the paper work is then. Aiden says there is none. Rafe tells Aiden to leave Hope alone and stop harassing her. Clyde is then brought in to the station. JJ hands over what they found on him. Rafe instructs him to stay with forensics as Rafe takes Clyde to be booked. Aiden comments that it should calm things down a bit. Hope asks if he needs to speak with Clyde. Aiden says that can wait as he can't wait to see Hope tonight in his room. He tells her to wear the dress as he walks away. Hope calls JJ over and asks how it went. JJ says Andre put on quite a show. Hope remarks that Andre helping means the end must be near.

Chad calls Kayla and tells her that Clyde is on his way to lockup so he's just happy his son will finally be safe. Kayla thanks him and says to tell Andre thanks despite their history. Chad wishes her luck. Kayla thanks him and they hang up. Chad tells Andre that Kayla said to thank him. Chad tells Andre that he is the reason Clyde is behind bars. Andre responds that he enjoyed playing a small part. Chad questions him being modest after he found Clyde when no one else could. Andre calls it luck. Chad asks how he knew where Clyde would be. Andre wants to put a pin in that for another time. Chad asks if he doesn't trust him. Andre jokes that trusting is new to him but it goes both ways. Andre tells him to let it have time to settle. Chad agrees and they toast to brothers and the good guys winning.

Orpheus meets back with Lazlow and says everything was perfect. He hands him the bag and says he knows where to put it. Orpheus tells him to move quickly. He questions him leaving behind incriminating evidence. Orpheus responds that there won't be anyone around to read it. Orpheus instructs him not to mess it up as he walks off.

Aiden enters the interrogation room to confront Clyde. Aiden asks if he wants to say something. Clyde says he feels bad he didn't get him anything. Aiden responds that he did. Aiden tells him about knowing he was the target of his sniper rifle. Aiden adds that Abe will be alright but Clyde will not be seeing outside of solitary confinement for a very long time.

Rafe returns to Hope and tells her that Clyde's phone is on it's way to Steve and John. Hope says they need to move fast. Rafe asks about John needing backup as he doesn't like waiting. Hope says they have to wait so Rafe asks what is going on with her and Aiden. Rafe says he saw them earlier. Hope tells Rafe to back off since he's only making it worse every time he gets in Aiden's face. Hope asks Rafe to stop and let her handle Aiden. Hope walks away as Aiden comes out with a smile on his face.

Steve joins John and Marlena. Steve asks about Clyde's phone. John says they can use it for one phone call. Steve worries about Adrienne having to be involved in the plan. Marlena explains that it had to look real. Steve says now they focus on Orpheus and John says the plan is to call him with Clyde's phone. John says there are two numbers in the phone so he decides to call the first one, which Orpheus answers, asking where Clyde is. John answers, saying Clyde can't make it tonight as he's got 25 to life. Orpheus quickly hangs up. John calls back. Orpheus answers saying he got the message. John doesn't think he did. Orpheus says he's not turning himself in. John says he's the one he wants so he can leave the town out of it. John says Orpheus can have him and the money if he knocks off all the bloodshed. Orpheus tells John to meet him at the pier alone. John hangs up and says Orpheus took the bait. Steve exits to wait for John. John tells Marlena that he doesn't know how long it's going to take but assures that he will be home in time for dinner. Marlena says she will hold him to that as they hug. Marlena says they've been through so much that she can't lose him to this. John tells her it won't happen as everyone has stepped up to make this work and they are going to get them. Marlena tells him she loves him. They kiss goodbye as John exits.

Chad spends time with Thomas in the living room. Gabi comes in with a shirt for him to change in to. Chad asks her how Arianna is. Gabi says she's good with her friends. Gabi decides she will head out. Chad stops her and says she can't leave as they don't have a clue where Xander or Orpheus are. Chad tells her to stay but Gabi says it's not his job. Chad tells her to call JJ then and bets her $50 that he will tell her to stay too so Gabi calls JJ and tells him that she was going to head out but Chad thinks she should stay and she told him she'd be fine. Gabi tells JJ to call her on his break as she hangs up with Chad being right that JJ told her to stay. Chad pours her a glass of champagne and tells her to relax but they are then startled by the sound of an explosion.

Hope rushes to Rafe at the police station after they hear the explosion and tells him to check the scanners and then call it in.

John and Steve are at the alley on the docks and try to figure out where the explosion came from. Steve says it has to be Orpheus as bombs are his thing.

Marlena and Kayla take cover in the Pub as they hear the explosions outside.

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