Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/3/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/3/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope is at the station when she gets a call from Aiden who is outside the town square and says he needs to see her now. Hope asks if he has any idea what's happening right now. Aiden says they can do this in private or he can come to her. Aiden asks if she wants to talk about Stefano's murder at the police station. Hope then asks where he is.

Rafe sits with Claire at the station as John and Steve rush in to check on her. Claire confirms that she's fine and asks where Joey is. John informs her that he was gone but Steve insists they will find him. Hope joins them and hugs Claire. Claire worries about Joey and wants to help. John and Steve take Claire to talk about what happened. Hope asks Rafe about Claire. Rafe says she's been through a lot but is okay. Hope tells Rafe to text her if there's any word. Rafe asks if she's taking a break. Hope claims she's going to the hospital to check on Abe.

Chloe finishes a call at the Kiriakis Mansion, thanking the doctor for running another test and says it finally makes sense. Chloe hangs up as Philip enters and asks what her rush is. Philip tells her not to avoid him anymore. Chloe says it's not what he thinks. Philip says he stepped up for her and asks who is the baby's father if not Deimos.

At the Pub, Deimos finishes a call with Dario, saying he's on his way to the alley to meet him. Nicole joins Deimos and says it was a great idea to come. Deimos tells Nicole to have a nice meal. Nicole questions him leaving. Deimos says he has something to take care of which disappoints Nicole.

Hope meets Aiden outside and asks what he wants. Aiden wants her to admit that she killed Stefano. Hope repeats that she didn't but Aiden reveals the recording on his phone.

Kayla and Marlena reunite with Claire at the station. Claire assures that she's fine. Marlena is thankful she activated the tracker. Claire didn't want to leave Joey and explains what happened. Claire thought she could find help and get back in time. Steve tells Kayla that Joey was gone by the time they got inside. Kayla starts to worry as Steve explains that they found blood but don't know if it was Joey's. Steve assures that Joey will be fine.

Chloe brings up Philip saying he was done with her. Philip says he was ticked and had every right to be as he turned his life inside out to help her. Philip talks about preparing to claim this child as his own. Philip questions the baby's father but Chloe says she can't do this right now. Philip asks if it was a one night stand or two. Chloe mocks him calling her a slut and refuses to discuss it with him. Chloe questions why he cares if he thinks she's a whore. Philip says he's confused that she lied to him and doesn't get it. Philip thought they were over that after what happened with Parker. Philip questions how she could set her up to have a baby taken away again. Chloe cries that she didn't. Philip believes she was desperate to hide the truth but encourages her to tell him. Philip says he just needs the truth and he will still help her. Chloe responds that he doesn't have to because she's setting him free.

Nicole asks Deimos what came up. He calls it a business thing. Nicole questions it being at night. Deimos calls it a rain check and then exits. Nicole looks to follow him.

Aiden finishes playing the recording for Hope. Aiden tells her that he's known for awhile. Aiden says something wasn't right with the case and he didn't want to believe she did it but says she and Rafe were so sloppy. Aiden questions her having some guy sitting in prison for the crime. Aiden knew she wouldn't confess unless he had solid proof. Aiden knows he can't take the recording to court but it's enough to open up the investigation with a suspect. Aiden brings up proof that a call came from her house from Stefano's phone. Aiden can only imagine what he'll find if he takes a closer look. Aiden tells Hope that it's over and there is no way out.

Philip tells Chloe that he's not asking to be free. Chloe responds that she didn't lie to him as she really thought Deimos was the father but now that she knows he's not then she will handle it. Philip questions what that means. Chloe says she's moving out as soon as she can right away. Philip asks why. Chloe says she can stay with Nicole until she figures out what to do. Philip questions telling people that they broke up after all the trouble they went through to convince everyone they were together. Philip asks if they are supposed to go with the story that he dumped the mother of his child. Chloe calls herself the slut that lied to him. Chloe says all that is important is that Deimos is not the father so he will back off and she will handle everything else. Philip says okay as long as it's straight between them. Philip doesn't want this to affect their work relationship. Chloe tells him not to worry about that either. Chloe says it's all too much and she needs to concentrate on her kids so she needs him to let her out of her recording contract. Chloe adds they can then handle this breakup however he wants. Chloe cries that she's really sorry.

Deimos meets Dario in the alley while Nicole follows him and hides. Deimos pays Dario off and thanks him. Dario assures him that Chloe will never find out how he found her doctor. Deimos tells him that he turned out not to be the father of the baby. Dario tells Deimos that he quits as Nicole listens in. Dario feels Deimos would have put Nicole in a real bad place if Chloe was having his baby. Deimos argues that would never happen as he loves Nicole so he doesn't have to worry. Dario walks away as Nicole comes out from around the corner to question if Deimos got lost. Nicole asks Deimos what happened to being straight with her.

Chloe says she will get settled tonight and send for her things tomorrow. Philip questions her leaving rather than tell him the truth. Chloe tells him it's not his concern or problem. Philip argues that she is screwing him over. Chloe tells him she cares for him which he calls bull crap. Chloe doesn't want to drag him in to her drama again. Philip reminds her that he volunteered. Chloe says she loves him for it but can't let him do it anymore.

Nicole and Deimos return to the Pub and sit together. Deimos wants to start the evening over. Nicole asks if he wants to skip the part where he lied to her and paid off Dario to follow Chloe. Deimos explains that she knew he was having Chloe followed. Nicole accuses him of breaking and entering and using Dario. Deimos says that Dario came to him wanting a job. Deimos questions Nicole following him. She calls it self defense. Deimos doesn't want to fight with her. Deimos says he already feels like someone died by thinking he had a child on the way. Nicole encourages him that it gets easier since she knows exactly how much it hurts. Chloe then enters the Pub and sees them together.

Aiden tells Hope that Andre kept telling him that she killed Stefano but he didn't want to believe it. Aiden says that Hope lied to him as he wanted to believe her. Aiden questions Hope killing someone in cold blood and how that could happen. Hope asks if she should speak in to the microphone. Aiden says he's not recording her as he doesn't need anything else. Hope responds that she was out of her mind and snapped. Hope says she doesn't even remember half the things Stefano said, only pulling the trigger. Aiden brings up how Rafe and Roman would do anything for her. Hope cries that she wanted to confess but all she could think of was Ciara and how she couldn't leave her.

Chloe approaches Nicole and questions her not getting her text. Chloe asks Deimos to excuse them but Nicole says not yet as he has something to tell her. Deimos questions Nicole then admits to Chloe that he had Dario follow her and he broke in to his place to find out about her doctor's appointment. Chloe threatens to call the cops but Nicole tells her to calm down. Nicole asks Deimos to give them a moment so he steps away. Chloe questions Nicole holding his hand and acting like he's normal. Nicole argues that Deimos thought Chloe was lying to him about the baby and was right about it. Nicole adds that Deimos will leave her alone now so she asks her to let it go. Nicole talks about Deimos being a wreck because he wanted to be a father so much as now he thinks that will never happen. Nicole relates to knowing exactly how he feels.

Hope asks Aiden what he wants from her. Aiden responds that he won't do anything which Hope questions. Aiden states that Hope behind bars won't help anything and the world is a better place with Stefano gone. Hope asks if they just go on like nothing happened. Aiden clarifies that he didn't say that. Hope asks Aiden again what he wants. Aiden responds that he wants her.

John and Marlena return home with Claire. John says they will have power for another hour so Marlena tells Claire she can take a bath while she makes food. Claire thinks they should be furious instead of being so nice to her. Marlena says they are just relieved. Claire blames herself for being stupid when they told her to stay in. Claire apologizes for putting everyone in danger and promises to stay inside. Marlena hugs her and says they are just so glad she's safe. Claire hopes Joey is too.

Steve and Kayla go home where Steve goes to make her some tea. Kayla pulls out her phone and calls the hospital to check on Abe but finds out he is still the same. Kayla says to call if anything changes and hangs up. Kayla sits down and holds a photo of Joey as she cries.Steve joins her. Kayla says she's trying to hold it together. Steve promises that Joey will come home but Kayla argues that he doesn't know. Steve continues to encourage her to hang on with him and holds her as they cry.

Chloe tells Nicole that Deimos is not like her as she always wanted a child while he just wanted a person to control. Nicole disagrees, feeling she doesn't know him. Nicole gives Deimos the benefit of the doubt which drives Chloe crazy. Chloe argues that Deimos can't be trusted. Nicole asks her not to press charges since Deimos confessed. Chloe argues that Deimos violated her privacy. Nicole argues that Chloe got what she wanted and Deimos will leave her alone now. Chloe wishes Nicole would come to her senses. Nicole brings up Deimos spending 30 years in prison for something he didn't do. Nicole asks Chloe to do it for her and she will owe her. Chloe agrees for her. Nicole thanks her and asks why Chloe was looking for her in the first place.

Hope asks Aiden if he means she either comes back to him or he sends her to prison. Hope tells him to go ahead and lock her up then as she will turn herself in right now. Aiden reminds her that she would be taking Rafe and Roman down with her. Hope questions why he would want to be with a woman who doesn't love him. Aiden points out that she did love him. Hope talks about how he just got hired to do a job by Stefano. Aiden argues that he fell in love with her and never stopped loving her.

Chloe tells Nicole that a situation has presented itself and it's kind of tricky. Chloe says she can't tell Nicole because she's so devoted to Deimos even though she is her best friend. Nicole calls that her choice. Chloe reveals she has decided to leave Salem to go back to New York to live with her parents. Nicole questions her taking her advice to leave. Chloe responds that things have become clear to her now that it's what she has to do.

Aiden reminds Hope that she was in love with him. Aiden says they may have came together for the wrong reasons but ended up in love and they can get back to that. Aiden says they have no more lies so all she has to do is give him another chance. Hope responds that she gave him another chance when he came back to Salem and he lied. Aiden says he wasn't the only one. Hope tells him that they are over and there is no hope for them. Aiden warns her to never say that again.

Claire goes to the back to call Theo while Marlena hugs John to thank him, saying she doesn't know what she would've done if they lost Claire. John says they didn't but he's bent out of shape that they didn't bring Joey back also. Marlena praises Kayla and worries about her as a mom.

Steve remains holding Kayla as she cries, promising to get Joey back.

Nicole tells Chloe to call as soon as she gets to New York and says not to lose touch again. Chloe says she will see her soon as she exits. Deimos returns to Nicole and asks what that was about. Nicole hugs him and informs him that Chloe is worried about the baby's safety. Deimos questions thinking New York is the answer. Nicole explains that it is compared to Salem and her parents are there. Deimos questions if Philip is going with her. Nicole responds that they broke up. Deimos questions Philip letting Chloe take his kid away. Nicole says he is for now which surprises Deimos. Deimos says he's sorry as he knows she will miss her. Nicole says she won't let her slip away this time as she hugs him.

Rafe calls Hope from the police station and leaves a message about a leak to track down on a possible Xander sighting and looking for Joey. Rafe offers to pick her up at the hospital if she wants to go or else he will see her later. Rafe says to be careful and hangs up then exits the station.

Aiden tells Hope that he's sorry but they are not over as they can't be. Aiden asks if she expected him to just step aside for someone like Rafe. Aiden calls Rafe just a distraction and doesn't know if he's the reason she is rewriting history. Aiden argues that they were in love. Aiden brings up getting married and having a family. Aiden says Hope was ready to commit the rest of her life to him and asks her not to throw that away. Aiden insists he can make her happy and they will be together again. Hope questions how he sees that happening after everything. Aiden responds that if it doesn't happen then she, Rafe, and Roman will be sitting in prison wishing they made some different decisions. Aiden declares that's why he knows it's going to happen and they will be together. Aiden then walks away, leaving Hope in shock.

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