Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Deimos finishes a call with associates about keeping their business and sets up a meeting. He hangs up and apologizes to Nicole but she understands it's business. Deimos says he can't let the family lose control of the docks without a fight. Nicole tells him to do what he has to do. Deimos asks if she's alright. Nicole responds that she's okay and she's been thinking things through so she's realized she really likes being alive. Nicole worries about everyone's life being at risk. Deimos assures that he won't let anything happen to her. Nicole tells him that he won't like this but she needs closure on her old life in order to charge forward in her new one. Deimos asks why he wouldn't like that. Deimos hopes her new life includes him. Nicole explains that her closure means she has to leave the house. Deimos just wants her to be aware of how dangerous it is out there. Nicole declares that she has to do this. Deimos says she will have a guard to make sure she's safe. They hug and he tells her to be careful. Nicole steps out and tells the guard she has to go out. She asks him to get her jacket then runs out the door when he turns his back.

Chad sits down at his desk looking at a photo of Thomas as Clyde sneaks in through the tunnels of the mansion with his gun aimed at Chad.

Brady joins Theresa in their bedroom as she is looking at a photo of them with Tate. Brady says it feels like so long ago. They talk about getting Tate back from being kidnapped. Theresa apologizes for not being herself lately as Brady jokes with her. Theresa says she is really blessed because she has him, Tate, and very soon will be Mrs. Brady Black as they kiss.

Clyde comments on kids growing up so fast and says he will make sure Ben doesn't miss another day with Thomas. Chad argues that Ben doesn't have a son. Clyde warns that he has the upper hand so he is taking Thomas and giving it to Ben. Chad mocks his plan. Clyde tells him that he's going to pay. Chad doesn't see that happening and says Thomas doesn't share Clyde's genes. Clyde says Chad must be wondering how he got past all the security and through the tunnels. Andre then appears and reveals he had a little help from his friend.

Nicole rushes out past the Brady Pub where she stops and tells herself to get a grip until someone startles her.

Theresa puts away some of her design papers when she comes across their marriage certificate. Brady then asks what is stopping them from getting married right now.

Nicole is startled by the guard Ron who caught up to her and told her she shouldn't have snuck off like that. Nicole tells him to get his hand off her and that she can take care of herself. He gives her the jacket she asked him to get. Nicole apologizes for being unfair to him. Nicole tells him about Daniel's death and how she needs closure on that part of her life. Nicole asks him for privacy because what she has to do is so personal. Ron says she should've told him that but he bets there are a lot of people in the Pub. Nicole doesn't want him to see or hear her so she tells him to leave her the hell alone as she storms out.

Chad tells Andre that he's going to pay for this. Andre mocks him and says he should've thought about it when he shoved him out of the family. Chad questions him only caring about the money. Andre tells Chad that he despises him and that he did nothing to build the empire. Andre says Chad handed over what should've been his. Chad asks if that justifies handing over an innocent child to a psychopathic murderer. Clyde warns him to watch it. Chad tells Clyde that he contacted local authorities when he heard Clyde threaten to take Thomas so the prison won't let him take Thomas to Ben. Clyde demands Chad tell him where Thomas is but Chad says he'll never find him.

Lucas and Adrienne hide in the panic room with Thomas. Lucas tells her there is still time to back out but Adrienne says no because she promised to do whatever it takes to keep Thomas safe and away from Clyde as they hug.

Theresa reminds Brady that the whole town is on lockdown because of the prisoners. Theresa brings up Abe being shot and shutting down city hall. Brady says they already have the certificate. Theresa points out there is no one here to marry them. Brady jokes that all they need is a bride and groom as they kiss.

Nicole visits Daniel's grave as Ron stands guard. Nicole begins speaking to Daniel but says she can't find the words. Nicole admits that she is scared and says Daniel could always tell when she was. Nicole is scared of giving someone else a chance to make her feel safe. Nicole wants to go on living but she has to find a way to say goodbye. Nicole removes her engagement ring and places it on Daniel's grave as she cries. Nicole then turns around to see Xander take out Ron. Xander tells Nicole not to cry because she's going to be joining Daniel very soon.

Clyde says he'll let Chad live a little longer because he wants the last thing he sees to be him holding Thomas. Clyde tells Andre to look around while he and Chad have a chat. Andre tells him to play nice as he exits the room. Clyde tells Chad that he is wrong about Ben. Clyde blames Chad and Abigail for Ben being pushed over the edge. Clyde calls Abigail a whore and questions if Chad will defend her. Clyde brings up Abigail sleeping with EJ then almost marrying Ben before ending up with Chad. Clyde argues that Ben really loved her. Chad brings up Ben killing innocent people. Clyde says he had to do that to make Chad seem dangerous. Chad calls Ben a psychopath so Clyde punches him down. Chad responds that he has pity for Ben having Clyde for a father.

Theresa puts the marriage certificate back in the drawer as Brady comes back in with flowers from the garden. Theresa tells him it's very sweet and romantic. Brady hates that she has to worry when all she should worry about is their honeymoon. Theresa tells him that she loves him. Brady responds that she makes his life worth living. Theresa jokes that with a makeshift wedding in the bedroom, they can go straight to the honeymoon as they continue kissing.

Clyde knows Chad is trying to rile him up and tells him stalling won't help because Andre undid all the security in the tunnel. Clyde brings up knowing where the panic room is too and he watched Andre cut the wires to that so it's not his fortress anymore. Andre returns with Lucas and Adrienne tied up and his gun raised. Andre declares they know where Thomas is and are going to tell them or one of them will die.

Nicole questions Xander coming back. Xander warns her to be careful. Nicole tells him to be very careful because he doesn't want a murder charge tacked on to his long list of offenses like trying to kill her and Eric. Xander argues that he was provoked. Nicole says he had no reason to kill two innocent people. Nicole doesn't want to talk about that. Nicole says she knows he needs lots of money because living on the run is expensive. Xander points out her ring. Nicole says that might get him a fake passport. Xander warns her not to move as he holds his gun on her. Nicole tells him that she isn't armed but needs to arrange her ransom for his safe passage out of Salem. Nicole pulls her phone from her purse and says she can't help but think Xander didn't choose wisely in his partners. Nicole tells Xander that Deimos said he would do anything she asks and she has him on speed dial so he can be out of here in no time. Nicole hands him the phone and he makes the call. Deimos answers from outside the town square, expecting Nicole but Xander reveals it's him and that she is a bit tied up at the moment. Deimos threatens his life if anything happens to Nicole. Xander warns that he's holding all the cards and he wants a lot of money. Deimos tells him to meet him at the mansion and bring Nicole. Xander says he didn't get stupid in prison, only meaner. Xander tells Deimos this is what he is going to do.

Xander brings Nicole to a hotel room and mocks her having a new boyfriend. Nicole questions if he was popular in prison. They are interrupted by a knock at the door as Deimos arrives. Deimos comes in and checks on Nicole as Xander holds his gun on them. Deimos tells him that he made arrangements for him to back to Greece. Xander says he thought of everything but now that he has it, he could just shoot Deimos and take Nicole as insurance. Deimos warns him that he'll have his brains blown out by his connections. Xander says he'll have enough money for his own odyssey. Deimos responds that there is one thing Xander wants that he can give him and that's Theresa.

Brady finishes setting up the bedroom for their wedding and has Theresa walk down the makeshift aisle to him.

Chad argues that Lucas and Adrienne don't have anything to do with this but Andre says they have been taking care of Thomas. Andre adds that Chad and Kate are running his family business into the ground. Clyde demands to know where Thomas is. Adrienne responds that he's safe. Clyde responds that if he doesn't find him, she won't go on living. Adrienne says she'd rather die than Thomas spend two seconds with him. Clyde asks if he should shoot Adrienne or Lucas. Adrienne tells him to shoot them both because they aren't telling him while Lucas tries to get through to him. Clyde argues that he will find Thomas eventually so Adrienne can decide who goes first. Behind them, Andre then shoots Chad. Clyde turns around shocked. Andre claims Chad was coming up behind Clyde. Adrienne breaks down crying as Clyde yells at her to shut up. Thomas then begins crying which Clyde hears. Clyde orders Andre to keep them covered as he rushes out to go get Thomas.

Brady talks to Theresa about being on the right path and not feeling empty with her. Brady says she saved him. Theresa calls him the kindest person she knows. Theresa decides he was right that they should get married alone. Theresa talks about Brady knowing the true her and loving her any way as he has seen her at her worst. Theresa didn't think she could be a good person when they first met but he proved her wrong and she loves him.

Deimos asks Xander if Theresa is what he wants. Nicole tells Deimos not to do this. Deimos says he's sorry but this is war and there is always collateral damage. Nicole says she won't let him do this but Deimos says she doesn't have a choice. Deimos asks Xander what it is. Xander tells him that if he can guarantee he gets out safe, he has a deal. Deimos offers his hand but Nicole jumps up saying he can't do this and questions what happened to him. Deimos argues that he's doing it to protect her. Nicole asks what about Brady and Theresa. Deimos doesn't want to lose her like he lost Helena. Nicole shouts that he will lose her if he does this and she will hate him forever. Xander decides Deimos can't guarantee anything and asks if Nicole will go to the cops or Theresa. Deimos states that he won't allow her to do either. Nicole tries to run for help but Deimos grabs her and covers her mouth with a rag so she passes out.

Brady and Theresa say their I do's and kiss. Brady tells her he will never let her go as Theresa says she plans on holding on to him until death and they continue kissing.

Xander asks Deimos when he gets his hands on Theresa. Deimos responds tonight at pier 17 and he will text him the time he will drop her off. Deimos says after he takes care of business, he will be taken back to Greece. Xander wishes he could see the look on Brady's face. Xander asks if he really thinks Nicole will forgive and forget. Deimos responds that it doesn't really matter. Deimos mentions that Theresa is not a member of the family yet thanks to Orpheus interrupting the wedding. Deimos adds that once Theresa is dead, he doesn't see Brady remaining clean and sober for very long. Deimos says Victor can't live forever and that will leave him. Xander wishes he had gotten to know him a little better as he likes the way he thinks. Deimos clarifies that this deal and safe passage to Greece is only for him alone. Xander informs him that he has severed ties with Orpheus and Clyde as they had their own agendas.

Lucas questions what Andre has done as Adrienne cries over Chad's bleeding body. Lucas tries to tell Chad to hold on and that it will be alright.

Clyde goes to the panic room to take Thomas.

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