Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad runs in to Sonny outside the Brady Pub and tries to talk but Sonny shouts that they have nothing to talk about. Chad says it was business not personal. Sonny reminds him that he begged him not to make the deal but he did it anyways. Chad argues that he has his son to think about and that Sonny would've done the same thing in his position. Sonny yells back that he would've put friendship over greed and realized he didn't have to screw him over. Chad tells him to stop yelling but Sonny declares he's done because he didn't listen to him so now he's returning the favor.

At the police station, Theo tells Ciara that he heard Roman say that John is meeting the prisoners in 30 minutes to wire them money. Ciara is more concerned with what is in Theo's bag. Theo states that he's going to make Clyde pay for what he did to Abe. Ciara tells him that guns don't make anything better, only more dangerous. Ciara asks how Theo doesn't get it. Theo responds that he has to get Clyde after what he did to Abe. Ciara argues that Abe wouldn't want him to do this and that he could be putting lives in danger.

Roman goes over with John and Steve in the interrogation room how John's meeting with Orpheus will go. John puts a wire on. Steve worries about anything happening to Joey. John assures him it won't happen and after today, those men won't hurt anyone ever again.

Marlena and Nicole join Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. Marlena asks Victor about Xander. Victor calls him an extreme threat to his family that must be stopped at all costs so he doesn't think analyzing him will do anything.

Orpheus informs Xander and Clyde that after the money is wired, he will kill John. Clyde adds that they will then kill Joey. Xander adds that they will kill anyone else who gets in their way.

Chad stops Sonny and says he did listen to him. Sonny accuses him of ruthlessly moving in on Kiriakis territory instead of being a friend. Chad didn't want to betray him but Sonny doesn't buy it. Chad tells him he knows where to find him if he needs any help. Sonny tells Chad to stay out of his sight as Chad walks away. Sonny heads inside the Pub where he greets Paul. Paul mentions that he's assisting the police department in setting up John's meeting. Paul asks if Sonny is okay. Sonny responds that he's just worried about his cousin Joey. Paul assures him they are doing all that they can. Sonny offers to do anything to help even just keep him company. Paul agrees he would like that. Sonny decides he will get them some coffee.

Kayla joins Roman, John, and Steve. Kayla doesn't want to second guess them but knows they are dealing with homicidal maniacs. Roman calls it their only viable option at this point. Steve assures Kayla that their only goal is to bring Joey home safe. Roman declares it's time so he exits with John. Kayla stops Steve and worries but he insists everything will be fine and Joey will be alright. Steve says he believes it and needs her to as well. Steve promises to bring their boy home as they exit.

Ciara stops Theo and tells him to stay out of it. Ciara argues that this isn't like him. Theo says his dad could die. Ciara insists that Abe wouldn't want him to do this and he's not thinking straight. Theo tells her that she doesn't understand so she should go. Ciara refuses to leave him. Theo says he has to go to the Pub so Ciara says she will go with him. Ciara questions how to get rid of their police escort. Theo says they know every corner around here. Theo takes her hand and asks if she's ready. She nods so they exit together.

Paul finishes a call with John about the rest of the team being on their way as Sonny returns with coffee. Sonny apologizes to Paul for the last time they talked, feeling he didn't handle it well. Paul understands he's loyal to his family. Sonny says it didn't pay off as he didn't stop Brady from ordering the raid and now Andre is taking over the business. Paul understands the pressure Sonny has been under since returning to Salem. Paul encourages that he will be a savior for his family and that Titan will be lucky to have him. Sonny thanks him and says it means a lot coming from him to know that he believes in him. Sonny decides to go get them some food.

Nicole sits with Marlena and says she doesn't know where to start as Xander is psychotic. Nicole goes over times Xander attacked her. Marlena is glad she is alright which Nicole credits to Daniel. Nicole calls Xander volatile and sadistic. Nicole says the only time he seemed normal was when talking about wanting Victor's approval. Marlena then turns to Victor.

Orpheus announces it's time and reminds Xander and Clyde to do nothing until he gives the order. Xander wants his shot at revenge. Orpheus instructs him to be patient. Xander argues that he's been too patient while they don't seem to want to take down the people who did him wrong like Brady, Theresa, and Nicole. Xander questions if they are going to leave him on his own when they are supposed to be working together. Orpheus says they have a job to do and he needs their heads in the game. Orpheus exits. Clyde warns Xander to man up and stop whining as they have their ways of doing things. Xander questions what he means. Clyde says he's going after Thomas solo so Xander can figure out something on his own too. Clyde says he's going to take Joey to the drop off spot while instructing Xander to call the burner phone if he needs him.

John goes outside the town square where he speaks through the wire to Paul. They make sure the signal is clear. Paul tells John to make sure he's facing Orpheus during the exchange so he doesn't block the receiver. Paul reminds John to be careful. Theo and Ciara arrive at the Pub. Kayla greets them and asks what they are doing there. Ciara claims Caroline asked them to get the food ready for people who need it. John tells Paul there is no sign of movement so far. Steve and Kayla wait next to Paul as Orpheus arrives to meet John outside the town square. Orpheus asks if they should get started. John asks where Joey is.

Victor asks who cares since Xander turned into an evil son of a bitch. Nicole suggests he was caring and respectful to him at one point. Victor admits he was a father figure but he didn't encourage that. Victor feels Nicole is blaming him for Xander going off the deep end. Nicole clarifies that she doesn't think that. Victor says he tried to be there for him until he realized Xander was a loser and opportunist so he got tired of it. Marlena says she sees Xander gets his aggression from him. Victor argues that he realized a long time ago that Xander is a screw up. Nicole then decides it is Victor's fault for creating a monster.

Xander remains alone in the warehouse and thinks back to talking to Victor when he first came back to Salem last year and then to Victor disowning him.

Orpheus tells John not to get ahead of himself. John again asks where Joey is. Orpheus says he is safe with Clyde at another location and will be released when the money is transferred then they will deliver Joey as promised. Orpheus tells John to go ahead and relay the terms back to headquarters. John acknowledges the wire. Roman is upset that they didn't bring Joey and says their hands are tied so they've got to move forward. John tells Orpheus that he wants proof that Joey is alive or this deal is dead. Orpheus mocks John thinking he calls the shots. Orpheus says he is in a cooperative mood so he calls Clyde to start a video call with Joey. Orpheus then shows his phone to John. John asks Joey how he's holding up. Joey responds that he's been better and coming home sounds nice. John says they are working on that and it'll be over soon. Orpheus ends the call and says Joey lives for now. Orpheus asks if they should get this going now. John pulls out his laptop from his bag to begin the transfer. Paul reveals at the Pub that John kept Orpheus on the line long enough for them to locate Joey which excites Kayla and Steve.

Victor questions Nicole's baseless accusation. Nicole argues that Xander tried to kill her and is now on the loose on a rampage because of how Victor treated him. Victor argues that you don't become a homicidal maniac because of how your uncle treats you. Nicole mocks Victor not taking blame. Marlena stops them and says they have to work together on this. Nicole apologizes and agrees to whatever it takes. Marlena decides to go. Victor wishes her luck while Nicole tells her to stay safe. Marlena says the same and exits the mansion. Nicole guesses they are done here and goes to leave but Victor stops her and says he's not finished with her yet.

Paul explains how they were able to lock in wirelessly and hack the phone that Orpheus used so they should be able to match the location. Theo listens in from the counter with Ciara. Paul gives the directions he got so Roman says he and Steve will go. Kayla wants to go with them but Steve tells her it isn't safe. Kayla argues that they talked about this that they are a team so she's going and he can't stop her. Steve responds that he never could so Kayla follows him out. Paul calls in to John to stall for more time. Orpheus sets up his laptop and says he's ready on his end so he questions the holdup. John claims he can't connect to the server. Orpheus accuses him of stalling. John blames Orpheus blowing up the power. Orpheus warns that he's running out of patience. John tells him they are in and will get the money transferred. Orpheus warns that he will pay a steep price if he's toying with his terms and so will Joey.

Chad goes home and calls Sonny, leaving a message that he hates how they left things and he hopes they can work things out because he's important to him and he doesn't want to lose their friendship. Chad thinks back to when he and Sonny were partners running the club.

Sonny sits with Paul and compliments his work on helping save Joey. Sonny comments that he didn't think Paul could impress him more than he already has but he was wrong.

JJ and Steve sneak down a flight of stairs with their guns loaded as they eye Clyde where he has Joey tied up. JJ reminds Steve that they wait for Roman. Clyde tells Joey it won't be long now. Steve whispers to JJ that he could take Clyde out now but JJ tells him not to think about it until they get the signal. Steve realizes Xander isn't there and they wonder where he is.

Orpheus warns John that he's testing him and he doesn't like it. Orpheus orders John to finish the deal.

Steve gets a text from Roman to be ready. Theo interrupts and confronts Clyde with his gun raised, saying this is payback for almost killing his father.

Nicole tells Victor she'd rather be anywhere else. Victor says it shouldn't take long if she tells him the truth. Victor says he reached out to Philip about Chloe's abrupt departure and he stonewalled him. Victor says Nicole must know something. Nicole responds that all she knows is that Chloe and Philip got in a fight then Chloe went to New York to be with her parents. Victor questions what the fight was about. Nicole asks how that's his business. Victor argues that Chloe carrying his grandchild makes it his business. Nicole disagrees and tells him to let them sort it out. Victor says he knows something else is going on here. Victor gets a call and steps out to answer. Nicole then calls Chloe and leaves a message, saying she's left three messages and is starting to worry or feel like she's avoiding her. Nicole asks her to call her back.

Steve and JJ keep their guns raised while Steve questions what Theo is doing. Clyde warns Theo to take it easy as he gets behind Joey. Theo refuses to put his gun down. Clyde tells Theo that this isn't his fight but Theo shouts that he will make him pay for shooting his dad.

Orpheus pulls his phone and getst a text that says "Abort" then he and John both pull out their guns at the same time.

Steve and JJ can't get a clear shot as Clyde faces off with Theo with guns raised. Clyde warns Theo. Theo threatens to shoot him but Clyde grabs Theo and knocks the gun from his hand. JJ and Steve rush the scene but Clyde shoves Theo into them and runs away. Kayla rushes in where she and Steve reunite with Joey.

Orpheus warns John that he told him not to try anything and asks what he's going to do now. Orpheus says he doesn't know what just transpired but it's on him. John insists he doesn't know what he's talking about. Orpheus remarks that they made a terrible miscalculation today and they will all live to regret it. John responds that time will tell as Orpheus escapes.

Paul and Sonny walk out of the town square. Sonny repeats that he's impressed. Paul calls it John's plan so he deserves all of the credit and he's just relieved Joey is safe. Sonny says he is too. Sonny hopes Paul accepts his thanks. Sonny says everyone in his family has been cheering for Paul and John. Sonny says Paul was a big part in saving Joey's life. Sonny won't let him deny it. Paul is glad he could help. Sonny decides to get going. Paul thanks him and Sonny tells him to take care as they hug. Sonny then walks off.

Chad talks on the phone about the docks with Kate and says it's the right decision to make. Chad hangs up and thinks back to arguing with Sonny about taking the business on the docks.

JJ returns to Roman outside of the Pub and tells him that they lost Clyde but they have men searching every inch of the pier so they will find him. Theo comes out of the Pub and admits to Roman that he messed up. Roman knows he's going through a hard time but he put the whole operation at risk and endangered people's lives. Theo is sorry. Roman says the important thing is that they got Joey back but reminds Theo to let the cops handle things. Roman encourages Theo to come to him or Abe in times like this. Theo says he understands as Roman walks away.

Kayla and Steve reunite with Joey in the Pub. Kayla wants to have him checked out at the hospital but Joey just wants to stay and eat. Kayla agrees as long as he goes to the hospital after. Joey goes to get food. Kayla thanks Steve for bringing Joey back to them. Steve says he told her that he would as they hug.

Clyde returns to the warehouse and blames Xander for the deal blowing up. Orpheus intervenes and tells them not to turn on each other as they have a lot more to do. Clyde continues to blame Xander. Orpheus argues they are better as a team. Orpheus says they got no money and have no hostage so now the gloves come off as there are no more games. Orpheus declares they will kill every last one of them and watch the town burn to the ground.

Joey eats in the Pub as John enters and tells him he's happy to see him. John checks in with Kayla and Steve. Marlena arrives and hugs John, relieved that he is alright. John warns that those animals are still out there and this is going to intensify. Marlena declares she thinks she has a way to bring down every one of them.

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