Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve goes to John and Marlena's where he talks to Marlena about Orpheus having Joey. John joins them and says they are good to go with the ransom money. Steve questions getting 20 million. John says it was just a matter of hooking up with the right people and he didn't get the full 20 but they will put up the rest. John and Marlena encourage that they love Joey too. Steve says all they know for sure is that Orpheus is calling the shots. John says they should hear from him soon. Marlena states that if Orpheus is motivated by revenge then he's working on emotion not logic and she thinks she has a way to exploit that.

Orpheus has Joey tied up in the warehouse. He comments on the black eye that Xander gave him. Joey says he can take it. Orpheus compares him to Steve.

Rafe joins Hope at the police station with Marlena's profile on Clyde. Rafe gets a text that Lieutenant Raines needs to see him so he exits. Hope turns around to find flowers on her desk with a note for her. Hope asks if anyone saw who delivered them but no one did. Hope reads the note that is from Aiden, saying they have a date at the Salem Inn warning her not to be late.

Ciara and Theo are at the hospital. Theo worries about what is taking so long with Abe and thinks something is wrong. Ciara wants him to calm down but Theo panics about being all Abe has and possibly having to make a decision. Ciara tells him that he's not alone as they used to go through stuff together. Claire arrives and hugs Theo.

Kayla checks on Abe in his hospital bed. Abe asks Kayla what she's not telling him and asks if he's going to make it or not.

Rafe comes back in the station and is confused to find Hope is gone as he picks up the file on Clyde.

Hope goes to see Aiden at the Salem Inn and reminds him about the three murderers being on the loose right now. Aiden jokes about her being an expert on murder as he invites her in. Aiden thanks her for coming and says she can go as soon as they come to an understanding. Hope understands that he is blackmailing her. Aiden brings up Hope murdering someone and having an innocent man go to prison for it. Hope asks what he gets out of being with woman who feels nothing but pity for him. Aiden says he can work with that. Hope tells him that she's not in love with him. Aiden laughs it off and tells her to stop because she will. Aiden says she has no idea what he has planned for her.

Claire tells Theo that she just had to see him. Theo says he was worried about her. Ciara greets Claire and asks how she got away from the criminals. Claire asks if Theo didn't tell her. Ciara is surprised they already talked. Claire explains that she called Theo as soon as she got out. Claire tells Ciara about how she got free and ran away while Joey got caught by Xander. Claire says Joey saved her life. Theo thinks she should've stayed home in case they come back. Claire says she just really wanted to see Theo and how Abe is doing. Theo tells her that Abe is still in critical condition. Theo is really afraid that Abe is going to die. Claire hugs him.

Kayla tells Abe that they have every reason to believe he will make a full recovery. Abe still believes she isn't telling him everything. Kayla wants to have this conversation when he's stronger but Abe says no. Kayla informs him that the pictures of his heart indicate some bullet fragments might be lodged there as they couldn't get them all. Abe asks if he can live with that. Kayla states that it's actually better to leave them there but there is a chance they could cause problems and would have to be removed. Abe asks about that being risky. Kayla says not to jump to conclusions. Kayla adds that she has called in the best cardiologist in the country. Abe worries about Theo and the idea of leaving him alone. Kayla encourages him to have faith that he'll be around for a very long time. Abe asks what's happening with Joey. Kayla informs him that Claire made it out and is home. Abe says he asked about Joey. Kayla tells him that he didn't get away.

Orpheus looks at an old envelope that fell out of his jacket and talks about it being all he was allowed to keep in prison. Orpheus reveals an old photo of his kids. Joey asks where they are now. Orpheus responds that he has no idea.

Marlena talks about when she was kidnapped and how Orpheus wanted two things, revenge for his wife's death and a mother for his children. John says Orpheus has never been logical. Marlena says he is two different people, one a man with no feelings while the other a loving father to his children. John has a hard time believing that but Marlena explains that Orpheus is motivated by love and the loss of love. Steve questions her saying his weakness is love. Marlena responds that his weakness is the love of his children.

Hope asks where Aiden's plans for her leave Chase since he sent him to Oregon. Hope brings up what a wonderful father he was and how Chase was his whole world when they first met. Aiden reveals he will be moving to Oregon to be with him and that Hope is going to love it there. Aiden explains part of the plan is for her to come with him.

Rafe finishes a call at the station then calls Roman saying that his contact saw two guys matching Clyde and Xander's descriptions in West Salem. Rafe adds that Hope is not here and he doesn't know where she went.

Kayla joins John, Steve, and Marlena. Kayla asks if they know what Orpheus did to wind up in prison. Steve informs her that he killed two men but assures that he won't kill Joey. Kayla argues that he doesn't know that but Marlena agrees with Steve.

Orpheus explains to Joey that he was separated from his children when they were very young. Orpheus says he managed to track them down but by then they wanted nothing to do with him and blamed him for what happened to them. Joey relates to his dad not being around while he was growing up and wanting nothing to do with him when he came back. Joey says he hated him after seeing his mom in pain all those years but he forgave him because everybody messes up and deserves a second chance. Joey asks about his kids and bets they'd give him a second chance if he tried again. Orpheus responds that he did and shows Joey a picture of his daughter and grandson which he calls as close as he will ever get to him. Joey says he's sorry. Orpheus says he is too.

Hope tells Aiden that she can't move to Oregon and leave Ciara. Aiden adds that he thinks Ciara will come with them. Hope tells him to stop this. Aiden argues that she doesn't despise him, reminding her that she forgave him when he came back. Hope tells him that she wouldn't be here if he wasn't blackmailing her. Hope shouts that she will never forgive him. Hope warns that if he keeps pushing her then he will find out that two can play this game. Aiden questions what game that is. Hope says he thinks he has the upper hand because she covered up shooting Stefano but they both know he committed a crime too. Hope reveals that if he keeps pushing her then she will make sure the whole world knows that Chase shot his mother dead.

Theo tells Ciara and Claire that he doesn't get why Abe was shot. Ciara explains that Clyde was aiming for Aiden. Theo wishes he could shoot Clyde. Ciara suggests asking if Abe is awake but Theo doesn't think he should go in and talk to him because he's so pissed that he's afraid of saying the wrong thing. Claire encourages that he always says the right thing to her. Ciara says one of them can go in with him but Theo says he's got it.

Joey mentions being hungry but Orpheus says that's too bad. Joey asks about Xander and Clyde. Orpheus says he talks too much and warns him to keep his mouth shut or he'll be very sorry.

Marlena tells Kayla that Orpheus is targeting them, not Joey so he has no reason to hurt him. John encourages that keeping Joey alive is the ticket for Orpheus to get $20 million dollars. Kayla argues that Orpheus knows everyone is looking for him and he's desperate. Kayla says there is no guarantee that she will ever see her son again and they all know it.

Aiden tells Hope that she has no proof that Chase did anything. Hope argues that he told her everything. Aiden calls it an accident but Hope says he covered it up. Aiden questions letting Chase live with that. Hope says he lives it with every day. Aiden reminds her that she helped him destroy any evidence of that night so she has nothing. Aiden tells her that what he has could send her to prison for a very long time. Aiden tells her to think about that and the people who helped her cover it up. Hope gets a call so Aiden tells her to answer it. Hope answers and it's Rafe. Rafe asks where she is. Hope claims she's just following a lead. Rafe asks how it went. Hope says it didn't and asks what's up. Rafe explains his informant saw guys matching Xander and Clyde's description in west Salem. Hope says she is on her way. Rafe tells her that he already has units there and he just wanted her to know. Hope says she will be back soon then. Rafe tells her to be careful as they hang up. Aiden brings up the lives he could destroy with just one phone call. Aiden talks about an investigation and how it will come out that Roman helped Hope cover up the crime and sent an innocent man to prison. Aiden questions how Roman handled it and if that's what passes for justice in Salem. Aiden brings up Rafe and what will happen to him when it comes out that he helped her move Stefano's body. Aiden says that Rafe's life will be destroyed. Aiden asks if she really wants to destroy Rafe and Roman's lives.

Theo goes in to see Abe. Theo mentions seeing him last night when he was asleep so he didn't think Abe knew he was there but Abe thanks him for holding his hand last night. Abe talks about holding Theo's hand when he was little and now Theo is holding his, taking care of him. Abe is so proud of him. Theo argues that this is wrong and shouldn't have happened to him. Abe tells him that he will be alright. Theo asks if anyone is going to stop Clyde and how long it will take. Theo wants Clyde to pay for what he did to him. Abe tells him to try not to worry because everything will be alright.

Aiden reminds Hope that she had to choose between he and Rafe once before and she picked him. Aiden is sure Hope was grateful to Rafe for helping her cover up Stefano's murder but he doesn't think she loves Rafe. Hope stops him and asks how she's supposed to get Rafe to believe her feelings suddenly changed as he would never buy it. Aiden thinks they'll figure out a way and that she should do it tonight or else she knows what will happen. Hope brings up the time spent at Aiden's old house and how she found his wife's old tablet with the desperate message that said if she was dead, he did it. Aiden reminds her that she was an alcoholic that would say anything. Hope brings up one other thing she said about him, that she was the only person in the world who knew how cold his eyes could be behind his smile. Hope declares that she's not the only one anymore as she walks out of the room.

Claire talks to Ciara about thinking the criminals were going to kill them. Ciara is glad she's alright. Claire says they moved Joey some place else. Ciara encourages that they will find him. Claire thanks her for staying with Theo. Ciara says he is her oldest friend and talks about how scared he was for Claire. Ciara says he cares about her a lot. Claire responds that she feels the same about him. Claire says she used to think of Theo like a kid. Ciara agrees that he's all grown up.

Marlena tells Kayla that all her opinions are based on when she was kidnapped by Orpheus. She asks about their experience. Steve says Orpheus kidnapped them and tried to drown Kayla in a sewer. John recalls shooting him and thinking he watched him die until he showed up at Brady's wedding. Steve and John get a text from Roman about Clyde and Xander being spotted. Steve says they are at the end game if they're desperate so they have to be ready.

Hope returns to the station where Rafe comments that she looks wiped out. Rafe brings up eating but Hope says she isn't hungry and refuses to eat while Joey is being held by murderers. Rafe apologizes if he upset her. Hope assures that it's not him. Hope apologizes for snapping at him and blames it on no sleep. Rafe tells her it's okay as she's been through so much. Hope talks about being confused and not knowing who she is right now. Hope says she's thinking she jumped into things too quickly but it has nothing to do with him. Rafe questions what she means. Hope declares they need to take a break.

Ciara tells Claire that Theo has been in with Abe for a long time. Claire says Ciara knows Abe better than her so she could go see what's going on. Ciara goes to look and sees that Abe is asleep and Theo is not in there. Claire wonders where he would go.

John talks about the ransom and says Marlena's right that the last thing they want to do is make Orpheus think his back is against the wall so he doesn't take it out on Joey. John agrees with the ransom and offers to pay him face to face in exchange for Joey. Steve questions if he's sure about this. John says Orpheus is running low on food and supplies so he will have to get out of town. John swears that Orpheus won't get the money until Joey is safe with him. Kayla asks if he thinks he will go for that. John says if he and Steve can approach him the right away. Marlena assures Kayla that Joey will find a way out of this. Steve disagrees with John that Orpheus wants out of Salem as he thinks he still wants revenge and that he wouldn't mind going out in a blaze of glory if he could take John down with him. Steve doesn't think John should be the one involved in the exchange but John says he has to be involved to get Orpheus to take the bait. John tells Steve that he is their best chance to get Joey back.

Orpheus tells Joey that his vendetta isn't against him but making them suffer. Orpheus declares when this is all over, John, Marlena, Steve, and Kayla will all suffer.

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