Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi works at the Pub and brings food to Paul. Gabi talks with Paul about staying busy here and mentions Arianna being with the other kids at the hospital. Paul asks her to sit with him so she does. Paul asks if she's heard from Rafe. Gabi says he is always at the station. Paul asks if that means she's staying at home alone. Gabi says she's often here, at the station or at the DiMera Mansion with Chad.

Chad brings Adrienne and Lucas in to the living room. Chad informs them that he has some news. Chad explains that John and Steve want to go after the criminals, starting with Clyde. Chad reveals that they have asked the three of them to play a major part in the plan and it's going to be dangerous. Lucas says the criminals could blow themselves up and take the whole town with them. Chad says unless they get to them first.

Andre answers his phone and says he's been waiting for the call all afternoon. Andre just wants to know if it's ready. Andre says he'll meet at the usual place. Andre adds that Chad nor anyone else can know about this as he may need it at a moment's notice.

Xander brings oatmeal to Orpheus and Clyde, saying it's all they could swipe from the store. Orpheus mocks them while Clyde says they would be millionaires if Orpheus didn't blow getting the ransom money which Xander agrees with. Xander wants every enemy they have to be dead. Orpheus says they can still achieve that and wants to plan but Clyde wants to go alone. Orpheus warns him. Clyde declares he will kill Chad and grab Thomas before the end of the day.

Gabi asks Paul if he's spoken to Sonny. Paul says he did after Joey was rescued but now he's not returning his calls. Gabi says the phone service has been spotty and Sonny has a lot going on. Paul brings up the raid on the docks. Gabi mentions hearing Chad talk about that. Gabi thinks now is not the time for friends to be fighting. Chad agrees but doesn't know what to do about it. Gabi suggests maybe she does.

Xander brings up all the cops around town. Clyde suggests divide and conquer, saying he will take his chances solo. Clyde says he will steal some baby stuff and then take Thomas. Clyde argues that Ben is still Thomas's father. Clyde knows he did something right which Orpheus questions. Clyde warns him, saying his son and grandson mean the world to him so everything he does is to help them. Orpheus brings up Ben being in prison for murder. Clyde tells him to shut up. Orpheus mocks his plan. Clyde insists he can get past the guards at the DiMera Mansion. Orpheus doesn't want him getting caught and leading the police back to them. Clyde doesn't give a damn what he wants as he exits the hideout.

Chad tells Adrienne and Lucas that Clyde will be headed here at some point. Chad mentions the security being known to fail and Clyde being clever to sneak past the guards or find the tunnels. Chad says that Clyde will kill anyone in his way, especially him. Chad says if Clyde gets to him, Adrienne and Lucas are all Thomas has. They promise to take care of him and guard him with their lives. Chad praises them and thanks them. Chad feels it will happen soon. Lucas mentions today marking one year since Will's death. Lucas wants to get even with Clyde. Adrienne refuses to leave Chad alone in the house with Thomas. Chad begins to tell them the plan.

Rafe and Hope walk out of the town square. Hope can't believe they haven't caught the criminals. Hope gets a call from Aiden which Rafe questions. Hope answers and says she's on duty. Aiden says she has to have a break and wants to see her. Hope responds that she will think about it and hangs up. Rafe questions her and tells her not to give in to him. Hope talks about them being vulnerable and Aiden could destroy his life. Hope declares she has to do this alone and Rafe can't fix this. Rafe asks what she's going to do. Hope doesn't know and walks away as Rafe follows out.

Sonny goes to the Pub and tells Gabi that her message sounded like something was really wrong so he questions her. Gabi tells him to eat first and then they will talk. Paul worries this won't go well. Chad arrives and asks Gabi what's going on. Chad sees Sonny and guesses he got the same message. Gabi tells them they need to stop being mad at each other. Chad says he isn't mad at Sonny as it's just business. Sonny argues that it felt personal to him. Chad blames the Kiriakis raid on the docks. Chad and Sonny get into it over the docks business until Gabi stops them. Gabi tells them to set a good example to their kids. Gabi brings up their friendship. Paul points out how they started a business together. Gabi mentions them grieving Will and Abigail together. Sonny doesn't know what that has to do with this. Chad admits Abigail never wanted him involved in all of this family crap. Sonny mentions Will feeling the same way. Gabi points out they wouldn't like how they have been acting. Chad asks Gabi what to do if she has all the answers.

Clyde stuffs a bag of baby clothes on the pier. Andre appears and questions what he's doing. Clyde pulls his gun and questions who he is and how he knows his name. Andre explains him being in the papers. Clyde asks who he is. Andre reveals he is Andre DiMera which surprises Clyde. Clyde calls Stefano a murderous son of a bitch. Andre warns him not to say a word about his father. Clyde says he hates every DiMera. Andre calls that his choice. Clyde asks what he's doing here. Andre claims he comes to think and meditate but had no idea he was here. Clyde doesn't believe him since he's been running circles around the cops and now he shows up knowing who he is. Clyde questions who he is working for and threatens to throw him in the river. Andre reveals he sought him out for a business proposition. Clyde questions doing business with DiMeras and says it better be good as he tells him to go ahead and talk business.

Hope goes to Jennifer's and tells her that she needs help. Jennifer asks if it's personal or about Rafe. Hope says it's something much bigger than that and she's going crazy trying to figure out how to deal with it. Jennifer questions what is going on. Hope reveals that the person who killed Stefano is not the man who confessed but it was her. Hope admits to shooting Stefano dead and covered it up while Aiden now knows it. Jennifer is shocked and asks how Aiden knows. Hope says Aiden suspected her and recorded a private conversation. Hope thinks back to Aiden blackmailing her and tells Jennifer about it. Jennifer doesn't know what to say. Hope says she is so in over her head and has no idea what to do. Jennifer questions what Aiden wants. Hope informs her that he wants her to love him. Jennifer calls that impossible. Hope says Aiden is not rational and if she doesn't do what he wants, he could destroy a lot of lives.

Paul sees that Chad is trying to do the right thing while justice drives Sonny nuts. Gabi shows them their old club business card when they first opened it. Gabi asks them not to let their wonderful friendship sink. Chad agrees and says he needs all the friends he can get right now. Chad admits he's scared of Clyde trying to take his son and apologizes to Sonny. They hug while Sonny tells him it will be alright. Paul and Gabi smile as Chad does as well.

Clyde questions Andre's business proposition. Andre questions Clyde holding him at gunpoint. Clyde suggests Andre is lying and is just trying to keep him here. Clyde threatens to pull the trigger and dump him in the river. Andre insists on this opportunity. Andre asks him to put the gun down. Clyde warns him about trying his patience. Andre says he's not here for a confrontation but to make an offer. Andre says Clyde can shoot him but it'd be better to listen to what he has to say.

Jennifer asks Hope how this happened. Hope cries that she was out of her mind with grief and didn't know what to do. Hope says she was convinced that Stefano was responsible for Bo being kidnapped and tortured. Hope worries about what to do, saying she has to handle this the right way. Jennifer argues that Aiden cannot do what he wants her to do. Hope mentions Aiden wanting her to move to Oregon with him with Ciara. Jennifer can't believe it and calls it crazy. Hope cries that there is no right answer here and wonders what to do. Jennifer hugs her and says they will think of something.

Lucas comes back to the living room as Adrienne is upset after a phone call. Lucas questions it. Adrienne says she had blood work done at the hospital but couldn't get a hold of them on the phone. Lucas questions her not telling him about this. Adrienne brings up her breast cancer mutation gene so she has to have her blood tested every three months in case of tumors. Adrienne remarks that if cancer wants to kill her, it would have to get in line behind Clyde. Lucas assures that won't happen as he hugs her.

Clyde agrees to listen to Andre. Andre tells him that he wants control of the family business as it's his birth right and the only way he can do that is to make sure Chad sees an early demise. Clyde questions why not kill him then. Andre says DiMeras don't slaughter one another and he'd go to prison. Clyde tells him not to get caught. Andre suggests getting someone he knows to do it for him. Clyde asks what's in it for him. Andre mentions his bag and says he could get Thomas for him. Clyde likes the idea but he has not come up with the perfect plan yet. Andre offers to take care of that. Clyde brings up the security at the DiMera Mansion but Andre points out he can get in.

Chad thanks Gabi for getting he and Sonny back together as he hated being on the outs with him. Chad says this whole situation has to end. Gabi agrees. Chad tells her it's going to happen today. Chad says he will tell her everything as he is going to need her help.

Andre finishes telling Clyde what he has to do and says he is fortunate to cross his path. Andre adds that there is almost no risk for Clyde. Clyde tells Andre to remember what he did for him after he gets control of all that money. Clyde adds that he will help Ben raise Thomas once he gets him out of prison. Andre encourages Clyde to get what he came for. Clyde declares he will have his grandson in his arms before the end of the day.

Adrienne gets Thomas to sleep while Lucas couldn't get through to get a hold of Sami on the phone. Lucas hopes there is still time. Lucas mentions wanting to get along with Sami for Will's sake but now he wanted to hear Allie's voice before whatever happens, happens. Adrienne understands Sami not wanting to be in Salem but asks if she understands how hard it is for Lucas to not see his daughter. Lucas says they have talked about it but he's glad they aren't here now. Adrienne mentions part of her wishing Sonny didn't come back during all of this. Lucas says this whole war is ridiculous. Adrienne hopes it will end today so they can honor Will's memory in the right way. They head to the back together.

Paul talks with Sonny outside the Pub and asks how Joey is doing. Sonny says they are grateful to Paul and to have Joey back safe. Sonny thanks him. Paul is happy he could do something to help. Sonny appreciates Paul getting he and Chad to talk and thanks him again. Sonny decides to get going. Paul brings up that he knows today is the one year anniversary of Will's death. Sonny stops him. Paul questions if he can't mention Will's name and blames himself for what happened but Sonny tells him to shut up. Paul apologizes for talking about Will to him. Sonny says he's the one that is sorry as it's not Paul's fault. Sonny says it's just that he and Gabi were going to bring Arianna to the cemetary today to talk about how much Will loved her but because of all this mess, they had to cancel plans. Sonny explains that he has to visit Will's grave with a security guard over his shoulder. Paul tells him to go see Will. Sonny asks if he's sure he understands. Paul says he does so Sonny exits.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion, finishing a call that it's done and he wants everyone on the look out and the mansion locked up like a fortress. Chad says to notify him if anyone gets within a mile as he hangs up.

Rafe confronts Aiden in the interrogation room with a box. Rafe tells Aiden that it's all the paper work of every case since Salem went dark. Aiden questions why he is delivering it to him. Rafe says Aiden has been camped out going over old cases so he and Roman thought they would do him a favor in case he needs to prosecute someone. Aiden says he will get to it when he has time. Rafe suggests making time as they have been busy and there are more boxes. Aiden remarks that he will assign it to the assistant DA. Rafe tells him that Roman thinks it deserves his personal attention. Aiden puts the box aside and questions him thinking this will keep him away from Hope. Rafe says they are just keeping him busy but he won't complain if it happens to keep him away from Hope.

Hope calls to check in at the station. Jennifer is glad Hope told her but hates that she has been holding it in all this time. Jennifer wants to help her and do everything she can to keep Aiden from doing this to her. Hope says no and she only needs her to listen. Jennifer says she will and hugs her.

Rafe tells Aiden that he doesn't have Hope. Aiden remarks that he will and just wants to make her happy for the rest of her life. Rafe says over his dead body as he exits the room.

Chad sits down at his desk with papers as he looks over at a photo of Thomas and promises everything will work out.

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