Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Deimos and Justin are on phone calls while Brady, Philip and Sonny are looking over work on the computer. Theresa walks in and asks if Titan relocated their offices. Brady explains that the power is out there. Philip argues that Brady could have cost them the family business. Sonny calls Brady over for a statement. Deimos tells Theresa that they have to focus on the task at hand so he walks her out and shuts the door to the living room.

Chad meets with Kate and Andre at the DiMera Mansion. Chad can't believe Kate wants to bring Andre back in to the company which he feels is the opposite of wanting to rebrand the company. Chad questions how bringing back Andre will do anything but undermine his plan. Kate argues that Andre knows the ins and outs of DiMera and is family. Chad calls his business tactics questionable and says he can't run a company while watching his back at the same time. Andre assures him that he will play the game if given the chance and thinks it's only fair he be part of the family business again.

JJ arrives outside the town square where Dario tells him that the looting has gotten worse and they walk off together.

Gabi goes to help a friend at a store when they are confronted by two thugs.

Kate asks Chad what if she personally promises to keep an eye on Andre and that there will be hell to pay if he gets out of line. Chad mocks the idea. Andre gives his word that he won't try to sabotage him. Kate says he's asking for a chance. Andre tells Chad he can fire him if he's ever disappointed by his performance. Chad feels he will regret this but agrees to say yes though adds that he doesn't trust Andre. Andre understands that wouldn't happen over night but he's confident that his intentions will be made clear over time. Chad says that's what he is afraid of. Kate suggests they shake hands on it so they do. Andre wants to start with a sign of good faith. Andre brings up Belle returning her half of the stolen DiMera fortune and he feels he's entitled to part of that as a DiMera. Chad questions this being a sign of good faith. Andre explains that he would then like Chad to take the money back from him to invest in the company. Chad agrees that they could use the money. Andre says DiMera Enterprises can use a new source of character.

Justin and Deimos talk to Brady about their business associates being nervous about working on the docks after the gunfire. Deimos warns that if they pull out, they could lose hundreds of thousands. Philip suggests letting Victor repair the relationships. Deimos brings up that Victor is at the hospital with Maggie where she needs him. Sonny argues that Victor has known some of these associates for years but Deimos says no since Brady and Sonny caused this mess. Deimos declares that they will work together to fix this and they will do it without Victor.

Gabi recognizes one of the thugs is the guy who attacked her before. Gabi threatens them with pepper spray. They want to loot the store they were going in to but Gabi says that is not going to happen.

Brady takes responsibility for the raid as he thought he had credible sources about the warehouse. Brady apologizes for the outcome and the position he put Titan in but Xander threatened the family. Brady shouts that they had to be stopped so he did something. Justin points out that they weren't. Deimos decides it doesn't matter but Philip yells that Brady made a decision to put them in jeopardy. Brady questions what he wants. Philip tells him to think twice before acting on impulse.

Andre brings up Sonny and Brady's raid on the docks. Chad doesn't understand how it brings DiMera Enterprises more business. Andre explains that the control of the docks is theirs to take and all he has to do is make a few phone calls but Chad says absolutely not. Chad brings up most of the players on the docks being involved in illegal activity. Kate says they would just be providing shipments while Andre adds their hands would be clean. Chad questions getting involved. Kate feels that's how all businesses are run but Chad says not this one. Chad declares they are making DiMera great again and asks how they can do that when involved in illicit activities. Kate thinks it's time for a dose of harsh reality. Kate says she went over the balance sheets. Chad says she won't scare him in to changing his mind. Kate thinks this is a lucrative opportunity. Kate tells Chad that if he wants to leave anything for Thomas other than pride, he will have to rethink this decision.

Deimos tells everybody to back off and agrees that Brady made a rash decision but it was in a misguided attempt to protect his family. Brady thanks him. Philip mocks the decision not helping the situation. Sonny doesn't see Philip coming up with any solutions. Philip suggests they define their roles in Kiriakis business. Deimos and Justin agree. Justin declares that he and Sonny are the only members officially employed by Titan so he suggests they be upfront projecting a positive image while the others work behind the scenes. Philip says they wouldn't have to if not for Brady's decision. Brady says they aren't getting along and says he could bring up things Philip has done. Deimos gets a call and informs them that as bad as things are, they just got a hell of a lot worse.

Theresa is at the Brady Pub and calls Eve. Theresa is thankful to have service and is so relieved to have reached her. Theresa tells Eve that she's so upset and it's all too much. Eve says she's been worried about her, Brady, and Tate. Theresa remarks about feeling like she's living in a men's club. Eve asks for an explanation. Theresa calls Deimos a creep and says she hates him.

Gabi's friend suggests letting the thugs have what they want but Gabi refuses. Gabi questions what is wrong with them. Gabi pepper sprays one of the men while the other grabs her and says she just made a big mistake. Dario and JJ interrupt. Dario grabs the man, who is the one had previously paid off. and the man says long time no see.

Theresa talks to Eve about being bothered by Philip giving Brady a hard time. Eve encourages that Brady can handle it. Theresa talks about seeing all that Brady does for people. Theresa says she benefits the most from how kind he is. Eve thinks they are all lucky to have each other. Theresa remains bothered by Deimos tearing Brady down and shutting her out. Theresa argues that she's just as much of a Kiriakis and has every right to be there. Eve agrees and tells her to go back and stand by her man. Theresa agrees to do exactly that and says she will give hell to anyone who tries to stop her. Theresa says she will call later to let her know how it goes. Eve tells her to be careful. Theresa says she loves her as they hang up.

Deimos reveals that one of his contacts at the docks informed him that Andre DiMera has been sniffing around their territory. Brady wants to go smooth the situation over but Philip thinks he shouldn't be the one to do damage control. Brady suggests bringing Victor in to say who is better fit to run the company. Deimos stops them and tells Brady to go ahead and see what he can do. Justin plans to exit for the office. Sonny tells Brady that he will catch up with him but Justin tells Sonny that he is the face of Titan. Brady agrees that he should go alone and exits. Sonny tells Justin that he's sorry about all of this. Justin says right now he's worried about Andre. Sonny says Andre has to be working independently because there's no way Chad would take him back. Justin encourages them all being united because if a weakness is sensed then Titan is done. Justin then exits the mansion. Sonny makes a call and says he could really use a friend right now if they are free to meet up.

Kate reminds Chad about their high tech plans costing more than expected. Chad says the money Belle had will help. Kate argues that it will help with the debt. Chad questions the debt that no one has told him about. Kate says no one wanted to bother him with it while he was dealing with Abigail's death. Chad asks how deep a hole they are in. Kate guesses they will file for bankruptcy in six months. Andre argues that they can turn this around but Chad doesn't want to go after the Kiriakis holdings. Kate tells Chad that if he trusts her judgment then he will do this as it's the only thing to keep the company afloat. Kate says once they are on solid ground then they can get rid of any holdings he doesn't feel comfortable keeping. Kate repeats that it's the only way to save the company and ensure his son's legacy. Chad tells them to talk to the interested parties and see what their options are.

Clyde talks on the phone from the warehouse about doing crazy things. Clyde says his real target was Aiden and he has to stop that now. Clyde talks about doing this for family as what's important is Ben. Clyde talks about planning to take Thomas. Clyde declares he will get his boy out of prison and they will have a reunion they won't ever forget.

Justin goes to the DiMera mansion where Adrienne is taking care of Thomas. Justin brings up hearing she was playing house with Lucas here. Adrienne asks what he wants. Justin responds that he wants her and he's come to take her home.

Chad meets Sonny outside the town square after receiving his voicemail. Chad guesses it's about the Kiriakis business at the docks. Chad asks if he's wondering if DiMera is going to make the hit bigger.

JJ has the two thugs arrested while Gabi tells Dario about the one attacking her before. He responds that it was only because her brother told him to causing Gabi to look at Dario.

Deimos and Philip finish phone calls with associates from the docks. Deimos says they are definitely going to lose some money over this. Philip blames Brady. Deimos feels Philip really seems to have it in for Brady. Philip feels he could've cost them the business and is sick of him using the excuse of doing it for the family. Deimos brings up Philip having a baby on the way. Deimos asks him about Chloe suddenly leaving town with no plan to return. Philip doesn't know what that has to do with Brady. Deimos brings up Philip saying he planned to stay with Chloe to raise the child. Philip responds that he had a change of heart and decided the baby would be better off raised by Chloe alone but he doesn't want to discuss his reasons. Deimos argues that he can't be serious. Philip talks about Kiriakis history as fathers. Deimos talks about he and Victor getting over things so he's confident that Victor will come around on Philip. Deimos says Victor will realize that they need to stop tearing each other down as there is strength in numbers so they have to deal with the threats together.

Adrienne tells Justin that she and Lucas moved in to help Chad with Thomas as he is overwhelmed. Justin feels Chad has plenty of help running the family business. Adrienne asks what he means and then questions when Justin has a say in what she does. Justin apologizes and says things are just hectic at Titan and Sonny is in the middle of it. Justin talks about Sonny sharing his part of the blame and says that he could use Adrienne's support too. Adrienne questions moving in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin tells her that Lucas could move in too if she wants but warns that the war between the two families is heating up again because of Andre and Chad. Adrienne has faith in Chad. Adrienne says she will call Sonny but right now has to put Thomas down. Justin tells her to take care of herself as he exits.

Sonny tells Chad that what happened on the docks is his fault for not stopping Brady. Sonny says he wanted revenge on Clyde for having him stabbed. Chad is surprised to hear Clyde had him stabbed. Sonny hopes it'd be less likely for Chad to take advantage of the fallout. Chad tells Sonny that Andre is already looking at the possibilities. Sonny questions Andre being back. Chad says he is for now. Sonny points out that Chad has final say. Sonny reminds Chad how much revenue Titan rely on. Chad argues that he has to do what is right for his family and business. Sonny questions why the shipping when they have other ventures. Sonny says he doesn't need their business but Chad suggests they do since they are struggling. Sonny asks him as a friend to not do this. Sonny then walks away.

Dario and Gabi go to the police station. Gabi questions what kind of brother he is and what's wrong with him. Gabi asks if he knows how scared she was. He explains that he hired the guy to scare Rafe, not her. Gabi questions why he would want to hurt Rafe. Dario reveals that he wanted to make it look like it came from Eduardo's past. Gabi can't believe it. Dario argues that Eduardo should not have came back. Gabi says all she ever wanted was her family back together and then Dario ruined it. Dario says he wasn't trying to hurt her. Gabi says it's too late. Dario warns that she can't tell JJ about it but Gabi tells him to get out of her sight. Dario says he's really sorry as he exits.

Chad returns home to the DiMera Mansion. Andre says he was just telling Kate what he learned on the docks. Andre says the power players are looking for a change by leaving Titan and working exclusively for DiMera Enterprises. Andre tells Chad to just give him the word and he will make the call.

Brady returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and says he asked the associates to hang in until the dust settled but he didn't get the reaction he hoped for. Justin says it sounds like Andre got there first. Philip adds that he's taking advantage of the raid. Deimos throws a glass against the wall in frustration. Brady says he can't say enough how sorry he is. Philip responds that Brady doesn't realize what he's done. Brady is sick of Philip's mouth and warns him to back off. Philip says no because his father spent his life building this company while Brady has brought it to collapse. Theresa comes in and questions how dare he attack him. Theresa argues that they all had targets on their back while Brady was the only one who did what he thought was right to protect the family. Theresa says shame on all of them.

JJ asks Gabi if she's okay as he hugs her and assures her that nightmare is over. Gabi never wants to see those guys again. JJ notices that she still seems pretty upset. Gabi thanks JJ as her own personal superhero as she hugs him.

Brady tells Theresa that it's alright but she disagrees. Theresa says they all talk about family and standing together as one but they are tearing down the one member who tried to protect them over some business deals gone wrong. Brady says he can handle it. Theresa knows there's nothing he can't handle. Philip brings up not handling the raid. Theresa asks what Philip has done. Theresa says Brady showed her that all that matters is protecting who you love. Theresa calls Brady the smartest and kindest person she knows. Theresa suggests they appreciate how lucky they are to have Brady in their lives as she then storms out. Brady follows out after her. Theresa knows it wasn't her place and may have spoke out of turn but she won't apologize or be shut down. Brady kisses her. Back in the living room, Deimos agrees with Theresa that they need to stick together or else the DiMera threat could break them up. Sonny isn't sure there is a threat as he spoke to Chad who did admit Andre was checking out the possibilities but they didn't commit to anything. Sonny says he asked Chad as a friend not to so it definitely made him think. Philip is not convinced but Sonny insists that Chad is his friend. Justin reminds Sonny that this isn't about friendship but family so Chad will make the best decision for his family. Justin states that this opportunity might be too good for Chad to pass up.

Chad tells Andre and Kate that Sonny begged him not to go after the Kiriakis business. Chad repeats what he said to Sonny. Chad points out that Sonny is his best friend. Kate says this isn't personal but is business so if he wants to save his, then he will agree to make this deal. Chad asks if there are any other possible options. Kate says she's looked at every angle. Adrienne brings Thomas in to Chad. Chad declares that at the end of the day, everything he does is for Thomas. Chad tells Andre to make it happen. Andre goes to make the call while Chad holds Thomas.

Clyde talks on the phone about the DiMeras having Thomas in a virtual prison with no way in. Clyde thanks Jeremiah for the update and hangs up. Clyde doesn't care what it takes or who gets hurt as he declares he is going to bust in there and take Thomas.

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