Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden walks through the town square with a cop explaining to him that they have temporary electricity in the square. Aiden says they'll have to do this press conference here. Aiden thinks back to talking to Rafe and Hope about Stefano's case then recording their private conversation where Hope admitted to murdering Stefano. Aiden walks on while Clyde appears and walks in the opposite direction.

Rafe and Hope talk to Abe at the police station about the upcoming press conference. Abe questions them thinking he should do the conference from the station instead of the town square. Abe refuses to cower to the prisoners and blames the police department for not doing their job in catching them.

Steve sits with Kayla at home and tries to encourage her to rest but Kayla can't rest with Joey and Claire being held hostage.

John and Marlena return home. Marlena mentions being unable to reach Shawn and Belle. John hugs her and assures that they will get through this. Marlena blames herself for taking Claire out of the house. John encourages that Claire will find a way to outsmart them and lead them to where she and Joey are.

Claire and Joey are tied up in the warehouse while Xander keeps watch. Joey and Claire whisper to each other about planning to break free. Orpheus joins Xander. Xander warns him that using Claire and Joey could backfire on them, slow them down or worse. Orpheus doesn't want his advice and says they will deal with the kids when they are no longer a value to them. Claire shouts that John will stop at nothing to have him back behind bars. Orpheus aims his gun at Claire and remarks that he looks forward to giving John the opportunity to do that.

Steve tells Kayla that he feels the same way but he's worried about her after surgery. Kayla wants to be there for Joey when he comes back. Steve hugs her as she cries. Kayla says they just need one clue or lead to find him.

Ciara joins Theo at the police station. Ciara calls this a horrible nightmare that is happening to Claire and Joey. Theo hopes they are okay and doesn't know what he would do if anything happened to them. Ciara tells Theo that she can see how worried he is about Claire and she knows he has a thing for her. Ciara knows waiting makes it harder and that he really cares about Claire.

Rafe tells Abe that they are all under a lot of stress but he thinks it's unfair of Abe to accuse them of incompetence when their men are working hard to find the prisoners. Abe argues they aren't working hard enough and if they don't get this under control, it won't end well for anyone. Abe apologizes to Hope for being insensitive. Abe would understand if Hope wants to step back from the investigation to be with her family but Hope refuses, saying Claire is her family so she will be in touch and get back to him when she has something. Abe thanks them and exits the room. Rafe tries to keep Hope calm as she worries about Claire and Joey. Rafe assures that they will find them. Rafe hugs Hope as Aiden walks by and peeks at them through the doorway.

Marlena worries to John about Claire not paying attention to his warnings. John reveals to her that he went over everything with Claire again afterwards and gave her a necklace that doubles as a tracking device. Marlena is glad he spoke to her and hopes that she is able to use the transponder that he gave her. John hopes they will be able to rescue both and bring them home together.

Claire argues with Orpheus that John is smarter than him and he won't see him coming. Orpheus knows John will do anything to get her back which means he will play right in to his hand. Orpheus calls Claire and Joey their get out of town free cards. Joey questions him thinking they will just walk away. Joey still believes Orpheus killed Steve but Claire reveals that Steve is not dead as he outsmarted him just like John will. Orpheus argues that Steve's resources are about to run out. Joey exclaims that Steve being alive means Orpheus is going down. Orpheus argues that Salem is in chaos because of his crew. Orpheus says they will strike when ready then they can get back to their boring lives. Xander brings up the ransom money. Orpheus declares he's going out to prepare for the press conference so he instructs Xander to keep an eye on the kids. Xander asks why he has to babysit and where Clyde disappeared to. Orpheus mentions that Clyde has his own errand to attend to.

Clyde returns to the alley where he picks up a briefcase. He opens it up and seems pleased by what's inside then gets a call from his old friend Jeremiah and tells him that he just got what Jeremiah left for him which is a sniper rifle.

Ciara points out that Theo didn't answer her question then decides she shouldn't have asked in this situation. Ciara assures that Joey and Claire will be fine. Theo admits he has a thing with Claire but says he's worried about both of them and can't imagine how scared they must be. Ciara relates, saying she knows how terrifying it is.

Aiden joins Hope in the interrogation room and asks for any update on the fugitives which Hope says there isn't. Aiden says he's sorry about Claire and Joey. Hope tries to leave but Aiden stops her and says there is something they need to talk about.

John and Marlena go to see Steve and Kayla. John explains the device he gave to Claire. Kayla wonders why she hasn't used it yet. Marlena guesses she hasn't had the chance. John is sure that Claire will find a way. Kayla decides they should get going to the town square for the press conference to portray a united front. Kayla exits with Marlena. John tells Steve that they can't underestimate Orpheus so they need to be ready if they make a move. Steve reveals his gun in his jacket and assures that he's ready.

Xander questions if Orpheus is sure his plan will work. Orpheus tells him to just focus on his part in the plan and remain silent. Orpheus says he will be back shortly and exits. Claire whispers to Joey about her necklace then realizes it fell off and is on the floor. Xander tells them to be quiet and then puts gags over their mouths.

Clyde goes to a hotel room with his briefcase, looks out to the balcony and declares it's perfect.

Joey and Claire struggle with being tied up while Xander is on the phone with a man named Stavros. Xander steps out to get a better connection while Joey falls over in his chair. Xander rushes back in and warns them about trying anything. Orpheus returns and asks if they are misbehaving. Orpheus says they are worth more to them live than dead. Xander asks about the box that Orpheus brought back. Orpheus tells him that he will see. Joey reveals to Claire that when he fell over, he got hold of her necklace.

Aiden asks Hope to go somewhere more private. Hope reminds him that there is an epic crisis going on in Salem and thinks there is something more important he could be doing than talking to her. Aiden stops her from leaving again and asks her to talk. Hope repeats that she said no as Rafe returns and questions what's going on. Hope tells Rafe that Aiden wants to talk. Hope tells Aiden that it's not a good time and she exits. Rafe thought they had made themselves clear. Rafe tells Aiden that Hope wants nothing to do with him anymore and asks what it takes to get that through his skull. Aiden says what he needs to talk to Hope about is personal between them. Rafe warns Aiden that he will make it personal between them if he doesn't back off. Rafe then exits.

Clyde assembles his sniper rifle from the hotel balcony. Clyde gets a call from Orpheus and says he's ready to roll. Orpheus tells Clyde not to make a move until he hears from him as he wants to make sure the people of Salem gets his message, especially his enemies. Clyde thinks his message will be more direct. Clyde adds that Jeremiah told him the raid on the docks was from the Kiriakis camp. Orpheus mocks Victor and laughs it off. Clyde says Victor was definitely off his game before but worries that Deimos and Victor together could be a force to reckon with. Orpheus responds that they will be dead and long gone before they have a chance to do anything to them.

Rafe asks Hope what was going on with Aiden since he was adamant about needing to talk about something. Hope tells Rafe that she had no idea what he wanted to tell her but he was relentless. Rafe thinks Aiden will take any moment to find something to hold on to. Rafe hates that Aiden came back and Hope has to deal with that on top of everything else. Hope is thankful she has Rafe. They decide to get going and exit the station as Aiden comes out of the interrogation room behind them.

Abe joins Marlena and Kayla at the town square. Abe apologizes as he tells them they still have no leads on Joey and Claire but he will check in later. Steve and John walk through the town square, wondering what's taking Claire so long to use the necklace. John loses signal on his phone. Marlena starts to worry about Claire being unable to reach them.

Orpheus declares it showtime as he sets up a camera screen in front of Claire and Joey. Orpheus instructs Xander to remove the gag from Claire so they could put out the ransom. Xander worries that they could give out their location but Orpheus questions how they would do that while Claire keeps her eye on the necklace in Joey's hand.

Clyde aims his sniper rifle from the hotel balcony over the town square as Hope and Rafe walk in to the square. Aiden walks up from the other side causing Clyde to remark that he's the worst of them all.

Abe begins the press conference from the town square about the situation. Aiden stands behind while Marlena, John, Steve, Kayla, Rafe, Hope, Ciara, and Theo stand in the square to watch. Orpheus and Xander watch the broadcast from their warehouse. Orpheus tells Xander to stay tuned as the best is yet to come. Abe declares that they are all doing everything in their power to apprehend the fugitives and safely free the hostages. Abe adds that he must address the looting, vandalism, and vigilante activity through the city. Abe states that the behavior won't be tolerated and anyone involved will be arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law. Abe says now is not the time to forget who they are as citizens of Salem. Clyde remains aimed with his sniper rifle above. Abe urges everyone not to take matters in to their own hands and to call 911. Orpheus uses his computer setup to interrupt the broadcast and appears on the screen in the town square. Orpheus tells them to be very afraid because they are not going to stop until they get exactly what they want. Orpheus turns the camera to show Claire and Joey tied up, saying that could easily happen to any of them. Steve joins Kayla's side while Rafe makes a call, ordering someone to find out where the signal is coming from now. Claire calls out to her grandparents to please help them. Marlena notices she's not wearing the necklace. Clyde remains positioned with the rifle on the balcony. Orpheus says he has put together a wish list of 20 million dollars to be wired in to their account then when they are safely out of the country, they will reveal where Claire and Joey are. Orpheus warns that if their demands are not met, chaos and terror will continue to spread across Salem like a plague. Orpheus shuts off the screen. Abe questions how to follow that while John and Marlena wonder what happen to Claire's necklace.

Orpheus tells Xander that couldn't have gone better and he hopes Clyde was able to enjoy. Claire instructs Joey to press the necklace so he does.

Clyde remains aimed at the town square. John still can't get signal on his phone. Abe continues the press conference talking about the lengths these felons will go to. Abe says that is why it is crucial that now more than ever, they as a community act not out of fear. Aiden looks over as Rafe walks away from Hope. Aiden steps over to Hope and whispers to her that he knows she killed Stefano DiMera. Hope thinks back to killing Stefano and then talking to Rafe about it. Clyde loads the sniper rifle and aims the target at Aiden but Abe steps forward and Clyde shoots Abe. Everyone in the square begins to panic. Hope, Rafe, John, and Steve draw their guns while ordering everyone to stay down. Theo rushes to Abe's side. John points out where to aim above to Steve. John dropped his phone so he doesn't see when the signal goes off from the necklace to reveal Claire's location while they are checking on Abe.

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