Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/10/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/10/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole and Deimos sit together at the Kiriakis Mansion where Nicole sees on her laptop that Joey has been found alive but the kidnappers are still at large. Nicole talks about it brings back such bad memories of Xander and worries about him making his next move. Deimos assures that the police will catch them soon. Nicole hopes he's right. Deimos encourages her about being at the mansion with a generator. Nicole admits it's nice but decides it's late so she should go. Deimos knows she wants to take things slow but he's not crazy about Xander being out there so he would feel better if she stayed with him where he knows she will be safe. Nicole responds that maybe she could be persuaded as they kiss.

Kayla and Steve have Joey at the hospital. Kayla worries about Joey and still thinks he should get x-rays but Joey insists he's fine. Kayla hugs him and talks about how worried she was. Joey wants to go home but Steve says they have to go to John and Marlena's to map out a plan. Kayla tells him that Ciara, Theo, and Claire are all staying at the hospital to be safe so she wants him to stay too. Joey doesn't want to stay and wants to go with them.

At home, Marlena opens up a file on Orpheus. John joins her. Marlena talks about all the time they lost because of Orpheus. John says Orpheus still blames him for losing everyone he loved. Marlena repeats that they lost so many years because of him. John notes that they found their way back to each other. John says nothing is more right than them together as he hugs her. John promises Marlena that they will stop Orpheus for good this time.

Brady joins Theresa in the bedroom where she tells him to be quiet because she just got Tate to sleep. Theresa complains about not sleeping much because of how many times Tate woke up. Theresa blames it on being holed up in the mansion with all this stress. Theresa continues to complain and says she just needs to sleep. Tate then wakes up crying. Theresa states that she cannot do this anymore as she gets back up out of bed.

Lucas goes to see Kate. Kate thanks him for checking on her but assures that she's fine and not scared of Clyde. Lucas tells her that she should be scared and that one guard is not enough. Lucas doesn't think she should be alone and he knows Philip asked her to stay with him already. Kate calls it too crowded but Lucas insists on her safety. Kate brings up Chad and Andre.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad tells Andre how Kate always keeps him on his game and how she got three investors he had been working on. Andre tells Chad that Kate is a true DiMera that is willing to color outside the lines whenever necessary. Andre asks if Chad is willing too. Chad responds that he's not willing to go outside of his principles. Andre argues that he already has when he struck the Kiriakis business. Andre questions if Chad is ready to make the tough decisions.

Joey wants to go to John and Marlena's. Kayla says no but Steve decides it's not a bad idea since Joey spent time with the kidnappers so he might could help. Kayla admits that she's overprotective. Joey tells them how all Orpheus talked about was making his enemies suffer. Steve declares that they have to move fast before Orpheus makes his next move. Joey guarantees that if they don't, Orpheus will make good on his threat.

Theresa tries to go back to sleep as Brady apologizes. Theresa tells him it's not his fault. Theresa talks about running into members of his family around every corner and how Victor still treats her like an outsider. Brady tells her to just stop trying with him. Brady encourages that she is a good person and Victor is just judgmental. Theresa talks about Victor stressing her out. Brady compliments her and kisses her.

Lucas remarks that Andre is totally Kate's type. Kate responds that their relationship is purely platonic and questions what he means by her type. Lucas calls him a homicidal maniac and asks if she thought having one in the house would scare off the others. Kate remarks about Lucas living with Adrienne in the DiMera Mansion and argues that he is putting his life in jeopardy by doing that. Lucas argues that the DiMera Mansion is the safest place in Salem and that's why he would like her to consider moving in with them. Kate points out that he would prefer she live with Philip in the Kiriakis Mansion. Lucas assumes she is saying no. Lucas wants Clyde behind bars so he can't get to her. Kate tells him there is nothing to worry about and adds that Andre is not like Clyde as he is good company and reminds her of Tony. Lucas comments that she has mental health issues and needs to deal with them so her children don't have to. Lucas then walks out.

Deimos and Nicole continue kissing in the living room until Brady walks in.

Steve, Kayla, and Joey go to John and Marlena's. Marlena thanks Joey for all he did to save Claire. Steve points out that now that the criminals have lost their leverage, they might be gearing up for a showdown. Kayla doesn't want Joey in the line of fire. John says their plan calls for them to deal with each one individually. Marlena adds that they need to approach them all differently. Marlena brigns up the files she has put together on each one. Marlena reads her files on Xander, Clyde, and then Orpheus, who she calls the most dangerous because he has nothing to lose. Marlena ponders if Orpheus will go alone or take his enemies with him. Kayla asks what they do since all three are past the point of rational negotiation. Marlena responds that may be their one advantage.

Chad brings up telling Kate that he didn't have time to have to watch his back when she suggested hiring Andre back. Chad questions Andre thinking he's doing things Stefano's way after one questionable decision. Chad warns Andre not to forget that he is still in charge. Andre says his intention was only to advise him as he wants all of this to work out and be part of his life. Kate walks in and greets Andre. Chad congratulates her on closing the contracts and say they make a team so he is very happy to have her back. Andre calls it a lovefest all around.

Brady apologizes for interrupting and says he was just looking for Tate's stuffed animal. Nicole tells Deimos this is why she is leaving but Deimos insists and goes to tell security to move her car to the garage. Nicole apologizes to Brady but he says it's not his business. Nicole knows how he feels about Deimos. Brady notes that they aren't butting heads as much as they used to. Brady finds the stuffed animal and asks Nicole to be careful. Brady admits it's nice to see a smile on Nicole's face. Nicole never thought she would feel this way again but admits she is happy. Deimos smiles as he hears from outside the room and Brady walks away.

Marlena decides based on the profiles, they know exactly how to trigger each man for the response they are looking for. Marlena gives books on disorders to Steve and Kayla. John talks about hoping to capitalize on them and pressure them to screwing up. Joey brings up Orpheus talking about his kids and then getting angry about opening up about it. John says that's why he is here. Joey explains that after Claire got away, they moved in to a different hideout. Steve doesn't want to search the warehouses to tip them off. John declares they will flush them out of hiding and force their hands on their terms. Steve asks how they make contact. Marlena points out there is only five of them and they can't do it alone. Steve asks who else they are talking about. John says everyone with a target on their back. Steve questions getting civilians involved. Marlena suggests they all work together to get this done. Joey worries that they aren't the only ones with backup as Clyde was constantly on the phone, asking guys if they wanted to get in on the action. John says they will need man power. Marlena wants to show a united front but not everyone gets along. John says they will have to in order to put a stop to this. Joey brings up how the criminals are constantly going at each other. Marlena thinks that will help their divide and conquer strategy.

Brady returns to Theresa with Tate's stuffed animal. Theresa tells him that Tate already fell back asleep. Brady got her a drink but Theresa thinks she will just pass out. Brady insists on making a toast since he can't take her on a date. Brady calls her the most beautiful mother and wife to be. They joke with each other and then kiss in bed until Brady's phone rings. Theresa asks him not to answer it so Brady goes to put it on silent but sees that it is John calling.

Deimos and Nicole resume kissing as they start to head upstairs together when Deimos gets a call. Deimos answers and it's Marlena. Deimos tells her that Nicole is here and asks what's going on.

Chad finishes a call and tells Kate and Andre that Kayla said she and Steve would explain when they get there. Chad tells Andre that he has to go. Kate decides she should leave too but Chad tells her that Kayla asked for Kate specifically to stay, just not Andre. Andre leaves as Steve and Kayla arrive. Steve comments that he still can't believe Adrienne is living here. Kayla thanks them for meeting on short notice and asks about Thomas. Chad responds that he's doing really well thanks to Lucas and Adrienne. Kayla mentions that they should be in on this but Chad says they are out and he will fill them in. Steve doesn't want Adrienne involved. Chad figured it was about the criminals since Marlena was here earlier. Kayla brings up Clyde wanting to reunite Thomas with Ben. Chad brings up their security. Steve questions the DiMeras waiting for anyone to make the first move. Kayla explains that John and Marlena have come up with a plan and they need them to be apart of it. Chad agrees if it means keeping Thomas safe. Kate asks what they want her to do. Steve brings up Clyde coming after Kate so she is a candidate for luring him in. Kate questions him wanting her to be bait which Steve confirms.

Brady and Theresa go to see John. John apologizes for dragging them out in the middle of the night but he wanted to talk to them away from Deimos. They tell John that Tate is safe at the Kiriakis Mansion. John says it's clear that Xander and Orpheus are gunning them. John adds that Brady being his son puts him in the line of Orpheus fire. John wants them to do exactly what he says and there will not be a repeat of what happened on the docks. John wants him to make peace with Deimos so they are all on the same page. Brady tells John that he doesn't understand that Deimos didn't order the raid on the docks, he did.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and says she knows Deimos was surprised to hear from her. Nicole greets her and asks if they gave her enough on Xander. Marlena says she did but she got to thinking about Deimos and how he might know where Xander is. Marlena brings up how Victor rejected both of them but Deimos survived. Deimos says he forced Victor's hand and admits that Xander knew he understood the rejection more than anyone. Deimos asks if Marlena is asking him to reach out to his nephew which she confirms. Nicole asks about her. Marlena suspects that Xander may try to kill her again so she suggests fighting back. Deimos refuses to let Nicole be a part of this. Deimos declares that he is in but only if Nicole is not. Nicole understands she is just as much of a target as anyone. Deimos says that's why she shouldn't be a part of this. Marlena says Deimos must realize that Nicole doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do. Deimos states that he will do anything to protect his family. Marlena asks him to do exactly as he is told. Deimos agrees if it means putting an end to the threat of the three mad men. Marlena asks for his word on that so he agrees and they shake hands.

Chad argues there has to be a way to make this work without Kate. Kayla says that John and Marlena feel her role is pivotal in catching Clyde. Chad disagrees and says there has to be another way. Steve feels they don't have time and need to move on this. Kayla adds that it is crucial that they all work together on this. Steve says if they don't work together, they are all screwed. Steve asks if Chad and Kate are in or out.

John admits he suspected Brady ordered the raid. Brady admits it was a mistake. Theresa argues that he was only protecting his family. Brady adds that the DiMeras moved in on their territory. John takes that as the feud between the families starting up again. John declares that must all be put aside if this is going to work. John states that it must be all of them against the three psychopaths if they are going to win this thing.

Brady and Theresa return home where Tate is still asleep. Brady encourages that this whole ordeal is coming to an end and they can get back to normal. Theresa hopes so but argues that it's still not over. Theresa worries about something happening with Orpheus and Xander's sights set on Brady. Brady insists nothing will happen. Brady says he can't guarantee or control everything but assures her that he is so in love with her and is determined to make their lives so much fun and happy. Brady jokes with her about having more kids. Brady knows they have to tie the knot first. Theresa worries about if they don't get married and brings up how Daniel died right before getting married. Brady insists they will get married and no one can stop it from happening. They then resume kissing as they were before the phone call.

After Marlena exits, Nicole is excited about the plan for Xander and wishes it could start tonight. Deimos says tomorrow will be here soon enough so he suggests they enjoy the calm before the storm as they kiss and then head upstairs together.

Chad reads Thomas a bedtime story. Chad tells him that he promised Abigail he would do everything he could to make sure he's always safe and grows up with an amazing life. Chad states that he will do everything in his power to make sure of it as he loves him.

Kate goes home where Andre is waiting for her and startles her. Andre wants to be filled in on the mystery meeting but Kate says it's late and she's exhausted. Andre insists but Kate says it doesn't concern him. Andre questions when that has stopped her from spilling the beans. Kate tells him goodnight and heads upstairs. Andre comments that something is going on and he's sure he will find out what it is very soon.

Steve and Kayla return to John and Marlena. John asks about Chad and Kate. Kayla says they came around and asks about Deimos and Nicole. Marlena mentions that Deimos didn't want Nicole involved. Kayla guesses she didn't listen. John confirms Brady and Theresa are in and he just got off the phone with Roman who will fill in Rafe and Hope. Marlena declares everybody is in then. John says after Xander and Clyde are out of the way, he and Steve will focus on Orpheus. Marlena reminds John that Orpheus blames him for taking away the loves of his life so she asks him not to let him take away hers. John says not a chance. Steve tells Kayla it's almost over. John loads his gun and says it's time to do it.

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