Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/30/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/30/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Orpheus uses his computer setup to interrupt the broadcast of the press conference and appears on the screen in the town square. Orpheus says he has put together a wish list of 20 million dollars to be wired in to their account then when they are safely out of the country, they will reveal where Claire and Joey are. Orpheus warns that if their demands are not met, chaos and terror will continue to spread across Salem like a plague. Orpheus shuts off the screen. Abe questions how to follow that while John and Marlena wonder what happen to Claire's necklace.

Orpheus tells Xander that couldn't have gone better and he hopes Clyde was able to enjoy. Claire instructs Joey to press the necklace so he does.

Clyde remains aimed at the town square. John still can't get signal on his phone. Abe continues the press conference talking about the lengths these felons will go to. Abe says that is why it is crucial that now more than ever, they as a community act not out of fear. Aiden looks over as Rafe walks away from Hope. Aiden steps over to Hope and whispers to her that he knows she killed Stefano DiMera. Clyde loads the sniper rifle and aims the target at Aiden but Abe steps forward and Clyde shoots Abe. Everyone in the square begins to panic. Hope, Rafe, John, and Steve draw their guns while ordering everyone to stay down. Theo rushes to Abe's side. John points out where to aim above to Steve. John dropped his phone so he doesn't see when the signal goes off from the necklace to reveal Claire's location while they are checking on Abe.

Clyde takes the sniper rifle apart and puts it back in the briefcase then rushes out of the hotel room.

John orders everyone to stay down and take cover. Rafe and Hope keep their guns up with Ciara. Hope yells for Theo to get back. Rafe aims above with Hope at the balcony. Hope calls for backup. Kayla insists on checking on Abe. Rafe tries to get a hold of JJ on the phone. Ciara worries about Theo but Hope orders her to stay where she is. John tells Marlena to stay down but Marlena says she'll be okay as Kayla needs her help. Marlena joins Kayla in caring for Abe's wound. Steve reminds them to stay low as he and John keep their guns raised.

Orpheus can't believe Clyde shot the wrong guy after bragging about what a great hunter he is. Orpheus assures Xander that they will still get their ransom money without problem because they have no idea where they are with the hostages.

John gets to his cell phone and is relieved to see the transponder is working. John tells Steve that they've got it as Rafe remains aimed at the balcony. John informs Steve that Claire and Joey are four blocks away. Steve decides they are on their own to get the kids so they rush off together. Theo tells Abe that he can't die as Marlena and Kayla take care of him. Ciara joins Theo and holds him as he cries. Marlena and Kayla encourage Abe to hang in there.

Rafe and JJ go to the hotel where Clyde's shot came from. They burst in with their guns raised but no one is inside. Rafe calls in on his radio to lock the Salem Inn down to have every room checked. JJ checks the bathroom while Rafe looks around and finds a shell casing on the floor. Rafe guesses it's from Clyde because Jordan once told him about his hunting past. JJ questions why he shot Abe since Clyde probably didn't even know him and they are out for revenge. Rafe guesses he just wanted to scare people which JJ says he definitely did.

Hope finishes a call with the station in the town square and then checks on Ciara. Hope hugs her as she cries about being scared for Abe. Ciara wishes she could've gone with Theo in the ambulance. Hope assures that everything will be okay. Hope wants to have Ciara taken home but Ciara insists that she has to go to the hospital because Theo needs her. Hope agrees to have one of the officers escort her and they walk away while Aiden watches.

Rafe searches the hotel room as JJ tells him that all the security footage is being sent to the station. Rafe assures they will find out if it was Clyde regardless of disguise. Hope enters and tells them that Kayla said things weren't looking good as she went with Abe. JJ goes to check in with the other cops and says he'll keep Rafe posted. Rafe shows Hope the shell casing that he found and his suspicions that it was Clyde. Hope mentions the live video feed showing Orpheus and Xander.

Abe is stretchered in to the hospital. A nurse worries about Kayla's focus being split but she insists on being there for Abe. Marlena arrives with Theo, who rushes to them hoping for Abe to be okay. Theo panics that he doesn't know what he will do. Marlena assures him that they will do whatever it takes to get through this. Marlena sits down while Theo paces back and forth. Marlena suggests he sit down but he says he can't and worries about how long it's been. Marlena tells him these operations can take a long time while encouraging him that Abe is strong and the doctors will do everything they can to help. Theo questions why Marlena is even here instead of worrying about Claire. Marlena responds that she is worried but right now everyone is family. Ciara arrives and asks Theo how Abe is doing. Theo responds that he's in the operating room with Kayla. Ciara encourages that everything will be fine but Theo points out that she can't promise that and walks off.

Kayla finishes a call with the operating room and tells a nurse that it's bad as the bullet exploded on impact so pieces went everywhere. The nurse asks if there's any word on Joey. Kayla says no but they are going to find him.

Steve and John go down the alley with their guns. John follows the transponder to the warehouse. Steve wants to bust down the door with guns blazing but knows they can't with the kids in there.

Claire and Joey try to get free from being tied up while Orpheus and Xander aren't looking. Orpheus tells Xander that Abe getting shot may have been the best thing to happen since now everyone in the town is scared and wondering who's next so they might be quicker with the ransom. Orpheus adds that they won't tell Clyde that. Claire continues trying to break free.

Rafe and Hope watch the security footage from the Salem Inn at the police station. Rafe stops it and points out that it's Clyde. Aiden joins them and asks what they have. Rafe informs him that the security footage shows Clyde checking in. Aiden questions where he gets his disguise. Rafe wonders why Clyde shot someone he barely knew. JJ interrupts saying he just got intel and reveals that Abe wasn't the intended target but Aiden was.

Ciara sits with Marlena and worries about Claire. Theo comes back and says he left messages for his half siblings Brandon and Lani. Marlena tells Theo to sit with Ciara while she steps away so he does. Ciara tells Theo that she's sorry for what she said before as she doesn't want to upset him. Theo talks about it just being he and Abe since Lexie died. Ciara encourages that Abe is strong. Theo points out that Abe is still human like Bo was. Ciara tells him that no matter what happens, he will always have her. He holds her hand and thanks her.

Aiden questions being the target. JJ explains that he just got a call from a guy who recorded the press conference and when played back in slow, a red laser target is seen on Aiden before Abe stepped in front of him. Rafe wants to see the footage. JJ says forensics is pulling it now. Hope says that also confirms Clyde was the shooter as Aiden knows it's because he got him sent to Florida on that murder charge. Rafe says Marlena was right that this is all personal. Aiden gets a call from the attorney general and steps away. JJ goes to make a call while Rafe goes to check that footage. Hope remains worried looking over at Aiden.

Xander tells Orpheus that as soon as they get the ransom money, he will take care of Theresa and Nicole then he's out of here. Orpheus says that's fine but they have to be patient. He adds that they won't make their play for the ransom until Clyde gets back and they have to take care of the hostages or there's no money. Xander doesn't care what happens to Claire and Joey once they get the money. Xander approaches them and notices the necklace so he takes it from Joey and gives it to Orpheus. Orpheus stomps on it to break it, revealing there was a GPS tracker on it the whole time so he pulls out his gun.

Steve tells John that he doesn't want to wait. John notes they lost the signal so he guesses they found it as there's no other explanation. Shots are then fired so John and Steve take cover.

JJ comments to Aiden on his life being saved. Aiden says he will thank Abe in person as soon as he's able. JJ gets a text alert that there is gunfire at the docks. Aiden questions it happening again and threatens to charge the whole Kiriakis family if it's them as JJ rushes out of the station. Aiden looks over and sees Rafe and Hope go in to the interrogation room. Hope talks to Ciara on the phone. Ciara tells Hope that Abe is still in surgery while Hope fills her in that they haven't heard anything on Joey and Claire. Hope tells Ciara to tell Theo they are all pulling for Abe as they hang up. Rafe notes it can't be good that Abe is still in surgery. Hope asks Rafe if he checked the video. Rafe confirms the bullet was meant for Aiden and calls it bad timing. Rafe adds that he noticed Aiden saying something to Hope on the video that made her really upset. Hope claims she doesn't remember what it was. Rafe continues to question it but Hope gets upset and tells him to drop it. Hope apologizes and says she just can't think about Aiden right now.

John and Steve hide down from the gunshots in the alley on the docks. Steve wants to rush the door but John warns him that would be suicide. John and Steve begin firing shots back.

Claire hopes the shots are the cops and she gets up then unties Joey and goes back to her chair. Xander comes back in and says they are leaving. Joey gets up and rushes Claire out of the warehouse. Xander grabs his gun and catches Joey then pulls him back in and knocks him down with his gun.

Marlena returns to Ciara and Theo. Theo says he hasn't heard from his siblings while Marlena confirms no word on Joey or Claire yet. Marlena is sure they will hear something really soon. Kayla comes out so Theo asks how Abe is. Kayla reveals that Abe is out of surgery and in recovery. Theo thanks her. Kayla says this is all good news but Abe's injuries are severe. Kayla explains that the bullet exploded and fragments went everywhere. Kayla says the surgeons did their best to take out what they found but they aren't sure so there could be fragments embedded in the wall of the heart and they won't know until the swelling recedes. Kayla adds that they have called in a specialist from Chicago. Theo asks if he could still die as he holds back tears.

John and Steve continue firing shots back. Steve notes there's only one gun firing now so they wonder if they got lucky. Claire runs in to the alley where John and Steve pull her in to their grasp. Steve asks about Joey. Claire tells him about Xander catching him. Clyde hides behind a barrel with his briefcase. John says they have to go back but Steve says they can't without Joey. John argues that they can come back for him but they need more help and orders Steve to fall back now. Steve says he has to get to his boy as shots remain being fired. John instructs Steve to get Claire out of here so they run out of the alley with Claire.

Rafe asks Hope if he's paranoid and reading too much in to the Aiden thing. Rafe hates seeing Hope stressed out and suggests she needs some down time but she refuses. Rafe gets a text that the lieutenant needs to see him. Hope insists she will be fine so Rafe exits. Hope leaves the room and stops when she sees Aiden. She starts to turn around but goes back to approach Aiden. Hope confirms that he was Clyde's target so he could be again. Hope suggests Aiden lie low and maybe go to Portland to see Chase. Aiden thanks her for the concern but thinks it's best he stick around Salem until this mess is cleared up. Aiden stops her and says he still wants to talk to her about the fact that she killed Stefano DiMera. Hope thinks back to telling Rafe that Aiden would find out she killed Stefano.

Marlena tries to make call from the hospital but it doesn't go through. She thinks back to Orpheus catching her and Claire in the alley. Marlena complains that her phone isn't working. Kayla says she can't get a hold of Steve either. Marlena suggests they could be with the kids or the police now. Marlena worries about how frightened Claire was. Kayla feels the same about Joey. Marlena comments that this never seems to end. Kayla and Marlena refuse to give up.

Theo sits at Abe's bed side in the hospital. Theo thinks back to arguing with Abe about his relationship with Ciara where Abe commented on Theo growing up from a boy to a young man and told him that he just wanted him to be happy. Theo holds Abe's hand as Ciara watches through the window.

Aiden tells Hope that it's not what he thinks, it's what he knows. Claire rushes in and hugs Hope. Hope is relieved to see she is alright and asks about Joey. Claire says it's so awful as Hope hugs her.

Steve and John burst in to the warehouse with JJ and two cops but no one is there. Steve regrets waiting since they still have Joey. John and JJ say they couldn't come in shooting with Joey in there. Steve finds blood on the floor and begins to worry about Joey. Steve declares he is going to kill every last one of them.

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