Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady joins Abe, John, and Marlena at the station where Abe tells him they have no leads on Xander. Marlena asks about Theresa while John worries about their family having a huge target on their back.

Paul and Claire finish dinner at home then Claire plans to go out to find a spot to use her tablet with service but Paul refuses to let her leave.

Jennifer wants to make food for JJ at home but JJ says he at the Pub as they had a generator. JJ just wanted to check on Jennifer and tells her to make sure she doesn't go out because after dark it's only going to get worse.

Chad meets with a man at the Pub to go over business while the man is uncomfortable with SWAT team members surrounding the area. Chad guarantees his safety and invites him to stay at his home but the man says he will just call tomorrow and hurries out as Gabi arrives. Chad questions what Gabi is doing out walking around. Gabi tells him not to worry about her.

JJ tells Jennifer that it's not just the escaped convicts but the blackout. Jennifer brings up the generators in the hospital and the Pub. JJ tells her about every criminal in town taking advantage. Jennifer wants JJ to be careful and hopes Gabi and Arianna made it home. JJ informs Jennifer that they were at the DiMera Mansion where Gabi got locked in the panic room with Chad.

Chad asks what Gabi is doing here. Gabi says she came to get food for when Rafe comes home. Chad asks how Rafe would feel about her risking her life. Gabi doesn't like to feel trapped or locked in and brings up how she survived prison. Gabi adds that she's armed with mace and jokes about walking him home. Chad tells her about the interview he was having which is why he is here. Gabi questions Chad still taking care of business while the town is going insane. Chad asks how it is out there. Gabi says she doesn't see much but JJ and Rafe say they are in for a rough night.

Brady questions how the convicts are getting away. John and Abe go over plans for Orpheus and Clyde. Brady wants to find them as he gets upset about sitting around waiting. Brady wants to take the fight to them which Marlena agrees with. Marlena hands over her psychological profile on Clyde from when he was her client for therapy. Abe questions if she can do that without losing her license. Marlena responds that Clyde crossed a line when he kidnapped a child so she will do anything she can to see him behind bars. Marlena thinks the key to Clyde is his son Ben as he wants to be a good father. Marlena says Clyde had a mountain of guilt over Ben and wants to redeem himself. Marlena points out her notes from her last session with Clyde before he went to prison. Marlena mentions that she put it together after what happened in the alley and she realized it could've been Claire kidnapped.

Claire laughs off Paul acting like a parent and says she's not a kid. Paul admits he's not good at this but still refuses to let her go out. Claire mocks feeling like she's in jail. Paul questions her not thinking it's dangerous. Claire thinks hiding inside is letting them win. Claire refuses to let them blow up her life. Paul continues to suggest staying inside. Claire argues that she will be inside the Pub where there's cops and a generator. Paul asks what is so important on her tablet to risk her life. Claire calls the tablet her life. Claire explains that her music channel is getting hits and people go to it every day to see if she posted something. Claire says she has to be there for them but Paul still refuses to let her go. They get interrupted by a knock at the door and Sonny arrives which surprises Paul.

JJ admits to Jennifer that he wishes Gabi didn't work for Chad but he gets that they have to get along for Thomas. Jennifer reminds him that Abigail loved Chad. JJ says she loved him and look what happened. Jennifer argues it wasn't Chad's fault and blames it all on Ben. JJ blames EJ DiMera for Abigail ending up with Ben in the first place. Jennifer argues that life is too short to always find someone to blame. JJ says he misses Jack especially at times like this. Jennifer tells him not to miss those who are here. Jennifer encourages him to spend as much time as possible with Gabi and not worry about Chad.

Gabi asks Chad about Thomas. Chad says he's doing alright and talks about Adrienne taking care of him. Gabi relates to taking care of Arianna. Chad doesn't understand how people do it alone. Gabi encourages him. Chad praises her as his stylist. They talk about being locked in the panic room. Gabi then gets a call from JJ who asks where she is. Gabi tells him that she's at the Pub getting food for Rafe and then going home. JJ asks if he can see her before it gets dark and he's back on duty. Gabi agrees. JJ says he will be at the Salem Inn and left a key for her. Gabi says she'll see him there. Gabi tells Chad she has to run. Chad tells her to be safe as she exits.

Claire greets Sonny and asks if he would give her a ride to the Pub. Sonny brings up the situation and questions why she wants to go to the Pub. Claire says nevermind and goes to try and charge her tablet. Sonny jokingly asks Paul if he's babysitting and says she seems like a handful. Paul brings up what happened earlier with Clyde and Orpheus. Paul is surprised Sonny isn't at home. Sonny says every Kiriakis is there and the house has never been so full but it's oddly quiet and tense. Paul asks if he came here for some noise. Sonny says he just wanted to check in and see if he's okay since his family is in the line of fire. Sonny wanted to make sure he was handling it. Paul says he is and thanks him for coming over. Paul asks if that's really why he came.

Marlena tells Abe that she will let him know if there's anything else she thinks of. Abe gets a call and goes to step out. Brady questions that being it. Abe tells Brady he will be the first one to know if they catch any of the three prisoners. Brady follows Abe out and says he knows everyone is doing their best but it's not good enough.

Gabi goes to the Salem Inn hotel room where she finds JJ fell asleep on the bed. Gabi gets on the bed and lays next to him.

Sonny tells Paul that he was concerned for him as they are still friends. Paul asks if that's all. Paul brings up the way he grabbed him at the mansion after Orpheus shot John. Sonny says he almost got shot and friends don't let friends get shot. Paul argues that Sonny knows what he's talking about. Sonny admits he does and that the history and chemistry will always be there but they both know they can't go there again. Paul says it makes sense. Sonny thinks back to talking to Paul before he left town. Sonny reminds Paul to be careful with his new line of work and his family stuff. Paul comments on Sonny knowing about dangerous family business. Sonny assures him that it's completely safe now. Paul doesn't want him to get hurt either or for them to ever be on opposite sides. Sonny questions why they would be on opposite sides. Paul says they choose their cases. Sonny states that he is very proud to be a Kiriakis and won't make any excuses. Sonny tells Paul to take care of himself as he exits.

Brady tells Abe that his whole family is at risk here. Abe says he understands but Brady argues they have specific targets. Abe brings up Theresa's guard. Brady says they have reason to believe Xander will go after every member of the Kiriakis family. Brady wants him to use his help. Abe complains that the city is on the edge. Abe tells him to go home and be with his family. Brady storms out of the station.

Chad goes to see Jennifer. He feels he should've called but Jennifer says he's always welcome even if he doesn't bring Thomas. Jennifer asks why he's out. Chad assures that he has security and a guard on Thomas so he's on it. Chad mentions having a few extra guards so he would like to assign them to her. Jennifer doesn't think she's personally in danger. Chad suggests Clyde could try to use her as a bargaining chip. Jennifer doesn't think he would expect Chad to hand over his son to get her back. Chad insists that he wouldn't be able to live with himself. Jennifer thanks him and agrees to let him put his guards outside. Jennifer says she will feed them and treat them like guests. Jennifer thanks him. Chad adds that he's been putting Abigail's stuff away and had to stop because it was taking too much out of him. Chad says he's putting boxes in the attic and he thought he was done until he went to his dresser and found a watch which he got the day after he proposed to give to her after their wedding anniversary. Chad says he can't put it away so he hoped Jennifer would take it. Jennifer thinks he should hold on to it for Thomas. Chad encourages her keeping it so Jennifer agrees. Jennifer uses the watch to encourage that time goes on and so do they.

Gabi kisses JJ on the cheek which wakes him up. JJ apologizes as he didn't mean to fall asleep. Gabi can't believe he had time to buy her flowers. JJ says he'd do anything to make her happy. JJ plays music on his phone and gets up to dance with Gabi.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady is on a call with someone claiming to have seen the prisoners on the docks. Brady orders them to take the fugitives out any way they can as Sonny appears and questions what he just did.

Jennifer thanks Chad again for bringing her the watch. Jennifer makes him promise to be really happy when she sees it because Abigail would want them to keep living and moving. Chad responds that he is finally. Jennifer tells him he can live for himself too as they hug.

Gabi and JJ continue dancing together. JJ is glad he found her. Gabi says she is too. JJ apologizes for messing up before his trip and says she should've told her and seen her. Gabi understands he was doing anything he could to find Abigail. JJ says he's still sorry as it's lousy to disappear on someone. Gabi understands he just went away for awhile. Gabi calls him a hero as she sees what he does for the people he cares about and she then kisses him.

Sonny questions if Brady just ordered a hit. Brady says no but that their team has a sighting on the prisoners in a warehouse on the docks. Sonny asks why he didn't just call the cops. Brady says he was just at the station and they are overworked and will just do things by the books. Brady says their team has instructions to take them alive if they can. Sonny again questions if he ordered a hit if necessary. Brady points out that Xander wouldn't hesitate to take out their whole family and brings up Clyde nearly having Sonny stabbed to death. Brady is tired of taking chances and asks if Sonny is on board or not.

Gabi and JJ kiss in to bed until JJ's phone rings with a text that he's wanted back on duty. Gabi is glad they got some time. JJ tells her it will be quick so he'll come back as soon as he's done. Gabi says she will be waiting as he kisses her goodbye and exits.

Brady and Sonny go to the alley where they point out the docks. Brady gets a call, assuring him that all three prisoners are inside the warehouse. Brady instructs them to go in and take them out, dead or alive.

Paul goes to the police station and tells John that he got a call from one of their guys that he saw Kiriakis security on the docks and they are armed. Marlena didn't think Victor would do this. John brings up Brady and doesn't think anyone could talk him down. Abe joins them and asks if Roman is on the field as he's not answering his phone. Abe informs them that there has been gunfire at the docks.

Brady and Sonny watch from the alley. Brady gets a call, informing him that the prisoners escaped. Brady questions all the gunfire and orders them to stand down as he hangs up. Brady informs Sonny that no one was in there. Brady mentions Kiriakis employees being near there but the prisoners are still at large.

Abe mentions having a team to the docks. John gets a call from Claire and tells her that Paul is on his way back. John then questions where Claire is. Claire is revealed to be in the warehouse garage where Orpheus takes her phone and responds to John that Claire is with him.

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