Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/27/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/27/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman and Hope gather cops at the police station and talk about not using many generators with the power outage. Abe joins them and talks about hoping to have power tomorrow. Roman fills Abe in on what happened in the alley with John wounding Orpheus. Abe thinks that should slow them down but Hope worries it could make them more desperate as they still have Joey hostage.

Xander returns to the garage from looting a pharmacy, where Orpheus is trying to wrap his wound. Clyde remarks that Orpheus deserved to get shot since they had three women but none got shot because Orpheus couldn't stop talking. Orpheus tries to blame Clyde but Clyde says that he blew it.

Rafe joins the police station and talks with Roman, Abe, and Hope about the situation. Abe goes to check on things while Rafe takes Hope in to the interrogation room to ask when she last took a break as he brought her food. Hope thanks him for always looking out for her and they kiss as Aiden walks by and sees them through the window.

Dr. Wright enters with the paternity test results and begins to explain. Deimos just asks if he's the father or not. Dr. Wright declares he is not the father. Deimos grabs the test results in frustration. Philip decides they have the answer but Deimos shouts that no one goes anywhere until he gets proof that the results aren't fake. Dr. Wright since he can have other doctors review the blood samples but he assures that Deimos is not the father. Philip asks if he's going to congratulate them. Deimos says they think they have everyone fooled but are only kidding themselves. Nicole suggests they should go. Chloe tells Deimos that there's no way to fake a blood test so she asks him to let them be happy and let it go. Nicole reminds Deimos of his promise to back off if the test results proved he wasn't the father. Nicole asks if he was telling the truth or if she has to stop trusting him. Deimos leaves the room so Nicole follows out. Chloe tells Philip that she never thought she would be thanking God for Kate as they hug. Philip thinks back to Kate originally refusing to help and then calling to change her mind.

Aiden sees Rafe and Hope through the window until Abe approaches. Abe tells Aiden that he wants extra security at the court office and a strict no bail order when they capture the prisoners. Aiden says it's already in the works but Abe wants to be sure.

Roman joins Rafe and Hope in the interrogation room as they eat lunch. Rafe hopes they catch the prisoners before something else happens. Roman states that the question is who they go after and when.

Clyde says they let Orpheus have the fun by calling the shots but it's their turn now. Xander agrees that they are itching for payback. Orpheus instructs Xander to go check on Joey so he does. Orpheus questions Clyde taking over. Clyde suggests using Joey as bait to bring Aiden in, mow him down and take the money. Orpheus questions his plan. Xander comes back and says there's no problem. Orpheus declares Joey will not be killed as they will need a hostage. Orpheus says they need to concentrate on money and transport. Clyde responds that the quickest way to do that is get another hostage which Orpheus calls the most intelligent thing he's said all day.

Roman instructs Hope and Rafe to check places that were looted. Aiden stops them and says he needs to talk to Hope and Rafe about Stefano's murder. Rafe says that was a long time ago. Hope points out that they are a little busy now. Aiden says it won't take long and brings them back to the interrogation room.

Roman goes to check supplies as Theo comes to the station to talk to Abe. Abe asks what's going on. Theo explains he was at the DiMera Mansion when the power went out and things got crazy. Abe gets a call and steps away.

Hope asks Aiden about his hand which he says he's fine after her first aid. Hope still thinks he should see a doctor but he says he's fine. Aiden says he keeps going back to this Stefano case as a few things don't set right with him so he hoped they could help clairfy a few things.

Nicole goes home with Deimos where he had champagne set up as he expected to have a celebration. Deimos can't believe what just happened. Deimos argues that this means Chloe jumped in bed with Philip a day or two after being with him. Deimos questions if that's what Chloe is really like. Nicole calls her a wounded soul who had a rough childhood. Deimos admits not knowing her history but declares he will have a second or third test. Nicole brings up knowing what it's like to have a baby taken away from every time she got pregnant. Nicole tells him that she's not alone. Nicole says she went to the clinic to support Chloe but was also there for him and she's here now for him.

Philip tells Chloe that he thought Deimos was going to have a stroke. Chloe mentions Deimos being scary when threatening. Kate joins them, glad they are still there and tells them that she is sorry.

Hope tells Aiden that they went over Stefano's case 100 times. Rafe says the facts are all there and he believes Andre paid someone off to confess so he could be set free. Aiden questions them still believing Andre is guilty. Aiden remarks that he can make the case disappear forever or he could reopen it and dig a little deeper.

Roman tells Theo that the convicts have them running ragged and asks how it's going. Theo mentions college cancelling classes. Roman tells him how proud his mother would be that he got in to Salem U. Roman gets a call and rushes off to answer.

Orpheus says they will need new disguises. Xander wants to torture Theresa and Nicole before trading them in for cash. Orpheus admits they would yield a large ransom from the Kiriakis family. Clyde asks what they do after grabbing hostages. Orpheus explains that they trade for money and transportation to vanish. Clyde asks where they go. Xander brings up a Kiriakis compound and adds that all of his family will be dead.

Deimos tells Nicole that he means her to mean that she's with him all the way. Deimos asks her not to show pity because she knows he's hurting. Nicole insists that she means it as he means a great deal to her. Nicole admits that he sometimes scares her like the way he bullied Chloe in to a paternity test. Nicole says she'd had experiences with dominant men that didn't go so well. Deimos says all he has to offer is his protection and love. Deimos asks if there is a place for him in her life and heart. Nicole says she definitely does as they kiss. Deimos then shuts and locks the living room door as they continue kissing on the couch.

Philip asks Kate what's going on and Chloe asks why she is sorry. Philip tells her that Deimos had to accept the fact that he wasn't the father. Kate explains that she was on her way to the lab when she came face to face with Clyde and she felt like she was going to be killed but John showed up. Kate says shots were fired, Clyde disappeared and John saved the day. Kate says she is alright but by the time she got to the lab, the test was already taken and she couldn't switch the results. Chloe and Philip question her meaning that the test wasn't switched and was legit. Philip asks what the hell is going on. Chloe doesn't know. Kate asks what they are talking about. Philip informs Kate that the test said Deimos isn't the baby's father. Kate remarks that she should've known.

Roman and Abe return from their calls. Roman reminds Abe that Theo needs to talk but they look around and he's gone.

Theo goes to the hospital and visits a boy having therapy sessions. Theo encourages him and talks about how his mom encouraged him. Theo tells him to hang in there but the boy leaves.

Aiden knows reopening the case will have things that trouble him like the murder weapon. Aiden asks if Hope is certain that Andre stole Bo's gun. Hope says it was found in his possession. Rafe argues that Andre was setting Hope up for the murder. Aiden says that can't be proven and is just a theory. Rafe brings up the three psychos being on the loose. Aiden questions why Andre would keep the gun when he's an experienced criminal so it doesn't sound like something he would do. Aiden gets a call from the attorney general and steps out. Hope worries that Aiden will keep digging and find out that she killed Stefano but Rafe says no.

Kate calls Chloe a deceitful witch who was setting them up the entire time. Chloe is shocked and argues that Deimos has to be the father. Kate accuses Chloe of trying to trap Philip for the money but Chloe shouts that she would never do that to her friend. Kate continues to accuse her of lying until Philip tells Kate to go home so she exits. Chloe thanks Philip. Philip gets upset and questions what Chloe is trying to pull.

Abe finds Theo and apologizes for having to take that call. Theo asks how he knew he would be here. Abe understands he misses his mom and this is where she was with him daily. Abe asks if he wanted to talk. Theo tells him that he didn't do a good job with the lights went out as he was supposed to take care of Thomas and Arianna but he didn't do anything. Abe feels him being there helped more than he thinks since the kids weren't alone. Abe encourages that he did fine. Theo asks if he's not just saying that so he doesn't feel like a loser. Abe says he's not a loser. Abe knows he has challenges and worked very hard to handle them. Abe says he doesn't tell him often enough but he is very proud of him and he knows his mom is looking down proud as well. Abe hugs Theo as he cries.

Orpheus talks about what Kayla must be wondering now about what they are doing with Joey. Clyde returns with new disguises and he reveals he stole a kid's tablet which shows an article that Steve survived and is still alive. Clyde remarks that Orpheus must not be a criminal mastermind after all.

Rafe tries to encourage Hope but she worries about how she snapped and killed Stefano. Rafe calms her down and reminds her not to let Aiden see her like this. Rafe insists they will get out of this.

Chloe tells Philip that she didn't set out to trick him as she thought Deimos was the father. Philip brings up her asking Kate to switch the results. Philip points out that if Kate did switch the results, they would've all thought Deimos was the father and that Nicole still does. Philip thinks that's what Chloe wanted and asks what the game is. Chloe argues that this isn't a game and says she wouldn't have needed all of this if she knew. Philip tells Chloe to stop lying as everything is now out in the open. Philip accuses Chloe of playing him but she says she would never do that to him. Philip brings up that she's done it before. Chloe asks him not to go there. Chloe insists that she doesn't know what's happening. Philip points out that Deimos isn't the father and he never slept with her so he asks for the truth for once as to who is the baby's father.

Deimos and Nicole lay on the couch together after having sex. Deimos calls it crazy that finding out he doesn't have a son somehow brought them closer together. Deimos believes it was a son and talks about imagining raising him with Nicole in the mansion. Deimos praises her with Parker and says she would be the best mother. Deimos talks about all the plans he imagined. Nicole is sorry. Deimos tells him not to be as he loves her more than she knows and she is all he needs as they kiss.

Chloe tells Philip that it makes no sense. Philip questions her not telling him. Philip asks who the father could be that's worse than Deimos. Philip argues that he just turned his life upside down to help her but she won't tell him the truth. Chloe responds that she can't. Philip calls it unbelievable and hates when Kate is right. Philip comments on what a fool he's been as he storms out, leaving Chloe crying.

Roman joins Rafe and Hope to ask if Aiden has any evidence. Rafe says he doesn't have a damn thing. Hope worries that he's suspicious as hell. Roman argues that suspicions are not evidence so their cover is solid. Aiden comes back in and mentions having some problems with Stefano's case but declares they clariified things for him so there's nothing he can take to a grand jury and the case is closed. Rafe, Hope, and Roman are relieved and exit to resume working. After they leave, Aiden then reveals he left a phone in the room to record their conversation.

Xander questions why he has to stay and guard Joey. Clyde says somebody has to while they grab more hostages. Orpheus says it will just be one actually and he knows exactly how to extract her.

Philip goes to see Kate. Kate argues that Chloe has had so many partners that she has no way of knowing who the father is. Philip tells her not to be smug as he's hurting. Kate knows he feels betrayed. Philip says he will deal with it. Kate is glad that Chloe has to deal with it alone now. Kate remarks that when Deimos finds out Philip isn't the father, he will make her life hell.

Chloe wonders to herself if it could be and says it has to be as the only explanation.

Deimos and Nicole drink champagne together. Deimos calls it amazing how far they have come. Nicole jokes that he's evolved and kisses him. Deimos says almost dying put his life in focus and showed him who was important. Nicole says here they are after all the drama and games. Deimos calls them here to stay. Nicole says she had a hard time wrapping her head around it but admits it sounds nice as they continue kissing.

Rafe and Hope return to the interrogation room. Hope hugs Rafe as he tells her that the nightmare is over. Hope still can't believe what she did and was terrified of being caught and losing Ciara. Rafe tells her that won't happen as they are home free.

Aiden stands at the station, listening to his recording of Hope admitting to killing Stefano.

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