Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/6/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/6/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Kate and Chad. Marlena wants to talk about Clyde as she has spoken to the police and filed a psychological evaluation. Chad asks if Clyde is as psychotic as his son is. Marlena wants to see what he's thinking to figure out what he might do next. Chad offers whatever he can do to help. Marlena wants to talk to Kate about her relationship with Clyde which Kate questions. Kate doesn't like thinking about that time or talking about him. Marlena understands but says she knew Clyde better than anybody but his children. Kate wants to forget about that. Marlena argues that the more they know about him, the better they can find him or maybe stop him. Chad thinks Kate should answer Marlena's questions and offers to leave. Kate tells him he doesn't have to. Kate admits that Clyde told her he came back for Thomas and wants to give him to Ben so she agrees to do anything she has to in order to get Clyde.

Clyde mocks Orpheus blowing up the power plant so they can't get food due to the state of emergency. Clyde thought they would do what they came to do and get out. Clyde feels they should be long gone by now. Orpheus tells him that he's looking at this all wrong. Orpheus says all the people are frightened and wondering when they will strike next. Clyde worries about giving all this time for Chad to turn the mansion into a fortress. Orpheus warns Clyde that if he loses his nerve, he'll become a liability as he loads his gun.

Ciara goes to see Jennifer and tells her about Theo disappearing from the hospital. Jennifer suggests he could've wanted to be alone but Ciara worries about how freaked out Theo was over Abe being shot. Ciara says she's never seen Theo like this.

Theo walks outside of the town square and sits down with his backpack which he opens and pulls out a gun.

Aiden walks through the town square, talking on the phone with a restaurant trying to set up a dinner for Hope. Andre appears and says it must be hard to set up a dinner when the city is on lockdown. Aiden responds that he's busy. Andre stops him and says he heard him mention Hope so he asks if they finally worked it out.

Rafe questions Hope wanting to take a break. Hope claims she thinks it's best. Rafe argues that it doesn't sound like her. Hope says she's sorry as this isn't easy. Hope says so much has happened that she's overwhelmed. Hope says she needs time to think. Rafe isn't buying it. Hope repeats that she's sorry since he has done so much for her. Hope declares they are much better off as friends. Rafe calls her a terrible liar and asks what's really going on.

Aiden doesn't like people listening in on his calls but says he and Hope are working things out. Andre questions Rafe stepping aside and brings up Aiden planning to kill Hope. Aiden states their conversation is over and starts to walk away when Andre says they haven't discussed blackmail.

Hope tells Rafe not to make this more difficult. Hope says she cares a lot but not as much as Rafe feels for her. Rafe still doesn't buy it. Rafe reminds her that he's his partner so he knows what she's thinking before she thinks it and questions what's going on. Hope says they don't have time for this. Rafe asks her to tell him she doesn't love him then. Hope responds that she can't because she doesn't want to hurt him. Hope says she needs a break and time alone without him. Rafe guesses Aiden is making her do this and tells her to stop lying. Hope then admits that it's Aiden.

Kate begins talking to Marlena about not believing Jordan when it came to all the things she said Clyde did to her as far as abuse. Kate thought Jordan was just making up lies for revenge on Clyde. Marlena asks if she saw any indication that Clyde could be violent. Kate says no as he had a really good act. Chad argues that Clyde is now very out of control as he got crazier and crazier. Kate agrees that Clyde is now completely delusional now and that he actually thinks if he could get Thomas to Ben then Ben would forgive him for everything. Kate believes taking Thomas is Clyde's ultimate goal which Chad says will happen over his dead body.

Clyde tells Orpheus that he was arrogant and lost track of what's important when all that's really important is family. Clyde talks about how now Jordan wants nothing to do with him and Ben is locked up all alone. Orpheus doesn't pay attention to him as he does a crossword puzzle while Clyde talks about being abused by his father. Clyde talks about getting Thomas to Ben to give him a shot at being the father he dreamed of being. Clyde admits he does feel bad about shooting Abe as he didn't mean to hurt him and he has a son.

Theo uses his tablet to read an article about Abe's shooting. He puts the tablet back in his backpack and pulls the gun back out. Theo declares he's close and he's going to find him.

Roman talks on the phone from the station to Jennifer about Theo missing. Roman assures that everyone will look out for him. Jennifer tells him how upset Ciara is and how she's worried Theo will do something rash. Ciara takes the phone and tells Roman that she thinks Theo is going to go after the criminals and they might kill him. Roman assures that won't happen and tells her to stay with Jennifer and to try not to worry as they hang up. Jennifer insists that Theo will be found and nothing will happen to him. Jennifer asks if she knows any place he might go. Ciara says she already checked all the places she can think of. Ciara brings up how much of a mess Theo was when his mom died and worries about Abe dying too. Ciara wishes there was something she could do. Jennifer encourages her to pray.

Rafe says he knew there was a tension between Hope and Aiden. Hope claims the tension is just because of unfinished business between them and that's why she needs time away from Rafe. Hope says it's complicated. Rafe brings up Hope being unable to tell him what Aiden whispered to her before Abe got shot. Hope argues that this is why she needs a break and she's tired of Rafe telling her he knows her better than she knows herself. Rafe insists he knows when she's hiding something and it's not that she loves Aiden. Rafe guesses that Aiden knows she killed Stefano.

Marlena talks about the high level of stress in this current situation. Kate asks what she's thinking. Marlena mentions something Clyde said in therapy. Marlena talks about realizing they weren't getting anywhere except how Clyde denied he was treating his son like his father but began to realize he was turning in to his father.

Clyde continues to talk about his father abusing him. He wonders if Ben thought that way about him. Clyde offers Orpheus a drink. He declines but thinks Clyde has had enough. They hear a sound outside so Clyde gets up with his gun. Clyde decides to see what's going on and steps outside.

Rafe asks Hope if he's right that Aiden knows what happened and is blackmailing her. Hope denies it and says he could not be more wrong. Rafe offers to protect her and says they can do this together. Hope tells him he already has. Hope says she can't look him in the eye and lie to him. Hope asks him to back off. Rafe guesses Aiden knows that he covered for her too.

Theo walks to the alley near the docks where someone puts their hand on his shoulder.

Aiden warns Andre about bringing up blackmail and says he and Hope are working to get back to where they were before Andre and Stefano took over his life. Andre brings up Aiden's failed murder attempts, lying, and their kids not getting along. Aiden warns him. Andre brings up him being the one to set up Aiden to take Justin's job. Andre adds that he can still frame him as setting up the explosion that almost killed Hope and Rafe. Aiden threatens that if Andre does anything to cross him now, he will be making a very serious mistake as he walks away.

Hope tells Rafe to stop it. Rafe says he's not afraid of Aiden and won't let him blackmail her in to being with him. Hope brings up that they aren't the only ones he can hurt. Rafe realizes she means Roman. Rafe says they are in this together so they can figure out the next move. Hope argues that Aiden watches every move she makes and knows when they are together. Rafe tells her they are partners so they have to spend time together. Rafe kisses Hope. She tells him to stop. Rafe says he loves her. Hope says that's what makes this so much more difficult as she exits the room.

Roman catches Theo and questions what the hell he is doing. Theo claims he was just walking home from the hospital but Roman says he knows he ditched his protection. Roman tells Theo to tell him the truth. Theo says he was upset and wanted to walk alone. Roman questions him not answering his phone. Theo promises he will go home but Roman decides he's coming to the station with him. Roman calls Jennifer and tells her that he has Theo and he's fine. Roman tells her to tell Ciara that they are going to the station. Jennifer hangs up and informs Ciara. Ciara decides she will tell Claire and go to the station. Jennifer asks if she's sure. Ciara assures that she will be fine. Jennifer tells her to tell Theo he is welcome here. Jennifer tells her to be careful as Ciara exits.

Clyde comes back in the warehouse and says it was a false alarm. Orpheus calls it an over reaction. Clyde mentions checking on Joey and that Xander says he's been quiet. Orpheus guesses Steve and Kayla must be going through hell. Clyde wants to figure out how to get Ben out of prison. Orpheus mocks Clyde's plan to get him out of a maximum security prison and hand him a kidnapped baby. Orpheus decides Clyde may be right that they have waited long enough and that it may be time for another chat with Roman.

Marlena thanks Chad for his time. Chad says anything to help find Clyde as he goes to check on Thomas. Kate tells Marlena that she worries about Chad and hoping they can find Clyde. Kate feels she can't do anything to help. Marlena asks how she is holding up but Kate doesn't think it matters. Marlena thinks she is doing a good job of looking out for Chad. Kate says they have to find Clyde as she doesn't know how much longer Chad can go on like this. Marlena worries that Clyde may be learning from Orpheus about how to make people suffer by making them wait.

Aiden is in his hotel room, making reservations for he and Hope. Rafe knocks on the door and tells him to answer the door. Aiden answers and Rafe greets him with a punch to the face.

Kate sits alone in the living room where she thinks back to her relationship with Clyde when they broke up after Clyde became controlling. Chad comes back in and says there is something he needs to talk to her about. Chad informs Kate that Clyde was the one who had Sonny stabbed to get Victor to back off. Kate remembers Will being so scared that Sonny was going to die. Chad says that's why Sonny and Brady made that strike against Clyde. Kate says Clyde is still out there. Chad brings up Sonny being mad at him for taking advantage for the business and won't return his calls now. Kate warns him not to get sentimental. Chad has a hard time putting money in front of everything when everyone is under siege and his son is at risk. Kate tells him to think about Thomas. Kate says Clyde will be caught and this nightmare will be over but the deals they made kept the company from going in to bankruptcy. Kate says it isn't just DiMera Enterprises but his son's legacy and they are going to protect that.

Andre walks out of the town square on the phone. Andre asks if Laura is with them because he knew she could help. Andre states that he won't say a word to anyone until they are ready.

Ciara goes to the police station and tells Theo how worried she was about him. She questions him not responding to her texts. Theo says he wasn't checking his phone which Ciara calls unlike him. Theo says he had things to do which Ciara questions. Theo says the man who shot his dad needs to pay. Ciara encourages that he will be caught and punished but Theo wants to do it now. Ciara tells him to leave it to the police. Theo feels it's up to him as Abe's son. Ciara warns him that the men are dangerous. Theo responds that he knows as he pulls out his gun and says so is he.

Orpheus writes an e-mail for Roman and John to meet him in the town square to transfer $20 million dollars to their bank account. Orpheus instructs them to come alone and do as he says or Joey dies. Clyde tells him to be sure they can't trace the e-mail. Orpheus assures they can't and he's just glad they had enough power to send it. Orpheus declares there time in Salem is coming to a close so they will terminate all those who need to be terminated then they leave. Clyde adds they will leave with Thomas and God help anyone who gets in their way.

Hope goes to see Jennifer where she tells her about Theo being found. Jennifer is glad she dropped by and asks what's going on. Hope wanted to tell her in person that it's over between her and Rafe as she broke up with him.

Aiden tells Rafe that was a very stupid thing to do. Rafe says so is blackmailing Hope and he won't let him get away with this. Aiden argues that Hope will do what she thinks is best. Aiden guesses Rafe is just putting his spin on this because he's hurt that she dumped him. Aiden tells Rafe to deal with the fact that Hope is going to be with him. Rafe responds that he will have to kill him first. Aiden tells him not to tempt him.

Jennifer questions Hope breaking up with Rafe when she loves him. Hope responds that sometimes love just isn't enough. Jennifer repeats that Hope loves him. Hope calls it complicated but Jennifer disagrees. Jennifer brings up Rafe's love for her and knows that Hope loves him the same. Hope states that she doesn't have a choice and tells her not to judge. Jennifer says she is on her side. Hope thanks her and hugs her, saying that's all she needs right now.

Rafe tells Aiden that he won't get away with this. Aiden responds that he just assaulted the district attorney so he can bring him up on police brutality charges or maybe something much worse. Rafe exits the room.

Clyde tells Orpheus that Roman and John should have responded by now. Orpheus says they need to think but they will as they aren't about to take chances with Joey's life.

Marlena returns to the station and hands Roman an updated file on Clyde. Roman informs her of the e-mail he just received. Marlena thinks it's a trap as they don't want money but revenge. Roman says he doesn't have a choice as long as they have Joey so he set up a meeting for John to wire the money. Marlena doesn't like it but agrees they must do what they say. Roman adds that they are doing everything to make sure John and Joey are safe but they don't have a lot of time so John must be in the town square ready to wire the money in 30 minutes as Theo and Ciara watch on.

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